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Comments by Insearchofthebestpint

The Castle, Outwood

Indeed, what has happened to this pub?

They have moved away from the poor Greene King beers which is good but they seem to care little about the offerings they have. Saw a Pilgrim Quest on the bar, ordered and watched the barman disappear somewhere around the back and reappear with a pint of, what can only be described as, "mud". On questioned as to whether the beer should be like that he said "dunno" and disappeared again coming back with a small glass of beer. Tasting it he said "seems alright to me but I don't drink ale"!!!

The staff seemed to be rushing around like the veritable headless chickens so I have no idea what is or has happened. Doubt if I'll venture there again until a positive report suggests I am safe to do so!

9 Jun 2015 12:46

The Chequers Inn, Rowhook

A superb country pub with excellent food let down a little by the poor choice and quality of the ales.

7 Feb 2015 12:19

The Joshua Tree, Redhill

Probably the best pub locally for a balance between good food and a choice of ales. It is a genuine freehouse so can choose wisely. Usually four ales on sale including the local Pilgrim beers. Wide and varied menu, well presented with fresh ingredients. Kevin is the experienced chef/owner so has a major interest in ensuring quality at every level including happy and helpful staff.

20 Oct 2014 21:39

The Plough, Pyecombe

Yes it more "foodie" than "aley" but the licensee is taking an admirable approach to supporting the local economy and this extends to taking beers from local brewers. The usual Hophead and another in good condition (I've forgotten!) were on tap.

7 Aug 2014 06:44

The Gallipot Inn, Hartfield

I simply echo the comments from "filf" 10 plus months ago...just might say excellent in general rather than pleasant. Helpful young bar people and top notch food with the licensee showing an interest in his unusual it is worth commenting on! This review is a few weeks late so I might be there in the ntd!

30 Jul 2014 22:09

The Rod and Line, Tideford

A locals' pub and all the better for it. Thank you for the kindness showed to my recently disabled wife...we were well fed and watered....well fed and beered dependent on weather..if they're out fishing then there's fish on the menu! But, regardless, there will be a warm welcome, food 'n beer..what more do you want?

23 May 2014 23:03

The Captain Kidd, Wapping

A great example of why pubs tied to a brewery are so poor. Everything on offer is such poor quality so seek ye a decent pint elsewhere. The brewery ethic seems to be to try to please everyone yet contrives to please no-one.

17 Aug 2013 20:34

The Devon and Cornwall, Millbrook

Scaffholding down and re-furb completed when I passed through a couple of weeks ago. All running as should be with jolly staff and locals doing what they do best...geting on with life as it passes by in this lost corner of Cornwall. Ales a standard three but the Chilean red should be avoided as I failed to do!

26 May 2013 11:17

The Finnygook Inn, Crafthole

Good food, well priced for the quality, slightly batty but nevertheless charming staff. Now more a restaurant so not a pub to go to for a drink and chat.

6 Apr 2013 10:48

The Wilcove Inn, Wilcove

A delightfully hidden free house now under a new long-term lease. Licensee has a balanced and progressive attitude to both his food and ale offer with unusual "specials" such as the tapas menu available when we visited. Look out for a changing range of ales....I enjoyed a superb, light Spring Ale in the beer garden overlooking the cove. Best visited at high tide but even without water the outlook is lovely.

4 Apr 2013 13:31

The Devon and Cornwall, Millbrook

Battle through the scaffholding...the final part of the refurb.. to find a very friendly, locals pub which offers well-priced meals (in a separate dining area) with "specials" nights which are very good value. I chose to go on the Tuesday "Curry Night" and was well fed and well looked after. Service was provided by a happy and smiley young waitress which is often a sign of happy management behind the scenes. Good on her and the rest of the D&C team. The usual ales were well looked after so what more can you want of a small town centre pub? Possibly being given the secret to shifting the dog?

3 Apr 2013 17:19

The Devon and Cornwall, Millbrook

Refurb...designed by the new owners.. following the flood going along very tastefully. New kitchen should be up and running as I write this. Very pleasant open fire to while away an hour or two on the leather sofa...if you can shift the! Choice of three ales usually..always seem to have Tribute on when I visit plus the ubiquitous, dreary Doom Bar. Looking forward to seeing the D&C get back fully into its stride this year.

27 Mar 2013 21:50

The Botley Hill Farmhouse, Warlingham

Nowadays a very poor ale selection. two GK beers..and this claims to be a free house... and a Westerham beer.. Spirit of Kent with a Spitfire on the clip. I tried that beer elsewhere quite recently and didn't think much of it then..I will not try it a third time. If that represents the spirit of Kent how the well did we win the Battle of Britain?

25 Mar 2013 16:50

The White Bear, Fickleshole

Popular pub with helpful and friendly staff. Good food and a well chosen selection of real ales. Fickleshole Bitter excellent, clean tasting pint with restrained hop character..lowish strength so perfect for drivers.

