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BITE user comments - Jimdee

Comments by Jimdee

The Gardeners Arms, Loughton

Great location for a pub but that's about the only good feature. We tried two of the bitters and they were undrinkeable , at least the barmaid exchanged then for lager. It's a historic listed building but the interior seems to have been updated by someone who's colour-blind; there were even twinkling "Christmas lights" in August ! Total Bling !

We looked at the menu, lunch time only and noticed that both food and wines were expensive

Disappointing, as it could be so much better .

9 Sep 2021 15:56

The Forest Gate Inn, Epping

Amazing nobody has posted a review since 2012 !
The pub's hardly changed, thank heavens, still a proper pub. Beers are good, food simple but good and staff friendly and efficient.
What more could anyone want of a pub !

8 Mar 2018 16:36

The Old Fountain, Old Street

I agree with all the favourable reviews. One extra point: I like the feature of showing names of all the beers, source, ABV and price big and clear on a blackboard.
You know what you're ordering with no nasty surprises waiting.

8 Mar 2018 16:26

Stag, Marden Ash

Have visited several times during last year.
A welcoming place which we immediately noticed is sparkling clean; tables, chairs, floor; all wooden and all gleaming.
Beer is McMullens, not my favourite but well looked after.
Haven't eaten there but the locals recommend it.
Overall, a pleasant place to spend some time in.

5 May 2017 15:19

The Two Brewers, Ongar

Visited for the first time end of last year and have returned a few times since. It's a pleasant place with friendly staff. Nothing special but nothing to complain about (except for me, the two TV screens)
Beers well kept and the food looks OK but I haven't tried it yet.
Worth a visit !

5 May 2017 15:14

The Woodman, Stanford Rivers

Discovered this pub about two years ago and have visited for lunch about a dozen times.
On every visit the service has been really friendly and efficient, food good and the atmosphere welcoming.
They serve food from 12 noon until 9 pm which is an added bonus.
Highly recommended

5 May 2017 15:04

The Wellington, Waterloo

First visit and a little disappointing. Proper pub, but do they really need all those flashing machines (I didn't see anyone using them) likewise tacky music which rings around parts of the pub making it difficult to have a conversation. I didn't notice anyone looking at the plethora of TV screens either.
It was lunchtime and we ordered five dishes between us: the Pie of the day was OK, Chargrilled steak sandwich terrible, Cod and chips poor, Linguine ghastly. So overall verdict on food: less than mediocre ! I know the food is supposed to be standard throughout Fullers' pubs, but this seemed definitely sub-standard.
BUT, the staff were efficient and friendly, the beers were good and it's a more pleasant place to spend an hour or two than the in-station pubs.

4 Sep 2014 20:31

The Royal Oak, Withypool

Stayed here a couple of nights and have added it to our "will come back" list.
Accommodation OK, our bathroom wasn't exactly sparkling clean so nothing special. But food superb. Beers limited in number but well looked after and reasonably priced.
Good service from pleasant staff and nice pubby atmosphere.

20 Aug 2014 19:01

The Royal Oak, Loughton

Good news for real pub-goers (and The Victoria Tavern next door) The Royal Coke is being demolished.
Oh dear, where will the (few) customers go now !

20 Aug 2014 18:52

Sir Winston Churchill, Loughton

Yes. A great improvement, the place has been pulled down. Only worrying question is, where will the low life that formed it's clientele go now ?
Must visit the Clydesdale soon

20 Aug 2014 18:49

Good Intent, Upshire

Tried this pub today for first time and had lunch. Beer was restricted to McMullens which is not my favourite, but it was well kept.

Menu is very good for a country pub with very good selection. Food we had was excellent, served freshly cooked and piping hot by friendly staff. Prices reasonable too.

Pleasant pub, good food, friendly staff, clean toilets, can't ask for more.

27 Mar 2014 14:54

The Moletrap, Tawney Common

Been visiting Mole Trap for many years. It's evolved very much as a food pub and probably because of it's location (no public transport, not in a town) is much frequented, especially on weekdays, by more "mature" folk. Some are Rambler types, but most drive.
Add to this the lack of music, TV, kids and gaming machines in the bar, and you get a good picture of what the pub is like; it even closes in the afternoons like all pubs used to do ! And they only accept cash !

