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Comments by Robbo73

The Five and Lime, Guildford

Awful, awful, awful! This "bar" embodies everything that is wrong with small town England. Door policy being dictated by retarded doormen, who struggle to speak English.

In the end, walked around the corner to the Ha-ha bar and canteen. Which, while still suffering from Small Town Syndrome was infinitley better than this turd of a bar.

1 Apr 2006 13:04

The Lavender, Vauxhall

Not bad, certainly not that good either! Beer was okay, if a little pricey. Not quite sure what this pub wants to be; either a resturant that sells beer or a pub that does food. This apparent lack of direction has left it in some kind of gastropub limbo.

Plenty of other pubs nearby which are better.

17 Mar 2006 10:52

The Leather Bottle, Blackmore

Superb pub and resturant. Food was excellent (as was the service). Stuck to coke as driving. Recommended. And will visit again.

26 Feb 2006 17:03

The Bell And Compass, Charing Cross

Not too bad, actually. Beer was in good condtion, quite busy. Staff were very easy on the eye. Very good service as the bargirl came over to our table to take the beer order and then brought then over. Can't argue with that. And she was fine!

In conclusion; Beer good, service good, barstaff good. Certainly a step up in quality from the Griffin!

26 Jan 2006 08:25

The Cutty Sark Tavern, Greenwich

Popped in last week with an old friend, beer was good, food was good. ONly thing to moan about? The new "Internet" Jukebox! Not good. Another sign of "progress"!!

Still, had a very cosy night though. Just love this place!

30 Dec 2005 18:25

The Clarence, Whitehall

The problem with this pub is thus; It doesn't seem to know what market to cater for. Should it be the hordes of tourists, who want to sample the "delights" of a "traditional" English pub? Or the numerous Civil Servants who work in Whitehall? IMHO it (The Clarence) gets caught between the two and not offering anything for wither party to want to spend time in here.

On the odd ocacsion that I have been here it has been because it is the nearest pub to the office (no small feat considering how many pubs there are in Whitehall!). Beer is okay though.

21 Nov 2005 19:45

The Old Shades, Whitehall

Just had a refurb - which has added to rather than taken away the atmosphere, which, seems to be the exception rather than the rule for pub refurbs! It's now more intimate and with very subtle lighting, giving it a dimmer light. Certainly an improvement on what it was before.

Beer, which was the usual fare was well kept and served just right. Amstel was superb, though in fairness i've yet to have a bad one in London.

21 Nov 2005 19:38

The Ship Inn, Winchelsea Beach

Nice little pub in Winchelsea Beach - very well run, great food, well kept beer and very welcoming and friendly.

31 Oct 2005 07:20

The New Inn, Winchelsea

Cosy pub in Winchelsea. Visited last weekend when in the area. Beer was very kept and the food excellent. Pub had an oppen fire roaring away in the main bar area - wanted to stay for a session but time was against me!

Will defo come here again when in the area.

31 Oct 2005 07:14

The Nell Gwynne, Covent Garden

Well, I think we can all raise a glass to that news! Was in the Nell last night for a couple of "cheeky" pints.

London without the unique charms of the Nell, wouldn't be london at all!

7 Oct 2005 18:41

The Marquis of Granby, Westminster

I broadly agree with Liz. While I wouldn't go so far as to say the Marquis is the best pub in the world (the Nell Gwynne in Covent Garden is better) it is a damn good pub. Go there on a Friday evening
ight for instance and it will be packed out. Go there for a late beer after a leaving do on a Thursday night and it will be empty - but chilled out. IMHO I think the very recent refurb has opened up the pub. Though it's a shame that the booths have been replaced. I guess thats whats called progress!

Can't comment on the Smirnoff Ice situation, as it's not something I would drink, but the lager is normally very well kept.

It is very much a DEFRA pub. As most are around this part of the world; The Puzzle, Barley Mow, White Horse and I belive the Westminster Tavern (formally Pages Bar). I can't really speak for them as I work for a well known IT company...........

2 Oct 2005 00:42

The Valiant Sailor, Capel Le Ferne

Watch the cliff's a 620ft drop otherwise!

5 Sep 2005 17:58

The Olympic, Swanley

Once and only once have I been here. Totally wrong. More like a sports club gone very badly wrong.

Full of pikeys and plastic gangsters.

The only thing i can say in it's defence is that the beer was very well kept - something totally out of keeping for such a hole. One to avoid then.

26 Aug 2005 12:43

The Marquis of Granby, Westminster

Had a slight refurb. Diabled toilet has been removed as have the island tables, which opens up more florr space. Still okay though.

18 Aug 2005 13:56

The Social, Fitzrovia

Grim. There nothing I can say about this "bar" that would put it in a postitive light.

