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BITE user comments - JonW999

Comments by JonW999

Dukes Head, Hatfield Broad Oak

Had a fine linguini and meatballs washed down with a pint of Tribute. Beer choice was very mainstream but well kept. Would definitely visit again if in the area.

24 Oct 2011 21:37

The Snowdrop, Lewes

Wow. Beautiful, characterful pub on outskirts of Lewes. On a lovely, sunny autumn day pints of Harveys Old Ale and Dark Star American Pale Ale went down well. Fantastic food with the scotch egg magnificent.

24 Oct 2011 21:27

The Basketmakers Arms, Brighton

Very decent Fullers pub hidden away on a backstreet. Fine pints of Bengal Lancer, Seaforth and HSB.

24 Oct 2011 21:22

The Ginger Fox, Albourne

Great gastropub in pleasant surroundings. Pork belly was fantastic. Harveys Best and Doom Bar available but kept way too cold.

24 Oct 2011 21:19

The Shepherd and Dog, Fulking

Would have eaten but the kitchen was closed due to weight of orders. Half of a fairly non-descript bitter consumed before departure.

24 Oct 2011 21:16

The Evening Star, Brighton

Magnificent Dark Star ale house with aforementioned breweries beers but some excellent guests. The DS Green Hopped IPA was a particular highlight alongside the kegged Magic Rock west coast pale ale. Bare and basic decor but beer wise this is pretty unbeatable.

24 Oct 2011 21:14

Leyton Orient Supporter's Club, Leyton

Visited here for several Piglet beer festivals although strangely never on a match day given I'm a season ticket holder. Beers have always been well kept and the welcome a friendly one.

28 Aug 2011 23:37

The Lion And Lobster, Brighton

Very geezerish pub, full of loud blokes watching football, but nooks and crannies away from the pretty ubiquitous screens.

Absoultely excellent Sunday lunch. The ale selection is a bit `meh' but I have to say the pint of Harveys was lovely and very well kept.

28 Aug 2011 23:30

The Ben Nevis Inn, Glen Nevis

What an amazing setting to sit out and have a beer, sitting in the shadows of mountains, although sadly not one of the many people who'd been up Ben Nevis that day and were justifiably celebrating their achievement.

Fine food and the Cairngorm Stag Bitter was lovely. Characterful and well worth a vist if in the area. Strange to have so much natural beauty when the town of Fort William itself is a dreadful eyesore.

25 Aug 2011 18:36

The Lade Inn, Kilmahog

Great Sunday lunch when stopping here after epic drive through Glencoe and the Trossachs. Beer brewed specifically for the pub and a very respectable bottle choice, largely explained by fantastic Scottish Real Ale shop adjoining the pub.

25 Aug 2011 18:32

The Anderson, Fortrose

Simply one of the finest beer experiences I have had over a three day stay here. The list of Belgian beers is probably better than any other in the country and XX Bitter and Popperings Hommelbier were particular highlights. An (obviously) smaller but still very enjoyable range of very well kept cask beer as well.

Jim is simply the best of hosts as both hotelier, resteraunter and publican, full of loud, engaging American charm. Fantastic food cooked by his wife as well.

The Whisky Bar is beautiful and the cosiest, loveliest place you can imagine to while away your time. And a classical music jukebox...this is far better than listening to crap 80's/90's/contemporary pop and I say that as someone who isn't really a classical music buff. It just lends a classier air to the place.

Ranks with me with De Garre in Bruges as about the perfect place to enjoy any, but particularly Belgian, beer.

25 Aug 2011 18:30

The William IV, Leyton

Rather shabby, down at heel yet characterful Walthamstow pub. Two Brodies beers tried, which were both rather unbalanced citrus bombs. I think they'd be better perfecting a smaller range of beers rather than providing the seemingly endless choice at the moment. A case of ambition and scale overcoming quality I feel.

Can't knock the prices though! Can't remember last time I got change from 4 for two pints!

15 Aug 2011 19:06

New Fairlop Oak, Barkingside

I have rather changed my opinion of here since 2008. Yes, it is a bog standard Wetherspoons, however my snobbiness has been rather disappated by repeated visits enforced by family reasons. What I have to say is that they keep consistently superb beer; I've never had a bad pint of real ale and the selection is always adventurous and varied. Purely for beer choice and quality I'd actually say it's worthy of a CAMRA Good Beer Guide entry.

3 Aug 2011 01:59

The White Lion, Arreton

Very nice pub with a good selection of beers. Hambledon Bitter certainly the beery highlight of a recent holiday. The food was very nice (delicious pork chop) and, if in the area again, would happily revist.

3 Aug 2011 01:50

The Dairymans Daughter, Arreton

Only stopped for one pint of Ringwood Best but place was buzzing and obviously heavily tourist populated, given its location.

3 Aug 2011 01:48

The Bonchurch Inn, Bonchurch

Now, beer wise this is not the most exciting place (Courage Directors and Best and, seemingly, never anything else) but it does fine food and it's very characteful so I can understand the high ratings.

3 Aug 2011 01:46

The Chine Inn, Shanklin

Best pub visited on a recent holiday on the Island. Quite delicious cheese salad, simply but effectively done, washed down with a pint of island brewed beer and some pints of Taylor Landlord. Now not the most adventurous line up of beers (with the ubiquious Doom Bar I could have been, beer-wise, in 90% of London gastropubs) but a beautiful setting alongside a friendly, homely welcome made this a real winner for me.

3 Aug 2011 01:44

King Harry's Bar (Glenbrook Hotel), Shanklin

Reasonable beer choice, though only stuck around for one unmemorable pint, the name of which escapes me. Can't understand why do Spitfire though, when better Island brewed beers available. Restaurant apparently does food but found it oddly characterless given the thatched roof and characterful exterior.

3 Aug 2011 01:41

Goat and Tricycle, Bournemouth

Fine choice of beer, particularly Wadworth's Horizon golden ale. A very wide choice and all tried were in good condition. The food was of the reasonable, if unexceptional, pub grub variety, with a menu of worrying length, which always suggests a microwave may be heavily deployed.

Notable green double fronting showing its heritage as once apparently being two separate drinking establishments.

3 Aug 2011 01:38

The Old Vine, Winchester

Very pleasant stop en route to a wedding down in Bournemouth. Pint of Ringwood Best not in the best of nick, but the food offering seems good and they certainly produced a fine ploughmans, which was very nice on a sunny summer day.

3 Aug 2011 01:35

BrewDog, Shoreditch

Fantastic Shoreditch craft beer bar. Brilliant selection of bottled and cask beer, coupled with innovative British tapas food approach. Plus brilliant Sunday lunches also available. Draft Chimay White on last visit was a real treat.

22 Jun 2011 22:59

Hobs, Forest Hill

Rather shabby down at heel pub that seemed overwhelmingly populated by older men. Not somewhere I'd rush back to but the pint of Harveys I had was perfectly well-kept.

20 Feb 2011 23:55

The Blue Boar, Abridge

Beer wise this is a bit of a non-starter. The only cask ales were the bland, thin and largely taste-free GK IPA and Ruddles Best. They were well-enough kept but clearly good beer is not the priority here given the lack of thought in the beer choice, reflecting most pubs on the edge of this side of London.