13 Mar 2013 21:48

The Edgar Wallace, Temple

Had a wonderful beer from Pilgrim..Luperc Alia..fab pumpclip with a half naked wolfwoman on it..very tasteful as was the beer...would have had (even) more but they ran out almost as soon as it had been put on...incredible. barman said they'd order more..fingers crossed....fab pub as well...

7 Mar 2013 15:06

The Savoy Tup, Strand

Good range of beers..Pilgrim excellent as always but also a new (?) lager..Riegele ...barman said it was the best lager in the UK and has won "Best Beer in Germany" award and Gold in the European Beer competition...must say haven't seen it anywhere else in London...and very good it was. Live music on Friday evenings..another fine reason to go to the Tup and drink some great beer.

7 Mar 2013 14:15

The Merry Harriers, Hambledon

Excellent food, excellent beer, fair prices, well appointed and clean...what more could one want? Oh yes, one other thing...the young, attractive and intelligent staff are attentive without being overbearing. They are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and well trained...all in all a joy. Curious parking arrangements from some staff...seemingly dependent on whether the car contains a dog or not!

18 Jan 2013 17:56

The Eagle Ale House, Clapham

Sign in the lads here suggests customers visit BITE to comment but I won't dally as I have to get back to the bar to have another pint of one of the excellent and varied choice of ales....the Eagle specialises in micro brewed beers and the landlord, David is always happy to advise on which would be a great choice....more of a lagoon of beer in a desert than an oasis!

17 Jan 2013 15:40

The Boaters Inn, Kingston Upon Thames

A lot of positive things can be said about Boaters. Sadly since the Greene King takeover the range of ales has become very limited so there is not the draw there once was to enjoy a really interesting as well as great beer by the river. High prices for great beer is one thing but for bog standard stuff? Methinks not.

30 Nov 2012 09:47

The Red Lion, Bletchingley

Enticed in by the shiny lights I should have realised packaging disguises much. Gasping for a decent beer I would not normally choose a Greene King pub but we all make mistakes and/or are slow learners! This time I was positively excited at seeing, to me, a new draught beer on tap...London the spiel went.. "A celebratory ale created by the master brewers of Greene King for the nation's capital city. Centuries of expertise and craftsmanship have come together etc etc" ...Ye gods it was horrible...nasty taste..reminded me of my home brewing when a fermentation went wrong...if Jose is their "master brewer" it would simply be..No way!

6 Nov 2012 11:54

The Market Hotel, Reigate

Excellent pint of the local Pilgrim beer "Progress". Great needed it! Discovered that it was the only pub in the UK which was owned by a local authority...according to the barman...until bought by Fullers.

31 Oct 2012 09:31

The Red Lion, Turners Hill

Excellent "local" pub, friendly staff and well kept range of Harvey's own beers. Menu looks interesting and fairly priced but only available at lunchtimes. That latter comment is not a criticism as the pub is not large enough to warrant an evening menu...better for it as it remains exactly what it should be - a clean welcoming pub with decent beer..simple I know, but they are dying breed.

1 Oct 2012 11:02

The Rising Sun, Kingsand

Great little pub..well kept beer, good choice of food at reasonable prices, live music on Saturdays..what more can one want? And the absence of the over-hyped and boring Doombar is a real bonus.

23 Sep 2012 13:18

The Cowdray Arms, Balcombe

Usual poor ale offering from GK...why, oh why do they not use a specialist local brewer? Afraid of a bit of competition, I guess. A pity really as they are trying very hard with a food menu that looks excellent BUT is it like their beer offering, flattering to deceive? As no decent brew I wended my way to Ardingly in search of both good food and good beer.

11 Jul 2012 11:54

The Bell Inn, Outwood

Once upon a time this was a great Free House and still has the potential to be but, almost invariably, with managed houses they drift down with standardised food and ales. I visited having eschewed my usual pub when in the area for a little change. Can't comment on the beer as I waited, patiently, until I realised that the single barmaid, who was, whilst largely ignoring her customers, chatting to a grubby "chef" as she pulled beer and was unlikely to notice me gasping for one: I left. The wait had drawn one thing to my attention and that was that the pub smelt dirty. At 6.30 on a Friday evening one would expect there to be more staff and the one on duty to exhibit something other than tepid torpor.

18 Jun 2012 10:08

The Bricklayers Arms, Shamley Green

Don't believe the hype about Exmoor Gold! Four or five brewers had the same idea at roughly the same time in different parts of the country. In Surrey,for instance, Pilgrim brewed their first golden bitter, Crusader in 1985. Good choice of ales nevertheless.

16 May 2012 09:13

The Sir Humphrey Appleby, Whitehall

The "Humph" was my local when I worked in Whitehall in the late 70's. It remains rather staid yet upright in character. Some might say lacking in colour but then, strangely, grey is the colour of Whitehall. The "back room" is a haunt of senior Civil Servants and it is an amusing pastime keeping an eye out for Ministers, especially on Thursdays, nipping in for a quick stiffener. This is especially true if they are, as we used to say, "in purdah". The bar features an unusual collection of handbags some having been damaged by the occasional European foray. The management changes fairly often but this invariably, in my experience, leads to disappointment despite early promise.