The beers are always really well tended, the food is freshly cooked and the staff are pleasant and friendly.
On some Sunday mornings, people turn up with their classic cars and motorcycles; a nice opportunity for a chat along the lines of "I had one of those once"

The Mole Trap is unique in this part of the world, and long may it be so.

14 Mar 2014 15:27

Sixteen String Jack, Epping

Visited today for lunch. The food was extremely good; freshly cooked, nicely presented and served by pleasant staff.
Seems a nice cosy pub with a friendly atmosphere, highly recommended (and the toilets are clean)

14 Mar 2014 15:07

The Clydesdale, Loughton

Normal people will be relieved to hear that this pub has now been demolished

27 Jan 2014 11:25

The Edgar Wallace, Temple

Following first visit a year ago, have visited several times for lunch since and always been impressed. The staff are very welcoming, the food is excellent (from a fairly small menu choice) and beers good. Can be a little busy at peak 1pm lunch time so best to go earlier or later if you can.

27 Jan 2014 11:22

The Carpenters Arms, Loughton

I hadn't been in the Carpenters for years as it seems quite dingy and is known as a place for where local drop-outs congregate. Having read Philsims review, I thought I'd pop in to see what it's like now.
Sure enough, there were several people smoking inside and I was told that this is tolerated. Apart from this, the whole place is tatty and rundown looking and I can't think of any reason to go there, especially since the best pub in the area, the Victoria Tavern, is just a 2 minute walk.

15 Nov 2013 12:59

The Merry Fiddlers, Fiddlers Hamlet

Visited last week, first time for some years and I can understand the opinions of some of your reviewers.
The bar serving area was quite busy and it was difficult to attract the barmaid's attention especially since she didn't really want to be attracted, preferring to chat (loudly) with the men crowding the bar. Eventually got served with an average bitter but didn't stay long as there was no feeling of being welcome.
Looked at the menu but the dining area didn't look very welcoming either.

Shame, it's an attractive-looking pub which used to enjoy a reputation for good food and drink but is just not the kind of place most people would want to spend time in now.

15 Nov 2013 12:47

The George and Dragon, Epping

Have visited several times since my review 29 Dec 2010 and haven't changed opinion. BUT, visited Sunday lunchtime recently and this is definitely a time to avoid.
The place seemed to be full of Pikeys with kids. Buggies everywhere, toys all over the floor and the sound of wailing. It would help if there was a designated family area, but there's not.
Still recommended, but not for Sunday lunch !

By the way, I've just re-read the review by jeanbexter and am puzzled at how she can state that the food was "high quality" and "local" when she hadn't actually tried it. And the wine was "amazing" Also the lack of command of English displayed leaves me breathless. Is she an employee of the pub ?

15 Nov 2013 12:33

The Foresters Arms, Loughton

Light at the end of the (dingy) tunnel.......!
Pub has new tenants and has had a minor, but excellent, makeover and there's still a lot of exterior work going on. It now looks and feels like a real pub inside and the staff actually seem to enjoy their work and make customers welcome.
Haven't had a chance to try the food yet, but this is obviously going to be a major part of the proprietors' plans for the future. Meanwhile, all the bitters I tried were good, and the barmaid was happy to let us try one or two.

The pub couldn't have got worse and it's certainly already much better. I look forward to visiting again soon to see how it's going.

21 May 2013 15:11

The Bull, Much Hadham

Good place to go after visiting Hopley's Garden Centre.
We went for lunch and were welcomed like old friends by pleasant staff. Menu was more imaginative than the average pub and the food was excellent. Décor just like a village pub should be.
Unfortunately couldn't try the beers but the fellow drinkers seemed quite satisfied. Prices sensible.
A definite return-to place

21 May 2013 14:51

The Edgar Wallace, Temple

First visit last week and had lunch there. Atmospheric bar decorated with Advertisements from days gone by; interesting to see how many you can remember !
Between three of us we sampled all the bitters and all were average to good, not cheap but it is the West End. Food was good standard pub fare and arrived quickly (probably because they're used to dealing with customers who only have an hour for lunch)
Staff seemed welcoming and friendly.
Don't know how it would be in the evening but would recommend for a lunchtime pint and meal.

8 Feb 2013 20:59

The Devereux, Temple

Apologies to all.
My review of 6 Feb. was actually about the Edgar Wallace pub nearby, went there with friends and didn't actually check the name ! I haven't visited the Devereux but certainly will do soon.

