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The Saracens Head, Southwell

Had supper here recently and a couple of pints. Friendly staff; tasty food (but quite small portions) and the ales, although standard Greene King fare, were in good nick. The landlady at the B & B I was staying at said the place had been through a few changes of owners in recent years but the current ones are clearly investing in redecoration etc and consequently the place felt very comfortable and welcoming.

15 Sep 2011 22:46

Duke Of Wellington, Belgravia

This place hasn't been mucked about with very much interior-wise (although clearly it was one two bars from the architect's drawings on the wall in a frame). The Shep's ales were well-kept and the place was welcoming enough but a bit of a Sloaney clientele.

15 Sep 2011 22:42

The Antelope, Belgravia

I hadn't been to this pub before but a friend and I tried it last night. We were impressed by the standard of service; range and quality of the ales; and the food was pretty good too. Very attentive staff (contrary to an earlier review). A very friendly place, evidently with a strong local following but not cliquey in the way of so many pubs in that neck of the woods.Certainly not my last visit here I'll warrant.

15 Sep 2011 22:39

Blubeckers at Gomshall Mill, Gomshall

Went here last Sunday and have to agree with several recent comments, that it is an improvement over the old regime. Had a lovely pint of Dorking Red India. Probably expensive but didn't care as my brothers -in-law were paying! Some other interesting-looking ales were on the bar but I didn't have time to try them.

21 Jun 2011 22:03

Five Lamps, Derby

What a lovely pub! I've been going to Derby regularly this year for work and have been surprised by just how many great pubs there are in the city and this was my latest discovery last night. I only wish I had found it before. Very friendly welcome; excellent selection of real ales; ales in top-notch condition; mostly local ales; 20p off a pint for CAMRA members; and above all a great atmosphere, that hardest of pub characteristics to define. The clientele was nice and varied too, not all middle-aged real ale types. This is definitely one for my "I wish it was my local" category.

21 Jun 2011 21:51

The Standing Order, Derby

One of my favourite JDWs because of a) the usually efficient staff; b) the interesting clientele; and c) the general friendly atmosphere in spite of the hugeness of the place.

28 Mar 2011 22:16

The Old Silk Mill, Derby

I found this place recently pretty much by accident but I'm glad I did, as I found the pub welcoming and cosy. The range of ales was good but so large that one wonders if there is enough throughput to maintain the quality. A nice touch was being offered a sample as I dithered in front of the pumps; the barmaid (landlady?) offered her own verbal tasting notes, which were spot on. I'll certainly return the next time I'm in Derby.

28 Mar 2011 22:12

The Brewery Tap, Derby

I tried this pub for the first time last week. The interior was a bit bright I thought but it didn't detract from the quality and range of the beers, the reason to go there of course!
The only disappointing note was to hear the barman tell a foreign customer in traditional English style "the kitchen shut at eight mate". Why can't our pubs get over this particular hang-up? If you serve food in the evenings, why not serve it (nearly) all night? I'd already eaten so it didn't bother me but it has done in other pubs at other times.

28 Mar 2011 22:08

The Baltic Fleet, Liverpool

I popped in last week for my first ever visit. Both the ales I tried were in similar vein, light and hoppy - good drops both.
The pub was moderately busy and friendly but the thing which let it down for me was that it was a bit cold inside, and a warmer pub would have made me stay for another pint.

13 Mar 2011 22:54

The Gog and Magog, Plymouth

I was back here agin last week; it wasn't too bad, The ale was fine and the place had a friendly feel to it even for a Friday (early) evening.

28 Nov 2010 22:33

The Commercial Inn, Plymouth

Thwarted again! I got here for 1800 but found that it wasn't open till 1900 on Fridays. I had to be somewhere else at 1900. Next time, eh!

28 Nov 2010 22:30

The Dolphin, Plymouth

Enjoyed a very good drop of Bass from the stillage the other night. Clearly a few local characters in the bar. However I didn't feel unwelcome.

28 Nov 2010 22:28

The Spread Eagle, Croydon

A typical Ale & Pie House but not a bad pub at all. Very attentive bar staff and well-kept ales. Food is expensive though but the mash with the eponymous bangers & was very good indeed.

24 Nov 2010 22:24

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

Nice and warm in here tonight - nothing worse than a chilly bar. Very well-kept ales here. A pleasant session all round.

24 Nov 2010 22:20

The Red Lion, Arundel

I went in for lunch on Monday with my son. The food was fine, the service good and the ale was excellent. I'm glad I hadn't read some of the earlier reviews before my trip or I might well not have gone in, which shows how subjective the reviews on any site like this can be and should be taken with a large pinch of salt.

24 Nov 2010 13:57

The Rising Sun, Shaftesbury

I would have gone in for a pint last night but it was shut. Presumably it isn't worth their while opening on a Monday, at least not in the autumn/winter.

2 Nov 2010 22:22

The Pembury Tavern, Hackney

Despite the recent reviews, below, I carried on with a planned trip to this pub last night. The Milton beers I drank were neither watery nor tasteless and the guest beer was fine. My friends and I ate pizza at �5.50 a pop - quality was comparable with somewhere like Pizza Express.

Staff were friendly.

So either the guvnor had read the recent reviews and acted upon them, or the reviewers were unduly critical.

21 Oct 2010 23:01

The Globe Hotel, Topsham

I popped in one evening last month. The welcome was friendly and there was a good atmosphere with a gentle buzz of conversation and no piped music. A couple of well-kept pints of Otter Amber later, I caught the bus back to Countess Wear after a pleasant evening reading the paper.

20 Sep 2010 22:41

The Greyhound, Cocking Causeway

I was in here with a couple of friends one Friday recently. The place was heaving early evening, full of locals having a meal. We ate there and the food was okay, big portions, not too dear. The beer range was okay and the ale was a mix of local(ish) - Langhams - and far off (Thwaites). The ale could have been in better condition. All in all not a bad place but my visit was marred by someone urinating by the front garden wall and then the same person (a woman) throwing up in the garden.

20 Sep 2010 22:39

The Grove Arms Inn, Ludwell

I stayed here for work last week. The room was very comfortable.Quite busy bar & restaurant for a Monday night - a mix of locals and travellers/holidaymakers. The food wasn't bad. Pity that H & W don't appear to permit a guest beer, as I don't really like H&W's rather bland offerings.

20 Sep 2010 22:34

The Corner Store, Covent Garden

Fullers have taken this place over. It was fine when I was there last month. Usual Fullers beers, quite busy after-work crowd predominating, efficient staff.

9 Jul 2010 23:15

The Salisbury, Leicester Square

Clearly a tourist trap although also perhaps surprisingly not a bad pub at all. Friendly staff (who seem to care about what they are serving up, ale-wise); good selection of ales; even found somewhere to sit down. The food was okay but a bit of a shocker iro price.

9 Jul 2010 23:12

The Halfway Inn, Dunwear

Apparently closed, as the car park is blocked -off and there is a sign to the effect that it is "private property keep out".

9 Jul 2010 23:07

King Sedgemoor Inn, Bridgwater

More a restaurant than a pub, this is a chain (Brewers Fayre") place next to the Premier Inn on the edge of town by a business park. Friendly enough staff, "ping cuisine", keg beers. It was okay but I wouldn't rush back and was only there because I was staying next door for work.

9 Jul 2010 23:04

Fountain Inn, Bridgwater

Open again but no real ale when I tried to get some here yesterday. I didn't stop.

9 Jul 2010 23:01

The River Parrett Inn, Bridgwater

I thought this wasn't looking too promising when I spied the "Lease for sale" sign on the pub. However, the place was quite busy in a friendly, locals sort of way, and I wasn't made to feel unwelcome when I popped my head round the door, although it is clearly a "local". There was only one real ale on - a decent drop of Butcombe Bitter - but it went down well and I enjoyed a very pleasant hour or so in this riverside pub. I hope a new lessee is found as it would be a shame to see it close.

9 Jul 2010 23:00

Goat and Tricycle, Bournemouth

Very busy last Friday night (it was showing the football) but I still got served quickly.Mostly Wadworth beers and the two I had were fine but arguably not in the very best condition. Well worth the walk from where I was staying though; good atmosphere, and a mix of locals and visitors.

4 Jul 2010 10:59

The Fat Cat, Sheffield

A lovely, homely pub with a great selection of well-kept ales, busy even on a week-day evening when I popped in last month.

I'll have to think of an excuse to visit Sheffield again, in order to drink here.

26 Jun 2010 22:31

The Kelham Island Tavern, Sheffield

I hadn't been here for a few years, so popping back again recently I went with some trepidation in case it had changed (for the worse) but thankfully my fears were unfounded. As good a pub as you will find anywhere. A good mix of clientele, from middle-aged onld f***ts like me to students, all getting along fine.
I do hope the creeping redevelopment doesn't alter the character of the place though. It is a road or two away now.

26 Jun 2010 22:29

The Devonshire Cat, Sheffield

I was here last month - very friendly and helpful staff, music wasn't run-of-the-mill and not too obtrusive, and the beer was in excellent condition. Unfortunately I had time for just a brief visit but I hope to get back here soon.

26 Jun 2010 22:25

The Hare of the Dog, Perry Barr

This was called the Wellhead when I was at Brum Poly in the eighties. Used to serve a very good pint of bitter and had tow distinct bars, with the off duty bus drivers congregating in the public bar with the stone-flagged floor.

From more recent reviews, it seems to have gone to the dogs!

6 Apr 2010 22:51

The Tanners Arms, Horsham

Popped in here last Sunday evening because they had a mini beer festival on over the bank holiday week-end.

It was bit quiet and there was a rather incongruous group of children sitting at a table playing cards (albeit beautifully behaved).

The two ales I tried were in tip-top condition and I'm only sorry I couldn't have stayed longer or gone back for another session.

Quite why the place was so quiet when there was a beer festival and the ales were all �2.50 per pint (cheapest beer in Horsham save for Wetherspoons?), and the atmosphere was very pleasant and relaxing (good music on the stereo too, not the usual sort of stuff which I tend to avoid), I'll never know.