23 Feb 2012 14:21

The Castle, Outwood

And spend my "hard earned" I am. Good choice of ales: two Pilgrim..excellent, Brakspear's Oxford Gold and the ubiquitous Harvey's. The monthly moules night was still very popular despite it being a cold January evening. Warm, comfortable and welcoming.....laid back and confident...just the beers!

19 Jan 2012 21:08

The Ship Inn, Pitch Place

A change of ownership bodes well for ale drinkers. Licensee Lea is looking for some good local beers. Another pub without the ubiquitous Doom or the Pride? Certainly hope so. The changes begin with all the hand pumps and lines being renewed...a very good start.

10 Jan 2012 10:18

The White Hart, Whitton

A busy pub for mostly the middle-aged, non-complaining, non-judgmental, accept what you get with a stiff upper lip type. A wysiwyg pub except that it claims to be a free house which technically may be true but, in reality, is tied. The usual lagers and and a dreary selection of ales: Doom Bar, Pride and Horriblegoblin: an opportunity missed. "Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains".

30 Dec 2011 10:57

The Admiral Nelson, Whitton

In the area for a bit of rugby and thought a pint of Pride would be at it's best in a Fuller's probably was but that ain't saying much so I have concluded that it is now a very poor beer. As to the food comments from aircrew.."what do you expect from a managed pub"? They exist to make enough profit to maintain the company share price...sadly the concept of customer satisfaction comes down the list as there is little competition in the true sense between pub estates.

28 Dec 2011 10:27

The Wyndham Arms, Merthyr Tydfil

Funny how some people...griffo59 in this case looking at his other reviews...never seem to find a good word to say about I try to look for the positive. I am a great believer in variety especially when it comes to pubs. The Wyndham is a perfect example of a pub catering...well not quite that a niche in the market. I was initially attracted by the pink exterior which reflects the fact that the pub is (seemingly) run by ladies. Had a perfectly reasonably pint of the black stuff in the jolly and warm atmosphere. I couldn't have a second as it was 10.10pm and the licensing only allows serving until 10pm but as all the customers were completely hammered including a party of fat hens by that time there seems no reason to open any longer! So there you have it: a pub to go to if you want a warmly alcoholic environment and are not worried that the anodyne world of over-managed pubs does not exist in the land of Wyndham.

10 Dec 2011 10:58

Y Dic Penderyn, Merthyr Tydfil

What can one say other than this is one of the least distinguished of the "Spoons offerings. It is slightly unusual in that it features a 70's brown exterior. The only really good thing was the attractive bespectacled blonde with super legs standing outside with her smoking mates on a hen night. Sadly, she will probably not be there if you visit but, sadly, the pub will be.

On a positive note it did offer the best range of ales in Merthyr and was certainly cleaner that all other locals.

8 Dec 2011 12:43

The Skylark, Croydon

Alerted to this by Slerpy I duly met the brewer....from Pilgrim...a fascinating if rambling presentation with samples of the many different malts and hops they use down in leafy Reigate. Apparently it is the brewery's 30th birthday in January. Judging by the quality and variety of beers available for sampling including a delicious stout it's not surprising they are ageing well! Congrats to the management for this inspired choice of brewer.

26 Nov 2011 23:26

The Purley Arms, South Croydon

Lovespuds sums this pub up succinctly. I might add that there is a range of slightly more unusual ales. A dimmer on some of the lights might improve the atmosphere but, hey, whose worrying about such a small thing when overall it's a "Super little boozer".

26 Nov 2011 23:12

Bull Inn, Brasted

Now what was the name of the nice, friendly other little pub in must remember...SN bought it and then closed it in the belief that less competition would force people to go to the might suggest this is all a load of bulls....SN have lost the plot when it comes to running pubs...of course they don't want another brewery e.g. Westerham running it because that would be ...more competition...hum..strange world when the customer base of an industry is constantly eroded by the actions of that industry.

15 Nov 2011 16:14

The Cock Inn, Halstead

Rather splendid "small" breakfast washed down with an excellent Harvey's..lively with plenty of entertainments advertised on the board. Some might think the appearance of the Pratts Bottom and Halstead Brownies slightly curious if not, possibly, illegal but hey-be open-minded! Landlord kindly offered me a taste of the Titanic "Night to Remember" 4.3% which ironically turned out to be unmemorable. Several standard brown ales...the usual suspects... but this clean and professionally run pub would be improved by a well chosen craft-brewed local beer, if allowed that is.