However the food was excellent in the attractive, bustling dining room, which is clearly the overwhelming focus of the business here, seemingly very successfully.

Given how poor it was when I had previously visited some years back, pre-gastro makeover, this is a real improvement and somewhere I'd happily go back to for food. Beer-wise a bit of a miss but sometimes (sadly) the beer takes a back seat. A little more thought in the beer choice would make this a real winner.

12 Dec 2010 19:12

The Gate Clock, Greenwich

Very fine pints of Phoenix Navvy, Hook Norton's Easy Weasel and Innkeepers (brewery unknown). Bog standard Wetherspoon pub with a loud and lairy reputation for weekend nights, which, fortunately, was not evident on a Thursday lunchtime.

28 Oct 2010 21:43

The Tally Ho, Royston

Food prices a little on the steep side but the quality of the food was pretty unarguable. All well-cooked and home-made, particularly the chips which is the touchstone of a quality operation. Beer wise two well-kept pints of Old Oak(?) which I believe was a mild. If back in the area I'd happily return.

27 Oct 2010 19:43

The Castle Inn, Cambridge

Very enjoyable trip to The Castle Inn, which was just down the road from the B&B we stayed in. The fine food (rabbit pie for me, chilli for my partner) was supplemented by delicious pints of Harvest Moon from the Grain brewery and a very acceptable pint of Adnams seasonal beer, Ghost Ship, which was fruity and moreish. Convivial and friendly atmosphere. Somewhere I'd happily visit again if back in Cambridge.

27 Oct 2010 19:41

The Prince Albert, Ely

Divine pints of XX Mild on a welcome escape from the never ending torrents of rain on day trip to Ely. We were one of only four drinkers over lunch time but had some decent pub grub to supplement the pints, though the chilli did remind me, in a reasonable way, of food at my halls of residence many moons ago. But fine beer and good to see a wide range of guest beers, though these remained unsampled.

27 Oct 2010 19:38

The Kingston Arms, Cambridge

A friendly welcome at this back street pub just around the corner from The Cambridge Blue. Great food (divine sausages) and fine beer, particularly a well-kept pint of Landlord.

27 Oct 2010 19:36

The Cambridge Blue, Cambridge

A pleasant back street local with a wide range of cask beer. However, both pints I had lacked condition and were very flat, which was disappointing and were just the sort of pints that give cask ale a bad name. Much better was the divine bottle of Tripel Karmeliet served in correct glassware. Overall, a mixed bag really but would give it a second chance if back in Cambridge, if only for the range of Belgian and other world beers.

27 Oct 2010 19:34

White Rock Hotel, Hastings

Stayed here overnight as was seeing John Bishop at the next door theatre. Had no idea until getting this year's GBG that the hotel was a bit of a real ale haven in Hastings. Pints of Oktoberfest and an IPA were OK but don't know place well enough to judge whether beer quality is an issue. Decor is rather cold, stark minimialism (though the place was roastingly hot even without being thronged with people.

17 Oct 2010 21:56

Jolly Butchers, Stoke Newington

Finally got down here after long wanting to visit. Impressed with what I found. Superb choice and range of beers and very quick turnaround to new barrels once various casks had run dry. Fine pints of Jaipur, Urban Dusk and Camden Town bitter, plus a nice half of Schlenkerla Rauchbeer that I'd last had in the brewery tap in Bamberg. Food was good to and good to see an ale led pub absolutely buzzing on a Saturday night.

17 Oct 2010 21:54

Kings Arms, Upper Upnor

Good beer, good food. Nice pint of Purity Gold and a roasty stout, the name of which escapes me. Delicious home cooked lasagne to boot. Would definitely return.

11 Sep 2010 15:11

The Lower George Inn, Gloucester

Hmm, interesting reviews below! Visited via Good Beer Guide recommendation and was surprised that the pub was as shabby as it was (having only sampled The Cross Keys...are all Goucester pubs like this??? only joking). The beer was OK, in reasonably nick. The food menu was worryingly vast (no proper "chef" would possibly offer the pages of stuff available without hefty microwave use). Having said that the bacon roll I had was possibly the finest I have ever eaten and my partner's pork and stuffing roll, similarly fine.

On a Saturday lunchtime the pub had a slightly weird atmosphere and I doubt I'd make a point of returning if in Gloucester again.

29 Aug 2010 18:04

The Cross Keys Inn, Gloucester

Basic, shabby but generally OK locals pub. Beer (pint of Betty Stoggs) was unexceptional and the food untried but VERY cheap.

29 Aug 2010 17:58

The Royal Oak, Painswick

Good pint of Stroud beer, Budding, on brief visit to this historic, if eerily silent, Cotswold village. Basic decor, but friendly welcome the menu appeared appetising.

29 Aug 2010 17:56

The Black Horse, Cranham Village

Excellent pub with very large range of well-kept ales. Had a rather lovely Ploughmans lunch to accompany pints of Crouch Vale Summit and another which I forget. Welcoming atmosphere and the huge garden would have been appealing on a warmer afternoon.

29 Aug 2010 17:52

The Bull Hotel, Wrotham

Very friendly pub in historic village. Surprisingly modern interior. Fine food (lamb curry was delicious) and fine Bateman's beer. No Dark Star beers, which I was led to beleive was there usual ales, but they don't seem to do these now.

26 Aug 2010 18:22

The Blacksmiths Arms, Cudham

Very pleasant pub about a couple of miles from Darwin's former home, Downe House. Food was delicious. The pint of Landlord was disappointing (literally down to the dregs of the cast...not appealing drinking with lumps of yeast presumably at the bottom) but the Harveys was a much better pint. Not a particularly ale led place per se, unlike The Bull at Horton Kirby, but a fine place for lunch and a pint.

14 Aug 2010 01:29

All Inn One, Forest Hill

Attended this pub for the first time twice over the past week and found it to be a friendly pub with a more diverse clientele than many. Ales were very well kept, including Brains SA and Rev James, Hoppit and Duechars. Food was very nice. Much to recommend about this place.

24 Jul 2010 19:44

The Pelton Arms, Greenwich

Made my first visit for some time a week or so back and was very impressed with the improvements. A good range of ales were available, including 3 interesting guests. Good, wholesome hearty pub food too. Not local enough for me to be a regular but somewhere I'd happily return to.

14 Jun 2010 11:04

Ye Olde Kings Head, Chigwell

A mixed experience before it closed. The food could often be good but the waiting times and mistakes grew and grew, seemingly with the pub being run down over time. The ales were never anything to shout about. An uncertain future awaits.

22 May 2010 08:06

The Lock Stock and Barrel, Newbury

Very pleasant pub with a pretty full range of Fuller's beers. The Honeydew was delightfully refreshing and the Hock showed things in good order in the cellar as well. If I were to be back in Newbury again, somewhere I would return to.

16 May 2010 17:31

The Pot Kiln, Frilsham

After driving for miles down incredibly isolated, yet very beautiful country lanes, we arrived at The Pot Kiln. Had fine pints of Brick Kiln Bitter and Mr Chubb's Lunchtime Bittter, both beautifully kept and brewed by West Berks Brewing Company.