I wish the new landlady well in her venture here and hope the pub goes from strength to strength.

6 Apr 2010 22:37

The Lamb, Rusper

I had supper in here last Saturday with a few friends.

I thought the staff were very friendly and attentive and the beers were very well-kept. I particularly liked the Dorking DB No 1 and was also pleased that all the beers on the bar came from the surrounding areas of Sussex or Surrey.

The food probably won't win any serious awards but it was serviceable enough. I enjoyed my vegetable curry. The cheese board was mostly local but on the expensive side for the size of the portion.

On balance a good little pub, trying hard to give excellent service.

6 Apr 2010 22:29

Bell, Worcester

I spent a lovely couple of hours in here one Saturday night last month. This is a multi-roomed pub that was heaving with people enjoying themselves, whether chatting, playing skittles or enjoying the well-kept and interesting ales. Why is it that a pub such as this can be well-patronised while others struggle? It isn't a fancy place but it came across as a proper locals' pub while still being welcoming to strangers (such as me and my friends from farther afield on a small crawl of Worcester).Perhaps it is the great atmosphere that does it.

29 Mar 2010 22:50

Plough, Worcester

Went here with some old school mates of >30 years' standing so we think we know what we like. And like this pub we most certainly did. It feels a bit like a student house's living room but it is also friendly to oldies like me. A really eclectic mix of people all getting along fine together: if you want to be sociable that's fine, if not you can apparently sit and read a book and nobody thinks ill of you, even on a Saturday night. The chap behind the bar was very friendly and happy to serve small samples before we made up our minds. We were on a crawl so only stayed for one but if I go back to Worcester I think I'd earmark the whole evening to be spent at this pub. Top-notch, in my "I wish it was my local" category.

29 Mar 2010 22:33

Postal Order, Worcester

Popped in last month as part of a crawl - took the opportunity of getting some food in, but the ales we tried were in good nick and a bit out of the ordinary.A better than average JDW pub.

29 Mar 2010 22:28

The Dragon Inn, Worcester

Late review from last month. Ended up here as the last pub of the night on a crawl of Worcester. Still quite busy at 2300. Enjoyed a pint that was well-kept (can't recall the ale). Not the best pub of the night in my view but still worth a visit.

29 Mar 2010 22:26

The Lord Collingwood Inn, Upper Poppleton

My first visit here recently for over 20 years - visually the place didn't seem to have changed a bit. Although the beers weren't from Yorkshire on the evening I went, they seemed well-kept.Made welcome by the barman.

21 Mar 2010 22:37

Ye Old Mitre, Holborn

I thought this might have escaped the St Paddy's night rush when I popped in on 17th March but to no avail. However, I was soon cheered up because of the mini beer festival and enjoyed the Shamrock Ale and the Roosters Celtic very much indeed. I hadn't been here for years but I will try to get back more often as it still has a good atmosphere and efficient staff.

21 Mar 2010 22:34

The Southampton Arms, Gospel Oak

I was a first-time customer the other week and I have to say I really enjoyed the evening spent there with an old mate. We enjoyed the first ale we tried so much that we stuck with it - Sambrooks. The simple food is just what you need in a place like this; the music was played on a record player; and the ambience was just right.Oh, and the serving of all pints in old-style jugs was a nice touch. One for my "I wish it was my local" list of pubs.

21 Mar 2010 22:31

The Lodge, Battlesbridge

This doesn't really look like a pub from the outside and it is down a small country track a bit out of the way. It was quite busy when I went in one Friday lunchtime recently. The pint of Crouch Vale Best was tip-top. I had the carvery lunch, which was mediocre really, with runner beans from the freezer and beef that would have seen off most people wearing dentures. This was a shame because the place clearly tries hard.

25 Jan 2010 22:46

The Chequers, Forest Row

I don't live or work in Forest Row but I drive through occasionally and needed to stop for lunch so I tried this place. The pint of Harveys was fine and my BLT was good, especially the salad dressing. But it was expensive - almost nothing left from a tenner for a sandwich and a pint. And the place was almost empty which always sounds alarm bells in my mind. The staff were very pleasant. I just couldn't work out why it didn't feel right.

25 Jan 2010 22:36

The Crown, Horsham

I paid my first visit here earlier in the month on a Friday evening. The palce was very busy and noisy but the bar staff still seemed to be able to serve customers politely and quickly.

The beer was okay but the usual Greene King staples.

I think the acoustics could be better - I found it difficult to hear my companions speaking.

17 Dec 2009 14:07

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

I went in for a lunchtime pint the other week when I was in the area for work. This pub used to be a regular haunt of mine about nine years ago and I was sad to see that it had descended below the "shabby chic" it had been known for and was teetering on the edge of being just run-down.

However the saving grace was the beer - a really excellent drop pf Phoenix brewery's "Last Leaf".

I imagine this place is run on a shoestring but I hope that the owners will spend a bit of money on the place as it could end up putting some customers off if the fabric is left to deteriorate any more.

17 Dec 2009 13:59

The Star Tavern, Belgravia

I pay an annual visit to this pub with friends just before Christmas. It had dipped somewhat in service and quality but now seems to be back on track, with well-kept Fullers beers and some fairly decent food albeit rather expensive (but then it would be in Belgravia wouldn't it?). I can never seem to find the place though - well hidden away so be prepared to work hard to seek it out if visiting for the first time.

17 Dec 2009 13:54

The Wellington, Birmingham

I have to agree with previous reviewers Mr Monkfish and Rob372, this is a gem of a boozer and one to go into my select "I wish it was my local" category.
On my visit I took advantage of the bring-your-own-food policy and enjoyed my sandwiches while enjoying a great couple of beers. I was only sorry that I couldn't have stayed longer.

11 Nov 2009 22:34

The Old Contemptibles, Birmingham

I'd not been in for about 20 years since I was a student in Brum. Not quite as i remember it but a pretty good find on a trip up to the Midlands for work.Good real ale selection, well-kept, and friendly barstaff on my visit.
My grandfather was an Old Contemptible; perhaps I should have asked for a discount but I doubt the staff would have known what I was on about (but would be nice to think the management brief them as to the pub's name's origins).

11 Nov 2009 22:29

The Gatehouse, Nottingham

Retreated here on Saturday after the Nottingham Beer Festival had run out of beer.All the ales on the bar were on the list for the festival, so the evening was saved on that account. All were in tip-top condition. The place was quite busy but service at the bar was efficient and friendly.Only black mark - one of the fire exits was locked shut.

13 Oct 2009 22:38

The Peacock, Nottingham

Managed a couple of pints in here last Saturday before last orders. My first visit. Pleasant "proper" pub, with strangely camp decor and some ales in good nick. An enjoyable experience all told.

13 Oct 2009 22:34

Hoopers Bar, Camberwell

Struggled to get here in the deluge this evening but was glad I did. The affable "guvnor" made me and my friends very welcome; we drank some fine beers including some rare (for London) German bottled beers, One of those "I wish it was my local" pubs that are too few and far between these days. I will be back.

7 Oct 2009 22:37

The Phoenix, Denmark Hill

My first time here since the eighties when it was the Phoenix & Firkin. A quick half before catching a train. Not a bad atmosphere, "studenty" but okay. I found someone's CV left on the bar and when I mentioned it to the barman the inference was that I shouldn't have been reading it.Beer was fine,

7 Oct 2009 22:33

The Four Seasons, Chippenham

I hadn't been to Chippenham before yesterday and at lunchtime I found it a bit odd that there seemed to be so few pubs in the town centre. This place was there so I gave it a go, although I would have preferred a pub serving a more locallly-brewed beer (this is a Fullers house). The London Pride was okay and it was a surprise to be asked if I wanted it served in a jug or a straight glass (a choice not normally offered these days). There were some people having a good old laugh in one part of the bar and/or they were quite drunk. There weren't many customers otherwise but the place was friendly enough although quite gloomy away from the windows.

1 Oct 2009 23:00

The Black Horse, Chippenham

It was closed yesterday lunchtime- has it closed down?

1 Oct 2009 22:54

The Gunmakers, Clerkenwell

The pub was very busy when I went in with some friends recently. However, we got served quickly and the ales were in top-notch condition. The "conservatory" at the back was a tad warm and felt a bit claustrophobic with so many people there but that didn't spoilt the visit and I am sure I will be going back soon.

1 Oct 2009 22:52

The Bridge Inn, Amberley

Popped in here for a pint while waiting for the Amberley Beer Festival to open. My oppo and I weren't disappointed, this place is friendly, serves an excellent pint, and we sat in the pleasant garden enjoying our beer in the late summer sun. A little gem of a place. Barmaid was rather nice too, curves in all the right places.

4 Sep 2009 22:50

The Zetland Arms, Kingsdown

On a sunny day last week I popped in here for a quick pint with some friends as we were camping nearby.The pub interior seemed gloomy and at 2pm some other customers were being turned away having asked for food, as the "kitchen was closed".I never understand why UK establishments turn away trade like this, then complain they are going to the wall.

Still, we got our pints of Master Brew and enjoyed them outside watching the sea and the great view across to France.

1 Sep 2009 22:23

The Crown, Wychbold

This place is a cross between a Premier Inn and a Beefeater but run by Marstons.I stayed here recently and in general my experience was favourable. The room was well-fitted out but oddly it had no windows, only Velux skylights (neither of which I minded), so don't accept Room 10 if you are claustrophobic.The bar and restaurant was heaving on a Sunday night but the staff maintained a friendly welcome and I just wanted a snack and a plate of cheese and biscuits was rustled up without any fuss.
For a Marstons pub the Pedigree was perhaps surprisingly a little out of condition but still drinkable (I had two).Breakfast was good the next morning.The room including breakfast was an astonishingly cheap �27.

18 Aug 2009 22:38

The White Horse, Haslemere

JDW were up to their usual tricks with insufficient staff when I was here recently; seemingly just the barmaid and the cook.Despite this, service was quick,friendly and efficient. My son's and my meal were fine and my beer was in okay condition.