15 Nov 2011 15:15

Trafalgar Freehouse, South Wimbledon

Had to comment on another comment which is not my usual comment! Jelnet..if you
are an occasional visitor can you really be in a position to say "a lot of the same beers seem to show up" or "televising of major sporting events has reduced the pubs appeal"? etc etc...maybe more than an occasional visit would give an accurate view. If your comments have some truth then, no doubt, the management will take note. From my viewpoint..thank goodness in these difficult times that the Traf remains stubbornly independent. Value that or as is said " use it or lose it". And maybe the degraded customer service may, just, be as a result of the customer themselves!

30 Oct 2011 18:58

The Savoy Tup, Strand

Ooooer! Dropped by to see if there were any ale changes and to my delight discovered that they were stocking Pilgrim, seemingly on a permanent basis. Rarely found around these parts....had a couple of pints of their Surrey Bitter. Great depth of flavour. Things are looking up. Further "things" in the pipeline, so to speak!

29 Oct 2011 08:42

The Crown and Anchor, Covent Garden

Good enough but uninspired....dreary ales and the usual lagers..probably tied to the Reigate Market is.. so neither are "Free" Houses as for Trading Standards except there is no legal definition of "Free House" so murder is got away with! P.s. spotted a Ploughman's with distinctly industrial cheese....just like the!

21 Oct 2011 19:03

The Cross Keys, Covent Garden

Two visits..two enjoyable visits..more than two pints each visit!! Jolly, friendly, busy, honest pub with a diverse clientele. BQ 9. Nuff said..p.s. good fries for a coupla quid...home made pies which sadly I didn't try

21 Oct 2011 18:52

The Savoy Tup, Strand

Seemingly under new management and due for a serious tidy-up. Understand from the bar staff that the beer range is going to be "improved" in the not too distant. Hope that means seeing some products from "proper" breweries and not the likes of GK factory beer. Will venture back shortly with fingers crossed.

20 Oct 2011 12:11

The Kings Head, Holmbury St Mary

Dropped by to find new licensees and wish them good luck. Let's hope that they restore the choice of ales...especially, please, any Pilgrim beer...I missed the Surrey!

5 Oct 2011 13:25

The Cat's Back, Wandsworth

If the previous comments are to be believed then I was not in the same pub! Some pubs and I have been in a few in my time (!) manage to balance old, tatty and rundown which give them a bohemian charm. They, however, tend to be clean which this pub is definitely fact it was so dirty that I could barely bring myself to order some crisps rather than a 90p for a bag of Walker's that too was a mistake. Two ales on draught as before but I couldn't tell through the murk whether the glass was dirty or the beer cloudy. I would like to think that this comment might stimulate a bout of furious cleaning but I doubt it. Very pleasant river walk close by.

20 Sep 2011 16:20

The Feathers, Merstham

Well, well, well....almost another year has gone by and the place is now even worse! It did have a slightly jollier atmosphere but I wiondered why as the beer was soooo awful. A wheatbeer was just acceptable but the (very pleasant) barmaid did not know it should be cloudy but marks for the proper glass. My second drink...the wheatbeer was "off".... looked like mud..I pointed out that whilst a wheatbeer should be cloudy a lager should be clear! I was going to add more but am not wasting any more time....please somebody help this potentially good pub before it dies. P.s. If the manager sees this...hint...clean your beerlines weekly not annually. Makes you wonder about the kitchen!

5 Mar 2011 15:10

The Wiremill, Lingfield

The owners of this pub....who seemed to have had such high aims...have completely lost the plot...the staff employed are not from the same strata of society that the marketing seems to be aimed a result the same strata supplies the customers....I had not recovered from having a barman debung his sinuses whilst pouring my beer when I saw him adjust his male vegetables in front of other customers...unbelievable. I hope he wasn't due to take food out!

28 Jul 2010 21:04

Queens Head, Burnham On Crouch

Well run backstreet boozer..friendly, local, choice of well priced micro-brewed beers and good pub grub...pretty good all rounder.

28 Jun 2010 12:10

The Plough, Bletchingley

More miss and miss!

Cheap and cheerful but the cheerfulness is engendered by the innocent but slightly yet delightfully mad waitresses...I think the trainer stuffed in the rain gutter, presumably holding up the roof, should have been a warning. Shall I mention the food? Best not. The beer? Definitely not! The only corkscrew in the pub..that didn't work? Amusing maybe a touch ironic. The heating on full blast on mid-summers day? Barely worth a mention at all. All in all a truly memorable experience. Will I return? Is there a cat Schroeder's box? More questions than answers in this unique pub. Worth a visit if you enjoy Dali..he would have, maybe? Oh, yes,,,did I forget to mention that one of the three flying ducks had gone awol?

21 Jun 2010 21:25

The Ladas, Epsom

Reading the previous reviews it would seem that missywissy has issues! Best leave them to outside this forum. I, for one, am looking forward to visting the Ladas this w/e. Having been a part-time habitue I feel certain that the hard work that S&G put into the WH will be repeated here. Let's hope that they can really make a go of this pub which, sadly, has been "traditional" for too long. I am afraid that missywissy is missyguided to think that by preventing pubs develop they will continue to be succesful. Look around; the evidence is against you as "trad" pubs are shutting everywhere. My very first visit to the Ladas elicited a "wadda you want" from the then barman....that was my first and only visit to the Ladas as was. I am sure I will have a more friendly greeting this next visit.