The real star is undoubtedly the food, with local game the speciality here. My roe was beautifully cooked and highlighted the extremely high quality of the food.

A wonderful experience and if in the area I would return again.

16 May 2010 17:29

The Star Inn, Waltham St Lawrence

Very pleasant, friendly pub in the Berkshire countryside. Fine pints of Henry's IPA and Bishop's Tipple alongside a fairly standard, yet tasty and well-priced Sunday lunch.

16 May 2010 17:26

The Knott Bar, Deansgate

Comfortably the best beer of my Manchester trip, with the Marble Bitter being a particular highlight. Very good selection of Belgian's too; had a nice Chimay Triple to finish. Lamb burger was excellent and unfinishably well-proportioned.

3 May 2010 17:06

The White House, Littleborough

No reservations necessary for parties of less than 6 (I called before going). Had a lovely venison steak in a pepper sauce and partner's roast pork was delicious. Beer wise everything was golden, much of a muchness, with probably the Chinook shading the Theakstons Best.

Incredibly rugged and beautiful surroundings make this a must visit if you are in the area.

3 May 2010 17:05

The Ape and Apple, Manchester

My first encounter with Holts beer and it wasn't a great one. Couldn't finish the second pint of the Bitter and the mild was off. Would like to compare elsewhere. Pub varied between loud lairy men and then completely quiet afterwards. I would reserve judgement until another trip to Manchester.

3 May 2010 17:03

Cherry Tree Inn, Woodbridge

Excellent pub. Fine choice of Adnams and guest beers. Oyster stout was lovely as was the Witbier, though English brewers never quite seem to nail this beer style as they might. Great, great food too.

18 Feb 2010 18:52

The White Hart, Aldeburgh

Nice pint of Purity Pure Gold. Didn't spend long in here. Simple and functional as previous reviewer said, but a pleasant enough place.

18 Feb 2010 18:44

The Mill Inn, Aldeburgh

A very pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. Well kept pints of Old Ale and Lighthouse were much enjoyed.

18 Feb 2010 18:42

The Wentworth Hotel, Aldeburgh

A very pleasant stay here. Beers wise, nothing remarkable but Bitburger is a far classier lager than you normally come across in a hotel. The Suffolk lager, Calvors, was rank, though.

18 Feb 2010 18:39

The Grape and Grain, Crystal Palace

Upped the mark from previous review as beer was in very good nick on next occasion I visted. If quality can be maintained this should become the No1 real ale destination in a broad swathe of SE London.

15 Feb 2010 22:47

The Woodman, Stanford Rivers

Very enjoyable food served at this isolated country pubs with views onto the gently rolling hills, which looked very pretty on a lovely snowy day. Beerwise it's the usual Shep Neame fare, which I have to say I'm no fan of, but it was kept well and the Master Brew was best of the average, watery bunch.

19 Dec 2009 22:04

The Ladywell Tavern, Ladywell

Whilst having the air of a gastro pub conversion that ran out of money (the state of the flooring for starters) this was a nice, friendly pub serving the best Sunday lunch compared to its other competitors. A nice pint of Otter bitter was a distinguishing touch of difference from the usual "safe" gastropub real ale selection.

But, by god, this was the coldest pub I've ever sat in to the extent that it puts me off returning until next summer!

21 Oct 2009 23:31

The Marble Arch, Manchester

Decent pints of Marble Pint and Manchester Bitter in this lovely, cosy, beautifully tiled heritage pub. Marble Ginger a bit of an acquired taste and can't help think that Sharps' Chalky's Bark pulls that kind of thing of rather better.

20 Sep 2009 18:35

The Sportsman, Seasalter

Well, to start with, this pulls at the boundaries of what is a pub given that the only pub seating is in the conservatory or outdoors, both of which in the bleak grazing marshes of Seasalter would be rather unapplealing in winter. The beer too is distinctly average Sheperd Neame banality. However, the main attraction is Good Food Guide 2010 Chef of the Year, Stephen Hughes, food, which is the finest of fine dining in bare pub surroundings. As restaurant the food is superb but is it really a pub? No complaints over a majestic meal of wood pidgeon followed by some of the loveliest lamb I've ever eaten and a delectable selection of unpasteurized cheeses.

6 Sep 2009 16:35

The Rose and Crown, Selling

Beautifully situated pub in the middle of woodland down narrow country lanes. The beer choice was slightly unexciting but the Harveys was well-kept and no banal Shepherd Neame beers. Very cheeky 25p charge for tap water which, when you have just bought two drinks is galling and alienating.

6 Sep 2009 16:31

The Five Bells, Chelsfield

Had a very nice lunch at this weatherboarded country pub just a hop, skip and jump (well, in a car anyway) from the suburban sprawl of Orpington. Only problem was that the cellaring doesn't seem too effective as both the Butcombe Bitter and Doom Bar were served above room temperature and were thus not the most palatable. But somewhere I think I would return to.

24 Aug 2009 18:37

The Abbaye, Bromley

The beer is expensive but where else can you get even a reasonable selection of Belgian beers (well, The Dog and Bell in Deptford but that's some way away)? Nice to enjoy a Kwak in an authentic glass.

19 Aug 2009 17:16

The Grape and Grain, Crystal Palace

Reasonable pub with a good range of quality beer but can't help feeling that eight working handpumps is too much for them to be able to maintain quality. The two pints I had were rather flat and lifeless and I can't see given the custome level how it will turn over quick enough. But a worthy endeavour nonetheless.

19 Aug 2009 17:13

The Park Tavern, Eltham

Very pleasant park just off Eltham High Road. Good pints of Tribute and Brains plus some good lunchtime fare, including some yummy home cooked puddings.

19 Aug 2009 17:09

The Bull, Horton Kirby

Very nice country pub. Well kept pints of Brew Dog's Trash Blonde and Dark Star's American Pale Ale.

18 Aug 2009 00:04

The Guildford Arms, Edinburgh

Had so-so pints of Northern Light and Latitude cask pilsner. Can't judge if that was just the beers themselves or a reflection of their keeping. Mighty tasty goulash unusually paired with penne.

15 Aug 2009 10:22

The Cheswold, Doncaster

Only one cask beer on when I went but the Jennings Cumberland Ale was well kept and delicious.

10 Aug 2009 21:19

Gatehouse, Doncaster

Pretty bog standard Wetherspoons but, as usual, you can't knock them on the beers. Jaipur IPA and a pint of Black Imp both went down a treat.

10 Aug 2009 21:17

The Leopard, Doncaster

Rather shabby but perfectly fine pub, obviously with a reputation for its live music. Pint of John Smiths cask was perfectly OK.

10 Aug 2009 21:15

Corner Pin Inn, Doncaster

Friendly street corner local, just up from the nearby Leopard. Fine pints of Copper Dragon and Batemans XB.

10 Aug 2009 21:14

Mr Foley's Cask Ale House, Leeds

Didn't have time to stop for long as had to catch the train back to Doncaster after a disastrous England performance at the cricket. The pint of Black Country Mild, though, was very fine indeed and a good selection of ales was available.