6 Aug 2009 22:53

The Dragon, Colgate

Popped in today for a pint and a sandwich at lunchtime - my first visit.There were couple of friendly coves in the snug who were more than happy for me to join their conversation, despite my being some 20 years or so their junior.
I then sat out in the garden enjoying the sunshine.
The pub interior is old fashoned but in a "good" way.My H&W "Sussex" bitter was in good nick and the sandwich was okay but I thought for the money that the bread might have been a cut above the supermarket own brand brown sliced that was offered. The person behind the bar was friendly.
I think I'd like to go back and try the cooked food as the menu looked to have some interesting things on it.

30 Jun 2009 22:31

Badger Inn, Lelant

The place was busy when I was there on a Thursday evening recently (it was quiz night). The various St Austell ales I tried were okay. I ate in the restaurant and had the carvery meal. A very odd system of saying you'll have the carvery then waiting to be told it was okay to go up was in operation - curious as there was no queue and I was starving hungry. The cheese I had for second course was very good - served at room temperature so it could be tasted properly - but there was too much of it as if to justify the price tag (dear).
I enjoyed sitting in the garden afterwards.

20 Jun 2009 17:14

The Wig and Pen, Truro

I called in here earlier this month one lunchtime and was made very welcome by (presumably) the landlady. The place was fairly busy and the terrace outside was popular in the sunshine.
My pint of Tribute was in good nick but I thought my haloumi and beetroot salad, although good, was a tad expensive for what it was.

20 Jun 2009 17:08

Blubeckers at Gomshall Mill, Gomshall

Was here the other day for my brother-in-law's birthday. Pleasant and attentive staff, food only just okay, two real ales on (Hog's Back HOP and London Pride, both in average condition).Despite it being a lovely day over a bank holiday week-end, the place wasn't full, which seemed strange.

It was lovely to watch the trout in the Tillingbourne outside.

26 May 2009 22:49

The Whitefriars Olde Ale House, Coventry

Some of the previous reviews about poor beer quality caused me some concerns but I'm pleased to report that last night both the Everards Sunchaser and Holts Mild were fine.
There was a singer performing last night which produced a pleasant atmosphere and although the pub is close to the university there were plenty of customers who clearly weren't students.
I think this ancient pub might well be the oldest building in which I have drunk a pint or two.

14 May 2009 21:54

The Town Wall Tavern, Coventry

This place stands as some kind of bulwark against the rapidly-encroaching Belgrade Plaza development. A lovely old-fashioned feel to the place, with customers of all ages it would seem by those who were in last night.My pint of Adnams Broadside was in superb condition. I wish I hadn't eaten in my hotel because the food that several people were tucking into looked very good.If ever I am in Coventry again I shall be sure to pop in again. I hope it won't be spoiled by the effects of the adjacent development.I know good pubs should be clean but my only gripe was the the place smelled strongly of disinfectant.I think the smoking ban has something to do with this as the smoke used to conceal the clinical smells.

14 May 2009 21:47

The Gatehouse Tavern, Coventry

Although this is a single-bar pub, the room is quite lofty and so one doesn't feel too hemmed in.It has quite a sporty theme, with rugby predominating it would seem. The Church End Hoptwist that was on last night was superb.My one gripe is that there aren't many seats - even for the size of the place I'm sure it could accommodate a few more, but perhaps there is a fire safety reason for this.Although clearly a "regulars" pub, as someone from out of town I was made very welcome. Oh, and the scratchings were some of the best I've tasted in a long while.

14 May 2009 21:38

The Botwell Inn, Hayes

Evidently recently refurbished, this is one of the better 'Spoons in my experience based on just one visit admittedly. A friendly attentive barman, locals enjoying some banter and conversation, and some well-kept ales at only �1.69 per pint.If I'm in Hayes again I'll go back there.

23 Apr 2009 22:22

The Blue Bell, York

Like having a drink in somebody's living room. I was a complete stranger but there was none of that "you are not a local" atmosphere that you get in some similarly small pubs. A game of Scrabble was in full swing, a lively discussion was taking place on another table, and I was left alone to savour the atmosphere and the very well-kept ales.A gem of a pub.

19 Apr 2009 22:42

The Yorkshire Terrier Inn, York

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this place is not a tourist trap, despite being on the "circuit" for visitors to York.It feels more like being in the back room of a shop (well, I suppose it is just that really).Full range of York Brewery Ales seemed to be on offer and sadly I hadn't the time to try more than two, both in excellent condition.

One of those in my "I wish it was my local" category.

19 Apr 2009 22:38

The Maltings, York

How did I manage to miss this place on previous visits to York?! A very eccentric little boozer with a friendly feel to it, great ale selection, and handy for the railway station. Now painted all over black - which I think could put some people off, as it gives the place a studenty-goth sort of look to the casual observer.

But get past the door and you are in for a treat.

19 Apr 2009 22:34

The Ackhorne, York

I always try to pop in on the few occasions that I visit York for work. This is an under-stated, quiet pub that serves good ales in a friendly manner.

It is hard to find if you are not equipped with a map or directions, so if you are from out of town, be warned.

19 Apr 2009 22:31

The Clarence Pier Southsea, Southsea

A temple to "ping cuisine" catering for the day - trippers wanting a meal. I didn't eat there (except for breakfast as I was staying in the adjoining Premier Inn for which this place doubles as the restaurant) but I had a drink in the bar last night. It was okay, the staff were friendly but there isn't much to tempt me to go back. Oh and no real ale either (but are you surprised?).

13 Apr 2009 22:04

The Ale Wagon, Leicester

A strange place, evidently opended up at some point in the past from a multi-roomed pub.Consequently it is a bit barn-like. The ale range and quality seemed good from my initial visit last Saturday. For a Saturday night the place wasn't very busy but then again the atmosphere wasn't right but I can't really pinpoint why.
Most of the customers would not win any beauty contests but I found the place friendly enough (and I'm not past fifty yet).
I think the jury is out for this particular reviewer and another visit is called for, so an average score for now.......

18 Mar 2009 22:17

High Cross, Leicester

Came in here on Saturday because the Criterion was without electricity and I wanted something to eat. The fish & chips were very good indeed: I know JDW food is mass-produced but it just seemed better turned out here than in some others in the chain. The place was busy but not too crowded for a Saturday evening, a friendly easy-going crowd, presumably mostly students but also some older drinkers like me and my friends.The ales we drank were in good nick. I'd go back again.

18 Mar 2009 22:10

The Globe, Leicester

Popped in on Saturday evening - my friends and I were dithering over which beer to have so the barman promptly offered us a taster. Only had a half because we had been to the beer festival but the ale was in good nick and the atmosphere was good (save for the piped music - why oh why do pubs with sufficient atmosphere persist with this stuff?).
I look forward to coming back when i have more time and less ale in my belly already.

18 Mar 2009 22:07

The Cardinal, Victoria

I always enjoyed coming here when it was a Charrington pub. Sam Smiths took it over and it seemed to lose its way a bit but I popped back today and found it back on an even keel. As previous reviewers have noted, it is dark and "old-fashioned" which might put some people off but there was a real "local" buzz at lunchtime and the place was doing quite a trade. A shame there is only one real ale (Old Brewery Bitter) but it was quite serviceable and - wait for it - �1.88 per pint! Is this one of the cheapest pints to be had in London?

5 Mar 2009 21:14

The Station, Horsham

Painfully slow service

3 Mar 2009 21:51

The Standing Order, Derby

Popped in here for something to line the stomach before a mini-crawl of Derby. It was Curry Night. The place was busy but not so that you couldn't get a seat. Service at the bar was quite slow and when I handed back a sticky glass and asked for a clean one the barmaid slammed it down as if she'd had a bad shift, and it was only about 7pm. Not good. Still, despite being ping-cuisine, the curry was passable and set me up for the evening. I didn't have any ales as I was saving room for the afore-mentioned crawl but there seemed to be a good selection on the bar.Wonderful old banking hall in which to drink sort of made up for the poor service.

7 Feb 2009 22:39

The Flowerpot, Derby

My first time at this gem of a pub and it hopefully won't be my last. If I wanted friendly banter at the bar with the locals it was there. If I wanted to sit quietly with a book I could. If I wanted great ales, they were there for the asking. And apparently the live music venue adjoining is pretty good by all accounts.
One for my "I wish it was my local" category, I think.

7 Feb 2009 22:33

The Brunswick Inn, Derby

I hadn't been here for about 10 years (living down south as I do) but I'm pleased to record the place was every bit as good as I remember it. An amazingly cheap (<�2) pint can be had here, the place was busy but not too crowded, the scratchings were tip-top, and the ales were great.

I'll try not to leave it so long between visits in future.

7 Feb 2009 22:30

The Alexandra Hotel, Derby

The last of the pubs on my recent mini-crawl of Derby and I wasn't disappointed. Friendly barman, warm public bar (saloon was chilly but soon warmed up once people arrived for the quiz which I didn't stay for) and the beer was in good nick.

I'd certainly come here again.

7 Feb 2009 22:27

Red Lion, Gatwick Airport

Doing a brisk trade in breakfasts while I was there recently, this isn't a bad place in which to sip a pint and watch the world go by from. I just had coffee, it being early morning, but I was amazed by how many were tucking into pints of beer with their breakfasts.

21 Jan 2009 22:57

The Gog and Magog, Plymouth

This is one of those weird, barn-like, JDWs with a Stygian gloom about it. I think I found the only table with enough light by which to read my paper. Although there were a fair few people in last night, service was prompt. The Jail Ale was fine but I had to send back a pint of Sharps Doombar which was very murky and it was exchanged without demur, almost too quickly though, as if the barmaid knew it was going to be dodgy -if so then why keep it on the bar? I only came in because I couldn't find another pub I had been recommended to try.

15 Jan 2009 22:17

The Commercial Inn, Plymouth

I was thwarted in my attempt to visit this pub last night because it is also closed on Wednesday evenings, it would seem.
I look forward to a successful foray on my next trip to Plymouth as I have heard good things about the place.

