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Comments by Lady_Y

The Spread Eagle Inn, Hereford

Good outdoor space to the rear and covered smokers area too. Seems to be having more and more live music events and the odd open mic night. Like the food especially the sausage and mash.

There appears to be no order as to who gets served I have on occasions been overlooked to the extent I've had to call over a staff member.

The only thing that lets the place down is the irregular opening hours on Fri/Sat night. It seems the bouncers are the ones calling the shots.

On one night it�s been dead but they've stayed open to 12.30am, but when it�s heaving another week they turf everyone out at 10.30pm. It's stupid, you could have only just been served a pint and as they've called last orders and the bouncers there asking you to leave.

17 Jan 2009 19:07

T. J's Bar, Hereford

Ladies toilets stink of fish and air freshner with the sink hanging off the wall- nice.

17 Jan 2009 18:55

O'Neills, Hereford

Has been tarted up, the pool tables that were there Christmas 2007 (the last time I saw the one Hop Pole) are gone and has been replaced with extra seating. Frequently eat lunch with work colleagues. Food is very good.

There also individual booths to the front of the pub with private fridges that can be rented when footy's on. Not tried it out, but suppose you then only need to leave the TV to use the loo. Appears very busy on Fri/Sat night, sometimes difficult to get a seat.

17 Jan 2009 18:51

The Lichfield Vaults, Hereford

Is under new ownership now and I am told the TVs and settees have been removed and stripped back to a basic proper pub. Have yet to visit. My friend says is now owned by a Greek gent and apparantly knows how to look after ale. I think he said they had Theakstons on tap. Got to be an improvement on what it was before.

17 Jan 2009 18:46

The Imperial, Hereford

Would say food is on a par with Wetherspoons, reasonably priced pub grub- nothing earth shattering. Whenever I've eaten there for lunch I don't feel like I've been kept waiting too long.

Outside decked area is wicked in the summer.

I remember when it first opened after the refit in 03/04- unfortunately since then there are some signs of wear and tear and the ladies toilet doors look a bit trashed from the replacement bolts. A bloke must have designed those toilets because you can hardly move in the cubicles because they left no room for the Sani bins, is ridiculous god help you if you�ve got mobility problems.

Is busy in the evening, is used as a watering hole before clubbers disappear off elsewhere. Agree with previous posters about the staff needing to change their attitude. It seems they prefer to serve the customers the like the look of over the poor soles who've been stood there for ages.

17 Jan 2009 18:40

J.D's, Hereford

Good to see JDs doing it's bit for keeping under age drinkers off the street.

17 Jan 2009 18:27

Karlo's, Hereford

Has a large number of pool tables and cues for hire. Number of tellys showing music channels or some sport related channel. Can get busy before matches as Hereford United's ground is around the corner. There's also a telly in the window so those outside smoking won't miss anything which is thoughtful.

When Euro/World Cup is on the mobile trailers come out into the front car park to cope with the increased beer demand. The place is heaving. Usually extra portable tellys are put out too.

Any other time, nothing particularly special. Mainly serves the locals and seems to be empty bar those who on the pool team or when the function room upstairs is in use. Loads of under age kids on the bikes always seem to be hanging around on the pavement at night chatting to younger customers drinking outside (who are of a legal drinking age). Can be quite intimidating.

Is worth noting there is no security staff at this pub so when its open late like the clubs in town, you'll have to look after yourself should the need arise.

17 Jan 2009 18:24

The Booth Hall, Hereford

Full of teenyboppers looking for a fight in the evening. Don't appreciate being insulted by someone when they're the one so wasted they can't stand up and spilt their drink.

However great, cheap food during the day, always busy- love the chicken curry. Servers must be fit having to run up and down the stairs to and from the kitchen. Orders always arrive quickly which is perfect when I only have a short lunch break at work. Rating is based on the restaurant, I'd stay away at night.

17 Jan 2009 18:06

The Barrels, Hereford

Yes definitely best pub in Hereford. Great ales, cider and jukebox which is always loaded with the latest tunes and plenty of classics too. They still play New York New York at kicking out time.

Just watch out for the landlord if he's had a few, he's skipped over �2 worth of my jukebox songs in one go because he didn�t like them! He gave me my money back when I asked him.

They let you eat your takeaway from elsewhere provided you sit outside and tidy up after yourself.

Has also done a lot of work decking out the back, and has a covered smoking area with heaters, lots of tables and two tabletop footy games.

17 Jan 2009 18:00

Watercress Harry's, Hereford

Now called 'Zombies' and has new owners. Decor is new with a comfy lounge upstairs and dance floor and more seating downstairs. Whole place littered with horror movie posters and cheap looking Halloween/horror paraphernalia, which is just bizarre!

I found the lighting in the upper lounge way too harsh from all the spotlights. It would have been nice to have dimmed lights for a more intimate environment.

Pub seems to have an identity problem, advertising in the local press says its 'definitely aimed at the professional person'. But the adverts show pictures of students and young people along with cheap drinks promotions, �1 shorts of Corkys �7.50 jugs of cocktails. The last Friday night I was in there, the place had been abandoned by 11pm apart from a group of 6 wasted students falling over (very funny to watch). It appears to be used as a watering hole by many before they disappear off to the main clubs, which is a shame since it�s licensed well into the early hours.

Maybe a decision needs to be made as to whether the owners want to attract the younger people/ clubbers with the cheap drinks deals and the novelty horror theme, or actually try and rival the only other real alternative to the clubs in Hereford, the expensive Saxtys.

There seems little point trying to compete with the other established younger pubs/clubs in Hereford who offer the same drinks deals and up beat environment. Us older 'professional' ones are really only left with late night pubs and Saxtys to get away from the teenyboppers.

Another lounge type bar/club would a roaring trade in Hereford. Zombies could be it if it made a few changes. Would hate to see it go under after all that money was spent on doing it up.

17 Jan 2009 17:46

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