8 Feb 2013 20:57

The Devereux, Temple

First visit last week and had lunch there. Atmospheric bar decorated with Advertisements from days gone by; interesting to see how many you can remember !
Between three of us we sampled all the bitters and all were average to good, not cheap but it is the West End. Food was good standard pub fare and arrived quickly (probably because they're used to dealing with customers who only have an hour for lunch)
Staff seemed welcoming and friendly.
Don't know how it would be in the evening but would recommend for a lunchtime pint and meal.

6 Feb 2013 11:37

The Gardeners Arms, Loughton

Visited again last Saturday about 5pm. Pub seemed to be full of baby buggies and wailing kids. Several people waiting to be served and no sign of any bar staff. Some tables were full of dirty glasses. Gave up waiting but went back about 6.30. Most of the babies had gone but there were four dogs wandering around instead, a couple of which were nearly as noisy as the babies !. There was one barmaid, a young lady who was both charming and efficient, but unable to cope with the workload.
Adnams was undrinkable so went on to Fosters as a safe alternative: noticed that they still charge more for two halves than one pint, and their wine prices are exorbitant.
It's still an attractive pub in a nice location but starting to look scruffy and in need of some TLC. And a staff review !

11 Dec 2012 12:28

Sir Winston Churchill, Loughton

Read the reviews from froscani and loughtonian and thought it couldn't really be that is !
Decided to pop in on Saturday lunchtime and didn't get through the door as the terrace and doorway were full of drunks, fat women, chavs and horrible kids. They all seemed to have a vocabulary only of words rhyming with "duck" and "hunt"
So, I don't know what the pub is actually like but nobody normal would want to risk getting near the clientele that I saw. Either go elsewhere or give up drinking !

24 Nov 2012 16:38

The Telegraph, Moorgate

The Telegraph is more restaurant than pub: it's obviously aimed at the City lunch trade, and does it very well.
Have visited four times in past six months and found service at bar and tables very good: they probably assume you only have an hour to spend. Food a cut above the average pub fare and priced accordingly. Beer seemed a little pricey but it is a City Pub after all !
Yes, it's quite "echoey" due to the décor: not a place to take someone else's wife for a quiet tete a tete.
There are certainly better "pubs" in the area, but it's an excellent place to have lunch

24 Nov 2012 16:28

The Sun Inn, Clun

We've been visiting The Sun for around 15 years and generally each visit has been more disappointing in terms of service, food and drink (the mainstays of a pub) It's changed hands many times and we've noticed fewer locals in there each time.
BUT: we went last week and were delighted to see that the latest proprietors have worked wonders although they'd only been there a few weeks. The place has been cleaned up and revitalised, without losing any of the ambience. The food is superb, definitely a cut above average pub fare and all the staff are obviously making an effort to please customers. The locals obviously like it too as they've started to come back !
Long may it continue.

12 Nov 2012 17:09

The Racehorses, Kettlewell

Visited in July and it's just as good as on previous visits. We think the food is the best in Kettlewell, (it's where the locals go for a night out) and beers well kept. Lanlord and staff very pleasant.
It's only drawback for the drinker is that it's more hotel than pub so lacks the ambience of the other 2 village pubs.

3 Aug 2012 16:57

The Blue Bell Inn, Kettlewell

Stayed in Kettlewell for a week in July and visited a few times. Beers are good, food average (some main courses looked a bit tired but the accompanying plates of fresh veg were excellent!) The tables were not too clean, .
Like Eastendminder we found mine host quite inebriated one night and he was being quite abrasive to customers and staff.

The Racehorses Hotel across the road is much better for food and the prices are competitive.

3 Aug 2012 16:48

Trafalgar Tavern, Greenwich

Visited lunchtime today. Prices terrible: 2 pints of Adnams and a glass of wine was over 13.
Fish and Chips lunch mediocre and not good value at 15. ! Can't think how shand83 can describe the food as "great"

Yes, location appeals to the tourists but there are better places in Greenwich for the serious pubber:

4 Jul 2012 19:19

The Gate Clock, Greenwich

Visited last Friday and agree with others that it's just a typical Wetherspoons: full of committed (and aspiring) Alcos.
There were 17, yes I counted, people waiting to get served by one barman who was also speaking to someone on a two-way radio, so not making much progress.
How is that that Wetherspoons is one of the few places where one can see a Mullet hairstyle and a Shellsuit !

