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Comments by SassyClassy

The Brass Monkey, Nottingham

We can't help it if you can't keep up with the standards mate. If we're not your crowd stay away in your old man pubs!

7 Aug 2007 18:15

Dogma, Nottingham

Love this has everything and nice and spacious without losing any atmosphere. Not as up its own arse as others nearby but fantastic cocktails, good food and nice interior. Dancefloor downstairs and bar/lounge upstairs. Highly recommended.

19 May 2007 14:40

The Brass Monkey, Nottingham

The epitome of class...choosy doormen make for the 'in' crowd, smallish bar but this only adds to the atmosphere. Expensive drinkls but you get what you pay for!

19 May 2007 14:38

The Horn in Hand, Nottingham


19 May 2007 14:33

The Black Lion, Radcliffe on Trent

Good food but poky bar, hot bars staff, very friendly pub. Lounge can be smoky but cosy, great big screen.

16 Oct 2006 19:19

The Sugar Bar, Nottingham

Classy place...footballers to be found here on a Saturday night. Slightly overshadowed by Bluu and Skin though.

19 Aug 2006 22:00

The Broadway Cafe Bar, Nottingham

Boooooring...full stop.

19 Aug 2006 21:57

Tantra, Nottingham

I love this bar for its atmosphere, originality and live music...but its such a shame its become so full of wannabe's. Classier than your average but theres a reason the local footballers have abandoned this place...

19 Aug 2006 21:55

The Bluu Bar, Nottingham

Great food, great cocktails, beautiful people...very popular and rightly so. Chic decor and big comfy leather sofas, prices fair for the experience.

7 Aug 2006 19:46

The Living Room, Nottingham

One word: class

3 Aug 2006 16:39

Lizard Lounge, Nottingham

One of the few places where you can partaay with the beautiful people, get good service and chill knowing you'll not see a chav all night long

3 Aug 2006 16:37

Skin, Nottingham

Love this bar...classy punters, good service, great champagne at a fair price (45 for Veuve)excellent cocktails and a great night out...not a chav in sight!

1 Aug 2006 19:38

Casa, Nottingham

Can't help but be bored by this bar...its got nice comfy sofas and a nice location but fails to create an atmosphere and doesn't exactly buzz even on a friday night. Still, its better than scabby Southbank...!

1 Aug 2006 19:20

Brownes, Nottingham

Come and partaay with the beautiful people...the doormen have the good sense to turn away the chavs and chavettes who got mixed up thinking they were in the lager lout end of town...good champagne, extensive cocktails, nice sofas and chilled out atmosphere.

1 Aug 2006 19:18

Bar Humbug, Nottingham

Tried my hand at pole dancing in here...nice girls (the lapdancers) but its like cellulite central. Good cocktails but sleazy clientelle...but then that goes without saying.

1 Aug 2006 19:12

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