15 Jan 2009 22:12

The Old China Hand, Clerkenwell

What an odd place! Used to be O'Hanlon's some years ago, when it was a cozy "boozer" type of pub. Now it is all modern, pale tones and stripped-back. Yet it isn't an unpleasant place at all in which to drink and it somehow manages to combine real ale with a modern, "media-trendy" sort of ambience. Some lovely Oakham JHB was to be had when I was there last week.
I shall probably go back but I can't quite work out what the attraction is - perhaps the "otherness " about the place.

30 Nov 2008 22:52

The Pakenham Arms, Clerkenwell

I enjoyed a pleasant time in here one evening last week with a few friends. The ales were in good nick and the food, although not brilliant, was okay. We were part of a mixed clientele comprising local sorting office staff, media trendies, geezers, and some oldies.

30 Nov 2008 22:45

The Calthorpe Arms, Holborn

If I were you I'd get here fast before Youngs estates department muck around with it. A very pleasant pub, with attentive bar staff, a mixed clientele, no piped music and plenty of atmosphere.I was here for the first time last week with some drinking cronies and we all agreed that we should return before too long. The ales were all good and there was a guest from a Cornish brewery whose name escapes me.

30 Nov 2008 22:41

Loch Fyne Restaurant, Kenilworth

I shan't be rushing back to this place.

25 Nov 2008 22:36

The Royal Oak, Kenilworth

Yes, a proper no-frills locals pub and none the worse for that. I popped in last week and was made welcome and I enjoyed a good pint of Tim Taylor's Landlord in the old-fashioned bar.

25 Nov 2008 22:34

The Old Bakery, Kenilworth

I had a lovely pint of Hobsons in here last week. I wish I had stayed longer and tried another ale. The bar feels very relaxed although not typically like a pub.Both staff and clientele seemed very friendly to this particular out-of-towner. I wish I had stayed there instead of the hotel I was booked at, if the accommodation was as good as the bar and beer.

25 Nov 2008 22:32

The Famous Virgins and Castle, Kenilworth

This place was really busy last Thursday when I was in at about 2200. I think "rammed" is the current expression. I was pleased that all ages and persuasions seemed to be present and all were enjoying themselves. The "Beacon" was superb and although I was on my own I wasn't made to feel out of place in such a crowded bar. Very professional bar staff ensured that nobody had to wait too long to be served and they were still smiling after a busy session.I'm sure I'll be back if I ever go to Kenilworth again.

25 Nov 2008 22:29

Becketts Bank, Leeds

I had my lunch in here yesterday while waiting fro a train (it is a few minutes' walk from the railway station).The friendly duty manager who served me was keen to talk about the beers available. The place was busy but not completely packed, and for a JDW the service was prompt. Unfortunately one of the previous night's punters hadn't made it to the gents so the ( carpeted) lobby to the lavatories smelt horrible,in spite of attempts to use the "magic powder" used by schools for absorbing vomit, which marred the visit somewhat.
However the Ossett Brewery Porter was sublime, which helped to redress the situation.

22 Oct 2008 22:14

Smugglers Haunt, Tricketts Cross

I was the proverbial captive audience here last night because I was staying in the adjacent Premier Inn, for which this is the linked restaurant. I feared the worst but the staff were very friendly, the place clearly has a local clientele as well as hotel guests, and the atmosphere wasn't bad.They could have turned the heating up a bit though (and I don't normally feel the cold), there were Christmas decorations up already (this should be outlawed until 1 December), and the Ringwood Bitter (the sole real ale) was in poor condition, past its best.
The best part of the evening was my steak which was not bad at all.

17 Oct 2008 22:24

The Crown and Sceptre, Kensington

I went in this evening with a couple of mates on the strength of previous reviews and we were definitely not disappointed. Pleasant surroundings, friendly staff and an eclectic mix of clientele all added to the successful formula. At first sight the stipped-back decor might lead one to think this is an old boozer that had been mucked about too much by the interior designers, but after a very short while it became clear that this is still a community pub for one and all. The piped music was at a reasonable level, the ales were well kept (the Butcombe on tonight was superb), and the Mexican food was surprisingly good with the beer and didn't ruin the palate as might have been presumed.Oh - and there was quiz on raising money for a local sports team.Recommended.

9 Oct 2008 22:25

The Kemble Brewery Inn, Cheltenham

I had to be in Cheltenham for work so, after reading earlier reviews, I took myself along here last night. I wasn't disappointed, this place is a friendly, unpretentious back-street pub with a good line in well-kept ales. The locals encouraged me to join their conversation and the excellent barmaid kept the ale flowing.

7 Oct 2008 22:27

Tavern, Warrington

Excellent ales again last night and made welcome despite or because of not being a local.

24 Sep 2008 22:59

Friar Penketh, Warrington

What a pleasant 'Spoons! Very busy this lunchtime with a mixed crowd, yet the service was up to the mark, tables were being cleared, it was clean and tidy and had a good atmosphere.I had time for a couple of ales (George Wright's Pure Blonde and Slater's Premium)and both were in very good condition.

24 Sep 2008 22:57

The Bree Louise, Euston

There is a good range of beers in here but I agree with some previous comments about the place feeling a bit too bright and "cold". The pub was almost empty at 1745 yesterday but by 1900 it was heaving.
I think the �3 per pint for apparently all real ales irrespective of strength is a bit arbitrary (and even for London expensive, certainly for lower ABV bitters)but as I only discovered after buying my round, CAMRA members get a 50p per pint discount on production of a valid membership card.
One of the ales I tried had a distinct tang of line cleaner about it but the rest were in good nick.
I thought the food was pretty average and didn't warrant the price tag.

9 Sep 2008 13:47

The Bear, Horsham

First time I'd been here for a long time and it was a pleasant discovery to find a friendly, welcoming pub. The wall-mounted TVs were perhaps too obtrusive but some people (me included) had some fun with guessing the dates of the old music videos being run.
The Badger ale was some of the best of its ilk that I have drunk and I'm not normally a great fan of Hall & Woodhouse ales.
I'll be going back to The Bear.

19 Aug 2008 21:06

The Star, Godalming

I was here last night with my brother -in-law. We were very pleased with the range of well-kept ales and my bro-in-law tucked into some of the several ciders on draught (more are available in bottles).As it was dry we sat in the garden watching the swallows over head and I was rather taken with a vivacious woman at an adjacent table who was enjoying a LOT of drinks with her husband and friends.
The barmaids were friendly and knowledgeable about the ales, which is unusual in many pubs nowadays.
There was an element of synchronicity at play too. I polished off a pint of Everards Sunchaser and mentioned to B-I-L that I also enjoyed Everards Tiger. Well, the next time I went to the bar, Tiger had been put on (it was lovely)!
One of those "I wish it was my local" pubs.

17 Aug 2008 18:34

The Kings Arms, Horsham

I'd not been in for a few years; the place has changed, been brightened up inside, seemingly opened-up a bit too as far as I can recall it how it was. It was quite busy on Friday night, clearly with locals up at the bar, but all friendly enough. For Hall & Woodhouse (not my favourite ales), the Badger was okay.

17 Aug 2008 18:27

The Horse and Groom, Horsham

Closed down by Sussex Police last week - alleged drug problems

17 Aug 2008 18:22

The George Inn, Littlehampton

I took the nippers in here for lunch when we were down in Littlehampton the other day. The place looks a bit in need of a redecoration but otherwise I was pleased to note a) friendly staff; b) manager and locals with a good line in banter; c)ale in good nick; d)speedy service.
One of those "Spoons" that manages to be a proper local, it would seem.

14 Aug 2008 21:49

The Clockhouse Bar, East Preston

What's wrong with it on a Sunday lunchtime then? I looked in the door today and there were NO customers and imaginary tumble-weed blowing across the floor.I didn't step across the threshold.

3 Aug 2008 21:57

Tudor Tavern, East Preston

Not very busy when I went in this Sunday lunchtime but the Gales (Fullers) HSB was fine and the barmaid was friendly. The place looks a bit down at heel but in my book that can often mean a good pub. I couldn't really form a view in the short time I was at the Tudor Tavern but I'd give it another go if ever I found myself in East Preston ( and what an odd place that seems to be - not very welcoming at all, with lots of private roads adorned with signs effectively saying "get lost or we'll turn the dogs on you").

3 Aug 2008 21:53

The Locomotive, Wick

Very handy for the White Rose campsite up the road. The chap at the bar was very friendly and welcoming. Nice to see the bar billiards in one of the bars - not very common in pubs any more.The two real ales on were Flowers IPA (who brews that nowadays?) and "Hardy & Hansons" (Greene King)Old Trip.
They could do with replacing some of the garden furniture - the picnic table I was at was so rickety that I thought it might disintegrate at any moment!I note the comment below by Alelover 08 and wish the new managers well and look forward to my next visit.

3 Aug 2008 21:47

The Golden Lion, St James's

The last call on a mini crawl of St James's /Mayfair tonight. Not bad but surprisingly uncrowded which might be saying something. The Hog's Back Summer Ale was delicious but I wouldn't have bracketed it with other summer ales. I was a bit irked when the barmaid cleared my glass away when I was paying a call of nature and I hadn't finished my drink.

21 Jul 2008 22:08

The Red Lion, St James

I hadn't been in here before tonight, despite being a Londoner and having worked round the corner some years ago. A Nicholson's house but not as dear as might have been expected. Not a bad pint of Jennings Cumberland Ale although a tad too cold for my liking. Friendly and attentive bar staff.

21 Jul 2008 22:05

The Coach and Horses, Mayfair

Friendly pub, not too busy,but the Deuchars IPA wasn't in tip top form tonight.Service was good.

21 Jul 2008 22:02

The Guinea, Mayfair

Good pint of Young's Ordinary in here tonight but not much like the Wandsworth version.Hadn't been in here since about 1992.Compared with the majority of the customers I felt very poor and shabby.Spent too much on beer evidently.

21 Jul 2008 22:00

The Town Hall Tavern, Leeds

I made a return trip here on Monday night and wished I could have stayed longer. Although clearly a locals pub, the atmosphere was most welcoming, the people were friendly and the ales were in fine form. I don't normally comment on such things but the place was spotlessly clean - some pubs are a little "daggy" these days.