Has anyone else noticed that Tim Martin, the Boss, sometimes crops up on Radio/TV interviews extolling the virtues of responsible drinking ? Why then do his pubs offer special deals on second/double measures on spirits ?

I wouldn't dare visit a Wetherspoons near closing time. Can't someone video one of the confrontational events and post on YouTube so we can all enjoy it

30 May 2012 18:21

The Water Poet, Shoreditch

First visit lunchtime today. Nice pub with over-priced drinks but sensibly-priced food. Staff friendly and cheerful but not very efficient: a few customers, including us, were waiting for things to appear and watched them going to other tables.
Only real complaint was the food. The battrered cod was appalling: didn't seem to share any characteristics with real fish. And the chicken salad was at best mediocre.
I'm told it's very busy in the evenings so they must be doing something right ! Maybe our experience was unusual so we'll go back again.

30 May 2012 17:56

The Rising Sun, Smithfield

Visited twice during past month. Both times impressed with friendly helpful staff. Beer standard Sam's (at usual good prices) and food usual pub (came on a lorry) fare, basic and reaonable value but certainly not haute cuisine. Pleasant place with nice atmosphere.

18 Apr 2012 14:51

The Bishop's Finger, Barbican

Excellent pub. Visited lunchtime so quite busy but managed to get a table. Beers very good and food excellent. We three had Sausages & Mash, Steak, and Fish & Chips and all very good. We agreed it was the best pub food we've had in the City so far.

18 Apr 2012 14:43

The Captain Kidd, Wapping

Back in Aug 2010, I ranked this pub highly. Have been back a few times since and it has varied between "OK" and "poor"
The management and staff seem to change frequently (confirmed by a "regular" I chatted to) and the last time I went (Feb) the staff were indifferent and unenthusiastic; one of the girls spoke little English ! The previous time I visited, the staff (mainly Australian) were super, friendly and efficient.
So, the pub is still good, but the atmosphere and service variable.

15 Mar 2012 14:43

The Hollybush, Loughton

I think the staff here are those who've failed the Mcmullen training course and are working out their notice period. Nothing else could explain the sheer indifference and indolence of the staff, who seem to spend their time sitting at tables chatting to each other. If they were capable of reading they would probably think my comments are praise !
Shame, as it's an attractive building in a convenient location. It just needs good management.

10 Feb 2012 13:27

Woodins Shades, Liverpool Street

Went there one lunchtime last week just to see if it is as bad as other revewers say.. The guy of Mediterranean appearance still seems to be in charge so presumably the owners don't read BITE reviews.
We ate in the upstairs room and the waitress got quite annoyed because we didn't want to sit at a table next to a very hot radiator. There was only one waitress (whose English was limited) who was also barmaid and as she was busy it was quicker to walk downstairs to the main bar to get drinks and carry them back up. Food was average and although ours was OK, some other customers were complaining that theirs was cold, possibly because the waitress was trying to serve drinks while plates of food were cooling down.
In the pub downstairs there's a good range of beers and those we tried were good.
A place to pop in for a decent pint, but if you want to eat; go to Dirty Dicks across the road.

10 Feb 2012 13:07

Dirty Dick's, Bishopsgate

Been using Dick's for years and agree that it's one of the better pubs in the area (but try Woodins Shades nearby)
The place is quite atmospheric and always clean and has a welcoming feel about it.
Beers are always good but pricey and the food is good pub fare usually served by pleasant staff.
The staff seem to change nearly every time I visit and since the economic downturn there do seem fewer of them, perhaps because there are fewer customers. At least it doesn't get as crowded with City Posers as it used to !

10 Feb 2012 12:44

The Coach and Horses, Clerkenwell

Went there for lunch. Food average, with small portions; one of us had the fish and chips and the piece of fish was hardly bigger than the chips !
Beers good but expensive but it is a pleasant place to be in with friendly efficient staff.

We were not so pleased that a 12.5% service charge was added to entire bill, including beers orderd from the bar, which put another 50p or so on to a pint of the already expensive beers. Advice is to pay for deinks separately as you buy them.