18 Aug 2005 13:55

The Rose, Vauxhall


1 Aug 2005 18:08

Zulus, Putney Bridge

Mad, mad pub. Full of our homesick southern hemisphere cousins. Beer is good though. Pretty lively and some very striking honey's in there.

Door staff are probably the best I've seen - willing to have a chat and laugh with punters. Makes all the difference.

27 Jul 2005 10:48

The Chelsea Reach, Battersea

FOr someone who normally confines themselves to Westminster Village, the Chelsea Reach presented something of a contrast..........

A real locals, local. Rough, yet welcoming. Beer was quite good and there was a real Friday night in the summer atmosphere when I went - probably aided by the Karioke *spelling?*.

27 Jul 2005 10:43

The Swordfish Inn, Newlyn

Recently featured on Sky One's "toughest Pubs" documentary. I have to say the last time I was in there - and it was a couple of years ago mind - I found it to be okay. A little threadbare around the edges but nothing out of the ordinary. Then again I didn't tell anyone I worked for D***A........

Beer was ok, nothing more, nothing less.

27 Jul 2005 10:38

The Valiant Sailor, Capel Le Ferne

Very nice actually. Stella was cool, clean and crisp. As it should be. Good Internet Jukebox...........soemthing of a novelty outside of the M25.

Some friendly punters in there and a real family pub.

Technically speaking it's not really in Capel Le Ferne (I nearly missed it after driving through the village). It has a pretty big beer garden with climbing frames for the kids (or drunken older kids!!). Didn't have any of the food, but it looke good.

27 Jul 2005 10:24

The Jolly Sailors, Pakefield

Have spent many a happy evening in here when working up in CEFAS......

Haven't been to Lowes for ages though, so god knows whats its like in there now.

23 May 2005 20:52

The Cutty Sark Tavern, Greenwich

Best pub in Greenwich by a country mile, great views, good beer the food, is by pub standards very very good. Jukebox is alrught. BUt the very best thing about this pub is that it's never crowded. Best time to go is in the evening, summer or winter, doesn't matter.

14 May 2005 17:20

The Barley Mow, Westminster

So-so pub on Horseferry road. Not much to comment on either way.

1 May 2005 15:23

The Valiant Sailor, Capel Le Ferne

Is this pub under new "management"?

23 Apr 2005 09:30

The Jolly Farmers, Crayford

There was a shooting in here a couple of weeks ago. Says it all really..........

28 Mar 2005 12:16

Founders Arms, Bankside

I must concur with the majority of comments about this sorry excuse of a pub. My one (and safe to say only experience) of the Founders arms was thus;

Went to the bar with a few friends after spending a lively afternoonevening drinking along the southbank (Studio 6, Doggetts, etc). Walked in of the street and went to the bar. One of the guys was having a fag and was told - rudely that there was a no smoking at the bar policy. Fair enough, some pubs do, some don't. Not a problem. My friend gave his fag to someone else in our party who had already sat down AWAY from the bar area. From then we were stonewalled for about a minute before being told our "money wasn't welcome here". No explanation from anyone.

The rude and DRUNK little slapper who informed us that she was the landlady was aggessive and tried laughably to intimdate us. We left. BUt only after one of the morons "working" behind the bar tried to grab another of our party who had tried to reason with the staff.

If this pub didn't have such a prime location the fools who work there would no doubt living rough and begging on the streets. As the concept of customer care hasn't yet filtered through to the FOunders Arms. I fond this a shame as most Youngs pubs, while expensive are usually pretty good places to have a drink and somehting to eat.

I doubt that anyone who wworks int he FOunders Arms has the ability to read and write - so I doubt this will be read. BUt we ended up in the Anchor? and then proceeded to spend the fat end of 200! So, Losers of the Founders Arms I salute you for being London's crappest and most unwlecoming pub.

BTW I would rate this pub but the rating only goes as low as 0. This craphole would be something in the region of -100

26 Mar 2005 12:41

The International Restaurant and Bar, Trafalgar Square

Expensive, over rated and total crap. Why bother go to a proper barpub. There are plenty of them!

10 Mar 2005 20:42

The Namco Station bar, Waterloo

Dark cold and ever so slightly horrible. Toss hole for those who should be @ school, tourists, pervy old men and the unemployed.

Quite possibly the polar opposite of what most sane peole would consider an acceptbale drinking venue.

BTW..........the beer is crap as well!

10 Mar 2005 20:40

The Page, Pimlico

Frequented by drunken memebers of LITT5. Other than that quite alright!

3 Mar 2005 21:07

The Prince Arthur, Lee

Mike, this "pub" has closed you say? Thank the god of pubs for righting this horrific wrong.

26 Feb 2005 17:23

The Cutty Sark, Ljubljana

Wow! This pub is very similar to the Cutty Sark Tavern in Greenwich; Flagstone floor, small cosy - but lively bar area.

Very busy and the beer is cheap. Go for the Union - stronger than it looks.

21 Feb 2005 18:21

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