10 Aug 2009 21:13

The Jolly Woodman, Beckenham

A country pub in Beckenham! Popped in for a couple with my partner one weekday afternoon to find a friendly welcome and well-kept pints of Tribute and Landlord. Certainly a place I would return to.

6 Aug 2009 17:52

The Wild Boar, Warwick

Friendly enough place with Spitfire on promotion at 1.29 a pint!

3 Aug 2009 18:45

The Old Fourpenny Shop Hotel, Warwick

Good beer and decent pub food. Pints of Purity Pure Gold and Mad Goose were excellent. Very friendly and chatty place, welcoming to a couple of visitors.

3 Aug 2009 18:42

The Cape of Good Hope, Warwick

Good pints of Keystone Hops and Double Locks, brewed for the pub. Refreshingly eclectic jukebox as well for those so inclined.

3 Aug 2009 18:40

Old Moseley Arms, Balsall Heath

Enjoyed nice pints of Enville Ale and HPA whilst waiting (unsuccessfully) to see some of the test match at Edgbaston. A rather lovely and spicy tandoori chicken panini as well.

3 Aug 2009 18:39

The Golden Bee, Stratford Upon Avon

A good pint of Purity Ubu, which is a very nice beer. But it's really another bog standard Wetherspoons with not much to distinguish it from any other.

3 Aug 2009 18:33

The Queens Head, Stratford Upon Avon

Lordy me. Had a good pint here (the cask beer escapes me as rather drunk at the time due to an epic crawl that started in Warwick) but a rough and ready clientele with much too loud music. Disappointing.

3 Aug 2009 18:31

The Salmon Tail, Stratford-Upon-Avon

Rather below par pint of Evarards Tiger. Locals pub with oldy mouldy carpet. Very quiet.

3 Aug 2009 18:30

The New Bulls Head, Stratford Upon Avon

A very pleasant pub, the first pub stop on a brief Stratford trip. Pigs Ear was a particularly fine beer.

3 Aug 2009 18:29

Cat and Custard Pot Inn, Tetbury

Good beer and a ploughmans with the biggest bit of cheese I have ever seen. Worth seeking out.

5 Jun 2009 22:34

De Garre, Bruges

Friendly, brilliant bar with outstanding beer. Gouden Draak and De Garre are musts.

5 Jun 2009 22:33

The Courtfield, Earls Court

Rather baffled by the comments on my first visit prior to a Chelsea game. Friendly enough staff (generally don't find that being Polish precludes people from being able to do their job successfully) and well kept Morrissey Fox Blonde, though the Landlord was rather lifeless.

24 May 2009 22:53

The Richmal Crompton, Bromley

Reasonable enough Spoons. Beers well kept for the festival. Totally unremarkable as pubs go but I enjoyed the festival beers.

23 Apr 2009 22:05

The Bath Tavern, Cheltenham

First visit for two years to see Leyton Orient beat Cheltenham. Great beers and now really good food as well. A great pub to visit.

9 Apr 2009 16:21

Cat and Fiddle, Cheltenham

Pretty poor Arkells pub, though no Arkells beer, either draft or bottled, was available. Quick pint of Guinness before taxi back to station after watching Leyton Orient win here. Pretty poor really and not the greatest clientele.

9 Apr 2009 16:19

The Priory Inn, Tetbury

Much more restaurant than pub that doesn't detract from the quality of real ale available. Lovely pints of Wye Valley Bitter and Uley Bitter perfectly complemented a lovely lunch.

9 Apr 2009 16:14

The Golden Lion, Sydenham

Nice pint of Harveys Best but the pub has a grizzly edge too it with its nicotine stained walls and haggard clientele. Nice glasswork though. The Dolphin across the road is a rather better bet.

19 Mar 2009 22:59

The Crosse Keys, Bank

Cavernouse flagship Wetherspoon place where you can get a seat on a Friday night. The usual average food but a very fine selection of handpumps. Old Growler was particularly good.

14 Feb 2009 18:36

The Salmon and Ball, Bethnal Green

Pleasant enough but no real ale. Convenient meeting point for tube is about the best I can say really.

3 Jan 2009 14:55

The County, Ilford

Was pleased and surprised to see a beer from the west country brewer Hidden here, alongside the less inspiring GK IPA and Directors. Food was no great shakes, but better than I expected in a traditional real ale desert.

16 Oct 2008 21:38

The Old Fish Market, Bristol

Good Fullers pub. Nice pint of Butcombe Bitter followed by the ever heavenly London Porter, all be it in bottled form. Packed due to the England game on, so would like to revisit when a bit quieter.

14 Oct 2008 08:10

The Llandoger, Bristol

An uninspiring choice of GK IPA , Directors Best and Old Speckled Hen when visited on Saturday. Sat outside in the unseasonally warm October sunshine admiring the dog ends, street drinkers and general air of hopelessness felt in such a litter strewn environment. Will try to avoid on my next trip to Bristol.

14 Oct 2008 08:07

Inn On The Green, Horfield

Had time for a quick one before the game on recent visit to Bristol. Can't remember which beer but it was well kept and there was a good selection on.

14 Oct 2008 08:03

The Wellington, Horfield

Good Bath beers and place heaving before Rovers game against Leyton Orient. The O's lost again BTW. Look forward to returning one day.

14 Oct 2008 08:02

The Duke, Deptford

Deptford's first gastropub and a mighty fine place it is too. A beautiful, refurbishment of a previously dilapidated 18th century pub that had been the victim of a number of cheapo refits. My partner and I were literally the first customers through the door and we found a very warm welcome. Will be back soon to try the food and the real ale (which had only just been delivered, though the pints of Heineken really hit the spot!).

14 Oct 2008 07:58

The Duke, Deptford

Re-opens on 8th October. I will be there!

23 Sep 2008 19:15

The Blythe Hill Tavern, Forest Hill

Very friendly pub which, like previous reviewer, I checked out following its CAMRA success. A proper locals pub full of old boys and tracksuited geezers watching the golf. The sort of place you could easily while away a day in, particularly with the beautifully kept pints of Freedom ale and Hophead.

21 Sep 2008 09:25

The Pilot Inn, North Greenwich

Very nice pint of Chiswich followed by a bottle of the ever devine London Porter, in pleasant, friendly surroundings. Nice, quiet secluded beer garden too.

21 Sep 2008 09:22

The Hoy Inn, Deptford

Appears to be being done up, with new glass doors. Clearly being taken up market. Perhaps a gastropub challenger to the shortly re-opening Duke down the road?

12 Sep 2008 22:23

The Jerusalem Tavern, Clerkenwell

Very enjoyable evening at the JT and, for the first time, managed to get a seat. Taddington lager was lovely as were St Peters beers, particularly the cream stout, although I was rather the worse for wear on leaving.

21 Aug 2008 21:29

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

At the Wenlock last night. Can report that the pub is just as shabby as always and the beer just as good. Toilets...I've smelt far worse.

21 Aug 2008 21:27

New Fairlop Oak, Barkingside

Very, very average Spoons pub with night of the living dead chav idiot customers.