15 Jun 2010 10:38

The Feathers, Merstham

Ooops poor speling (sic) how embarrassing! Green fairy1...still eating?

11 Jun 2010 22:45

The Feathers, Merstham

Dropped in again.,,.is it really over a year since my last comment..have been here in between but..this slow service...wheatbeer just acceptable but the Leffe was cloudy with lumps in it..tasted apology from the manageress who was more concerned in shovelling food into the embarassment of the (only) barperson....really really want this pub to get sorted....such potential...such disappointment, again.

11 Jun 2010 22:38

The White Horse, Epsom

I have not been to this pub in recent months as I have moved from the area and have just visited this website.

I feel obliged to say that Stuart and Gemma threw heart and soul into the White Horse. They really did try to make a success and tried just about everything within their abilities. However they and the current operators are dealing with a background beyond their controls and outside of their experiences.

As a result of the way owners, both pubco's and brewers, have run pubs over the years have succeeded in driving customers away and discouraging experienced and entrepreneurial operators. As a result, in general and in this case in particular, PUNCH is fighting to survive as a company and is selling pubs to keep afloat. The absence of decent ales is because PUNCH screws small brewers.....and charges the pub top dollar hence no ales: they double the price paid!

It does not take a genius to work out the end game here (the WH sits on valuable development land) just don't try to put blame on Stuart and Gemma or even the current incumbents, put it where it is due.

9 May 2010 18:48

The Castle, Outwood

Goodness me...what a difference a day makes or in this case another change of management...previous people were "temps" which explains a lot. As the sign outside says..."Exciting things are happening at the Castle" and it certainly seems so...a much better feel and a much better menu..overheard plans to get local beer in as well...all changes for the better...and the pub was cleaner! Carry on the good work and I'll soon choose to spend my hard earned here.

25 Apr 2010 16:04

The Coronation Hall, Surbiton

Was this a beerfest before me? Or was it a Pilgrim Fest? Whatever it matters not as the selection of Pilgrim beers was "sanspareil". Six, I think. I was particularly taken by the Templar..a very polished beer with beautiful lacing. I also was impressed by their Talisman which a knowledgeable bargirl that "it has a new mixture". A greater depth of flavour than I remember and all ales at 1.69..bargain. Only criticism was the beers were a bit cold but better that with choice than a pub with a choice of Pride or Pride or.....BQ 9.9..would have been my first 10 if the temp was right.

7 Feb 2010 14:48

The Castle, Outwood

What a curious experience...visited for the first time since new management...the locals seemed more interested in me than the the lady who served. She was chewing food whilst pulling my me old-fashioned but.....! My second pint proved hard to get as the barmaid had disappeared.....I was pretty thirsty when she finally returned presumably after finishing her meal! I shouldn't think I'll be returning for a third! Menu looked rather amateur.

2 Feb 2010 22:36

The Red Lion, Bletchingley

Knowing both pubs well I simply say the last two comments are cleary not independent. Choose your local wisely!

Ps the food here is what is know in the trade as "ping food".

28 Jan 2010 22:05

The Plough, Earlswood

Stopped by on chance....freindly staff, friendly customers, choice of ales but sadly only the bigger brewers,,,,my coupla pints of Harveys were is clear that the beers are well looked after..very clean with shiny brass..deserves far more than the 4.3 it currently pretence..just..simply "a good pub" cared for by licensees and locals.. Food is probably equally as honest if the rest is to go by. BQ 8,5

28 Jan 2010 21:58

The Blue Anchor, Reigate

I was astonished to see SKY tv's in the corner when I visited last week...this pub..and I have know it for forty years... has always been a haunt of people who went to chat and enjoy each others company...fortunately nobody was looking at the "boxes". PubCo think have a clientele..improve your offer and you take do not need to find an "audience". Bye the bye..the couple or three pints of Pilgrim Progress I had were absolutely top notch...I visited a couple of weeks ago and had Pilgrim Crusader..this was so good I was seriously waylaid! I am very picky about ales so please keep the beers from the "brewery up the road" and I will return...this institution deserves more than industrial ale. Also an outlet for the, now, rare to find Scampi Fries!

5 Sep 2009 12:57

The Greyhound, Charcott

Disappointed by my visit to the Royal Oak in Crockham I sped find Westerham beer on sale...a local beer..thank you... especially if you noticed my previous there is always a great welcome..the landlady/staff seem genuinely pleased to see you which makes a lovely change from the often sullen staff elsewhere....pleasant little garden tucked to the left of the pub which is easily missed....well worth seeking out and supporting. Cheers!

