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Comments by Oakman100

The Kings Head, Guildford

Only stumbled across this pub recently but glad I have. Good ale selection and has a lovely tiered garden that sits below the castle keep. Inside is cosy for the winter days.

17 Nov 2016 20:48

The White Hart, Waterloo

Cracking good pub which is deservedly busy yet the staff can get through everyone pretty efficiently. Good real ales on tap but I like the selection of craft beers/lagers available even more. Not cheap but I can think of plenty of inferior places nearby that charge the same or even more!

17 Nov 2016 20:39

The Dairymans Daughter, Arreton

Cannot believe I haven't posted a review on here before as I have been here a number of times during my visits to the IOW.

Despite in a tourist trap this is a lovely pub which does a good beer selection and has plenty of seating both indoors and out. It also has the advantage of not being to far from anywhere on the island, and route 8 bus stops virtually outside the complex.

17 Nov 2016 20:34

King Harry's Bar (Glenbrook Hotel), Shanklin

Very good beer in a quirkily nice bar. The garden is very pleasant and a real suntrap too.

Wondered why there was a sign in the garden saying no children beyond this point - so I investigated and saw a chasm about 40 foot deep over a lowish fence. Learnt this was the top end of Shanklin Chine, so I wholly recommend a visit after tackling the steep climb up fom the beach.

17 Jun 2015 21:14

The Lord Wimborne, Poole

Standard Wetherspoons that has some interesting beers on my visit, though didn't notice too many that were local. Will pop in again if passing.

23 Apr 2014 20:48

The Brewhouse, Poole

Yes a basic no frills place but with fine beers and very reasonable and the first pub in the area where they have the East Dorset CAMRA magazine which I will find very useful. All the better for the fact that there is no food, especially on a Sunday lunchtime. Will be back very soon.

23 Apr 2014 20:44

The Wheatsheaf, Ewell

Very nice pub with some good beers on. Went in on Boxing day and the place was heaving. Forgot they had the parade and seemed the whole of Epsom and Ewell had turned up.

Otherwise very comfortable, in a nice location and apparently the garden is quite a suntrap, when we get any sun that is! Recommended.

24 Feb 2014 21:40

The Running Horse, Leatherhead

Now they have guest beers and Surrey Hills permanently on this pub deserves its rating upgrade. Add to this a very cosy interior with a roaring fire (as my previous comment ceiling height is perhaps a little too cosy for someone who is 6ft 3in), increased trade and very fine locals and staff this has become a real cracker of a pub. You will also regularly find either London Drinker or Surrey News and Ale available here.

3 Dec 2013 16:46

The Cap in Hand, Hook

Since my rather damning review of Oct 2009 I am pleased to readdress my opinion of this pub.

They now have a good number of local ales on tap all the time, things have been cleaned up and tidied and the staff seem to be doing a good job especially the boss who seems to be interested in getting the local beers in. They also seem to have made an effort in weeding out a number of undesirables and find that a Sunday lunchtime is a much better experience than in the past.

Upped my rating as a result and well done to all those concerned (I am making a similar review for the Edmund Tylney in Leatherhead too).

3 Dec 2013 16:33

Ye Olde Red Lion, Cheam

Decent pub with some good choice of ales.
Only minus it does get full of noisy families sometimes.
Best actually to go early on a Saturday morning.

8 Aug 2013 17:06

The Sandpiper, Mudeford

Yes this might not be the most exciting pub in the world, or Dorset for that matter, but it does the job fairly well and is absolutely brilliant for sport on the box. There's about 10 tvs in the main bar area, usually switched on to 3 or more channels (Footy dominates though) and if you don't like that sort of thing there is the quieter restaurant area through the partition. Ok

8 Aug 2013 16:48

Ye Olde George Inn, Christchurch

I only come here for the beer. That's strictly not true because the staff are very friendly and the (huge) back outside area is a real suntrap and beautifully landscaped with hanging baskets, vines, wisteria etc.

But it is the beer that makes it truly great. The very reasonably priced Piddle £3.00 a pint is complimented by other seasonal and stronger brews from that brewery plus some interesting guests and real cider. food not tried yet but as said I come here for the beer!

8 Aug 2013 16:43

The Bosuns Chair, Lymington

Good pub which has plenty going on. A hotel, sky sports, decent Wadworth ales, friendly staff and a town centre location. A decent boozer.

8 Aug 2013 16:38

The Smugglers, Milford on Sea

Delivering my rating after previous comment. It's a very solid and worthy 8/10. The food is the real winner here, last time tried some Belly Pork stuffed with apple, apricot and sage stuffing which was lovely as is the Taglietelle dish. Ales, though nothing out of the ordinary, are well kept and the staff very friendly and obliging. Great stuff!

8 Aug 2013 16:33

Bridport Arms Hotel, West Bay

The location of the pub is spot on...right on Broadchurch - sorry West Bay beach though oddly it seems to be the wrong way round ie facing away from the sea. Never mind, the beer, though expensive, was in decent nick and the food is pretty good esp. the Hake. There may be better pubs in Bridport area (The Tiger immediately springs to mind) but this will do you ok if in this lovely little harbour town.

8 Aug 2013 16:21

The Wellington Arms, Weymouth

Used to walk past this pub when in Weymouth as it looked a bit localish. It is in a way but there's nothing intimidating and the welcome from the Landlady on a horrible wet day was very bright. Only seem to do Ringwood ales but were well kept. Recomend

8 Aug 2013 16:14

The Boot, Weymouth

Fine little pub which I visited for the first time when on holiday. Good selection of ales was the winner in here but the barmaid and a couple of locals were very friendly. Will look in when in Weymouth again, hopefully soon.

8 Aug 2013 16:11

The Castle, Sandown

Went to pop in here for 1...ended up having 3! That says it all about this gem of a pub. Great range of ales, friendly staff and locals and a great atmosphere. All hidden away from the seafront but within easy crawling distance from the main bus routes. There's also a suntrap garden which was useful on my visit.

8 Aug 2013 15:56

The Volunteer Inn, Lyme Regis

Smashing little pub that does beer and cider stillaged behind the bar straight from the barrel. Beers on handpump are localish from SW breweries such as Otter, Sharps and Branscombe Vale (though they don't seem to do Palmers, which given the brewery monopolisation of pubs a few miles east of here isn't such a bad thing!) and always with something interesting. Food looked unusual and haven't yet tried but all in all well worth the steepish climb from the seafront.

8 Aug 2013 15:52

The Nelson, Mudeford

I like this pub...when I can get in because it does get very crowded. Don't let that put you off though as it is a pub catering for just about everyone. Real Ales, Beer festivals at bank holidays, sky sports, decent grub and a lovely garden. No wonder its popular, and the guvnor is a top guy too.

8 Aug 2013 15:42

Napoleons, Highcliffe

Not the sort of place you'd usually find me in but the beer, Marstons EPA, was in good form and reasonably priced. Will pop in again when travelling through.

4 Mar 2013 17:17

The Angel Inn, Lymington

A decent pub with good beer and very comfortable with friendly staff. But why are they refurbing it again when it was only done 18 months or so ago? For me the interior is fine as it is and admittedly the landlady had informed us that the refurb will be sensitive to the current decor. (March 2013)

Will look in to see the results when back in Lymington.

4 Mar 2013 17:11

The Smugglers, Milford on Sea

Been to Milford on many occassions and not ventured a foot in here...until March 2013.

Very popular and deservedly so looking at the food. Friendly landlady and locals who we got chatting to. Admittedly there might not be the greatest beer range around, though one pump was out, but the Ringwood Best was in good nick.

Can't give a rating yet as this was a quick stop on a crawl but the pub has a good atmosphere to it and will pop in again soon.

4 Mar 2013 17:05

The Horse and Groom, Alresford

First visited the pub in Sept 2011 and found the place a little tired and in need of freshening up with an uninspired Beer choice.

Go back in March 2013 and it's a completely different place. Bright, without being dazzling, clean and fresh. Deservedly popular and despite being a Fullers pub does have a (local) guest beer, though I went for Fullers six nations seasonal beer, which was very good.

Worth a detour off the A31 as the town is also well worth exploring.

4 Mar 2013 16:59

The Bulls Head, Dorking

Been in a few times when in Dorking. Not the best in the town but it does have some fairly stiff competition and is generally a decent boozer if popping by.

Only one small quibble...TOO MUCH CHELSEA FC MEMROBILIA!

PS. Don't let that put you off.

