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Comments by Rjf

The Prince Albert, Deal

Same as everybody else... nice pub nice beer, good service.. a proper pub.. worth a visit if your near!

20 Aug 2008 12:42

The Ship, Deal

A true locals pub as many others have said but as i was only in there for one i cant complain.... apart from gettin hassled by a random woman wearing a flower on her head called precious, it seemed like a fairly decent boozer...

20 Aug 2008 12:40

The Deal Hoy, Deal

Brilliant little Shepherd Neame pub. I had a lovely pint of orangeboom, served by the best looking woman I have ver seen, on the start of a pub crawl with 5 of my mates.

Only stayed for one, but it seemed like a very decent pub all in all.....

20 Aug 2008 12:36

The Royal Oak, Dartford

Agree with all the reviews on here.... this and the rose are the two best "proper pubs" in dartford. Thankfully chavs do not choose to drink in here as they dont serve stella....

Just to re-iterate what others have said, good pint of boom and hurlimans.. nice staff and like the interior...

If you are an outsider visiting dartford and you want to go to a proper pub with nice beers, staff and gardens i would only visit here or the rose at the other side of town... do not go to any of the places in between!!!!!!!

20 Aug 2008 12:27

The Courthouse, Dartford

Good beer, good entertainment just a shame its got the litten tree over the road... alot better in the week than at the weekend !!!

20 Aug 2008 12:22

The Stage Door, Dartford

Nice Shepherd Neame pub, serves a decent lager Hurlimans or Orangeboom (obviously). The place is a bit small, nevertheless id still reccommend it to anyone. Nice curry house next door, I usually go for a swift pint in the stage door before having a madras!

20 Aug 2008 12:19

The Royal Victoria and Bull, Dartford

This pub is awful, I went in here for a music night a few weeks back, I ordered a pint of lager of a stroppy barman wearing a chartlon shirt! It tasted like egg and he refused to change it...

I would not drink in here if my life depended on it, absolute dive! and the fact that you have to pay to get in here most nights is a joke... awful beer, awful staff, awful pub!

20 Aug 2008 12:14

Crush Bar, Dartford

Its a shame this place is in dartford... Crush is a nice pub/club/bar. It has had alot of money spent on a revamp a couple of years ago..

The beer is of good quality, the staff are usually friendly and the landlord is a nice bloke.
On the weekend the plavce is packed, (usually with some nice looking women!).

Good for younger drinkers... decent night out !

20 Aug 2008 12:11

The Tollgate, Dartford

Quite lively, big screens for football but its not a pub i would often visit for more than one pint! The rumour of sick and other such stuff being thrown over the bar is true... Not a watering hole id reccommend to anyone!

20 Aug 2008 12:06

The Rose, Dartford

This is one of my locals, the pub has a wide choice of lager and hand pumped ales (which change on a regular basis). All lagers are served from those ice cold pumps, Stella, Kronenbourg, Fosters, Carling, Becks Vier as well as Extra Cold Guiness and Strongbow. Courage best on pump is available as well as a selection of very good hand pumped ales which seem to change every so often, lately the have been Hook Norton Hooky Bitter, Directors, Deuchars amongst others.

Food is served throughout the week until the evening, which is nice and very reasonably priced and normally the landlady does a home cooked special for under a fiver! These normally consist of English traditionals like liver n bacon, beef stew, lamp hotpot as well as lasagne and chilli.

On saturdays traditional pie mash n liquor is served (catering for all the londoners that now live in kent) and Sundays tradional Sunday roast is available, again all at very reasonable prices. Its always busy on sundays!

The main feature of the pub is the lovely pub garden which is very lively if the sun is out! Inside the pub there are two pool tables, three dart boards and fusbal table.Oh and a jukebox

Although this is locals pub I would reccomend a visit to anyone. The staff are friendly, the beer is good and the food is even better....

20 Aug 2008 12:03

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