21 Aug 2008 19:10

Reverie, Edinburgh

Very nice, well run pub in Edinburgh's southside that was conveniently a few minutes walk from the hotel I stayed in for the festival. Beer choice is not exactly imaginative (Deuchars IPA and 80/ the only cask beers) but there was a good atmosphere, a mixed crowd and it was consistently busy.

19 Aug 2008 18:45

The Malt and Hops, Leith

Very pleasant if completely deserted (went around lunchtime and saw just two people in the 90 minutes we were there) historic pub in the deathly quiet Leith. Decent ale from a reasonable selection but I can't understand why pubs with good guest options fail to make more imaginative Scottish choices from a range of good microbrewers?

18 Aug 2008 23:24

William McEwans, Edinburgh

Looks unpreposessing from outside but inside is a very pleasant, well-kept locals pub that more than made welcome two festival tourists. Quite odd to see Spitfire up here but stuck to the Deuchars IPA which was fine, if rather dull as usual.

18 Aug 2008 23:21

Greyfriars Bobby's Bar, Edinburgh

Glad I hadn't read the reviews going in as I would have been put off. Obviously positioned strongly towards the tourist trade but much better than I expected. The beers was the usual boring (sorry...) Deuchars IPA and 80/ selection but the food was much better than I expected with an absolutely superb ravioli with corn fed chicken. Not a terribly beery tale, I'm afraid, but the food makes this somewhere worth going.

18 Aug 2008 23:16

The Halfway House, Edinburgh

Small, cosy and friendly pub, the perfect place to escape from the rain. Had a couple of very well-kept pints and the food looked appetising.

18 Aug 2008 23:13

The Cask and Barrel, Edinburgh

Pretty good beer selection compared to the rather staid selection in even many of the CAMRA approved pubs. Well kept beers, pleasant interior and just far enough off the festival circuit (for this festival goer!).

18 Aug 2008 23:11

The Barony Bar, Edinburgh

Visited just briefly walking back up towards Princes Street for another Fringe event. Wadsworth HB, of which I had but a half, was unremarkable but it was certainly a notable interior. Can't say I noticed a smell!

18 Aug 2008 23:09

Cafe Royal, Edinburgh

Beautiful Edinburgh pub, with the tiled pictures inside and brass fittings a particular delight. Nice pints of Red Smiddy and Marching Orders and good haggis, tatties and neeps. Will be back on my return to the festival in 2009.

18 Aug 2008 23:06

The Morpeth Arms, Pimlico

Having just had a reasonable session at The Jolly Gardeners over the river I cannot find much to comment upon other than the bottle of Youngs Special was perfectly fine.

10 Aug 2008 14:53

The Hole In The Wall, Waterloo

Nice pint of Doom Bar to couple some tasty nachos. Was quite drunk by the time I arrived here so not much else I can add!

10 Aug 2008 14:45

The Jolly Gardeners, Vauxhall

Visited here after play was washed out at The Oval down the road on the Saturday at the Test Match, as it was somewhere I really wanted to visit. Resolutely black interior and exterior but inside found a friendly German welcome. The beers were excellent, with the Warsteiner a particularly tasty pills and a tasty kolsch beer recommended by the barman. Tasty Nurnburger sausages with mash and sauerkraut all topped off with the ever excellent Weihenstephaner wheat beer. All in all, a fine pub experience and hopefully it'll find a successful niche.

10 Aug 2008 14:43

The White Hart Inn, Margaretting Tye

Superb collection of real ales available at this extremely hospitable country pub. My Mighty Oak Oscar Wilde Mild and IPA were in tip top form. Food was extremely filling and good value. One I will definitely return to.

5 Aug 2008 17:50

The Bell, Horndon-on-the-Hill

Beautiful pints of Sharps Eden and Everards Sunchaser in fine surroundings. The meal in the restautant was good, service excellent, but probably not quite up to the very high prices charged.

21 Jun 2008 19:28

The Dog and Bell, Deptford

I worry for its future once the gastropubbed Duke opens in September. Will be interesting to see if it can survive a probable hoover up of middle class customers (see The Dolphin in Sydenham and the Dartmouth Arms in Forest Hill which are run by those taking on The Duke).

10 Jun 2008 22:48

Fellows Morton & Clayton Ltd, Nottingham

Rather unmemorable pub post watching the cricket. Beer was reasonable but can't remember what it was. Very popular though.

10 Jun 2008 22:43

The Vat and Fiddle, Nottingham

Castle Rock beers excellent as always. A must when visiting Nottingham for the beer lover.

10 Jun 2008 22:42

Station Inn, Derby

The selection of beers for a CAMRA pub was mildly disappointing (just Deuchars IPA and Caledonian XPA) but the XPA was fine and we were made to feel welcome, even if the locked door was rather disconcerting at first, leading us to think it was closed.

10 Jun 2008 22:39

Ye Olde Dolphin Inn, Derby

Very characterful pub. Quite touristy for such a non-touristy place. Well kept beer (I forget which) and fine, filling food. Well worth visiting.

10 Jun 2008 22:37

The Falstaff, Derby

Have to echo Gristy's words on this. A proper, very old-fashioned back street boozer with some rather dour regulars supping pints silently alone at the bar on a Sunday lunchtime. The beer was first class stuff and interesting to see the fine UK brewed Moravka lager there as well.

10 Jun 2008 22:35

The Brunswick Inn, Derby

Pleasant, characterful pub with plenty of good, home-brewed (in the best sense) beers. The stout was particularly good.

10 Jun 2008 22:31

The Babington Arms, Derby

Very, very good selection of ales but supping a pint of mild at 11am on a Sunday morning is probably not the optimum time to enjoy a good beer. Friend's brother said his pint was off but mine was well-kept. Friendly welcome, too.

10 Jun 2008 22:30

The Alexandra Hotel, Derby

Very nice pint of Titanic beer. Place was completely dead on a Friday night, but there were plenty of good beers available and staff very friendly.

10 Jun 2008 22:28

The Jolly Farmers (ex jordan), Lewisham

Had nice pints of Bombardier and Proper Job when visiting last week for the first time. Strangely countrified for Lewisham, but all the better for it. Had a very decent jacket potato too.

2 Jun 2008 19:51

The Cutty Sark Tavern, Greenwich

I've had some bad experiences with service here but there appears to be a change of management and I found things much friendlier this time around. A couple of lovely pints of Tribute coupled with a delicious cajun chicken salad. Good stuff and I am much more likely to come back than on previous visits.

18 May 2008 15:56

The Halfway House, Brenchley

This is a truly excellent pub. Went for first time with my partner on a drive out of London and found 13 perfectly kept real ales plus one proper cider. Stuck to the session beers and the Rother Valley mild was delicious. Food was good, if not quite as good as I'd hoped (the vegetables didn't seem like they were fresh and the leek and spring onion mash with the sausages was not as good as it might have been). But the beers really were top quality and it is a real ale lovers paradise. Should be back for the beer festival on Bank Holiday Monday.

11 May 2008 18:08

The Dartmouth Arms, Forest Hill

As a pub, no great shakes really. Pleasant enough and the usual gastropub real ales (Pride, Bombadier and, slightly more unusually, Brakspear)but really this is more of a restaurant, and a very good one by all accounts. Had a pleasant drink with my partner as The Dolphin (its sister pub) was closed for a function but wouldn't come here just for drinks.