24 Jan 2013 18:54

Red Bar and Lounge, Dorking

A very fine addition to my Dorking pub crawl, with the choice of 3 excellent local(ish) ales from the like of Surrey Hills (very local, brewed at Denbies) and Dark Star (just over the border in West Sussex) which change often though the excellent DS Hophead is always welcome. Not tried the food yet, but given the reviews it wont be long before I do.

24 Jan 2013 18:36

The Solent Inn, Ryde

Ok pub with no frills attached. Did a couple of fairly unusual beers on my visit - believe the one I had was from the island called Yates Blonde? Couple of these did the trick as the rest of Ryde was heaving, due to the Bestival.

19 Sep 2012 19:00

The Volunteer Inn, Ventnor

Superb pub and was made to feel very welcome during my visit, with the locals and landlady taking time to speak to all who came in. Good ales, reasonably priced and a darts area at the back.

19 Sep 2012 18:53

The Falcon, Shanklin

Basic and decent no frills pub near the town centre that did a good pint of Eagle(? in the Falcon) IPA at a very agreeable 2.50 a pint. Despite being on holiday and apart from our first visit of the week when we went back the landlord remembered what we were drinking. That is something that always gets a few plus points as far as I'm concerned.

19 Sep 2012 18:48

The Steamer Inn, Shanklin

Went here almost every night during my holiday and found this to be a very fine place with a terrace view that would inspire even the most pessimistic. Food is very decent, especially the Papardelle dishes, and they do have some good beers on offer, usually from one of the Isles breweries.

19 Sep 2012 18:43

The Running Horse, Leatherhead

It's OK here, though can be a bit too quiet sometimes. Beers are good with usually full range of Sheps on offer and a local guest brew usually available.

Pub not recommended though if you stand over 6' 4" tall, though the decor is very cosy.

31 Aug 2012 23:40

The Edmund Tylney, Leatherhead

As mentioned in my blog about the Penny Black I also had a downer on this place in 2009. Again, I am forced to reconsider.

Whilst the Edmund Tylney is not the most salubrious pub around, and can have some interesting characters popping in, it too has improved a bit recently, especially with the beer range on offer and the general feeling about the place. After all, it is a Wetherspoons.

31 Aug 2012 23:32

Penny Black, Leatherhead

When I posted back in Oct 2009 I had a bit of a downer on this pub and Leatherhead in general. I am more than pleased to reconsider these statements that I made as I have made a number of visits to the town recently.

Yes, the pub is still fairly quiet and fairly pricey but at least someone seems to be having a go at getting this place up and running. There are a couple of TVs showing sport, the beer quality has improved and staff seem very pleasant. They also had a promo recently during the Olympics and when a gold medal was won by a Brit the price of beer went down to 2.12 for half an hour after the success. So thank you very much Ben Ainslie for me to enjoy a pint at these very agreeable rates! Do they have the same promo for the Paralympics?!?

Much better and will make return visits.

PS. I did think the promo was exclusive to here but it also applied to the Boathouse in Putney.

31 Aug 2012 23:25

The Claret Wine Bar, Cheam Village

What is it about Cheam? I mean this in the nicest sense as it has 3 cracking good pubs within half a mile of each other and this is one of those. 4 beers usually on pump, from the like of local brewers such as W.King and Surrey Hills and quite often one from Palmers of Deepest Dorset which finds favour with me. And the Sheps Master Brew regular is more than decent too.

Good atmosphere, despite being tiny, 2 TVs with a different sport on each of them and slap bang in the middle of the village, near to the bus stop.

31 Aug 2012 23:12

The Clock House Hotel, Chideock

Super beer, decent well priced grub and an atmosphere that even on a midweek lunchtime was fairly lively with locals, walkers and passers by like me, who criminally in all my trips to this lovely part of the country never been in here before - suffice to say I will return as soon as I can.

The real winner is the decor, thousands of clocks around the place including one made out of a crisp packet, on one of the pillars at the bar.

27 May 2012 18:18

The Market House, Bridport

It's pretty decent for the food here, with a menu that you can have starter and main for 12 (certain things from the menu albeit). Beer is quite expensive compared to say the Tiger Inn but the pub is spotlessly clean and well laid out.

27 May 2012 18:12

Tiger Inn, Bridport

Very fine pub which I sadly never found before in all my trips to Bridport. Fine beer, fine locals and sport on the telly, which included watching the incredible finish to the premier league. All in the pub had a great time, even the Man U. supporters, despite their mortifying disappointment.

27 May 2012 18:03

The Rising Sun, Sidford

Forgot to rate this pub after being on holiday near here in August 2011.

This is a lovely little pub that stands right on the Sidford crossroads, they did a smashing pint of BVB Branoc and the grub menu looked very interesting (didn't try but will do next time). Very friendly, do a beer festival in September and noticed that Rugby is shown.

13 Feb 2012 16:21

The Wellington, Waterloo

Solid pub with the Fullers range of beers (why couldn't the Black Cab stout be on all the time and not be just seasonal?) within staggering distance of Waterloo station. My usual final stopping point on a central London pub crawl.

13 Feb 2012 16:03

The Kings Arms, Dorking

Just gets better and better, the guest beers are getting more interesting and the food remains simple but very good value. Staff very friendly.

Also very handy for Cobbetts beer shop, a really good off licence with many bottled beers and take homes out of the barrell.

13 Feb 2012 15:46

The Masons Arms, Teddington

A superb find and some truly great ales on tap with the Quadhop being absolutely fabulous. Tucked away from Teddington High Street, the pub is very friendly and well decorated. Occassionally, especially for Rugby, has a large screen TV wheeled into the bar. Highly Recommended.

13 Feb 2012 15:39

The Prince Albert, Twickenham

It's not the Sussex Arms just round the corner (but what is?) but have to say this is a thoroughly decent place in its own right. Only had beer but the Thai food looks superb. Keeps a more than decent pint of Fullers and have Sky. Good.

13 Feb 2012 15:33

The Sussex Arms, Twickenham

Fabulous pub offering so many and unusual ales all the time. It's in an area that has pretty decent pubs but this is just about the best. At a modest 3 a pint and the loyalty scheme card where if you have 9 pints you get one free is also a major plus pint for this place.

Very, very popular with Harlequins fans. Despite this everyone in the pub, including the staff, were having a great time.

13 Feb 2012 15:29

The Bunch of Grapes, London Bridge

Popped in here a few times now and tried the acid test of a Sunday lunchtime. Found that we got served quickly, with a good pint of the Ordinary, and was able to grab a seat by the window. Not only that does this appear (in ale terms at least, and ignoring any Weatherspoons) one of the more reasonably priced pubs in the area?

23 Nov 2011 19:10

The Southwark Tavern, London Bridge

Some cracking good ales on tap, the pub is slightly leaning towards trendyville, with prices to match - though in fairness it's in a fairly prime location next to Borough Market. Seemed to do a decent job on a busy Sunday lunchtime.

23 Nov 2011 19:05

The Anchor Inn, Sidmouth

Neat pub with very good food and imaginative guest beer on tap. Friendly and quite cosy, all in all a very decent pub.

23 Nov 2011 18:58

The Cannon Inn, Newton Poppleford

Quirky, unkempt, lovable are three words I could use about this pub. Beer comes straight from the barrel and they have a little beer festival during the August bank holiday weekend. Popped in a number of times when holidaying in the area.

23 Nov 2011 18:54

Prince of Wales, Hampton Court

Due to the makeover of a few years ago I didn't think I would warm to here but whilst its lost a bit of the character it does now do some good beer and food. The feel to the place is a little clinical admittedly but the staff were prompt and polite.

5 Apr 2011 18:47

The Rising Sun, Hampton Hill

Yes, the interior is as bright and cheerful as the photo suggests. Relatively quiet when popped in but a decent atmosphere prevailed and the girl behind the bar was very polite and pleasant.

You can have either your GK IPA from the North (cream flow) or the South (traditional), something I've never seen before and given it's opposite Bushy Park it's none too pricey either. Will pop in again if around the area, probably on a crawl from the Roebuck.

5 Apr 2011 18:40

The Roebuck, Hampton Hill

The beer is only the start to this super pub...
The money from different countires around the world in the glass on the tables.
The really old one armed bandits around the pub.
The period piece posters and advertisments.
The traffic light down the far end of the pub.
...and as much niknaks as a branch of Sotherbys.
Superb and it's only a bus ride away for me.

5 Apr 2011 18:33

The Ship Tavern, Holborn

Good pub with decent beer at slightly above middle-of-the-road for Central London prices (3.40 last time was in) and fine staff. Sometimes have very big and very homemade pork pies behind the bar, not tried yet but may do.

