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Comments by Rameses

The Manchester and County, Manchester

I wouldnt be suprised in the beer in this place grew some legs and ran off - Very ermmm 'mature' is the kindest word for it.Very rough,packed,filthy place

30 Jul 2006 16:03

The Waterhouse, Manchester

This is the strangest wetherspoons Ive ever been in - Which is definately not a bad thing as it actually has an atmosphere,and a good one at that.The beer is poorly kept as per usual for wetherspoons but nevertheless its knobhead free usually and the toilets have to be the finest pub toilets in the land!

30 Jul 2006 16:00

The Lass O'Gowrie, Manchester

Great pub this with its own brewery (which you can actually see) the food is very reasonably priced as well.Aslo Knobhead free.

30 Jul 2006 15:53

Fab Cafe, Manchester

Fab is fantastic bar - definately one of the best in Manchester.Its certaintly a bit different from your average bar,all the vintage T.V stuff gives it a unique kind of feel!Don't get many knobheads going here either and the staff are great.

30 Jul 2006 15:49

test 16, Manchester

A very decent pub with good quality ale.Always found there to be a great crowd in here as well.One problem - if theres more than 5 people in here it seems to get impossibly cramped.Nevertheless one of the better city centre pubs.

30 Jul 2006 15:40

Hare & Hounds, Ramsbottom

This place used to be really good when Andy and Lynne Grant ran it.Now its back to old ways - ie crap.

29 Jul 2006 20:16

Bar Centro, Manchester

A very stylish atmosphere and feel to this place.It has a very impressive range of european beers as well some real ales (though i havent actually tried the real ale yet here - just been gorging myself on the bottled continental stuff).The staff are generally very friendly as well.Nice place!

29 Jul 2006 20:04

The Arden Arms, Stockport

Fantastic pub.The Robinson's is top notch and the interior has bucketloads of character.Its also a very friendly crowd in here.Its can get fairly cramped so arrive early if you're not one for standing up.Only slightly less fantastic than the Marble Arch in the centre of Manchester!A must!

29 Jul 2006 19:53

The Kirkstone Pass Inn, Kirkstone Pass

Very tradtional old pub in a great setting.I believe its England's second highest pub after the Tann hill inn in the Dales.Remember visting here in a old mini.Negotiating Kirkstone Pass in such a vehicle is not recommended.

29 Jul 2006 19:46

The Marble Arch, Manchester

This is a truly marvellous establishment.Has its own brewery which produces high quality ale (Ginger marble is a must!) and theres also a selection of european beers.Theres a very distinctive sloping mosaic floor which really adds to the character of the place and ive always found the clientele to be very varied.Probably the best pub in Manchester

29 Jul 2006 19:36

The Double Locks, Exeter

Used to go here when I was a student in Exeter.Generally speaking the pubs in Exeter are crap but this is (well was no idea what its like now) an exception.Very fond memories!

29 Jul 2006 19:30

Tan Hill Inn, Keld

Went here in the middle of winter a few years back.incredibly atmospheric setting with the moors being snow covered.Drank lots of whisky in very cosy and my mate had an argument which got quite heated about which is England's highest pub - The tan hill or the Kirkstone Pass Inn in the Lake district.But its definately this place - he gave in in the end.Well worth a visit (as is the Kirkstone pass inn incidentally)

29 Jul 2006 19:22

The Brook, Ramsbottom

Top pub this.Excellent quiz nite (we did 3 quizzes but think theres also a picture one that we missed)and a very entertaining finale to the evening (play your cards right type thingy someone walked off with �500 when we were there) the landlord really makes the nite tho bit,bit of a showman!I hear it opens till 12 on Wednesdays,Fridays,Saturdays and Sundays which is good to know!Pool table also plays very nicely and it was only 40p.Couple of real ales on offer also including jennings cumberland which reminded me of being in the lakes - No bad thing at all!A proper traditional pub.Go!

29 Jul 2006 19:16

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