27 Apr 2008 18:17

The Hoy Inn, Deptford

This pub has been closed for the last week "by order". Has a scary reputation so not a surprise.

8 Apr 2008 15:01

The Ashburnham Arms, Greenwich

Not a huge fan of Shepherd Neame beers but, that said, on my first visit found this to be a quiet (Sunday afternoon) pub, with friendly locals. Very nice.

7 Apr 2008 20:03

The Guildford, Greenwich

This really isn't a pub anymore, more of a rather middle class restaurant. That said the service was friendly, the food excellent and the London Pride in good condition. Big thumbs up.

7 Apr 2008 20:00

The Duke, Deptford

Currently closed for renovation as it has been taken over by the couple who turned round The Dartmouth Arms in Forest Hill and The Dolphin in Sydenham. From reading the planning application it will be another full-on gastropub conversion and will be a much needed boost to pubs in the Deptford area.

7 Apr 2008 19:58

The Vanbrugh, Greenwich

Very average beer selection. Can't make much comment on the food as didn't eat but Old Speckled Hen and London Pride does not make a good beer selection. Pleasant atmosphere, but lacking in other respects. Would go back to try food.

21 Mar 2008 00:31

The Carlton Hotel, Birkenhead

Nipped into this pub after being repeatedly threatened by a consistently nasty Tranmere hoolie. Whilst waiting for a cab had a dull pint of Guinness (no real ale choice) and was offered some knocked off Gillette Fusion blades! My only expereience of a) being threatened watching football b) being offered (non-DVD) stolen goods. Fortunately the cab to The Stork Hotel soon arrived and my positive image of Liverpool was restored!

23 Feb 2008 23:21

Head of Steam, Liverpool

This pub may well serve many great beers but by the end of a beery trip to Liverpool following the mighty Leyton Orient at Tranmere Rovers, out of about 12 handpumps 11 (!!!) were off on a Sunday evening, leaving the deeply dull Black Sheep as the only real ale choice. Instead supped a decidedly average pint of Guinness (but then, what else could it be other than average) prior to the train back to London.

23 Feb 2008 23:19

The Stork Hotel, Birkenhead

Fantastic decor and some very lovely beer in this very friendly CAMRA National Inventory listed Birkenhead pub. Received good advice about where to go in Liverpool town centre. Pint of Dark Delight (correct name escapes me) was fine as was another great ale (again, beer memory evades me).

23 Feb 2008 23:17

The Dog and Bell, Deptford

Nice pints of Pitch Black when I went in on Sunday. Adam and his wife are leaving at the end of the month, with, I believe, Charlie & Eileen coming back to run the place. Hopefully some food will continue as Adam's cooking has always been superb.

19 Feb 2008 18:54

The Gowlett Arms, Peckham

Visited today en-route to Dulwich Picture Gallery. Had a superb pizza and good pints of Brakspear Bitter and Hooky's Gold. Deathly quiet, though it was a weekday afternoon, but very friendly and pleasant, if very poorly heated!

19 Feb 2008 18:51

The Baltic Fleet, Liverpool

Good selection of Wapping beers brewed on site. It was very friendly and the waitresses lovely HOWEVER the kitchen clearly couldn't cope with the demand for food and we had to wait 1 1/2 hours to eat. To be fair, they did come and (unprompted) offer us a free drink and, when it did come, the food was great. Unlikely I would go back for food, were I to return, but beers were fine.

11 Feb 2008 18:51

Thomas Rigby's, Liverpool

Had a nice last drink of the night here on Saturday. Can't remember what I had but it was very good and almost certainly an Okells beer.

11 Feb 2008 18:48

The Ship and Mitre, Liverpool

Really nice pub that I would like to have stayed longer in. Pint of Owd Oak was divine and very friendly bar staff. Highly recommended.

11 Feb 2008 18:47

Doctor Duncans, Liverpool

Best pub of my weekend in Liverpool. Fantastic range of Cains beers. The Dark Mild was to die for and yet another great Liverpudlian pub interior.

11 Feb 2008 18:45

The Philharmonic, Liverpool

A really impressive interior and friendly enough place, though, as seems to be the case from other reviews, most beers were off. Slightly disappointing beer wise.

11 Feb 2008 18:40

The Everyman Bistro, Liverpool

Had an OK pint of Cains Bitter here (though not a fan of their bitter per se). Buzzing atmosphere and very handy to go to just after midnight on a Friday night.

11 Feb 2008 18:38

The Doric Arch, Euston

Stopped for a quick one before trip to Liverpool. Rather dull Gales pint but fair enough as a stop off.

11 Feb 2008 18:37

Westow House, Crystal Palace

This is a nicely done gastropub and the food looked appetising BUT the pint of Bombardier was one of the most badly kept ales I've ever had. Might go back for the food but not for a proper beer.

26 Jan 2008 17:50

The Yacht, Greenwich

Visited again before Xmas and have to say the food was very, very poor. My friend's pie was cold inside and both of us were unwell the day after. The food is very obviously microwaved and, compared to a pub like New Cross' Royal Albert, you can get a proper, freshly-cooked meal for the same price. Joins The Cutty Sark on my list of local pubs not to be revisited.

As for the beer, well, a so, so choice and not very well kept.

12 Jan 2008 22:13

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, Nottingham

Whilst the closure of Hardy and Hanson's is very sad, you can still get a decent, if Suffolk brewed, pint of Olde Trip, that was very well-kept. I just find the paucity of non-Greene King approved beers, rather limiting. Still, a pub full of character and well worth a vist, particularly on a football away trip (as I did).

12 Jan 2008 22:00

The Vat and Fiddle, Nottingham

Visited for the third time on a football away day. The beers were in great conditon with the Damson Porter and Harvest Gold particular highlights. Full of character, buzz and chat. A really great pub to visit.

12 Jan 2008 21:54

The Bell Inn, Nottingham

The ubiquity of Greene King beers at such characterful pubs as this and Ye Olde Trip is rather disappointing, though the excellent Olde Trip beer was well worth it (though sadly now brewed in Bury St Edmunds). Full of nooks and crannies, which were all closed when we went, but would be interested in visiting again, though, as said, beer range is limited to largely dull Greene King fare.

12 Jan 2008 21:51

The Salutation Inn, Nottingham

Very enjoyable pints of proper beer(all becomes rather hazy as to which after a football away day) and fantastic food. The burgers are really something.

12 Jan 2008 21:48

The King's Head, Kilburn

Pleasantly furnished, but deeply dull, bar lacking any quality or interesting beers at all. Reasonable meeting place for the Luminaire but that's about it. The Guinness was as unremarkable as it is anywhere else.

9 Jan 2008 20:03

The Honor Oak, Honor Oak

As said before this is a very decent little pub and much welcomed in an area lacking many good pubs. The decor is flatpack gastropub (distressed wooden tables, odd wallpaper, "statement" kitschy prints and the like) but the simple truth is that without attracting more middle-class customers pubs will continue to die off at the alarming rate (50+ a month) they currently are. But there are nice touches (flowers on the bar) that suggest a degree more thought than Sydenham's Dophin (although the best gastropub in the local area is New Cross's Royal Albert). Decent beer (Black Sheep is a rarity around these parts) if limited to two draught beers (another gastropub norm) and quite superb, well-priced food, which is another factor that can save a pub and turn it into a considerable success. I wish the Honor Oak well and look forward to returning again soon.