5 Apr 2011 18:18

The Railway Guard, Epsom

Fine pub with fine beer and punters. Plenty of screens to show footy/cricket/rugger and they do the now rare Sunday pub perks - the cheese on the bar and the meat raffle. Hidden gem very close to the equally Barley Mow.

5 Apr 2011 18:10

The Nags Head, Lyme Regis

I never thought about that Albert - what's the best chippie in Lyme?

Forgot to write after my last visit but as usual the beer was total top notch stuff.

29 Nov 2010 14:27

The Barrowboy and Banker, London Bridge

Dropped in on the day of the Arsenal v Spurs game. Like everywhere round here it was heaving, however staff were very attentitive and drew a very good pint of Chiswick. Food - though tad pricey - looked excellent and will try again next time in the area. (Will also be back to the Wheatsheaf when reopening after the Thameslink building).

Oh and the result of the footie (and rugby after) very much went the right way too! Shame it's not open all night for the Ashes.

29 Nov 2010 14:13

The Duke of Buckingham, Kingston Upon Thames

Non-descript sort of place but at least the barmaid was friendly. No real ale.

29 Nov 2010 14:00

The Old House At Home, Dorking

A decent and fairly small pub which has cheaper than average Youngs beers and a couple of screens for footie and rugby, just a walk over the road from the fine Kings Arms.

29 Nov 2010 13:54

Ye Olde Kings Head, Epsom

Not a pub as often used as others in Epsom but it's always reliable for some very well kept mainstream beers (Youngs, Fullers, Harveys etc) and a genial, cosy feel about the place. Not an absolute favourite but certainly not bad either.

29 Nov 2010 13:44

The Penderel's Oak, Holborn

Like all Wetherspoons a couple of years ago this place wne through a bad phase and wasn't prepared to go back. However at 11am on Saturday not a lot is open and braved to look in again.

Like a number of Wetherspoons now things seem to have improved well. There's a really good range of ales on tap and it is far less busy than the 'Spoons in Kingsway and more reliably open on a Saturday than the Knights Templar - this is also recomended - which is good.

29 Nov 2010 13:37

The Wheatsheaf on the Green, Esher

Esher/Claygate pubs all seem to be pretty decent. This is no exception and has a great location to go with it. Beer is rather standard with the usual suspects, Youngs, Fullers LP etc. but well kept. Very handy for Sandown Park so obviously very busy on racedays.

20 Oct 2010 12:18

The Raynes Park Tavern, Raynes Park

They've done a refit! And a huge well done it is too because they seemed to have read my previous review! New upholstery, new tables and new paintwork. Tried it on opening day and despite the usual teething troubles with the (new) tills everything still seemed reassuringly familiar to the old place with the characters still frequenting.

20 Oct 2010 11:56

Casa, Epsom

Slug and Lettuces are never really the sort of pub that I frequent but as it goes this doesn't do too bad a job of things. Yes interior is a little clinical but food is decent and they've started selling a decent Japanese lager of which I can't remember the name...ahem!

20 Oct 2010 11:49

The Wheatsheaf Hotel, New Milton

Couldn't agree more with the previous comment after my visits last week. Yes, drinks are a little on the steep side but do have a couple of decent ales, the food is very good value (check out the 16oz steak at less than a tenner) and they have live music on Friday nights. It's also one of hose rare pubs these days that has a good mix of clientele. Overall - very good.

20 Oct 2010 11:40

The North Star, Hook

First visits in some time to here and it's not bad. Again beer is nothing special mostly from major breweries such as Youngs, Adnams, GK etc though not suprising as it is part of the Ember Inns chain. Wonder what Mr Owens thinks of that! However the Adnams I did have was in good form and though I haven't had food here, my parents have and say it's pretty good value, something that Ember Inns does try to do.

16 Sep 2010 12:58

The Shy Horse, Chessington

It's a very pleasant location especially the garden at the back, a country style pub in Gtr London (just). Beer is nothing hugely out of the oridinary but at least it does change every so often, the most exotic I've seen being Caledonians brews, Deuchars and Schiellian. It can vary from being deadly quiet to utterly deafening, though hardly suprising as Chessington World of Adventures and the M25 are just down the road. Thankfully they are far enough away without being heard.

16 Sep 2010 12:50

The Gerrard Arms, Colyton

Can many of the pubs that are in East Devon/West Dorset please give some of their expertise and wiseness to pubs in Surrey/SW London. Another great little pub in a lovely little town (yes Colyton is a town) with very friendly locals and staff and an excellent selection of Devonian ales, smartly decorated with Horse Racing pictures, old town photos and flowers, though nothing in relation to a certain England/Liverpool midfielder!

Will try to get back when in the area next week - it is on the tramway from Seaton.

16 Sep 2010 12:19

The Feathers, Budleigh Salterton

Good pub with a very decent selection of beers on tap, which is something I don't get to see in my home area very much. BvB Branoc was in top form on my last visit. Locals and staff very friendly, shame about the utterly miserable weather stayed a bit longer!

16 Sep 2010 12:12

The Nags Head, Lyme Regis

Ha Ha Albert, I did the walk from the Cobb last week and I must be completely out of condition. Unlike the beer which was again fantastic. I had the Otter Sark Lark and another beer which I can't remember the name of (ahem!) which was about 5% abv. I'm back in the area next week and can't wait to see what they have next.

For those who want to avoid the climb bus 31 stops virtually outside.

16 Sep 2010 12:03

The Carpenters Arms, Windsor

Its amazing that a pub that is within crawling distance of Windsor Castle can be unpretentious and with prices which don't match the tourist trap. Step forward the Carpenters and the usual excellent fare that a Nicholson pub so often produces, though admittedly I did at one point think that I was in a pub in the West End because of these facts. Nevertheless the staff were very friendly, food looked good and beer selection excellent. Oh, another thing that does make it a tad close to a West End pub - the route to the toilets - it's downstairs, and it's steep!

Very good all round though and will return.

10 Aug 2010 23:04

The Royal Oak, Windsor

Handily placed for W&ER station and my first port of call when visiting. A fair pub with admittedly a smashing patio and good looking food. A tad touristy though but 'spose given where it is...

10 Aug 2010 22:58

The Barley Mow, Epsom

Having visited a couple of times since my last visit I can give a rating. It's a very solid 8. The beer quality is excellent, the garden superb and to top it all I went along to the Owls and Ales festival last month where the Ales (and the Owls) were well worth going for. Will pay further visits to this lovely pub in the future.

10 Aug 2010 22:27

The Rifleman Inn, Epsom

I did tolerate having the Chelsea memorabilia behind the bar!

All in all a no nonsence boozer which has 3 Tvs switched onto 3 different sports channels at the same time (what to watch first?) and beer at decent prices.

10 Aug 2010 22:21

The Woolpack, Banstead

I used to like this pub a few years ago when it was a different chain. I don't get up to Banstead all that often so called in when there last week. In fact I think the pub now is even better, with a decent selection of beers including guests, and decent food at reasonable prices. Seems to be popular with the old folk from the bowling club at lunchtimes but that actually helped the general atmosphere of the place. Given a tidy up aswell and the garden is quite a suntrap. Give this pub a try.

10 Aug 2010 22:15

The Albert Arms, Esher

Continue to do excellent beers from local brewers - Hogs Back, Pilgrim etc. - and have screens tuned to all sports with rugby being very popular along with golf, cricket, footie and unsuprisingly where it is Horse Racing.

15 Jul 2010 17:37

The Ram, Kingston Upon Thames

The "new" Ram has certainly been spruced up and given a fine makeover, with the main bar being bright, the little corridoor to the patio garden being cosy and the outside tidied up and more pleasant. A very decent range of beers from mainly the Westgate (GK) brewery and good looking food mean that this could be saviour from some of Kingston's other rubbish pubs.

15 Jul 2010 17:26

The Red Lion Hotel, Milford on Sea

Been meaning to try this pub in previous visits and finally got round to popping in. It gives the impression of being a little dark from the outside but inside it's definetely not and has a lovely garden at the back too.

Did a terrific pint of Itchen Valley's Green Jackets for a reasonable price considering it's 4.5% (I believe a %age of the sale goes towards a Help for Heroes campaign - well done!) and will try food when next down in the vicinity. Also do a cider on the pump too.