17 Aug 2009 14:37

The Royal Oak, Crockham Hill

Dropped in as I spotted this was owned by a small brewery. Imagine what you would wish from a pub owned by a new brewery's "flagship".....a range of interesting products...well thought out to give the other local pubs some real competition? Eclectic interior maybe reflecting the idiosyncrasies of the new owners, possibly? Food range promoting local produce?...Kent is after all the "Garden of England", surely. No, what you have here is an example of old thinking: own a pub so it can sell the brewery beers...throw in a bit of food which is a bit better than average, maybe. Sadly the people at Westerham Brewery are missing a great opportunity here. Why?....Because it is probably still tied to the owners for the vast majority of products. Shepherd Neame. And the Westerham beer...perfectly OK if a bit bland....and,please, let the barstaff know why the beer is called of house Sauv Blanc...great for etching the teeth! Oh and please get some furniture that has not come from the great pub furniture warehouse.......this therefore is a pub which happens to sell Westerham beer and not a Westerham Brewery pub. More of a tugboat than a flagship!

17 Aug 2009 13:37

The Coach and Horses, Danehill

A lovely pub in a peaceful location let down on my visit by the disinterested staff. I had organised a meetup with some old friends and believing the positive reports and the sample menu decided that this would be ideal. What a letdown. Sunday lunch with mainly taciturn teenagers serving..apparently with nobody managing the show....we felt as though we were disrupting their lunches and paying for the privilege! The menu...well conceived but poorly executed....roast beef badly overcooked with a muddle of flavoured vegetables. Stick to the starters as they had some care attendant on them althought the local lamb carpaccio was begging for some sea salt to lift what little flavour it had. Ales..Harvey's always and Dark Star bitter, a rather uninteresting selection. This pub has the feeling that it is resting on some rather old, tired and, for the quality, expensive, laurels. As my old school record said "Could do better". BQ 6

14 Jul 2009 22:29

Russell Inn, Polruan

The recent new owners have improved the food hugely..THIS would be the choice for a meal in Polruan...reasonably priced too...manages to balance the tourists with amused locals who tend to congregate in the lane outside...don't be put off as the interior and staff are welcoming...Dartmoor on draught but not a terribly inspiring pint for a small brewery, especially one which claims to be an IPA, as well as the usual St Austell offerings.

30 Jun 2009 14:54

Lugger Inn, Polruan

Perfectly good beer as might be expected in a tied house but the food offering looked distinctly "out of the freezer" did have the advantage of being cheap tho'. Marvellous view of the estuary from outside the ladies..if you can push past the locals!

30 Jun 2009 14:43

The White Horse, Epsom

Sounds as tho' the battle with their pubco is being won...discerning customers may well now re-appear...these are not fooled by industrial beers which is one (of the many associated reasons) potentially great pubs (which have poor products foist upon) are disappearing. It is not that customers are going to other pubs,,,many now just don't bother to come out at all for a poor offering. Are pubco's starting to learn?

8 Jun 2009 22:41

Stephan Langton Inn, Abinger Common

oooo err..a little gem I think..not quite there yet but the licensees are certainly heading in the right direction..lets's hope they get there..and deserve much support otherwise another great pub could vanish....but so good..local beers..home made pork pies,,now that's really trying...chips cooked in beef your talking...this is a difficult pub to make successful because of its location..beautiful without doubt but tricky nevertheless...I get the feeling that the current incumbents might just have the right mix...given support and time...fingers crossed..,,oh and the Surrey Hills beer was pretty good..locals go there....please.....pubs like this need you so people like me can go out and about and find joys like this...mid week food must be the the choice as weekends are BIG!

22 Apr 2009 22:23

The Feathers, Merstham

What on earth has happened here? I used to pop in and enjoy a wheatbeer but the last time I went the staff were, I thought, utterly clueless. However having done exactly the same last night I now realised that I was being a little harsh as the current staff really are clueless! There seems to be an air of complete disinterest in the products and demotivation regarding service. The girl who served me had had no training whatsoever.....such a pity as it used to have attractive, attentive and very knowledgeable staff without which...well why should I return? Bye the bye the crisps were 1.10!!!! The owners of this pub should be wonder the industry is going to the dogs...completely barking situation.

17 Apr 2009 10:28

Ye Olde Kings Head, Epsom

Happened by on a Sunday lunch session.......fine pint of Harvey's served by friendly staff..lunched on cheese chunks, olives and indian mix from the the bar! Fingers crossed that little pubs like this survive the PubCo's dead hand. .....BQ 8

Made a big mistake by leaving for the nearby Barley Mow

17 Mar 2009 10:18

The Barley Mow, Epsom

Busy when I went on a Sunday lunchtime BUT the pub was filled with the smell of cooking and the beer was poor to the point of unpleasantness..what has happened to Fullers beers? The LP touched on being horrible and the ESB was sweet and characterless.....Discovery always has been a poor beer, in my opinion.