29 Dec 2007 15:41

Trafalgar Tavern, Greenwich

Much trumpeted and busy but really rather unexciting pub, part of the ubiquitous, and characterless, Greenwich Inc chain. Had a rather strange pint, Nelson brewery's Cat O'Nine Tails and still not somewhere I will rush back to.

18 Dec 2007 16:41

Royal Albert, New Cross

Returned to again last night with my partner. Aside from the fact that the side of the pub with the glass roof is bloody feezing, this pub just gets better and better. The food there is superb and the range of beers, if a little too limited, encompasses Landlord, Youngs Bitter and the sublime Grolsch Weizen (which sadly ran out last night). The food is simply scintillating, cooked beautifully in the open kitchen. A good blend of people, very personable staff, lovely decor and a buzzing, yet not hectic, atmosphere. Now firmly established as my favourite London pub.

12 Dec 2007 20:32

The Pembury Tavern, Hackney

Visited for the first time for a pre Pigs Ear drink. Had a very nice pint of Milton's Dionysus and would definitely return.

8 Dec 2007 06:44

The Harp of Erin, Deptford

Um, it's actually still open. Walk past it everyday. Don't know about sale plans.

2 Dec 2007 19:56

The King Edward VII, Stratford

Hmmm, the only Stratford entry in GBG 2008, and, admittedly, I only stayed for a while, but I found it too noisy (ridiculous, unnecessary loud music that ill-matched the toned down decor) and a bit disappointing. Perhaps a rather harsh summation, but the Nethergate Best Bitter was pretty good.

30 Nov 2007 22:47

The Goldengrove, Stratford

Bog standard, OK, Wetherspoons pub. Saving grace is the good beer with well kept pints of Hobgoblin and one other ale, whose name escapes me.

30 Nov 2007 22:44

The Perry Hill, Catford

OK beer selection with both London Pride and Spitfire (though Spitfire ran out by 4.30pm) but the Sunday lunch I had there was quite simply stunning, possibly the best I have ever eaten. Great stuff and obviously a vast improvement on what went before.

28 Nov 2007 18:36

The King's Head, Huddersfield

Visited here whilst on a football trip yesterday. A rather functional, ex-station waiting room, there really is an excellent selection of beers here. However, the rather characterless and barn-like quaility of the decor rather detracts from the experience of going there. Would go there for the beer, certainly not the atmosphere.

25 Nov 2007 18:58

The Head of Steam, Huddersfield

Decent range of beers but this is much more of an "eating" pub than a beer one. Very pleasant but nothing more.

25 Nov 2007 00:11

The Rat and Ratchet, Huddersfield

Superb pub with a brilliant selection of ales. Very rushed as we were off to watch Orient beat Huddersfield but the pint of porter went down a treat. Would like to return at some point.

25 Nov 2007 00:08

The Lady Hamilton, Portsmouth

Ghastly pub. Had the worst pint of London Pride imaginable on the only handpump and would never darken its doors again. Actually, the worst pint of any beer I have ever had, which really says something.

25 Nov 2007 00:06

The Grove Inn, Huddersfield

Absolutely brilliant pub with fantastic selection of draught and bottled beers. Empress of India porter was particularly excellent.

25 Nov 2007 00:04

The Two Brewers, Catford

Actually called The Perry Hill, as I found dining there yesterday. OK beer selection with both London Pride and Spitfire (though Spitfire ran out by 4.30pm) but the Sunday lunch I had there was quite simply stunning, possibly the best I have ever eaten. Great stuff and obviously a vast improvement on what went before.

19 Nov 2007 19:01

The Dolphin, Sydenham

Very nicely done gastropub conversion of a rather dodgy SE London boozer. Usual real ale aspects on handpump (Pride, Broadside and Landlord) but all very pleasant. Would defintely return to eat.

13 Nov 2007 20:51

The Library, Islington

Wretchedly hip style bar. Utterly unmemorable and not one to go to if you actually want to taste a decent beer.

12 Nov 2007 21:34

The Jerusalem Tavern, Clerkenwell

My first visit to this fabled pub and was not disappointed. Tonsillitis meant that I was not really in a hugely beer drinking mood so limited to one pint of Porter but a pub dripping in character that I will definitely return to, even if no weekend opening means this may be restricted to my holiday times (school teacher!). I can see how it would have been pretty ripe pre-smoking ban!

25 Oct 2007 11:00

The Eagle, Hoxton

Lovely pint of Schneider Weiss soothed my tonsillitis ridden throat and my stomach was pleasured by a delicious burger. Will happily return too again even if I did lose my Leyton Orient hat there.

25 Oct 2007 10:57

The Artillery Arms, Old Street

Very nice Fuller's pub. Had good pint of Mr Harry in the upstairs seating area and the whole pub had a really good vibe to it. Will happily return to.

25 Oct 2007 10:52

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

My first visit to the Wenlock last night as part of a pub crawl involving Artillery Arms, The Eagle and Jerusalem Tavern. Had a pint of Nelson's Victory, which I'm sure was fine but recovering from tonsilitis does nothing to add to beer tasting ability, so will have to return to sample beers properly. A really lovely, homely pub with a great feel to it that reminds me very much of Deptford's Dog and Bell.

25 Oct 2007 10:50

The Nevill Crest and Gun, Eridge Green

Very average.

24 Oct 2007 15:23

The Waggon and Horses, Brighton

Very pleasant, chilled out Brighton pub with a limited but well kept set of ales. Nice to spend a couple of hours chilling with some pints of Harveys Best.

24 Oct 2007 15:21

The Two Brewers, Catford

Now called the Perry Hill Tavern.

11 Oct 2007 08:43

The Bishops Tavern, Bristol

Fairly standard Greene King pub that was handy on the long walk to Bristol Rovers Memorial Stadium. Decent food but average Greene King beers, topped with a young male crowd with little interest in real beers.

30 Sep 2007 00:29

The Commercial Rooms, Bristol

Very good selection of well kept beer, including a lovely Porter. One of the best Wetherspoons I have been to.

30 Sep 2007 00:26

The Cornubia, Bristol

Great Hidden beers and a very friendly welcome. One of the best Bristol has to offer.

30 Sep 2007 00:24

The Kings Head, Bristol

Wonderful small pub with beautiful interior. Good beers and a must visit for anyone going to Bristol.

30 Sep 2007 00:22

The White Lion, Bristol

Tiny Wickwar pub serving brilliant beers. Very highly recommended. Old Bob was great!

30 Sep 2007 00:21

The Old Customs House, Portsmouth

Very decent Fullers pub, doing the full range of beers, with quite superb food.

16 Aug 2007 14:46

Ship Anson, Portsmouth

Reasonable pub but no cask ales, which is always a downer. Decent food, though.