15 Jul 2010 17:12

Hatters Inn, Bognor Regis

It's your typical Weatherspoons and one of the old school ones too. That said it is a decent place with friendly staff and plenty of room for a drink. Tried the new ploughmans that 'spoons offer and for 4.75 it's certainly not bad. Decent choice of drinks too.

15 Jul 2010 17:03

The Barley Mow, Westminster

Good range of beers on tap but the place feels just a little "clincal". That said it was pretty handy for a pint and far enough away from Victoria Street to make the place untouristy.

25 Jun 2010 20:43

The Swan, Hammersmith

If you want away from a pint of Youngs or Fullers and don't want to go in a Wetherspoon, you could do far worse than here. It's typical Nicholson's with good beer, decent grub and a well presnted interior despite a horrendously steep hike up to the toilets. Well worth a try.

25 Jun 2010 20:17

The Old Pack Horse, Chiswick

Forgot to write a review when visiting here. I can tell you it was about a month or so ago because it rained - and I don't think we've had a drop since (I'm not complaining mind).

Two things noticed here. Quirky, which wasn't a bad thing and Welcoming, this despite being a corner pub on Chiswick High Road and the nearest pub to Chiswick Park station. Lots of atmosphere and the tellies on showing sport, good range of Fullers and Gales beers and a friendly barmaid.

The Quirky side was all the upcoming events and beers served being displayed on slates hung up by pegs on a clothes line above the bar, something which is unique as far as I can remember.

Recommended and will return.

25 Jun 2010 20:09

The Nags Head, Lyme Regis

Silver Street, like the rest of Lyme Regis, is only attempted by foot if you have a Mountaineering degree from the school of Chris Bonnington (OK it's not that steep but you get my drift). However after all the huffing and puffing to get to the pub I found a totally unspoilt gem of a pub that does a good range of ales which apparently change all the time including a house beer called Sark.

It is very well worth the 1 in 7 (or 14%) slog up from the town to this excellent alehouse. And the views from the garden are spectacular.

25 Jun 2010 19:43

The Crossways Inn, Churt

Yeah heard about this place, being a CAMRA member, and had always wanted to try it despite being on the opposite side to Surrey from where I live. I'm pretty glad that I did find it because the pub does very good selection of ales from far and wide and for Surrey it's none too expensive either. Beer festival I believe over the weekend of 9,10,11 July to which I may find myself at.

25 Jun 2010 19:37

The Feathers, St James's

Yep it's in my view another very decent Nicholsons pub in London...what would we do without them?

Beer good...Food good...Location good...

25 Jun 2010 19:20

The Surrey Yeoman, Dorking

OK with plenty of screens in the pub and good value food. Nothing special but certainly not bad either. Does have the GK listed theme ales on tap (Back of the Net when visted during the world cup).

25 Jun 2010 19:17

The Faraday, Epsom

OH NO! Despite a good load of visits with my custom I was not allowed to stay last time because I had tracksuit bottoms on despite being with the rest of my family. Despite being allowed in previously when wearing this attire the new faceless management are giving a zero tolerance to ANY sportswear (except Chelsea shirts OF COURSE!) being worn which would probably include those who used to pop in from the Gym over the road. My decent 7 rating of before has now gone down to 0 as any sort of this rubbish going on is worth it...and recent reports suggest that this has turned into a proper dive. Nowhere else in Epsom has this sort of nonsense going on, even the upmarket Youngs or Fullers pub, which are far more welcoming anyway.

25 Jun 2010 19:09

The Three Horseshoes, Burton Bradstock

As good as ever when on Holiday last week. The sort of pub you wish was down the end of your road. Pam and the staff are wonderful and the new patio garden is excellent. Locals very friendly and welcoming too.

25 Jun 2010 19:01

The New Vic, Weymouth

Food supposed to be good too? You bet it is and very reasonably priced too.

Went in here again whilst on Holiday which is why I have updated my previous comment. Certainly will be back when next in Weymouth which will probably be soon.

25 Jun 2010 18:57

The Hare and Hounds, Sway

As good as ever when visited last week.

20 Apr 2010 18:37

The Green Man, Bank

OK rub-a-dub. Can't add any more than that!

20 Apr 2010 18:19

The Lord Nelson, Hythe

Pretty decent pub in the heart of Hythe. Did a good beer from the Gosport brewery when down there. With at least 3 different bars to the place there'll be one that would be to your suiting if the back bar is a bit noisy. Food very reasonably priced.

20 Apr 2010 18:12

The Glasshouse Stores, Piccadilly Circus

Bar Billiards in a Central London pub!!! Fantastic, but of course you can't get on the table - it's always well used.

Actually the rest of the pub doesn't shape too bad either. If the front is busy then try through the back where you can usually find a seat.

3 Apr 2010 09:20

Kings Head, Mayfair

Seek a Nicholson's pub in London and will seldom be disappointed. And that rings true for this fine pub, with a good choice of beers, good quality and value food and a real find in Mayfair.

3 Apr 2010 09:13

The Kings Arms, Dorking

Finding a decent pub in Surrey that is none too expensive and with good unpretencious food is like trying to locate the whereabouts of Shergar! And a number of Dorking pubs tend to be a disappointment. However this bucks the trend. It has Sheps beers on offer with at least one guest and a decent choice of simple food at excellent (low) prices. Give that and quite friendly too and a good place to go after the washout that was Good Friday. Unbelievably handy too for the bus stop as it's right outside, as long as you require the 465. Top stuff!

3 Apr 2010 09:03

The Star Tavern, Belgravia

Only popped in for 1 but will be going back again when in the area. The Chiswick was in top form, fairly reasonably priced, and the pub itself is lovely. Probably even more so in the spring/summer when the hanging baskets are in full bloom. When we get something that resembles summer that is...

19 Mar 2010 11:03

The Priory Arms, Stockwell

Good range of different beers on sale here, many of which you wouldn't find in too many outlets around. The pub is much smaller than I thought but inside has been nicely laid out and bright too giving the place an airy feel. There was a good atmosphere to the pub as well.

7 Mar 2010 18:59

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

Beer range in here going from strength to strength. Had a terrific pint of Thwaites Nutty Black on my last visit plus a fine pint of St Austell Tribute.

3 Mar 2010 17:17

The George, Great Portland Street

Not bad at all and this is a GK pub that has more than IPA and Abbot on pumps. A handy establishment this as it is open from 11 on Saturdays unlike many in the area and of course some that don't open at all. Good menu (which hasn't seemed to have changed in about 3 years but probably because it's popular) is reasonably priced for this area.

14 Feb 2010 13:26

Hole In The Wall, Brixham

I completely forgot about writing a review about this pub after being on holiday back last June.

The outside of the pub is pokey but step inside and you find beer haven! Never heard of Bays beers (hardly suprising since I live near Kingston upon Thames) but judging by the couple of pints I had they are terrific, add to which they cost only 2 each. Needless to say you dont get that in Kingston very much.

Will defo be back next time in the vicinity, which hopefully will be soon, as I love Brixham.

2 Feb 2010 21:08

Duke Of Wellington, Belgravia

Came here after visting the fine Fox and Hounds just down the road and was impressed by my first visit. It has the same qualities as the F&H being unpretentious and the Master Brew was on top form. Sky sports on the telly too.

2 Feb 2010 20:34

The Fox and Hounds, Belgravia

Long live pubs like these! Small, tucked away and without a bit of pretention plus an excellent pint of Youngs to be had. My first visit in a couple of years was on Saturday and it hasn't changed a bit. Well done all.

2 Feb 2010 20:31

Bar Malden, New Malden

Actually does a fair range of beers. It's dangerously close to being a Wetherspoons at a higher price though given all the posters around the place but will give another go when around the area.

27 Jan 2010 19:41

The Spring Tavern, Ewell

Being a chain pub it does have rather a clinical feel to the place. However the beer I had was a guest and very reasonably priced and was in decent nick. Certainly not bad but slightly bland in character given the location.

27 Jan 2010 19:36

The Famous Green Man, Ewell

A pub that is nothing out of the ordinary with fairly standard beers on tap. Does have a fairly nice restaraunt area though and a "sports" area for darts and telly.

27 Jan 2010 19:31

The Black Lion, Surbiton

Better than the Victoria as it is quieter and more characterful. A very decent pub overall.

27 Jan 2010 19:26

The Gazebo, Kingston Upon Thames

My local Sam Smiths pub isn't the best in the chain but it does the job for having a cheap beer when in Kingston. It's hardly the typical SS interior either, making the place a little functional rather than characterful but does have a pool table. Good views from the towpath and the balcony.