16 Jul 2008 22:37

The Victoria Hotel, Leeds

The beer was in good nick but when I tried to order food at 2030 on Monday evening I was told that the kitchen had closed. This despite there being menus on tables clearly stating that food is served until 2200, and people were served after I had enquired so their orders must have been taken. The staff displayed a "couldn't care less " attitude and the general feeling was of a chain pub not being well-managed. A shame as the place seems to have great potential for a cracking pub. As I was hungry I only had one beer and sought food elsewhere.

16 Jul 2008 22:34

Palace, Leeds

A good selection of ales were on last night when i found myself there on a local's recommendation. I had some food which had been micro-waved to within a few degrees of the temperature of the edge of a volcano I swear but overall I enjoyed my evening here.I have noted the earlier comments about poor bar service and I suppose being part of a chain this place suffers from too few staff because accountants at HQ dictate the way things are run.The bar staff on last night did try their best. On the plus side, it was good to see a busy pub in these days of high prices, "credit crunch" etc, and on a Tuesday too.

16 Jul 2008 22:29

The Garland, Redhill

Good to see that this fine old pub is much as it was under the previous guvnor(i.e. unpretentious but with high standards). It was raining today and I felt a bit miserable so a visit here was clearly the tonic I needed. A lovely pint of Dark Mild and one of Olympian later, plus a read of the paper and a bag of nuts and I was ready to face the world again.

This place is in my "I wish it were my local" category.

9 Jul 2008 22:39

The Stag and Hounds, Iver

I popped in at lunchtime for a quick drink and enjoyed a well-kept pint of Pride in the very pleasant garden. The place has an old-fashioned feel to it in the good sense.It is well off the beaten -track for me but if I ever happened to be going by again I'd certainly pop in.

7 Jul 2008 22:37

The Lynd Cross, Horsham

Get a grip Wetherspoons: last Thursday you were still serving obviously under-age customers (and this is after being shut by Police last year or earlier this year), the service was painfully slow, and the tables were either sticky with old beer or not cleared away.

29 Jun 2008 23:02

The Black Jug, Horsham

I should like to increase my rating for this pub, and here is why:
Last Thursday I popped in for a quick pint after a cycle ride. I selected the Harveys Sussex Bitter but while the barmaid was pulling the pint, the barrel ran out. She asked me if I would mind waiting and I said I wouldn't. She called the guvnor who went to change the barrel. he then pulled through a quantity of beer before sampling it and holding it up to the light to check the quality. he did this a couple of times.The barmaid then pulled me a completely fresh pint and when I proffered the money she declined to accept it, saying that I had had to wait while they changed the barrel. How refreshingly different from many other pubs I could mention when this happens, where there is no attempt to change the barrel (or it is changed but not pulled through properly)and an alternative is offered, often costing more, with no apology. The beer from the new barrel was excellent by the way. I wasn't there for a meal or to spend lots of money yet I was treated like a valued customer - I will be back on the strength of this ecellent customer service.

29 Jun 2008 22:58

The Greenwich Union, Greenwich

I made a special trip here up from the country to meet some old friends last night. It was my first visit and I was not disappointed. Some very pleasant beers from Meantime Brewery were had in a calm, relaxed and friendly (contrary to some previous comments below)atmosphere. The stout was particularly noteworthy. We popped next door for some cheaper food then I had to catch a train but my friends went back to the Union, so impressed were we by the place.I look forward to making a return visit before too long.

19 Jun 2008 21:28

Richard I, Greenwich

I popped in last night with some friends because the food was cheaper than the place next door's. We had some Young's Special - have had better but it wasn't bad - and the aformentioned food. A pleasant place to spend a bit of time, it hasn't had the dreaded Young's makeover that seems to be afflicting a fair few of their pubs these days.

19 Jun 2008 21:22

The Buckingham Arms, Westminster

Ruined! Nothing more to say.I would have given this a rating of 8 or 9 previously but no longer worthy of it.

14 May 2008 22:46

Tavern, Warrington

Back here again on Monday thanks to a work trip.Enjoyed a couple of pints of ale in excellent condition, served by friendly staff in a locals pub that welcomes strangers.

Whenever I go to Warrington I will try to visit this pub.

14 May 2008 22:44

The Owl, Kingsfold

In here on Saturday for a bit of a celebration to find that a power cut meant no draught beers. How come the handpumps needed power?

Otherwise friendly staff and plenty of room to stretch out, and good views to the Surrey Hills one side and the Sussex Weald the other way.

14 May 2008 22:41

The Bricklayers Arms, Putney

A very pleasant couple of hours were spent in here tonight. Excellent Timothy Taylors ales (and guests from Dark Star). The food was top-notch although arguably expensive for pub grub, which is brought in by motorbike courier from I know not where.
Another for my "I wish it was my local " category.

14 May 2008 22:39

Ring O Bells, Warrington

Very quiet when I was in on Monday evening. A bit of a timewarp from the seventies but not a bad place for all that. Enjoyed a decent enough pint in friendly surroundings. I think they should capitalise on the location (pleasantly situated next to parish church) and promote the real ales. The Ringwood was a long way from home.

14 May 2008 22:36

The Royal Oak, Borough

I've been coming here for years, ever since the night Harveys re-opened it (when the beer was free all night!).
Still one of my favourites. The light mild was very good tonight and my pepper steak was very peppery.Another in my "I wish this was my local" category.

7 May 2008 22:36

The Willoughby Arms, Kingston Upon Thames

They say that every cloud has a silver lining. I got stuck in railway paralysis today when the train in front of mine broke down, so I got out at Norbiton and walked to Kingston. I'd heard this pub was pretty good, but I had no idea where it was other than in Kingston. A quick call to directories put me in touch with a very helpful barman who gave me directions. I was made to feel very welcome by afore-mentioned barman, regulars at the bar and, I presume, the Guvnor. Two pints of excellent ale later and I didn't feel quite so fed up with the world.Definitely one for my "I wish it was my local" category.

30 Apr 2008 22:37

The Baby Betjeman, Kings Cross

I whiled away a pleasant 40 minutes here recently waiting for a train. It was a bit chilly but I could have borrowed one of the thoughtfully-provided blankets if need be. The party at the table next to me were clearly regulars, commuters on their way home, which was good to see, treating the place as a local. The Doom Bar was okay but not in tip-top condition.

20 Apr 2008 22:01

The Bodega, Newcastle

I hadn�t been in here for about 25 years and my dim recollections of the place back then suggested that it has been mucked about a bit. However, I�m sure the beer range and quality have probably gone up. The Durham Magus I had was a very refreshing pint, which I understand is a regular beer, while others rotate as guest beers. The football was on the screens about the bar and if I may be allowed one criticism, the volume was up a little too high. However, I was sorry to leave after only one pint but that was all I had time for.

9 Apr 2008 22:03

The New Bridge, Newcastle

This pub is just a skip from the Manors Metro station. It manages to appeal to both local, regular clientele and those from farther afield seeking an excellent pint and serves both sections of its customers admirably. When I was there, the several real ales were in tip-top condition and the music playing at a reasonable level in the background was an eclectic mixture, mainly from the seventies. The place has a welcoming feel to it and it certainly wasn�t one of those places where a stranger feels umpteen pairs of eyes drilling into him as he walks in for the first time. In my book, this is one of those �I wish it was my local� pubs.

9 Apr 2008 22:01

The Union Rooms, Newcastle

A great barn of a place (as are so many JDW pubs), it was quiet today early lunchtime, but it can get very busy. I whiled away a very pleasant wait for a train (the station is just across the road), trying one of the current beer festival ales.

9 Apr 2008 21:59

Wetherspoons, Birmingham

What a contrast to some Wetherspoons pubs - it was so quiet last week when I popped in that I could get to the bar straight away. However, the bar staff were still going at �JDW speed� - ie dead slow. This criticism notwithstanding, the calm atmosphere of the place was a definite plus, and it is a good place for people-watching as half of Birmingham seems to walk past on their way through Paradise Place to somewhere else.

9 Apr 2008 21:57

The Briar Rose, Birmingham

I was pleased to read in the JDW magazine that the MD is putting some �4 million into extra staff and that clearing tables is to be made a priority. Unfortunately this new initiative hadn�t reached the Briar Rose when I was there last Thursday, as it took ages to get service at the bar and the tables were almost chest high in dirty plates, it being curry night. That being said, the staff I did come across were very friendly and I recall trying some very good ales in the current JDW beer festival.

9 Apr 2008 21:55

The Criterion, Leicester

From the outside this pub doesn�t promise very much but inside it is usually a hive of activity and very popular. A couple of Saturdays back there were people dancing spontaneously in one bar while in the other I and a few friends enjoyed well-kept ales and a pizza to soak them all up. I only manage to get here once a year and I always look forward to my visits.

29 Mar 2008 22:36

The Shakespeare's Head, Leicester

A gem of a pub by the ring road. Probably dates from the late fifties or early sixties, and it doesn�t appear to have been mucked about with architecturally. It was busy on the Saturday early evening session a couple of weeks back and not surprising, given the friendly atmosphere, interesting clientele and welcoming staff. Oh, and a pint of well-kept ale could be had for the princely sum of �1.45. How do they do it?

29 Mar 2008 22:33

The Malt Shovel, Horsham

I thought I�d give The Malt Shovel another go yesterday but my beer still had a tang of line cleaner in the taste, so I think I�ll give the place a wide berth for quite some while.A shame because in many respects this place is a great pub.

29 Mar 2008 22:28

Longwall, Oxford

P.S. I think that "pgodd" (see earlier review) was using irony. I hope so, otherwise I shan't place much faith in his reviews!

21 Mar 2008 22:24

Longwall, Oxford

This is the pub/restaurant to serve the adjacent barracks of a Premier Inn. The bar had about as much atmosphere as the Moon last Monday evening. I didn�t stay long.