10 Feb 2012 12:24

Minx, Loughton

Have to say I agree with every comment although I see the last review for this place was June 2009. Well, it hasn't improved, despite a couple of closures and name-changes, the latest of which is "Luxe" which should tell us enough. Having read the Reviews Policy; let's say the place allegedly has a poor local reputation.!
Not sure if it's open right now but it looks a place for normal folk to avoid. If you're in Loughton and want a drink in a decent pub, go to the Victoria Tavern.

29 Nov 2011 21:42

Billie Jeans, Epping

Have read all the other reviews, and can honestly say that now the pub is even worse.
I didn't even get inside: the hideous exterior is bad enough but the clientele hanging around the entrance is the final clincher. An absolute travesty of a pub. Probably a place to avoid at closing time: although most people would avoid it at any time !

8 Aug 2011 14:11

The Black Bull, Fyfield

Have visited Black Bull many times over the years and like all country pubs that want to survive, it's had to go for the eating customer; and it does it quite well.. It's mainly restaurant but still retains a cosy bar feel, and there are real ales on draft
We've found food to be pretty good, though at busy times the veg can turn up either tired or luke-warm, or both. Portions are always generous. The pub has a reputation for fish and we've always found it to be very good.

On one visit, people at the table next to ours called the waitress to point out a slug in some salad. The waitresses response was "oh yes there is isn't there" she took the plate away and returned a minute or two later with same plate minus the slug. There was no acknowledgement or apology from anyone and I suggested to the customers that they should at least request a discount or free bottle of wine but no offer was made and they didn't ask.

We've sometimea found the staff a little inexperienced, but always friendly and willing.

I'd recommend it as a good pub serving good food, but do remember it's not a West End restaurant !

8 Aug 2011 14:02

The Clydesdale, Loughton

The kind of place where you don't look anyone in the eye. We drank up our mediocre pint and got out quick !

18 Jul 2011 17:47

The Builders Arms, Kensington

Have only visited once, midday lunchtime and quite impressed. Beers and food good with some distinctly non standard pub offerings on menu; prices reasonable. Staff friendly and efficient: barmaid even spotted our empty glasses and offered to bring more drinks. I don't get that in my local !

Read other comments about evenings and think I'll restrict my visits to lunchtimes.

18 Jul 2011 17:36

The Foresters Arms, Loughton

Yes; Jimdee again. Seems I'm the only active reviewer of the Foresters Arms.
Good news: Although I haven't eaten there, the food has obviously improved enormously, it looks and smells super.
Bad news; still the indifferent and small range of beers. Same dingy, scruffy interior,
Only redeeming feature is still the position and forest views

4 Apr 2011 21:43

The Mole Trap, Stapleford Tawney

Have visited the Mole Trap many times over past few years. Always a good selection of bitters available and they are always first class; and you are invited to try before you buy. There's no music, no kids, no fruit machine, no credit cards, so it tends to fill up with lunching wrinklies.
Food seems to be all home-prepared; not like the standard factory made stuff in many pubs; with most meals you get 4 or 5 fresh veg ! We have always been pleased with the food except when once or twice, part of the meal was lukewarm.
Staff pleasant and friendly. Shame it's not open all day !

4 Apr 2011 21:29

The George and Dragon, Epping

Visited today. Don't confuse with the previous Ember Inn, it's been refurbished and is now more restaurant than pub and all the better for it !
Staff are bright and enthusiastic, beers limited, but there's an extensive selection of cocktails, which is a clear indication of the market they're aiming at. Menu very imaginative and food excellent, with friendly service and good wine list.
A nice eating experience, but not cheap.

29 Dec 2010 20:44

The Foresters Arms, Loughton

Following my posting on 23 Aug., we returned in September. Nothing had changed except I'm told the ladies' toilets were imsanitary !

15 Oct 2010 19:14

The Blue Boar, Abridge

We paid first visit to The Blue Boar Friday lunchtime and discovered it is not really a pub, more of a restaurant with bar.
Decor is good with nice furniture, staff pleasant and welcoming. Menu quite varied and the food very good. You don't expect low prices in this type of place, but they compare well with local competition.
Recommended !

15 Oct 2010 19:09

The Queens Head, Fyfield

Nice cosy pub with lots of character which serves good beer and food. But; it's quite small with a long narrow area for eating/drinking so when it's just a litlle busy it gets uncomfortable.