27 Jan 2010 19:16

Bishop Out Of Residence, Kingston Upon Thames

Good if unspectacular pub on the riverfront. Beer is pretty good and the view is even better. Best not to come here for a quiet drink on a Summer Sunday though as its rammed!

27 Jan 2010 19:10

The Spread Eagle, Croydon

Not been here for a couple of years now but used to use this quite regularly when I worked in Croydon. Shame to hear that it has got expensive but then that's Fullers for you (Wells & Youngs, Green King etc you are not excused from this statement either). However I would probably still use this when in Croydon as it is the best pub in the town centre, especially if it does London Porter still, unless there is a little gem that I haven't found yet. Good for rugby and footy too.

27 Jan 2010 18:37

The Willoughby Arms, Kingston Upon Thames

Ok pub which is very community focussed and has as much football memrobilia as Wembley Stadium. Does some decent beers and had a winter warmer which I can't remember the name of (ahem!) which was in great nick. Wadworth 6X was pretty good too.

Do have occassional beer festivals, as can be seen by some empty barrels in the garden, and it is best to get the K5 or 371 bus from Kingston as it is a VERY long way from the town.

25 Jan 2010 18:38

The Angel in the Fields, Bond Street

Not the best Sams in Marylebone but it is up against some stiff opposition (Dover Castle, Duke of York). Otherwise an OK pub which doesn't ever seem to get busy.

25 Jan 2010 18:11

The Kings Tun, Kingston Upon Thames

This pub has about as much appeal as a picnic in the middle of Kingston's eternally snarled up one way system. Does decent beers but the people who go in there...I shaln't go on.

21 Jan 2010 18:34

The Druid's Head, Kingston Upon Thames

Interesting pub next to Kingston Market, probably the oldest boozer in the town. Decent beers from mainly mainstream brewers (GK range + Black Sheep plus occasional guests) which are well kept. Held a beer festival in the Autumn but not sure if they have any during other times of the year. Pub that despite being in 'buggy central' does not allow kids in which to many is a bonus.

21 Jan 2010 18:30

The Wych Elm, Kingston Upon Thames

I can endorse the most recent comments about this pub, it is definetely one of Kingstons best. Comfy lounge bar and good 'darts' bar with some of Fullers finest on tap, and a good atmosphere. One gripe though is that it is expensive even for Kingston though the beer is well kept by the long serving and genial landlord.

21 Jan 2010 18:23

Fitzroy Tavern, Fitzrovia

Well yet another Sam's pub I have found and another that seems to do the business. Fitzrovia is a surprisingly nice area that isn't overly busy and the same goes for this pub. Probably a rubbish place if you don't like Sams but if you do then pay a visit here, which is just round the corner from Goodge Street tube.

PS the pub was beautifully decorated at Christmas with an enormous blue lighted tree in the corner.

21 Jan 2010 18:07

The Albion, Hampton Court

Going from strength to strength as the last couple of times I went in it was pretty busy and had a great atmosphere. Oh and I got a pint of IPA and a Polar Beer and it cost me less than 3.80. Is this, apart from 'spoons, the cheapest pub in Surrey? Food very reasonable too.

5 Jan 2010 11:29

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

I still like this pub. The funny thing is though I prefered it when it wasn't a Nicholsons, though being this doesn't put me off in the slightest. It does have a fine range of beers on the pumps (10 when last in on Saturday) and has great character to it. I just prefered the "old" Falcon as the atmosphere was slightly better. Still not one to miss though.

5 Jan 2010 11:02

Williamson's Tavern, Mansion House

Good range of beers down one of Londons most haunted backwaters. The pub is said to be haunted too but it didn't seem to put the punters off.

5 Jan 2010 10:50

The Kings Arms, Epsom

Good beer...Good food...Great atmosphere. You don't get that in a lot of Surrey's pubs but you certainly do in this one. The recent refurb has been done well and I would imagine that the new garden will be popular in the summer, which with this freezing weather at the moment seems a long way away, but here's hoping.

5 Jan 2010 10:46

The New Prince, Surbiton

Best pub in Surbiton by quite some distance! It is a very homely place with good beers from Fullers/Gales range of which at least 3 are always on. If you've had enough of the crowds in the town centre pubs then get a 281 up the hill to here and you wont be disappointed.

10 Dec 2009 10:25

The Bree Louise, Euston

This is one of two pubs within staggering distance of Euston station that are very good with it's beer choice, the other being the Doric Arch. This one just about edges it though as it is far enough away from the station itself so doesn't get as crowded (though it is always well customed). 50p off ales for CAMRA members also helps!

10 Dec 2009 09:58

The Edward Rayne, Raynes Park

It's OK and would do the job for a pint of unusual real ale. However I still prefer the Raynes Park Tavern as it has atmosphere which ths lacks.

25 Nov 2009 18:23

The Half Moon, Putney

Yeah it's quite a well known music venue this and there are plenty of posters to back this up and a barmaid also was quite helpful in saying some of the music that had been played there recently. Oh it is also a pub and they do a pretty decent pint of Youngs. Not the best pub in Putney (that would be the Bricklayers, then) but you could do far, far worse.

25 Nov 2009 18:14

The Coronation Hall, Surbiton

Could be a decent pub if it weren't for some of the people who use this place. It also seems to be permanently busy even at 10.30am which means it can take an age to get a drink. Do yourself a favour and get the train to London for some decent pubs as Surbiton and Kingston are desperately lacking them.

25 Nov 2009 17:39

The Angel, Rotherhithe

Sorry it may seem i'm biased towards Sams pubs (which i'm not) but they do seem to have some of the most scenic and beautiful pubs within London. This is no exception being slap bang on the river (also on the opposite bank another Sams pub, the Captain Kidd) and is well enough away from the tourist hoardes for this not to be over busy. The new manager of the pub is friendly and the beers are well kept too. Watch out for those dividing doors in the front bar but the most scenic views are reserved for the back of the pub anyway.

25 Nov 2009 17:21

The Railway Hotel, Cheam

After visiting the excellent Prince of Wales I found this pub next to the railway station (funnily enough) and wasn't expecting this to be as good thanks to the high standard of the above. However that very swiftly changed as the ladies behind the bar are very friendly and they have a couple of guest beers on tap which were superb. The pub also has a lovely homely feel, as with the POW, and there are a couple screens showing sport. Again very reasonably priced and they do rolls aswell for a quick bite to eat. Great stuff!

15 Nov 2009 16:10

The Prince Of Wales, Cheam

Lovely pub which was an ideal refuge from a horribly wet autumn day. Fine beer included Pilgrim Progress which was also very reasonably priced. Also made to feel very welcome by pub staff and locals alike and they have Sky Sports which is usually switched on for Footie and Rugby which gets a good following.

15 Nov 2009 16:03

The Bishop's Finger, Barbican

Popped in a couple times just after lunchtimes and found this pub to be busy but without being heaving and possible to find a seat. The beers are pretty good too and there is outside seating. Bit of a nightmare to the toilets as it's like climbing Ben Nevis to get to them (and back)!

All in all a decent boozer though and will try the fine looking food next time.

13 Nov 2009 22:58

Pommelers Rest, Tower Bridge

Good Spoons which has a good mix of beers available especially when a beer festival is on. Doesn't seem to get as busy or noisy as some others in the chain. One of the better pubs within the companies portfolio and one that looks as though was one of their earliest but unlike some other early Spoons this one is very clean and tidy.

10 Nov 2009 19:38

The Anchor Tap, Tower Bridge

It's another 'unique' Sam Smiths pub full of character (and characters). Very unasuming especially for the area and there is a pool table and garden towards the back of the pub. Open the whole of the weekends too is a big bonus for this area.

10 Nov 2009 19:34

The Bridge House, Tower Bridge

Found this to be a very nice bar ( isn't really a pub) doing the full range of Adnams beers. Prices are slightly high but it is in tourist area and you can't get more touristy than Tower Bridge after all! Good music at a reasonable level played on the Stereo when in.

10 Nov 2009 19:30

The Three Greyhounds, Soho

Popped in quickly for a Hobgoblin which was in top nick. Despite the pub being crammed to the gunwales was served very quickly and was able to do some vertical drinking outside. Deservedly popular by my quick visit but will go at a quieter time next time.

4 Nov 2009 18:43

The Symonds Well, Epsom

Lively pub with good pint of Youngs to be had and reasonably priced too. Footie is shown regularly and pub is bigger than you think. There's also a table footie game aswell - one of Epsoms more decent pubs.