21 Mar 2008 22:22

The Bear, Oxford

I was enjoying a good drop of beer and some liver & bacon for my supper in a relatively quiet pub when some American students arrived determined to �celebrate� St Patrick�s day by being as loud and, well, American as possible. Well, never mind, the staff were very friendly and efficient and the other punters weren�t phased, so I had another beer. Is this a Fuller�s pub masquerading as a free house, as all the beers bar one (Adnams) were theirs? The �Gales� HSB was very good anyway.

21 Mar 2008 22:18

Cherry Tree, Little Bowden

I�ve been here a couple of times and the Everards was in good nick on both occasions. The food wasn�t bad either albeit pretty standard pub-grub. Mind your head on some of the beams which are quite low.

7 Mar 2008 22:23

The Star Tavern, Belgravia

I'd heard they had closed for refurbishment, can anyone confirm?

7 Mar 2008 22:18

The Lock Stock and Barrel, Newbury

I was in Newbury for work and I came across this pub by chance. Seemingly recently-decorated, the pub was relatively busy for mid-afternoon and the unseasonably warm and sunny weather meant that I was able to sit out by the river enjoying a well-kept pint of �Gales� i.e. Fuller�s Swing Low. But �4.05 for a session-strength ale and a packet of crisps - is this the dearest pub in Newbury? I blanched at the cost which rather took the edge off my visit. In mitigation, the pub had no piped music when I was there, always a good thing in my opinion.

27 Feb 2008 21:50

The Tanners Arms, Horsham

With two small bars, one very much so ( a true �snug�), this local boozer was formerly part of the King & Barnes estate. I hadn�t been in here for years but popped in last Tuesday after a Horsham FC home game and enjoyed a couple of beers (Hall & Woodhouse �Badger�) in a convivial atmosphere. Although clearly a �locals� pub, my friends and I weren�t made to feel outsiders and I for one would probably go back another time.

14 Feb 2008 22:11

The Waterside At Warrington, Warrington

I was staying at the adjacent Premier Inn, for which this is the restaurant, so I was there by default. Having said that, I found the service to be very good for a chain pub/restaurant, with staff even producing food off the menu for me (fruit salad instead of all the cream-laced stodge). It is badged as a Hardys & Hansons pub, a little out of their area one would have thought but since the Greene King takeover who knows?

I didn�t stay drinking however, as Wilkies is a much better bet for the real ale fan.

4 Feb 2008 22:16

The Cardinal, Victoria

This is just round the back of Westminster Cathedral so one might expect to see a few priests in there if not a cardinal. It is a former Charrington house, now part of the Sam Smith�s estate, which makes it one of the few pubs in London for a sub-�2 pint of real ale (or any beer for that matter).

How do they do it? They must have similar running costs to other pub operators.

The pub itself is a quiet oasis of calm in central London, very dark wood fittings and popular with the retired (presumably because of the prices) . It is also Derek Conway MP�s local but he wasn�t drowning his sorrows when I was in there earlier.

4 Feb 2008 22:05

The Malt Shovel, Horsham

With reference to the Moses� recent review, I have to say that on probably 3 out of the last 4 times that I have visited this pub, the ale had a distinct taint of line cleaner about it. Not good, I hope this is a temporary aberration.

27 Jan 2008 21:59

Ye Old Stout House, Horsham

There wasn�t quite tumbleweed blowing across the bar floor when I went in this Sunday evening but even including the barman I don�t think the number of people in here got to double figures. Having said that, as a newcomer I was made perfectly welcome and the pint of Tanglefoot I drank was fine. This is a former King & Barnes house, now in the clutches of Hall & Woodhouse. A "proper" pub.

27 Jan 2008 21:54

The Hatch Inn, Colemans Hatch

The place was packed to the rafters this lunchtime with �ladies who lunch� doing just that. With the other two men in the pub I kept my counsel and enjoyed a well-kept pint of Larkin�s (other beers were Harvey�s Sussex Best, Harvey�s Old and Wells-Young�s Eagle IPA). Probably best not to come here for a spot of quiet reflection but all in all a popular and cosy pub, and Good Beer Guide � listed for 2008.

18 Jan 2008 14:39

The Heath, Haywards Heath

A fairly recent addition to the Harveys estate, this pub was quite busy for a Monday evening. Sadly only one real ale was being served, Harveys Best, but it was in good condition. Most of the customers are clearly devoted lager drinkers. The place was warm and friendly but perhaps a bit too �blokey� for some.

14 Jan 2008 21:27

Dolphin & Anchor, Chichester

Popped in here today at lunchtime. It was busy but the staff were coping (although as ever with many JDW pubs, there wasn�t exactly a surplus of staff, and tables weren�t being cleared promptly enough).

The W J King�s �Winter�s T�Ale� was a bit hazy but it tasted okay, and the microwave produced a fair to middling meal.

2 Jan 2008 22:38

The Rose and Crown, Hartlip

This is probably a former Trumans house from the look of it. It was quite busy at lunchtime today despite its rural location, with plenty of food customers. The wood-burning stove in the bar gave the place the feel of a pub before the smoking ban and perhaps that is the effect that is being aimed for. I had a pint of Kent�s Best and a bowl of serviceable soup and a ham sandwich. A nice touch or an incredibly naff one, depending on your point of view, was the way that �R & C� had been spelt out with cream on the top of the tomato and basil soup.

21 Dec 2007 22:35

The Rising Sun, Mill Hill

I had to go to Mill Hill today for work and popped in here at lunchtime. It is a very pleasant little pub with an arts & craft feel about it but presumably older. A friendly local opened the door for me with a �you don�t want to be doing all that door staff� - droll.
I enjoyed a pint of Adnams and a tasty meal. I shall probably be working in the area again and I look forward to a return visit.

There was an actor drinking in the bar whose face was familiar but whose name I can�t for the life of me remember.

17 Dec 2007 22:06

The Cricketers, Dorking

A locals' pub but without the cliqueyness (is that a word?). I spent a very enjoyable afternoon in here today.It is a cosy and friendly place to spend a few hours. The Fullers Porter was in top - notch condition.
I've been here before and it has always been a cut above the average pub.

15 Dec 2007 18:37

The Penderel's Oak, Holborn

Not too crowded when I was in there with an after-work crowd last week, but busy enough to give it some atmosphere. A good range of different guest ales on, making a change from some of my recent JDW experiences, where just the �usual� Spitfire, Pedigree, Abbot etc predominate and in some case comprise the entire ale range. The O�Hanlon�s Goodwill was especially tasty. Another pleasant change from the norm was enough staff to cope with a moderately busy pub, so that nobody seemed to be kept waiting for very long. My friends and I had another appointment elsewhere but in truth we wished that we could have spent longer here.

10 Dec 2007 21:40

The Head of Steam, Newcastle

I popped in here last week while waiting for a train at just gone noon. I was the only customer and the place had a disinfectant smell about it (no longer masked by stale smoke since the Ban). The beer was okay but not in the best -kept state perhaps.Unfair to judge too harshly on this visit given the time of day.

3 Dec 2007 21:55

Bridge Hotel, Newcastle

I have been to Newcastle many times but until the last visit I had never found this pub. It is quite atmospheric and "solid". The beers are worth going there for.

26 Nov 2007 22:06

The Plumbers Arms, Huddersfield

A friendly place near the bus station. The cask John Smith's was better than I expected and at �1.90 a pint it helped it go down better anyway.

16 Nov 2007 22:03

The Three Magpies, Heathrow

I popped in here recently simply because I was at a work-thing at the hotel across the road and I wanted to have a change of scene. Clearly a chain pub (Spirit Inns?) from the menus and notices dotted about but the barman who served me my bottle of J2O was friendly and the pub didn�t have a bad atmosphere for a weekday lunchtime. In fact it was a little oasis of calm amidst the hubbub of Heathrow. I can�t comment on the food or the beers as I didn�t sample either.

30 Oct 2007 22:10

The Railway Inn, Mansfield

I liked this pub. At first sight it may appear a little off-putting, with two front windows that allow passers-by to see into the two front, rather austere and harshly-lit bars . However inside the back bar is more welcoming and snug with plenty of seating and railway-themed decoration and items adorning the walls. As a stranger to both Mansfield and this pub, I was made to feel very welcome by the locals up at the bar and by the friendly landlady. There were three real ales on when I was there and the two that I tried were in tip-top condition.

30 Oct 2007 22:01

The Station, Horsham

Recently refurbished but still a Beefeater with the usual lack of a decent drop of ale.I wouldn't go here just for a drink, let's leave it at that shall we?

28 Oct 2007 20:49

The Bedford, Horsham

I hadn't been in here for quite a while. One of the bars had been done up with light colours, stripped-wood, chromed fittings,tall lager fonts etc. I thought (wrongly) that this would be the younger clientele's bar but no; they were all in the other side with the dark wood and the hand-pumps (and the big TV screen and loud music, natch).I stayed in the "moderne" (but quiet)bar and enjoyed good service and conversation.Beer somewhat pricey though, nearly �3 per pint.

28 Oct 2007 20:45

The Black Jug, Horsham

I went in for a beer after work recently and the place was almost empty, but then so are so many other pubs these days early in the week. I fancy that beer has become too dear for an everyday item.
That said, the Wadworth beer I had (sorry, can't recall the name, it wasn't 6X) was pretty good.I agree with both the earlier comments about the staff. Sometimes they are very good and sometimes they do seem a bit snooty.

28 Oct 2007 20:41

The Queens Head, Horsham

This pub is the closest to Horsham FC�s ground. It is a barn of a place but it still manages to be snug and warm in the colder months. Although I�m not usually a fan of Hall & Woodhouse beers, the Tanglefoot I had in here the other day was very good indeed.

29 Sep 2007 22:07

The Cinque Ports, Seaford

This pub doesn�t need the big TVs on the wall - big sports matches possibly excepted - as it seems to have enough of a good atmosphere of its own. I do wish publicans would realise that a good pub will stand on its own merits without the need for piped music or wall to wall TV and video. It was reasonably busy for a Tuesday lunchtime when I went in and the Harveys Best was pretty good. The staff were welcoming and the locals nodded their greeting.