If you're drinking at the bar you have to keep shuffling around to let the staff get plates to the tables. Many of the tables are placed so that if you're eating, you've got drinkers looming over you because they've nowhere else to go.

Best to visit at an unpopular time to avoid the intimacy !

26 Aug 2010 18:31

The Last Post, Loughton

It's the usual JD mixture of good, cheap food and drink plus unmotivated staff. Apart from breakfast and lunch time, the clientele is standard JD mix of local low-life, unemployed, alcoholics and (at night) kids determined to get drunk on the cheap.

How is it that all Wetherspoons seem to have a couple of scruffy customers with seventies hair styles, wearing shell suits and often with B.O. way off the Beaufort scale. Are they paid to tour the pubs ? Or maybe they're paid by other pubs to leave !

26 Aug 2010 18:17

The Horseshoes, Upshire

Pleasant village pub attracts locals (including one of the few darts teams around) and which is strong on food; although it's layout is not really suitable for both. There is a nice pub atmosphere, the staff are friendly and the beers well looked after.
The dining area is not very attractive, quite dark and gloomy, but the quality of food makes up for the lack of ambience, and you can eat outside if weather permits.
Sunday lunch is standard pub roast, and sometimes they cram people in so that it's uncomfortably crowded and noisy; especially when the bar customers are watching sport on TV !
Visit on weekdays and the menu is more varied, from typical pub meals to some more exotic offerings. The quality and presentation are excellent, and the highish prices well justified.

Downsides: the toilets could do with some TLC, and you have to walk through the bar (sometimes busy) to get to them. They make a surcharge if you pay by credit card. And; it seems that it can't decide if it's a village pub or a restaurant.

26 Aug 2010 18:04

The Captain Kidd, Wapping

I visit quite often and always find the staff friendly. Food is pretty basic pub grub, but good quality and nicely presented. Beers are good and much lower priced than most London pubs. Customers nice mixture of locals, tourists and tycoons. Well done, Sam Smiths

On a sunny day it's very pleasant to sit on the terrace in the sun watching the Thames life. In the afternoon, when the sun goes down, travel to the other side of the river on the London Overground and pop in to The Mayflower, Rotherhithe where the sun will still be out !

26 Aug 2010 17:41

The Garnon Bushes, Coopersale

A friend told us the food was good so we went to try it for lunch and were very disappointed. Serving staff quite friendly, but choice of beers very limited. Food was mediocre; certainly didn't look or taste home - made. Someone, probably the Licensee, sat on a bar stool chatting loudly to a companion and every other word rhymed with "duck"
This visit was early this year: maybe things have changed now, but we won't bother to go back because there are better options around.

26 Aug 2010 16:24

The Victoria Tavern, Loughton

Fully agree with other reviewers. A "proper" pub with sparkling clean glasses, good staff and excellent beers. Obviously a locals pub but welcoming to strangers as well.
But; they also do excellent food. All good wholesome meals genuinely home - cooked. In my opinion certainly the best pub food in Loughton.
Try it !

23 Aug 2010 18:46

Duke of Wellington, High Beech

Very attractively refurbished pub in great location on edge of forest. Pleasant terrace outside plus large garden for kids. It's all spick and span (including toilets) and the staff always seem very friendly
Beers are good and sensibly priced. Food is quite basic, but good quality and priced accordingly.
Highly recommended

23 Aug 2010 18:36

The Gardeners Arms, Loughton

It's a pleasant, homely olde worlde place, with a blazing fire in winter.
Quite friendly staff, but some of them seem determined not to serve customers too quickly, perhaps they think you'll appreciate the drink more if you have to wait.
I go there quite often, and agree with other reviewers thet the beer is generally poor quality and quite expensive (and they charge more for two halves than one pint) Better to stick to Lager.
Food is OK, just the standard pub menu you see everywhere, but you can get far better, and cheaper, elsewhere.

23 Aug 2010 18:27

The Foresters Arms, Loughton

Gastro-type decor, but scruffy and rundown looking. Tables and bar grubby, as are toilets. Only good feature of the pub is it's location, overlooking the forest, which is the sole reason I go there.
Drinks are pricey and frequently only 1 draught bitter available. Haven't eaten there but food looks average pub stuff, and again quite pricey.
Go there for the location, not for food and drink !

23 Aug 2010 18:13

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