Is the smell of cooking, especially that of dodgy fish, the new smokey smell and I wonder if customers really believe that having food served on a square plate is an indication of quality?

The average garden is just about the only reason to go here, if you can stand kids running around. BQ 0

16 Mar 2009 09:36

The Rose and Crown, Halstead

Came across the pub by accident with the missus....serendipity indeed..little more needs to be added to previous comments..yes I had the fresh haddock...and boy was it good... plenty of ale choice, of course, but most importantly for a local was that we felt welcome.

I have a good idea 'tho...why not expand the kitchen...turn it into a Thai restaurant...add a conservatory, some old books and "arty"facts and then be surprised when it goes the same way as so many other locals which did no more than offer exactly what the R&C does so well!

Looking forward to Bob's "famous" sunday lunch...a.s.a.p. Cheers! BQ 8.8

12 Mar 2009 13:30

The Castle, Outwood

Tucked away from the centre of Outwood this pub is really worth seeking out. Why? Well, what do you want from a pub? Friendly welcome? Attentive barstaff? Clean? Free Newspapers? Quality food at reasonable prices? A range of ales kept in top quality? At the Castle you have it all and more. Here we have licensees who, whilst they may not be around all the time (who can be?) understand what a pub should be about. The "more" for some might be the ladygraduates behind the bar but for others it might just be a pub to be guaranteed as superb a pint as I received.....the best pint in a pub I have had for a very,very long time...Harveys in absolutely top notch form......price irrelevant but reasonable nevertheless. Beer Quotient would have been 10 but the delightful barperson (!) held the glass at the top when presenting.....well I have to find some fault otherwise my search would be over!

24 Feb 2009 11:06

The Hatch Inn, Colemans Hatch

Lovely pub which always has Harveys on. They seem to have guest beers if the clips behind the bar are to be believed: Larkins on when I visited. However disinterest and a cold welcome are both alive and well here. I waited for almost five minutes whilst the licensee and two women (landlady?) discussed food orders before being grudgingly served. I should have apologised for disturbing them. Watched with fascination as other customers were given the same discourteous treatment. I could not afford the wait for a second pint and my departure failed to receive the customary "Thank you" as it went unnoticed despite me passing in front of the bar. A smile or nod of recognition will always be received by patience if a bar is busy but their absence may well explain one which is not. If this is a "regulars" pub then I will not be joining them.

2 Feb 2009 17:01

The Gunmakers, Clerkenwell

What a gem of a pub...o' for one like this for a local....almost tiny but then the best things come in small parcels! Hard working barstaff and an enthusiastic licensee who really deserves the chance to sell some more unusual beers..whilst all four on draught were in excellent condition there was the sameness feel gained when they have to be chosen from a pubco list. And why can't they allow freedom on bottles? Mixed clientele leaning towards young/sophisticated and I overheard good words on the food front. Also a good sized, almost hidden, back room available for the overspill from an enthusiastic front bar. Deserves support from customers and owners alike. Am looking forward to another visit but beware the sloping road when you leave!

29 Jan 2009 22:44

The Inn On The Pond, Nutfield

wandered arrived...quality OK...pleasant tables by the pond.....not much choice which is not a draw but I heard mention of some new, let's hope interesting beer..not tried food but the bland beer choice does not encourage me to open my wallet as I presume the same philosophy runs throughout...ah I knew there was somethig kids!

25 Jul 2008 23:59

Royal Oak Inn, Staffhurst Wood

A lovely country pub which has been enhanced by its' recent development. How often can you say that?! Always an interesting range of beers...fascinating smoked burton ale from Pilgrim as well as the usual offerings. One day I will eat there...reckon Sunday lunch this Summer must be the answer. BQ 8.8

14 Jul 2008 14:15

The Red Lion Inn, Shoreham by Sea

Nothing more to add to the other comments except to say how well it is run and to check out their beer festivals...small car park behind and beer garden to the rear of the pub...simple, friendly, reasonably priced food, good beer..what more is needed? BQ 9

26 May 2008 16:59

The White Horse, Epsom

What a change! Not only has the old nag been must be the ale..but the licensees are refreshing in their welcome...whilst normally I do not like kids in pubs they are not too obvious...a small but tidy garden with a good food offer and an ever changeing range of beer, (maybe one too many for the level of trade?)..quality recognised by a recent cask marque award..we can only hope that their enthusiasm is not crushed by Punch's corporate hand.BQ 8.5

19 May 2008 12:16

The Crown, Groombridge

Lovely position in the village..pubs like this are treasures...a pint overlooking the common..English garden surrounding....what price a piece of living nostalgia...local beers and fine Pilgrim Progress from over the border..quirky stumble to the lavatory. Interesting menu. BQ 8.8

18 May 2008 22:13

The William IV, Bletchingley

I crept in fearing the worst...doggy doings...breastfed babies behind the bar...but LO! a veritable transformation....clean..I'll say that it has not been for several years..the purchase by Youngs made it so bad...this was a great little pub and now has a small chance of surviving. The locals want it to..the landlord..inexperienced but optimistic does..fingers crossed he'll find a cook to knock out honest food....but I fear for its' future..fingers crossed that the big brewer black spot has not arrived, yet.