4 Nov 2009 18:34

The Chequers, Walton On The Hill

Cheers to elfhelp who assured me that the chalets are staff quarters. Will hope to be back very soon.

4 Nov 2009 18:27

The Maypole, Surbiton

Went back for the first time in a while last night. Still very busy but the beers were excellent which included Surrey Hills Shere Drop.

4 Nov 2009 18:24

The Yorkshire Grey, Fitzrovia

OK pub this in a nice little location near broadcasting house. Not my favourite Sams pub but it usually is dependable for drinks which are very keen priced as at all Sams boozers.

4 Nov 2009 18:19

The Swan Inn and Lodge, Claygate

I like the Bury St. Edmunds on the pumps at a reasonable for the area 3.00 a pint and the food remains top notch too. Well done everyone concerned.

4 Nov 2009 18:08

The Fire Station, Waterloo

Hmmm! Can't really make my mind up about this one. What you do have is some good beers and a top location in a fine venue. Unfortunately the beer is expensive even by London standards, the clientele in there can be VERY loud and can get very busy very easily. Slightly disappointed but is handy for the train and hope that the place can improve as it does have potential.

4 Nov 2009 18:04

The Manor, Old Malden

Actually found this not to be too bad when went in last week. I have heard plenty of bad reports about the pub and its punters and despite looking a little threatening from the outside it actually turns out to be quite OK inside. The downside though was the lack of beer when in which was only Courage (yuk in anywhere - it's a horrible beer) and was forced to drink John Smith's smooth which was none to bad and reasonably priced too. Put a couple more beers on pump and this may become a better pub. On bus routes K1, S3 and the station (Malden Manor) is right next door to the pub.

29 Oct 2009 18:48

The Bloomsbury Tavern, Bloomsbury

Good pub away from the hoardes of Seven Dials and other completely packed areas though this does also get busy from time to time, hardly surprising though given its (tiny) size. Good range of Sheps on the pumps but stuck to Kents Best on my last visit.

It curiously has a Nicholsons branding over one of the entrances though it is a Sheps pub through and through.

29 Oct 2009 18:29

The Blackfriar, Blackfriars

Nice little pub on a nightmare road junction but you hardly notice that when inside - the decor will astound you. Good selection of beers on tap, even by Nicholsons standards, and a generally nice atmosphere.

18 Oct 2009 23:10

The Maypole, Surbiton

Had some good times in here in the past and the refit of a couple of year ago has done the pub a treat, they now do food, and this has increased trade accordingly. Haven't used it for about 18 months though as I have been away but am now back and may well give it a go again soon.

18 Oct 2009 23:05

The Cap in Hand, Hook

Sadly I feel I can't use this pub any more as it seems to be a real rough house at all times of ther day. This is no indictment to the pub itself but it is a Wetherspoons and it's in an area which does attract some undesirables (I was intimidated once whilst playing a fruitie which I only put 2 in) and have heard that punch ups take place on a regular basis. A terrible shame as this has been GBG listed and undeniably they do sell a fine range of ales at a keen price. I prefer to pay more though in a more relaxing atmosphere and feel safe.

18 Oct 2009 23:00

The Angel, Roehampton

First things first - every time I have been in here I have found that there has been no intimidation whatsoever and the landlord is actually quite welcoming. Yes it's not in the worlds most sulubrious area and the locals language can sometimes be choice but there are no threatening looks or glares and I have only been in here half a dozen times so I'm not a local myself. Just to point out that in each of those times the beer was excellent and if you like sport on the box you wont be dissapointed. The recent refit has done the place a favour, especially in the lounge bar, and anywhere that stocks copies of London Drinker will always get a plus point in my point of view. Possibly wont be visiting when Chelsea are on Sky though!!!

18 Oct 2009 22:43

Penny Black, Leatherhead

Oh dear what is it with Leatherhead?

When this pub re-opened as a Youngs house it had a very promising start with good beer and food. Sadly like with the rest of Leatherheads pubs it seems to have gone into a dive (unusual for Youngs and wouldn't surprise me if they pull out soon) which seems to be more expensive than some of the breweries more upmarket rubadubs. A real shame but it does have potential to refind its glory days.

18 Oct 2009 22:32

The Rising Sun, Epsom

Pleasant enough pub in the back alleys of Epsom and surprised to see Tribute in stock. However I stuck to the Ordinary which was in good nick.

Downside is that so many people, despite being well hidden away, manage to find this place and can get quite busy and noisy at certain times. Out of these though it's relaxing enough.

18 Oct 2009 22:03

The Surrey Oaks, Newdigate

Possibly Surreys best pub. A huge range of beers available from mains to micros and ciders/perrys too drawn straight from the barrel. Don't miss the beer festivals here either (May/August bank hols) as they would shame any other pub that bwould lay claim to do the same.

There is only one slight downfall here and it's the reason why I can't get there more often. The transport, as with most areas of Surrey, is shocking despite a bus stop right outside! It only runs about two journeys a week. But if you can get here DO because you'll enjoy a great pub also with fine staff and locals.

18 Oct 2009 21:51

The Old Bank, Sutton

Anywhere that is Chelsea FC friendly loses marks in my view as they virtually take over any pub when their bores in blue are on the telly...Seriously though this isn't all that bad a pub and have been in here a few times to watch other teams games on the box. Did once see a Leyton Orient fan in here though! He must be brave and credit to the guy.

17 Oct 2009 10:05

The Lamb Tavern, Leadenhall Market

Great pub in fantastic surroundings of Leadenhall Market. The Youngs was even better. The pub is on a number of levels with a spiral staircase leading to the mezzanine. The pub is also just around the corner from Lloyds insurers.

Sausages and meat for the sandwiches and baps looked fantastic - though didn't try.

17 Oct 2009 09:33

The Duke of York, Marylebone

Pub which is within crawling distance of the Dover Castle. This is almost just as good with decent beer and staff, one particularly friendly barmaid who chatted to us for about an hour even though I had never met her before! Very cosy in Winter, cool and refreshing in the Summer there are times that I could stay here all day.

Very useful for Harley Street, Marylebone High Street and for spotting Lennox Lewis dining in his favourite restaurant down the road.

14 Oct 2009 12:17

The Plough, Bloomsbury

OK pub with TVs showing sport which is quite rare in this area. Not too much more to add.

The Museum Tavern over the road is better but, if this is busy, do try the Plough as it is good enough.

14 Oct 2009 12:10

The North Star, Hook

No rating, but used to go in here a few years ago fairly regularly and was a decent pub then.

Just posting a comment to say all the best to John (Mr. Owens) who worked at this pub for dozens of years and hope all is well in retirement.

As for the pub - may pop in soon to deliver my rating.

14 Oct 2009 11:55

The Barley Mow, Epsom

Not yet given this pub a rating as only popped in once and very quickly at that on Sunday. However the beer we had was good (Fullers Red Fox - seasonal ale for Autumn) and the barmaid described the taste to us which was thoughtful.

Will be returning though to give the full run down and it does undeniably have a good garden and the pub is in quite a nice part of town.

14 Oct 2009 11:43

The Princess of Wales, Charing Cross

Just upped my rating for this pub - the beer range in here was fantastic on Saturday including one from Neil Morrisseys brewery set up. Great guy behind the bar too!

14 Oct 2009 11:30

The Surbiton Flyer, Surbiton

Been in a couple of time recently to check things out. I have now upped my rating as this does seem to be on the upturn. Very friendly barmaid who asked me what the beer was like and had a couple of lovely pints of Gales HSB. Could be a possible return to my local?

Just to let you know, they are holding a "house warming" evening on Friday 16 October.

14 Oct 2009 11:15

The Old Ship, Richmond

I was always put off this pub as it is in a horrendously busy part of town and wasn't sure about the neon sign outside. Having just visited the brilliant Eel Pie in Twickenham I was ready for a bit of a dissapointment afterwards. However this didn't happen as this was a fine Youngs pub which served good beer at reasonable prices. Also check out the courtyard with TV when it's warm though this was showing Robert Mitchum film on Saturday! (Admittedly there was no footie or rugby on at the time). Will be back to try food next time.

14 Oct 2009 11:09

The Eel Pie, Twickenham

Not surprised about the previous reviews, this pub is a real gem. Haven't actually been to many of Twickers pubs but I don't think I need to worry about visiting any others. Beers on offer include at the moment a citrus tasting beer which is fantastic and if you're not too keen on Badger or Tanglefoot (or citrus beers) there is always Sussex bitter on tap along with many lagers and wines. Add to this and it's certainly NOT expensive and the staff very friendly. Enjoy.

