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The Hurlingham, Fulham

The Hurlingham. Sounds a bit toffee, in reality 'is' a bit toffee but it's good, really it's alright. Look, this area has sloanes in it and to an extent this pub has to cater for those guests but it hasn't made the same mistakes alot of pubs in this area have made. Namely massively high costs, dodgy drinks and pretentious staff. The bar staff are friendly (but on my visit clearly confused by the TV), the drinks are great (ale on draft and bottled), the food is good and the interior is smart. Nice place to take the missus, or have a swift one with a mate. I'm giving it a 7 and will be back.

Thumbs Up, London Calling.

11 Feb 2009 17:42

The Ship Inn, Wandsworth

Yeah I love it but it's losing points for all the annoying toffs that descend on this place on a sunday. I tell you it's mini's and 4x4's parked all the way up Jews Row. The shaggy haired crowd aside this is a nice place, with friendly bar staff and a good drop of Young's. Food is top notch too and in the summer it's BBQ's on the terrace. All good.

Thumbs Up, London Calling.

11 Feb 2009 17:37

The Royal Standard, Wandsworth

I like it, I like it alot. Decent boozer. Nice chat with the barman, decent pint, good atmosphere. Sport on the box when it's on, sport in the corner (Darts) when it's not too busy. Landlord on tap (delicious), and a good selection of nuts and crisps. One comment - sort out the baleric beats I sometimes hear in this place (normally early doors). Not needed.

Giving it an 8/10.

Thumbs Up, London Calling.

11 Feb 2009 17:33

The Spread Eagle, Wandsworth

Wow - not good. Seriously this is rough house. As rough as wiping your bottom with sandpaper.

Let me break it down for you. It was probably once a beautiful place, with period features, large bar area, public & private bar - just great.

Now...well it hasn't had so much as 50p spent on it since 1961. It is decaying and dying, just like the few occupants that remain to drink here. Got to love the landlord/lady as it probably breaks their heart everyday going to work in a pub like this. Knowing the beauty of it's previous years compared to the state it's in now. I take my hat off to them I really do.

Bottom line - leave it alone. Let it die in peace.

Thumbs Up, London Calling.

11 Feb 2009 17:29

The Royal Oak, Wandsworth

What an odd place. Looks alright on the outside, pretty swish but get inside and it's drab city. Clearly bored barmaid poring tired old lager into a stained glass. Yeah not entirely thrilling I can tell you.

Food wasn't on, ale wasn't on, bogs were advertising some film from Jan '08 and it was filled with Arsenal fans watching a bore draw against Spurs. **Wow that's probably the most boring sentance anyone has written in the history of humanity**

I don't say this often but this place is a dog. Not in the same way as the Spreadeagle down the road but in a tired, last legs, can't be arsed way.

Leave it guys, leave it.

Thumbs Up, London Calling.

11 Feb 2009 17:22

The Grapes, Wandsworth

What can I say? It's a decent boozer, nice drop of Youngs but a little bit tatty if you know what I mean. Needs a little spruce, a little bit of money spent on the interior and it'll be right up there.

Bar staff and manager were great, real personalities and just what we need in this age of the mindless, thumb in the pint Australian barman.

I'm giving it a good mark and i'm not even going to knock any points off for a dog trying to bite me outside.

Thumbs Up, London Calling.

11 Feb 2009 17:17

The Roundhouse, Battersea

This pub has been taken over and is now known as the 'Roundhouse'.

It's really not a bad little place. The staff are friendly and keen to chat, they serve locally brewed real ale (Sam Brooks) and the food is great (although perhaps slightly expensive).

It's a bit tucked away but worth seeking out, particularly for the quiz which is a great laugh. Oh, and you can reserve a table too if you're heading down for a session.

Well done Roundhouse, a smooth transition - now keep it up!!

Thumbs Up, London Calling.

11 Feb 2009 17:13

The Southern Cross, Fulham


14 Jan 2009 15:56

Cuban Bar, Battersea

It's no longer called the cuban, it's called Artesan & Vine.

12 Jan 2009 13:15

The Alma Tavern, Wandsworth Town

I recently visited the Alma on a Saturday evening and found it an enjoyable experience. The pub was busy but there were several tables available around the large central bar. Beers available were Youngs, Y.Special and winter warmer. Also Bombardier on tap.

Good atmos, friendly bar staff and a draft beer takeaway service which frankly rocks and is perfect for post-pub, match of the day drinking back at home.

Thumbs up.

12 Jan 2009 13:12

The Beehive, Wandsworth

Located a ten minute walk from Clapham Junction, The Beehive on St Johns Hill is a great little pub. Its a Fullers pub with ESB and London Pride on tap as well as a couple of other mainsteam lagers for any passing plebs.

Staff & locals are friendly and although there is a jukebox this is more your classic local boozer for an afternoon pint than a saturday night party venue.


10 Jan 2009 16:50

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