25 Sep 2007 22:03

Wellington Hotel, Seaford

The half dozen or so pump clips looked promising when I peered in the window (not being local) so I went inside. Enjoyed a pint from the Wickwar Brewery in pleasant surroundings although I was the youngest customer in the establishment by a country mile. Friendly atmosphere though, despite my being an obvious stranger, and the regulars were getting stuck into the good choice of real ale on offer.. It was a shame the kitchen was closed or I would probably have stayed for another pint and something to eat. However, the Tuck-Inn caf� down the road served me well with an all-day breakfast.

25 Sep 2007 22:02

The Cat Inn, West Hoathly

I paid my first visit here today but it won�t be my last. Located in a sleepy village, this pub retains the character of a �proper� pub, with old boys propping up the bar this lunchtime. There were three local (Sussex) beers on � Hepworths, Kings and Harveys � and the Kings Horsham Best that I tried was in superb condition. The food side of things looked promising but I was in a hurry so I�ll have to try it on my next visit.

21 Sep 2007 14:20

The Foresters Arms, Horsham

I hadn�t been in here for a couple of years so I was pleased to find a friendly welcome and a decent pint of Harveys this evening. Although this pub is the opposite end of town from where I live, I shall be going back.

16 Sep 2007 22:03

Langford Inn, Lower Langford

I popped in recently and enjoyed a well-kept pint of the local Butcombe Bitter in the very pleasant outdoor area of this village pub. The staff were very friendly. Just one gripe � the piped music outside was an unwanted distraction and had presumably been done to please the smokers. If a pub has a good atmosphere it really doesn�t need piped music to try to create one.

6 Sep 2007 12:40

The Borough Arms, Crewe

At first sight The Borough didn�t look up to much from the outside, and the people gathered around the door smoking even gave the place a vaguely menacing air (I wonder if the Government thought of that side-effect of the smoking ban?). However, once inside I couldn�t have wished for a more welcoming pub, full of life and with a pleasant relaxed atmosphere. Some serious dominoes was being played (don�t they love their dominoes in Crewe!).

This pub has a large beer range, both of cask ales and foreign beers of the draught and bottled varieties. This is another of the �I wish it was my local� category as far as I am concerned.

22 Aug 2007 22:44

The British Lion (the Pig), Crewe

It was bit like going into a private club when I first stepped into this place: everybody seemed to know each other. However, I wasn�t made to feel awkward and was made welcome by the landlady. The single bar is very brightly-lit in my view, almost harshly, although that may have been because there were darts and dominoes games in full swing that required good lighting.

The beer range was small (Tetley Bitter & Mild + guest) but in good nick. Other pubs and bars on the same road were almost empty on Tuesday night, lending an air of desperation to them, but the subject pub was heaving with people of all (legal drinking) ages, so they are getting the mix right.

22 Aug 2007 22:42

The Black Bull, Whitechapel

A great shame if this place is not going to re-open as a pub. I used to enjoy the occasional pint or two in here when I was in the area.Too many pubs are closing in this part of London.

18 Aug 2007 21:44

The Crab and Lobster, Bembridge

This place has won lots of plaudits but I am of the view that it might be resting on its laurels a bit too much. When you book a table to eat there, you don�t get the table all evening, something that gets my goat. The food was okay but no better than that. You can almost see the � signs appearing in the landlord�s eyes as he views the crowds pouring into this tourist trap. Lovely pint of Goddards Fuggle de Dum though.

18 Aug 2007 21:34

The Yarbridge Inn, Yarbridge

You can see why the local CAMRA branch like this place so much. About 6 real ales on plus some interesting European lager and wheat beer, together with some unusual bottled ciders. A friendly guvnor and some interesting railway-related bits & pieces to keep you occupied while drinking and/or eating.

18 Aug 2007 21:25

The Vine Inn, St Helens

I popped in last Thursday evening when it was rather quiet, and enjoyed a drop of Otter Ale and some Ventnor Golden. Last night the place was packed with people eating and also those there to listen to the band that was playing. This is a friendly pub that seems to manage to cater for several different sections of the local community as well as the �Overners� (i.e. holidaymakers). The food seems to be more �ping-cuisine� than haute but don�t let that put you off.

18 Aug 2007 21:24

The Lab, Glasgow

A very pleasant little bar, tucked out of the way down a side alley. Good atmosphere, attentive staff, and a mixed bag for the clientele.No hand-pumps on the bar was a minus point for me but that almost didn't matter this time.

2 Aug 2007 21:48

The Blackfriars, Glasgow

This place had a lovely atmosphere when I went in on Monday night. The place was quite busy but not too crowded and there was a quiz on. Beers included Kelburn (Pivo Estiva - 10/10); Kelburn (Clydesdale IPA - not bad at all); and Anteallach Kildonan (didn�t sample) . Another one for the �I wish it was my local� category.
Oh, and they had newspapers to read: very good if like me you are on your own and don't want to appear too much like "Billy no mates".

2 Aug 2007 21:44

The Lynd Cross, Horsham

What is it about Wetherspoons, in that they can get some of their pubs so right and some so very wrong.? Sadly this is in the latter category. When I went in last Thursday for the �curry night� I was served after people who had arrived after me - when I mentioned this to the bar-maid she tried to tell me it was tricky working out who to serve next - and there were only 4 people at the bar. There are never enough staff; on Thursday the police were in trying to get some troglodyte to go home; several beers were advertised as �coming soon� with the inevitable pump clips showing; and the Marstons Pedigree that went with the curry night offer was well past its best. Still, when I ordered my food they did tell me it would be a 20 minute wait and it arrived almost to the second. After I�d had time to go to the library to take out a book to read!

28 Jul 2007 22:43

The Gribble Inn, Oving

Enjoyed a quick half here yesterday afternoon after a trip to the nearby Tangmere Aviation Museum. This pub had been recommended to me and for the short time I was there it lived up to expectations. Now I need to think of an excuse to visit the pub again -with somebody else driving so that I can try more of the ales on offer.
The landlord needs to fix the squeaky hanging sign though - torture if you sit in the garden.

28 Jul 2007 22:32

Whitelocks, Leeds

Hard to find (I had to ask a policeman!) down an alleyway (I think they are called something like a ginnel in Leeds but what do I know I�m from the Smoke), this is a great find. There is history seeping from every fixture and fitting, much of it original I�d bet. A shame the loos had been modernized at some point but perhaps they were very basic before.
There were plenty of ales on last night, including Old Peculier; York Brewery Yorkshire Terrier; John Smith�s Cask; Abbott; Deuchars IPA; Batemans XB; and Ruddles County.
Another in my �I wish it was my local� category of pubs.

18 Jul 2007 22:10

The Scarbrough Hotel, Leeds

I popped in today at lunchtime, the place having been recommended to me. I wasn�t disappointed, this is a �proper� old pub with friendly staff and a good selection of real ales. As I don�t live in Leeds I shall be sorry to miss the forthcoming beer festival (starts 27 July 07).

18 Jul 2007 22:02

The Adelphi, Leeds

Very close to the Tetley brewery, this is pub still has several bars rather than having been knocked into one. I enjoyed the house speciality with my pint last night, a fish finger ciabatta sandwich with lime mayonnaise and salad garnish. Much better than you�d think from the description - recommended. Another punter claimed to have paid �3 for what looked like a bag of crisps, so this may support the claims of high prices by previous reviewers.
The place has a friendly atmosphere.

18 Jul 2007 21:57

The Market Porter, Borough

In here for a pint last night. The place was packed but because there were enough bar-staff, there wasn�t a long wait to be served (other pubs please note).

A good range of ales, a great atmosphere, I�ll give this place the thumbs-up.

12 Jul 2007 14:08

The Royal Oak, Borough

I�ve been popping in here on and off for several years, since Harvey�s took it on. I even went on the re-opening night, when the brewery paid for the drinks all night.

In again last night for another good evening; rabbit stew was on the menu and it made a rather good supper, washed down with some excellent ales. The pub was busy � almost a rarity in a backstreet local these days, so what are they doing right that others aren�t?

This is another of those �I wish it was my local� pubs.

12 Jul 2007 14:05

The Market Porter, Borough

Very busy when I popped in this evening. Good range of beers on. Plenty of bar staff mean that waiting time at the bar is kept to a minimum: other pubs please note.

11 Jul 2007 22:09

The Grenadier, Hailsham

An unspoilt "real" pub with a welcoming atmosphere. Serves well-kept Harveys including the Pale Ale on draught; a good choice for a lunchtime beer.Pity more pubs don't have a low ABV beer on.

Looks a bit run down in the locale, which is a shame.

Hailsham's a bit odd though....................

11 Jul 2007 21:58

The Knights Templar, Chancery Lane

Went here last week after a trip to the nearby Seven Stars. A rather lacklustre selection of real ales on offer but the service was quick and the prices helped.

1 Jul 2007 21:56

The Seven Stars, Chancery Lane

Another good evening here last Thursday. Ales on offer included Adnams Broadside, Black Sheep Bitter, and something rathr good from Dark Star Brewery. Oh, and a "proper" barmaid was a real bonus, pity there aren't more like her in London's pubs.

A good mix of customers too, from the �250K pa lawyers to �25K pa lower grade civil servants, all mixing happily it would have seemed.

Another in the "I wish this was my local" category.

1 Jul 2007 21:54

Rusty Cutter, Bedhampton

This is a Beefeater restaurant but there seemed to be a fair few people in there last night who use it as their local pub. It was okay, nothing too special but nothing to complain about either. Food was as you might expect at a Beefeater. Wadworth 6 X was the only real ale available and it was alright but not in the best condition perhaps , despite the Cask Marque plaque by the front door.

1 Jul 2007 21:50

The Inn on the Furlong, Ringwood

Popped in this lunchtime for a pint and something to eat.Never been to Ringwood before.This pub could do with more staff because it was busy but only one barman made for a long wait to be served.

However, the Ringwood Best was good and the food was tasty, prompt and not too expensive.