14 Oct 2009 11:01

The Royal Oak, Bookham

Been in here a few times over the last year. This is a decent pub which has 2-3 ales on pump (at least) including when in on one occassion the full range of Caledonian beers ie Deuchars, 80/, etc. Well worth the detour from Leatherhead.

1 Oct 2009 18:04

The William Web Ellis, Twickenham

Gargh! I thought I went blind when I went in today. Bright sunshine outside - incredibly dark inside.

However I admit that this is spacious and quite comfortable for a Spoons and the beer was in pretty good nick. Brand new menus on the tables too and spotlessly clean.

Very, very handy if you want a 267 or 281 bus, the stop is right outside.

1 Oct 2009 17:11

The Raynes Park Tavern, Raynes Park

A plea:

Please do NOT turn this pub into a Gastro Fest, a poncey wine bar or a Wetherspoons (though this is hardly likely as there's one about 10 doors away). DO give it a spuce up, a clean, guest beers and keep the TVs and Dartboard for this could be a brilliant pub.

It's not too bad as it comes now actually.

29 Sep 2009 19:05

The Mulberry Bush, Lambeth

Good Youngs pub outside the ITV studios and close to the quaint Gabriells Wharf and OXO tower. Cool in the summer thanks to the patio doors, cosy in the winter the pub is a welcome retreat whatever the weather. Beers always kept very well.

29 Sep 2009 18:35

The Princess of Wales, Charing Cross

Very busy, small size and useful pub which is handy for Charing X station. All in all not a bad pub at all with usually 2-3 beers on. Staff very efficient even on a very busy day like it was on Saturday when I went in. There was a good atmosphere about the place.

29 Sep 2009 18:25

The Evening Star, Brighton

Best pub in Brighton. Come to think of it probably the best pub in Sussex. Its almost worth paying the train fare down from London and that only takes 45 minutes now if you get the East Croydon only. Top range of beers from Dark Star and when I had the baguettes in there they were huge.

Can't wait for my next visit!

25 Sep 2009 20:42

The Salisbury, Leicester Square

When this pub isn't heaving it is a fine place to have a beer. When it is heaving its sadly best to avoid. What you do have though is a beautifully presented pub and the staff are fine. Deuchars was in top nick last time out.

25 Sep 2009 20:19

The Amberwood Inn, Walkford

Sorry about my previous review which may have put people off from this fine establishment. The "Spider" was a toy on which I think was attached to a pulley connected to a door. But I still want to know what happened to it. They do still have Ring-the-Bull though.

25 Sep 2009 20:14

The Amberwood Inn, Walkford

A pub that meets all expectations. Beer is good, food lovely and atmosphere lively even when the over 85's club is in. Always visit when holidaying in this area.

Just one question - what ever happened to the Spider behind the bar?

25 Sep 2009 20:09

The Fox and Anchor, Smithfield

Only popped in for one as budget was a bit tight but a fine array of ales right along the bar and served in a glass jug. Barmaids are friendly and stock the London Drinker magazine.

Expensive - yes, but it is Central London and if in the area will return hopefully with a well stocked wallet as next time it probably wont be just the one.

25 Sep 2009 19:50

The Cittie of Yorke, Holborn

This is one of the few Sams pubs to do their full range on tap and pumps. Even better is the atmospheric bar at the back and the toastie fireplace along with the ambience.

One of the few pubs to be open on Saturdays in the area and worth the trip down from the equally fine Princess Louise.

25 Sep 2009 19:19

The Surbiton Flyer, Surbiton

Just to add to previous comment, i'll pop back in to see how things this space.

25 Sep 2009 19:05

The Surbiton Flyer, Surbiton

OK I was a little harsh in my previous review as it actually is not too bad a pub if you want a drink after catching a train. I was possibly getting misty eyed about when this was my every night local. It's just that recently that every time I attempt to go in its just so rammed and uncomfortable and this is no fault of anyones. Surbiton is just getting too overcrowded.

As said previously the music is well advertised and the pub is miles better than some of the towns other dives (Coronation Hall, Elm Tree etc.).

25 Sep 2009 19:03

The Knights Templar, Chancery Lane

Wow a spoons that seems to be clean, cared for and with a full selection of beers, some of which are from the back of beyond. Add all this to being open on Saturdays and this is right up there with being one of the best Wetherspoons not just in London but anywhere. I may just pop in tomorrow.

25 Sep 2009 18:47

The Captain Kidd, Wapping

Went in for one - ended up having 3. Fabulous location at Sams cheap prices watching boats fly up and down the river and a thunderstorm in the distance. There was a good atmosphere to the place and went back a week or so later (July). Will be returning soon.

Bus route 100 but please TFL, hurry up and finish the East London line as it would make getting to this pub so much easier.

24 Sep 2009 00:47

The Chessington Oak, Chessington

It's OK this pub. Not used it that often but it's a definite improvement on the old Blackamoors. Beers would hardly have CAMRA members racing to get in but they seemed to be all right and inexpensive for the area. Probably the best pub in Chessington, Hook or Tolworth.

Food none too bad either.

24 Sep 2009 00:25

Broadway Bar Cafe, Tolworth

Pah! It's hardly the Toby is it?

All rather too plain for me and have been put off going in whilst passing due to the chavs or braying fans of a certain west london premiership football club which make the place rather intimidating.

As it is the only pub in unlovely and unloved Tolworth I use this pub only in emergencies.

24 Sep 2009 00:12

The Freemasons Arms, Covent Garden

Good beer, fine food, Sky Sports and a lively atmosphere. All that and none too pricey either.

The pub however loses a mark in my estimation as recently it always seems shut for a bloody private function on a Saturday lunchtime. Small quibble though and I will return (probably on a weekday).

23 Sep 2009 23:49

The Goose, Holborn

Been in here on Holborn pub crawls on a numerous amount of occassions. This pub is a cracker with good interesting range of beers and decent food both served at Nicholsons "Fair Trade" prices ie. not too expensive. Very handy for transport links as it is virtually next to Chancery Lane tube.

The pub also more often than not is spotlessly clean and tidy and there is always a good atmosphere. Will be back soon.

23 Sep 2009 23:42

Ye Old Mitre, Holborn

Great atmospheric pub in a tiny alleyway though plenty enough people find it. The best pint of Deuchars ive ever had and I have tried the toasties and sausage sandwiches which are quite good value for the area. It's also none too expensive given its location.

Open Mon-Fri only but open during GBBF weekend in August.

23 Sep 2009 23:37

The Surbiton Flyer, Surbiton

Oh dear! I used to love this pub when I worked in London and was first (and last) port of call in the evening between 2001 & 2005 due to being slap bang outside the station. Fine beers and good staff and locals (inc. George Best and Bob Willis).

Sadly this pub has gone downhill recently on account of the pub being absolutely rammed at all times of every day and the beers are nowhere near as good as before.

Only one plus point now is the well advertised music evenings - if you can get in.

22 Sep 2009 18:51

Metropolitan Bar, Baker Street

My view of Wetherspoons these days is of an overcrowded pub with no seats to be found and the clientele to be rather rowdish. However this may only be in my area and this pub does buck that trend. OK never been in on a Friday or Saturday night but it does seem you can get a drink and a seat within a few minutes here. Another plus is the beers are interesting and among the cheapest in W1, apart from Sam Smiths pubs. All in all not at all a bad place for a couple of beers. And its right next to the tube.

22 Sep 2009 18:42

The Porterhouse, Covent Garden

I like this pub for the interior and like it even more when they show the sport on TV. However the best thing about this is the range of beer available. Last time I went in there I had 3 different beers and all were great including the TSB and the delish Oyster Stout. Word of warning - if you have too many the trip to the loos is more than interesting!

Will go back soon (like on a Saturday lunchtime for the footie) for a pint or 2 (or 3).

22 Sep 2009 18:34

The Toby Jug, Tolworth

Tragedy! I used this pub virtually every night when I worked in the tower and on many other occasions too like a last stop off point from a crawl in London as it was virtually next to the Station. It depresses me when I see the yellow hoardings around a hole in the ground where this pub used to be. How could such a well known venue be reduced to this?

Even worse is the bickering about what the site is going to be. Even more worse is the totally chavvy Broadway Bar that is this pubs "replacement". I had some great evenings at the jug and sadly even some of the people I knew in there are no longer with us.

In short Toby Jug...RIP...thanks to a load of tossers who haven't got a clue with what to do with the site.

PS - Oh the Red Lion down Ewell Road is shut too and the Royal Oak is likely to go that way too - this though are hardly a tragedy.