16 Aug 2007 14:42

The Spanish Galleon, Greenwich

Paid my first visit here for some years. Pleasantly surprised to get a seat on a Friday evening, so enjoyed good pints of Spitfire and Master Brew. Pleasant decor and friendly bar staff.

4 Aug 2007 08:53

The Plume of Feathers, Greenwich

Finally got to visit here despite having lived 5 min away for past 3 years! Great pint of Skylark and even had table service from the French landlady for the final pint. Nice, warm feel inside and I will definitely be back soon.

3 Aug 2007 08:35

The Robert Browning, Maida Vale

Had a pint love Sam Smith's Old Brewery Bittery (delicious) during a rain break at cricket. Top stuff and pub seemed perfectly fine. From experience, though, the Sam Smith's lagers are evil.

21 Jul 2007 19:03

The Peveril Of The Peak, Castlefield

Good pint of Black Sheep and a much better destination than Rain Bar.

11 Jun 2007 21:35

The Rain Bar, Castlefield

Wouldn't let my mate in as he was wearing shorts, so we took out money to Peveril of the Peak. Bunch of wasters and we will never return.

11 Jun 2007 21:33

The Briton's Protection Hotel, Castlefield

Well kept, oddly shaped pub with nice beers and authentic decor.

11 Jun 2007 21:31

Bar Fringe, Manchester

Good pub with 3 handpumps, 2 were on with very tasty beers. Recommended!

11 Jun 2007 21:30

The Ship, Borough

Returned again. Food still very good but the Pride was rather iffy (ESB fine, though).

29 May 2007 19:35

The Market Porter, Borough

Great beers, non-descript interior, but you can't have it all. Very decent pub indeed.

29 May 2007 19:32

The Penderel's Oak, Holborn

Big and better than average Wetherspoon pub. Good beers, well kept, and the usual decent food.

15 May 2007 23:31

The Ship Tavern, Holborn

Stupid, unnecessary music, but, that apart, this is a great place serving great beers and offering up cumberland sausages to the punters at tables. What could be better!

12 May 2007 00:59

Richard I, Greenwich

Great Youngs pub that rather reminds me of the Wheafsheaf near London Bridge, another Youngs establishment. Nice bottle of Champion beer enjoyed in a buzzy atmosphere and with friendly bar staff.

6 May 2007 16:56

The Gipsy Moth, Greenwich

Nice place but the service is slow every time I go in there, which puts me off greatly. Heaving at the weekend and pretty busy on any weeknight.

4 May 2007 19:14

Victoria, Greenwich

Bulldozed and flats being built on site.

14 Apr 2007 21:15

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, Nottingham

Went here when I went to football in December. Excellent beer and great location.

10 Apr 2007 23:05

The Eva Hart, Chadwell Heath

Perfectly adequate JD pub. Well kept beers and cheap food.

10 Apr 2007 22:56

The Anglesea Arms, Chelsea

Excellent beer (the Brakspear beers were superb) and a pleasant sunny spring day atmosphere. Deserted when we went in but heaving 30 minutes later! Great stuff.

5 Apr 2007 21:25

The Wilton Arms, Belgravia

Perfectly pleasant pub tucked around a side street near Hyde Park Corner. Well kept pints of Bishops Finger, Spitfire and Master Brew. Good stuff, if full of braying local workers celebrating the four day weekend.

5 Apr 2007 21:19

The Bath Tavern, Cheltenham

Small but friendly pub that served three good real ales and lovely Pieminster pies and mash. Lovely.

1 Apr 2007 14:51

The Dog and Bell, Deptford

Continues to be a great place to visit. Warm, friendly atmosphere. Great service by Adam whenever I have been in there and it is clearly a much loved pub by those who go regularly. And good range of beers.

16 Feb 2007 11:03

The Last Lick, Deptford

And has now closed down and been turned into a Vietnamese restaurant.

16 Feb 2007 10:56

The Wheatsheaf, Borough

Pretty busy but really good bottled and draught Youngs beers. Had my first Waggledance...fantastic.

16 Feb 2007 10:55

The Market Porter, Borough

I'm sure its great but was so ridiculously busy that we went to the Wheatsheaf instead. Probably best visited on a weekday afternoon or in the summer when standing outside is a better option.

16 Feb 2007 10:53

The Ship, Borough

Decent Fullers pub. The beer was excellent and the range of burgers quite beautiful!

16 Feb 2007 10:51

The Royal Oak, Borough

Decent little pub with plenty of character. Wasn't mad on the Harveys bitter I had, but OK.

16 Feb 2007 10:50

The Camel, Bethnal Green

Beautifully refurbished, non-smoking pub with good range of beers and great pies.

20 Dec 2006 12:54

Royal Albert, New Cross

The Royal Albert is a lovely pub. Beautifully thought through decor and a decent range of beers. Highly recommended.

2 Dec 2006 14:02

The Tigers Head, Bellingham

Now closed down and boarded up. Where will the drinkers of Bellingham go with the other local pub having closed donw?

24 Jul 2006 18:25

The Glassblower, Piccadilly

Pricy but pleasant enough Soho pub, though I wouldn't want to go there on a Friday night. Fit barmaids!

16 Apr 2006 20:41

The Goose on the Broadway, Stratford

Very cheap for beer and food, and good quality too. Quick service and plenty of seating. One drawback is that it is extremely smoky. Not from July 2007!

16 Apr 2006 20:39

The Shakespeare's Head, Holborn

Dingy and non-descript Wetherspoons pub. Having said that it does what it says on the tin.

16 Apr 2006 20:38

The Lord John Russell, Russell Square

Small, quite grotty pub. Does Budvar Dark on tap, which is great, but, that aside, really nothing to get excited about.

16 Apr 2006 20:32

The Pelton Arms, Greenwich

Large, pleasant pub off the tourist trail. Lacking in atmosphere and custom and I wonder how they keep going with their current level of business.

14 Feb 2006 14:07

The Cutty Sark Tavern, Greenwich

My local with many good points but spoilt by one phenomenally surly and rude member of the bar staff who actually lead to myself and a mate walking out last time I was there. Won't be back soon. Stupid policy of reserving tables when a) they don't have the space to do this b) it annoys people sitting down to have a reserved sign placed on the table (whilst still eating) without a word of apology. If you are going to do this have a denoted restaurant section as at the Trafalgar.

14 Feb 2006 14:05

The Dog and Bell, Deptford

Excellent pub in Deptford back street with superb range of (lethal) Belgian beers. Had sausage and mash last time I went which was absolutely lovely.

14 Feb 2006 14:01

Great Spoon of Ilford, Ilford

Got a soft spot for Spoon as I usually go when staying with the folks. Must be getting old because I love the fact there's always a seat. Food is reliable and cheap, though with the processed feel of all Wetherspoon food. Good, quick bar service unlike some other JD pubs.

4 Feb 2006 21:50

The Last Lick, Deptford

Dull wine bar. Little atmosphere and ersatz styling that hardly fits the Deptford aesthetic.

4 Feb 2006 21:48

The Duke, Deptford

After months of being closed it has now inexplicably reopened. Possibly under new management.

11 Nov 2005 18:20

The Duke, Deptford

Appears to have gone out of business. Blinds have been down for months.

5 Nov 2005 09:56

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