Good to see some real "characters" amongst the clientele.

27 Jun 2007 22:28

The Fox and Hounds Restaurant & Bar, Englefield Green

Went there for lunch last Friday. Good pint of Hog's Back TEA and the food was good, especially as I wasn't paying (thank you Charles). At the risk of an un-"PC" comment, I thought the waitresses were very comely.

When we returned to our cars, the car park had been treated to several piles of horse manure, so we imagined that a troop of Household Cavalry might have popped in for a quick half.

25 Jun 2007 16:09

Red Lyon, Slinfold

Went there for the first time recently in a group for dinner. Menu is a bit dominated by fish but I think we all enjoyed our meals. Puddings are too expensive - this seems to be a trait nowadays.The service tailed off at the end so that we were desperate just to pay the bill and go.

Ale drinkers were well catered for though, with a good range (Fullers London Pride; W J KIng Summer Ale; Harveys Best; and Greene King IPA)all well kept.The �3 pint in Sussex can't be far away though.

21 Jun 2007 22:26

The Ship Inn, East Grinstead

Young's Summer Solstice very good today.

21 Jun 2007 22:22

The Bax Castle, Horsham

Good if you are on the Downs Link path, either on foot or bike, as it is adjacent. The beer I had was well-kept (Harveys)and another on (out of three) was Jennings.

21 Jun 2007 22:13

The Plumbers Arms, Victoria

Another "first" for me. Previous reviews persuaded me to try it.On walking up the street towards the pub, the place looked absolutely full as there were twenty or thirty people out on the pavement enjoying their drinks in the evening sunshine.However, there was plenty of room inside and my friend and I even got a seat. Friendly bar-staff and a pleasant atmosphere made this a good first pub of a mini-crawl for us, so much so that we stayed for a second pint instead of moving on.

16 Jun 2007 15:12

The Grenadier, Belgravia

Popped in one evening last week ; hadn't been before. One or two "hoorays" were present, as expected from reading earlier reviews:the weather was good so plenty of people were drinking outside. Quite hard to find.Enjoyed a couple of pints of Wells Bombardier, as if to maintain the military theme.
Barman rather condescendingly told me they didn't sell crisps and he put the beer into plastic glasses even though I'd said I would be drinking inside.Nonetheless a good find overall.

16 Jun 2007 15:01

The Broadway, East Grinstead

I popped in for the first time today at lunchtime.It wasn't very busy but the welcome was okay. Only one real ale on(Pedigree)- or was it, because it didn't seem to have the Burton "snatch" to it, unless the recipe has changed.

Nothing to write home about and the Sky Sports on the screens was distracting.

7 Jun 2007 15:19

Ounce & Ivy Bush, East Grinstead

A barn of a place, with only a few tables near the window free from the Stygian gloom.
The ale I asked for was not on:it seems to be a bad trait of JDW pubs that they don't or won't turn the pump clips round to show this and it cab be annoying.
Otherwise it was okay on the lunchtime when I visited and the price of ale made a pleasant change from the usual West Sussex levels, where I don't suppose it will be long before we see the first �3 pint of bitter.

7 Jun 2007 12:32

The Crown Liquor Saloon, Belfast

I was in Belfast for work last week, so not quite a tourist.Yes, it was pretty busy with plenty of Yanks around, but the beer I tried was superb and the service was excellent.

4 Jun 2007 13:37

The Crown, Islington

The last of three pubs on a mini crawl of this part of Islington that had been, frankly, disappointing. My friend and I only had time for a pint here but it was the best of the evening, a well-kept pint of Fullers IPA, so rarely seen on draught.
The pub had a friendly atmosphere and a mixed bunch for clientele.

28 May 2007 20:46

The Narrow Boat, Islington

Went there last week. Lovely setting by the canal although the passing bikes ringing their bells could get a little wearisome. Tried the Pure Ubu ale from the Purity Brewing Company but it was served in such appalling condition that I had to send it back. There were lots of bits of goodness knows what floating about and it was as murky as the adjacent canal.The barman had the affrontery to suggest that it was meant to be like that because it was real ale.A shame that he took that tone. On leaving I remarked to my fellow drinker that nobody else seemed to be drinking the reale ales, which may tell you something.

28 May 2007 20:39

The Island Queen, Islington

Popped in last Thursday;a new pub for me. Deuchars was okay.No other real ales were one which was a shame.A mixed clientele, all seemed to be enjoying themselves.
Didn't stop but probably would have done had there been more ales on.

28 May 2007 20:31

White Hart, Wimbledon

Just to be pedantic for a second, this pub is not and never has been in Wimbledon. It is in Merton Park.Used to go there in the late seventies and drink - whisper it -Trophy Bitter!

23 May 2007 21:49

The Bustard Inn, South Rauceby

Pleased to hear this is still a good pub. I haven't been there for 27 years.Must try to get back there one day.

23 May 2007 21:45

The Blue Boar, Poole

I was in Poole for work and popped in yesterday. The place was quite busy at lunchtime. I had no idea what were good/bad pubs in Poole but I was lucky and picked a good one, spending a pleasant 30 minutes over a well-kept pint doing the crossword.I didn't eat but the food looked good at the adjacent table.
A pleasant,calm pub with a friendly staff.The radio was off, SJC.

23 May 2007 12:28

The Oddfellows Arms, Wimborne

Popped in here while passing through Wiborne for work today.
My "pub-radar" told me that this place would be okay and I wasn't let down. Friendly guvnor and locals in a proper pub.
Only fly in the ointment was the "London prices" - pint of H & W Stinger in a fancy glass at �2.90.

16 May 2007 22:02

The Seahorse, Shalford

Went for lunch on Sunday - a Bank Holiday weekend - so had expected it to be busy but strangely it wasn't.My first visit. The staff went out of their way to accommodate our party of eight, moving tables and chairs etc.We were made welcome, including the children in the party.Presumably this pub is part of a chain but not overtly so.The food won't win any Michelin stars but it was fine and it fuelled us for a walk in the Surrey hills.Puddings were small and therefore seemed dear. Treacle tart was very good though.A good sign in my view was no children's menu; they ate what we did and cleaned their plates.Pleasant, calm atmosphere. Beer was Tim Taylor Landlord in good nick; shame I only had time for one.

8 May 2007 21:56

The Speaker, Westminster

Popped in this evening and enjoyed an excellent couple of beers from Elgoods (rarely seen in London) and Dark Star breweries. Never been here before but will certainly return.
Also enjoyed looking at the two glamorous women in little black dresses who arrived in a chauffeur - driven Bentley, had a quick drink (presumably as a "sharpener" before going on to a function elsewhere)!

3 May 2007 21:16

The Coach and Horses, Danehill

I popped in today for a quick pint and to read the papers. My first visit here. A warm welcome and a very good pint of Harveys. Guest ales were from Hammerpot and Archers breweries (not sampled).
It was very pleasant sitting out the front listening to the lambs bleating in the field across the road.I didn't have anything to eat so can't comment on the catering.

1 May 2007 13:45

The Red Lion, Chelwood Gate

They've got a nice new inn sign but why does it depict a WHITE lion?!

26 Apr 2007 21:53

The Dorset Arms, East Grinstead

Bears the dread hand of a corporate owner.Only two real ales on when I visited: Geene King's IPA and Abbott.It was okay but I wouldn't rush back.

26 Apr 2007 14:04

The Lattice House, Kings Lynn

Somewhat atypical 'Spoons pub.Popped in last Thursday evening; it was crowded so propped up the bar and enjoyed some Wherry.If I lived locally I'd go back.

25 Apr 2007 22:22

The Red Lion, Chelwood Gate

Went for lunch. Service very slow.Beer still on good form. Unfortunately piped music was on; bizarrely it included the Z-Cars theme tune!

30 Mar 2007 16:16

Tavern, Warrington

Sorry for the typo in the previous review - should be �3 in Sussex but it feels like 33 sometimes.

27 Feb 2007 22:20

Tavern, Warrington

Went in last night with a colleague from work (both based in the south). There were (I think) at least 4 or 5 real ales on and the two I had were very good.Can't believe how reasonably-priced (for 2007)the beers were;still one or two sub-�2 pints.You won't get much change from 33 in parts of Sussex.

27 Feb 2007 22:18

The Lower Angel, Warrington

Popped in for a pint while in Warrington (from the deep south)for work;I was made very welcome and the (Lodden) beer was in excellent nick.
A "proper" pub.

27 Feb 2007 22:15

The Drum, Walthamstow

This place was my regular haunt when I lived in E17. Full of interesting characters; didn't seem like a Wetherspoons at times.Wish I was still near enough to pop in for a pint or two.

14 Feb 2007 14:13

The Malt Shovel, Horsham

Still worth a visit even after Steve's departure to the great ale-house in the sky.
Has had a lick of paint but otherwise little has changed.
Beer quality has gone up, if anything.
Had a couple of good lunches there recently.

22 Dec 2006 14:41

The Lynd Cross, Horsham

Not the best pub of this particular chain.

Never enough bar staff; slow service; tables not cleared away promptly.

However, some of the lowest ale prices in Horsham (which are generally at London levels), and usually a local beer stocked, so can't be all bad.

22 Dec 2006 14:36

The Coot, Horsham

Popular with "white van men". Given the amount of lager sold there, the real ales are perhaps paradoxically generally in good condition.

Music often too loud for a sensible conversation between two drinkers.

Should have been named The Moorhen as there are no coots on the aforementioned pond.

22 Dec 2006 14:31

The Red Lion, Chelwood Gate

Waited too long to be served; must have been wearing my "invisibility cloak". Place wasn't too busy either.Not so much a drinkers' pub as a restaurant but the "Kentish Best" was in fine form.

Pleased too, that there was no piped music when I visited.

22 Dec 2006 14:21

York Beer and Wine Shop, York

I used to go here when it had just opened about 20 years ago; glad to see it is thriving. It was a Sunday evening thing, a couple of pints of taylor's Golden best and some good cheese.Unfortunately I no longer live in York so cannot visit.

22 Dec 2006 14:17

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