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Comments by NottsHammer

The Pilgrim Oak, Hucknall

Very dark spoons with the same clientele propping up the bar from when it opens to when it closes. Large selection of ales and cheap prices (as most spoons are) It gets busy on a Friday and Saturday night but then when it does the service seems to suffer even more than usual with tables left untidied, but at least if you fancy a chip with your pint there are plenty about.

5 Aug 2014 15:55

The Half Moon, Hucknall

Re-opened after closing in June, new owners have put a lot of effort into sprucing the place up and trying to get rid of its old image. At the end of the day its still the moon. Couple of Greene King ales on but mainly lager, food at decent prices but there is cheaper in Hucknall. DJ on Friday and Saturday nights too. Its good to see it open again imo.

2 Aug 2014 20:22

The Black Bull, Blidworth

Lots of ale in this one and beers from around the world. Looks a bit posh for my liking as the food was bought out to another table on what looked like a bread board?!? The staff were friendly, the beer was decent if a bit steep but maybe this is par for the course for Blidworth?

2 Aug 2014 20:18

The Bird in Hand, Blidworth

Went in today for a quick pint as I was waiting for the bus. Friendly barmaid served me a drink and I asked where the loo was so she gave directions and said that she would top my Carling up whilst I was gone. Quite a few ales on but they are not really my bag so cant comment but the view from the beer garden looked decent (shame it was raining) and they did food with offers on a daily basis but I didn't see many people eating so again, I cant comment. Nice pub, nice staff but only minus is Carling was a bit steep.

2 Aug 2014 20:12

The Blessington Carriage, Derby

Hey! Soco1982! There was a dink in the carpet that caused the unfortunate stumble. Maybe that bit of carpet had caused some other souls to fall a*se over t*t. Nothing to do with beer clearly.........

11 Jul 2014 11:28

Market Hotel, Heanor

Cheap enough pint of Carling but what's with the jukebox just having 1960's music on it?

11 Jul 2014 11:24

The Albion Inn, Chester

This pub used to be decent but the fact they frown upon groups coming in makes me give it a low score. It feels like your in a classroom and not in a pub that has a wealth of history and heritage.

4 Apr 2014 20:03

The Fest - Octoberfest Pub, Fulham

Called in here as part of a three day pub crawl, it was a Thursday afternoon and was quiet apart from one couple in. The barman was friendly and let us try what beer we wanted in our stein before we made a decision. It's a unique place as I know no other in London at all. The steins were nice but have to admit that my hangover from the previous night would not let me finish it. Thought I would have to commnt as an alternative review for a daytime/lunch venue rather than just the evening.

3 Sep 2010 20:24

The Wellington, Strand

Called in on a pub crawl and was surprised to be paying nearly 12 for three bottles of Sol. How is that justified wether its near the theatre or not. We had been around Temple, Covent Garden, St Pauls, Mansion House and nowhere came to that obscene price.

3 Sep 2010 18:47

The Dickens Inn, Tower Hill

Was in here during a three day pub crawl of London on two occasions. Will echo the fact that the drinks are expensive but its in a great location and would recommend the homemade pizza's up on the second floor. Sit out on the veranda and wonder how many millions of pounds are floating in St Katherines dock.

3 Sep 2010 17:25

The Navigation Inn, Nottingham

Nice enough pub but the toliets are stinking! Would rather use a bush down the towpath

27 Jul 2010 10:28

The Abbey, Derby

Went in here for Mothers Day just for a pint and ended up staying for lunch. Cheap prices as a round of drinks, two pints, rum and coke, lemonade and coke came to 7.60 which was a bargain. Food was nice also. Child friendly and a very interesting building to boot.

14 Mar 2010 17:17

The Malt Shovel, Hucknall

Went to the maltshovel with the kids after trying another pub which was too busy. The kids were given a picture to colour and was entered into a competition to win a free kids meal. The meal that we had was lovely and the service was very friendly. I would highly recommend!

12 Dec 2009 09:59

Red Lion, Birchover

Fine pub, very accommadating to our party of six lads on the beer from the local camping site. Even though they were probally glad to see the back of us! Did food here which looked decent and had a dart board which was a bonus too.

23 Sep 2008 18:43

The Portland Arms, Hucknall

This pub is now closed, used to remind me of the pub from shameless.

24 Jun 2008 09:04

The Chequers, Hucknall

Love the way the windows nearly shake out of their panes on a Friday and Saturday night, pints glasses usually smell too. Not the best in Hucknall.

24 Jun 2008 09:02

The Flying Bedstead, Hucknall

Seems to be an extension of the dole office as the people you would see there are pissing their cash up the wall of the Bedstead

30 May 2007 21:08

The Broomhill, Hucknall

The food is a bit hit and miss but on the last couple of times Mrs Nottshammer and myself have visited the Broomhill its been ok. The family room has no atmosphere and tables seem to be left uncleared in there. Stella has gone too which is a pain in the arse.

30 May 2007 21:06

The Salutation Inn, Nottingham

Love this pub! Especially being able to go down into the caves. Old Rosie cider nice but makes the roof of your mouth numb!!

30 May 2007 21:03

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

The beer garden at this place is huge! Drinks are a bit steep though!

29 May 2007 01:07

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