18 May 2008 22:03

The Albert Arms, Esher

Clean, smart, modern pub feel which, fortunately, keeps a range of (expensive) always quality is up and down but that is more to do with ancient dispense systems.....why don't the new brewers find something better than uncooled pipes to uncooled pumps? Interesting high quality cider from France..good initiative..standard lagers sadly but menu is the draw which I cannot comment on.....BQ 8.2

18 May 2008 21:46

The Three Chimneys, Biddenden

Finally made it to a pub that has been at the back of my mind for years. Don't now what it "was" like but seems perfectly fine now even if it has changed. menu looked exceptional but cannot comment on quality as I did not eat but did notice the sign for home-made desserts/puds which augers well. If the food matches the quality of the beer (despite or maybe as a result of a bit of heath robinson behind the bar) then it will be a truly exceptional pub. So a return will be made if, at the very least, for a pint of Adnams which was superb. Not quite the perfect pint as a little carbonation missing but.....pd close! BQ 9.5

15 May 2008 14:55

The Greyhound, Charcott

A bit off the beaten track, thank goodness! reasonably priced and interesting menu, very good quality main courses, well presented by owner/chef let down by poor vegetables, frozen,cooked then micro'd. Why, when there must be local fresh veg available and especially at this time asparagus? Indeed why not local beer? Pint of Harvey's OK but despite having a very enjoyable evening with friendly staff left with the feeling "if only...with a little more would have been brilliant". BQ 7.8

15 May 2008 14:45

The White Hart, Tongham

I think I finished off the Porter! Much attitude as much as anything.....very pleasant local especially supportive of bikers..actually welcoming in general...relaxed attitude to food but very conscientious regarding beer. BQ 8.5

14 May 2008 15:31

Old Plough, Stoke D'Abernon

Despite majoring on food this pub has a pleasant trad feel in the front bar. Usually can rely on a selection of local ales in good condition. The Pilgrim I had was excellent and good to see as the brewery is not well represented in this area. BQ 8.2. Staff helpful but check out the euro exchange rate..a deal if there ever was one!

13 May 2008 12:06

Trafalgar Freehouse, South Wimbledon

What a pub should be and what many were once upon a time...a real blast from the past and much the better for long as you like simple honest back street type pubs. A wysiwyg pub..glories in a choice of well kept cask beers as their recent award shows with good might even get a bite to eat...also look out for the many music events... friendly customers plus a licensee who seems to want and like customers..what more could you ask from a pub? BQ 9.2 the highest quotient yet.

18 Apr 2008 14:54

The Surrey Oaks, Newdigate

Very pretty pub (woodwork suffering a bit from winter weather!) easy to find despite being deep in the country and has a good carpark..didn't try the food but what I saw looked wholesome...friendly service which is becoming increasingly rare...beergarden must be a joy when/if Summer arrives...understand as well as the good (and changing) choice of local draught beers there are ale festivals but couldn't see when..Extra marks for supporting small brewers. BQ 8.7

10 Apr 2008 10:02

The Jolly Gardeners, Vauxhall

Haven't been..sounds festival with a huge range of beers never before seen in the UK...May 15-17...I'm there...well I will be pdq just to check the BQ!

10 Apr 2008 09:39

The Coronation Hall, Surbiton

Well for an ale drinker you are spoilt for choice...plenty criticise Wetherspoons pubs...but they are incredibly popular so must be doing plenty right..staff surprisingly knowledgeable considering the range of ales..the speed of sale almost guarantees a good Pilgrim Porter was superb..if only I had arrived earlier it could have been drunk with what must be the best priced breakfast in the universe! And what a sympathetic refurb. BQ 8.5

7 Apr 2008 15:30

Duke of York, Surbiton

It sounds as 'tho it needed a refurb but how do these companies manage to spend so much money and design an interior that seems so sterile...nothing you can say is actually wrong but..then you can say that of so many refurbs...the beer wasn't too good either so for a brewery owned pub...could do better....BQ 2

7 Apr 2008 15:23

The Saucy Kettle, Surbiton

On a small beerhunt I dropped in, generally preferring "trad" pubs, but was pleasantly surprised. Helpful and knowledgeable looked excellent and would have ordered had the kitchen not just closed (7.30?). Beck's was very good for what it is but the Lowenbrau had seen better days...all in all a jolly bar with plenty of sports screens if that's your bag. Licensee who was friendly is also the chef, I believe, so that might explain the kitchen situation.

7 Apr 2008 15:19

The Lamb, Surbiton

Of course it's's owned by Punch Taverns and is not a Free House as described...but the licensees are trying despite this handicap! BQ 4.5

4 Apr 2008 19:03

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