21 Sep 2009 18:13

The Hole In The Wall, Waterloo

Very useful pub to start a crawl.

Beers are mainly standard fare (Youngs, Fullers, GK, Marstons etc) but they do more often than not have a guest though it's a shame they don't seem to have Twickenham or Battersea bitters now. Still a small quibble and any beer here is well kept.

Hardly the quietest pub around being slap bang outside Waterloo station and the constant rumble of trains overhead to Charing X but it's rare not to get a seat in here. Add Sky Sports on the telly and we have a winning combination of all things considered.

21 Sep 2009 17:52

The Hare and Hounds, Sway

Always start off a holiday in the New Forest by having a beer and lunch in here. The ploughmans are enormous and the beers are beautifully kept and promptly served. Lovely location too. Back soon.

21 Sep 2009 17:36

The White Horse, Milford on Sea

Good honest pub with decent food and beer. No more to add really.

21 Sep 2009 17:34

The Harbour Inn, Lyme Regis

OK OK so I went in on a hot September(!) day whilst on holiday and saw this pub on the beach. But for me it does really live up to expectations and set in the gorgeous Cobb area of the town. Actually been here on couple of occassions over the years whilst on Holiday but my last visit was my best sitting on the beach patio with some fine localish beers on tap (no Palmers funnily enough) and food looks superb tho didn't try it.

21 Sep 2009 17:29

The New Vic, Weymouth

Not the sort of pub I frequent usually but was in need of something cold on a warm day. Found this to be a pleasant surprise and drinks at decent prices - especially given the location right on Weymouth Esplanade. Food is supposed to be good too.

21 Sep 2009 17:09

The Three Horseshoes, Burton Bradstock

On holiday last week and used this pub virtually every day. Drinks are great, food is terrific and the staff are very friendly and efficient, this despite the pub being rammed more often than not! Given all this plus a lovely setting. Hope to be back very soon.

21 Sep 2009 16:51

The Spread Eagle, Wandsworth

The fact that the brewery no longer operates and Youngs now comes from BEDFORD(?) the beer in here is rather good as experienced on Saturday. A super pub with almost as much glass as the Princess Louise in Holborn and it looked as though it had just had a power clean.

I also totally agree with YeastManCarruthers...that happens every time I go there. Cheers

9 Sep 2009 10:57

The Victoria, Surbiton

As my previous reviews have stated I don't like Surbiton. It is a totally overcrowded 1 street town full of either poshos or chavs and nobody in between the two. However the Vic is still a reliable place to drink and service is excellent. Went on a Saturday evening few weeks ago and despite the place being rammed I got served very promptly with a fine pint of Ordinary.

Not a pub for a quiet drink especially on Fri and Sat nights but more than OK for the area.

9 Sep 2009 10:42

The Edmund Tylney, Leatherhead

Used to be a good pub a few years ago. Sadly seems to have gone downhill a bit recently. Does still have some good beers on pumps but it just seems to be so tired now as with a number of Spoons. Perhaps a refurb (don't go poncey tho) and a clean may help.

Still may pop in if in the area as other pubs in Leatherhead are hardly going out of your way for.

9 Sep 2009 10:30

The Albert Arms, Esher

Ouch! Prices in here are very much Esher at 3.25 a pint for real ale.

That said it does have at least 5 on the pumps which are interesting for Surrey and was served by a very pleasant Czech lady. There are also some unusual lagers on tap and bottled too (Czech possibly?).

May return in the furture...will just need to sort out a loan tho lol.

9 Sep 2009 10:21

The Chequers, Walton On The Hill

A fine pub atop of the North Downs. Always comfortable in here and the Youngs is superb if a trifle pricey. Staff always very good and friendly. Never had the food here though it looks good. Will try one day. A pub for all seasons as I have liked coming here in the height of Summer and in the middle of December.

PS: Are the chalets out the back anything to do with the pub?

9 Sep 2009 10:05

The Dover Castle, Marylebone

Why can't they transport this pub to Surbtion? Then it would be my local for absolute sure. This is a magnificent pub tucked down a lovely mews and well away from the hurly burly of Oxford Street. Even better in Winter as this is a very cosy pub with a wood pannelled interior and good seating. Still great in the summer tho.

I like the Cittie of York and the Princess Louise but this is my favourite Sams pub of all.

5 Sep 2009 09:43

The Princess Louise, Holborn

Beautiful pub which never dissapoints. Been coming here frequently since the refurb and the mirrors and tiling are still sparkling. Sams beers are good in here with me possibly swaying to either Taddy lager or the Stout.

Never seemingly rammed packed but always enough punters to make the atmosphere lively.

Campbell is a top bloke too!

5 Sep 2009 09:33

The Pakenham Arms, Clerkenwell

Brilliant pub which I stumbled across by accident whilst walking down Grays Inn Road. Wish more 'accidents' were like that! Always have 1 or 2 Sharps beers on offer or failing that St Austell is sometimes on.

Good pub for a Saturday lunchtime Sports viewing though it does get absolutely rammed if the Gooners are on the Telly. Great pavement seating though if this is the case.

5 Sep 2009 09:18

The Whistle and Flute, Putney

I've always had a little soft spot for this pub, used to be my favourite in Putney until I discovered the Bricklayers! Still a decent pub though with a good pint of Chiswick to be had and the Cricket on the TVs.

Even better is the front opening windows which is a real bonus on a hot day tho might not be for those who don't like the noise and fumes from countless cars and 14, 74, 85 and 93 buses passing every 2 seconds!

5 Sep 2009 09:11

The Assembly Rooms, Epsom

I'm not a fan of 'Spoons' pubs but this one at least does try. It's not the best pub in Epsom but you could do worse than this one.

Some good guest ales last time I was in and wasn't overcrowded given that it was 12.30 on a Sunday lunchtime. Tad different on racedays and Fri/Sat evenings tho.

5 Sep 2009 09:01

The Faraday, Epsom

This pub is good. It certainly seems to be a whole lot better than when the earlier comments were posted!

Decent grub, OK beer and none too expensive with it. Went a couple of weeks ago on a foul evening and this pub provided a fine retreat from the monsoons outside. Sport shown on TVs.

5 Sep 2009 08:47

The Swan Inn and Lodge, Claygate

This is a great pub which I first visited last Friday.

The beer festival was on and had an excellent range of beers including the very rare GK XX Mild which was georgeous. All other beers tried were in fine fettle too. Food was excellent including hog roast and they look as though they have some interesting beers on the pumps in the bar too. Will definetely be back - indeed Dad went back today and said it was great. Cheers. (8/10)

3 Sep 2009 18:46

The Royal Oak, Tolworth

Not the pub of old by any stretch.

This could be a fine pub and was when I first started boozing in the early nineties with good beer, good punters and the then lesser spotted SKY Sports! It went into a bit of a dive for a while but picked up well again when Ray, Wendi and Shaun were there. Sadly went in recently and it has gone back into a depressing dive from which it may never recover. Wont be back until (if) changes.

3 Sep 2009 18:39

The Bear, Oxshott

Lovely pub which I used to use on very regular occasions. The interior is nice with a good fire in the winter and outside is lovely with decking and heaters in the canopies if it gets chilly. Staff always friendly.

Yes it is quite expensive but the beer is top notch Youngs and certainly better than any of the pubs in Leatherhead. Will try to get back soon.

3 Sep 2009 18:27

The Old Cage, Lingfield

Good pub with fair range of (reasonably priced) ales when last in. This was a race day but despite being quite busy was served quickly. Have always used this pub when going racing.

Only one slight problem about the's a long walk from the station and the racecourse!

3 Sep 2009 18:17

The Old Ship, Tatsfield

Wasn't originally going to use the pub whilst on a walk around Tatsfield (beautiful area served by London Bus 464 from New Addington - 30 min freq.). Found this to be a lively and decent place with good GK IPA and nice sandwiches. Will go back if in the area, which is likely.

3 Sep 2009 18:06

The Albion, Hampton Court

Not bad pub and surely one of the cheapest in Surrey let alone Hampton Court. Been in a few times recently and the beer has been OK and staff are fine. Sometimes have a guest on for special occasions?

3 Sep 2009 17:50

The Bricklayers Arms, Putney

Top pub, best in Putney as far as I'm concerned. Fantastic range of all Tim Taylor beers plus 5 more pumps selling micro beers from locally and Sussex/Hampshire areas when last in including Sambrooks Wandle. Will be back very soon.

3 Sep 2009 17:35

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