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The Cuckoo Inn, Hamptworth

Our first visit in approx. 10 years! A warm welcome, a good range of local and localish beers (2 Hopback, 2 Downton, 1 Palmers and 1 Yeovil) and a good range of proper pup food ie ploughmans, pies, pork pies, soup and sandwiches. The Hopback Summer Lightning and Downton Black Ops were in good condition, the Macaroni Cheese went down well and the regulars were both friendly and entertaining. We knew that the pub had changed hands, and also had had a refurbishment, so our expectations were not particularly high. Had it been spolit? Instead we were just kicking ourselves for not returning sooner. Now earmarked as a regular halt when in the area. Absolutely superb! :)

27 Feb 2017 13:48

The Porterhouse, Westbourne

I've watched this pub go REALLY downhill the last 5 or 6 years. The beer is not kept properly by the landlord (though one or two of the staff still do what they can), it's dirty, grubby and the toilets stink - even first thing in the morning, through lack of proper cleaning and attention. It is also now very expensive (used to be the cheapest pub in the area), and the landlord is a moody bugger liable to ignore you, throw a wobbly or, once in a blue moon, act like he's your best mate.
Marston's haven't helped matters - no real guest beers and playing with the Ringwood recipies ie Old Thumper has just gone down to 5.1% and no bugger wants it!!!!
I've given up on the place. Plus point: the beer is still better (somehow) than the other two pubs in Westbourne. The only saving grace is some of the more knowledgeable staff.

1 Aug 2013 16:34

The Victoria and Albert, Netherhampton

Arrived early Saturday lunchtime to a warm welcome from the landlady. My wife and I both enjoyed good ploughmans lunches and tested all three beers on offer (Cotleigh Seahawk, Oakleaf TSB and Sixpenny Handley Gold). All were in very good condition. My only regret is that it has taken us far too long to retrun to this gem of a pub. Highly recommended (receiving its CAMRA Regional Pub of the Year award tomorrow night!).

8 Oct 2012 19:49

The Devonshire Inn, Sticklepath

Friends of ours are always raving about the place. Took us there on the Saturday evening before last. Quite quiet so the landlady was sat with the punters having a chat. On our arrival she immediately rose saying "Welcome. Come on in!" So fab first impression!

The locals were friendly and the beer...Dartmoor Dragon's Breath in top form! We only stopped for a short while but such was our pleasure that we returned next day after visiting Finch's Forge (NT) next door. Much busier with locals, all of whom were friendly and made way so that we could get to the bar. Nice to see dogs in a pub too (even though I am not a dog owner!).

My friends tell me that the landlord died not too long ago but his widow is doing a grand job, ably helped by the villagers it seems. The place has also had a spring clean.

Highly recommended if you like old fashioned pubs with a bit of character. My wife and I fell in love with the place immediately.

3 May 2012 15:28

The Rose and Crown, Ludlow

Lovely pub situated in courtyard. Three beers on including two from Hobsons. The Church Crier was the best I had all weekend, while sat by a real fire watching two dogs quietly begging for cheese bought from the market by some of the locals. Nice mix of clientelle, good bit of banter from the landlord. Will definitely return.

30 Jan 2012 15:27

The Globe, Ludlow

This pub is now a Thai restaurant.

30 Jan 2012 15:23

The Crown and Anchor, Wimborne

Used to be my fave pub in Wimborne while Paul McCloughlin was at the helm (which was why it was in the GBG for 10 years). Then it fell apart for six months under completely clueless new folks who, thankfully, were replaced by the couple from the Churchill Arms. More foody but no complaints from me. When they left it turned (effectively) into a chinese restaurant with, at best, average beer. Their A Board suggested that they were in the GBG when they were not! FORTUNATELY, the C & A has reverted to a proper pub in recent months. A warm welcome and decent beer. Praise the lord for the new guys! Long may this continue!

5 Oct 2010 16:07

The Peyton Arms, Stoke Lyne

First visit in August 2009 and always try to stop in if nearby. Despite the rarity of our visits Mick always remembers us, where we come from, etc and is a true gentleman. Not to mention a real character! He has his rules, but all are well meant. And, after all, it is his living room!
A fabulous old pub, a warm welcome assured from landlord and regulars alike, and good beer. Can't think of a more entertaining way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

5 Oct 2010 15:49

The Harp, Covent Garden

I can't believe that I only found this pub about a year ago. Since then my wife and I(who have about eight years experience of cellar work in a GBG listed pub)have returned on every single visit to London, only to have our initial impressions reinforced. Namely friendly and efficient staff who serve a good range of beers kept in tip top condition. I cannot find a single fault, only cause for celebration - the decent London boozer is far from dead! So congrats to The Harp for its latest awards. Truly well deserved! Looking forward to Saturday and our latest visit..:))

31 Mar 2008 17:25

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