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The Pembury Tavern, Hackney

...echoes the feelings of many...

16 Oct 2010 11:36

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

I've heard it's goint to be turned into a chinese resturant.

16 Oct 2010 11:30

Jolly Butchers, Stoke Newington

Still witnessing incredibly short measures being given to other punters. Thought they'd sorted that out. To be fair it's only one member of staff doing it now, the fat camp guy with low-slung tits who walks round like he's a supervisor. Accurate review earlier by "shand83", "seems like an ale house for people who don't like ale", or we might say who don't know what they're doing. Which is why they don't ask for a top up when served two thirds of a pint. Shocking sometimes.
15th July plant, as well.

16 Oct 2010 11:25

The Southampton Arms, Gospel Oak

Been in a lot recently. Range is always good. They've gone up to 10 beers and 6 or so ciders. They've taken my advice and stayed cash only. Hard to find a pub that only accepts real money now days. One of the indicators of a proper pub.
Pork in a bap really tasty. Making the place my new hang out because I can't see things changing here anytime soon, more power to em.
Really disagree with the comment that there should be fizzy piss "cider". If you want that, go elsewhere, plenty do it...

16 Oct 2010 11:02

The Pub on the Park, London Fields

Probable plants
katejoy 6 Jul 2010
and kjchapman 9 Jul 2010

10 Oct 2010 02:22

The Pembury Tavern, Hackney


10 Oct 2010 02:18

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

recent misinformation on BITE has already been tackled.
Chick is totally correct on the GBG issue.
If lottieh987 was in North London Camra he/she would know too.
Would be interesting to see who "northman" is. "refuses to serve you" seems a bit unlikely unless you are incredibly irritating or disrespectful. Interesting though small set of reviews to his name, mostly on point. No idea where you got your info about shifts though.

10 Oct 2010 02:07

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

be aware of your surroundings and don't stand in front of fridges that people need access to would be the simple answer.
and that character behind the bar is not the landlord by the way.

27 Sep 2010 16:54

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

...but who would want to take it on. Some much work needs doing, so much needs changing. And not that much money to be made. Doesn't make financial sense for anyone.

14 Sep 2010 12:12

The Pembury Tavern, Hackney

in danger of falling out of the GBG for 2012

14 Sep 2010 12:10

The Dove, Bethnal Green

To be fair this place has a really good range of bottled Belgian beers and this is a major plus point. I get the feeling it might be really nicve when relatively empty, but on a weekend night it feels like a production line with the place packed out, and absolute shed loads of staff on, and people sitting near outside with cans of lager pretending to be connected to the pub for the fashion. If a smaller community pub had that range of Belgians, it'd be between 8 and 10 out of 10

31 Aug 2010 14:53

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

latest estimate is october/november

31 Aug 2010 14:28

The Victoria Inn, Rugby

For sale at 250k in this month's Morning advertiser

5 Jun 2010 12:05

The Speaker, Westminster

A pub that should be commended for its commitment to being a "real pub" above all else.
Friendly place. Not going to surprise you with beer selection but well worth the visit when in the area.

1 Jun 2010 14:10

The Old Fountain, Old Street

very enjoyable festival last weekend. top 3 beers: Marble Pint, Dunham Massey Choc Cherry, Brodie's World Cup Willie.
The usually excellent Pictish Brewer's Gold was oddly very poor, but I overlook that because there were so many other good beers to choose from.
Also, great atmos on the Saturday evening, when most of the suit contingent were absent.
well done.

1 Jun 2010 14:05

Jolly Butchers, Stoke Newington

Once again the personal insults are bizarre and off-topic. I refuse to be drawn into it. Instead, a proper response.

If you want to argue that the comment was not a plant, fair enough, but the accusation was not "mindless" or "unfounded" at all. It's not "merely because [you] have locality in [your] user name".

Indicators of a plant:
1. Reviewer has only made one review on one pub.
2. That review was very or overly positive.
3. That review was made on the same day that the reviewer joined the site, and there has been no activity since.
4. Review written in an overly formal or overly informal tone, laden with cliche or improbably anecdotal. Superlatives that seem out of place. Sweeping statements with regard to area and success. We could go on.
5. Hidden profile.
6. Instead of 1, 2, 3, reviews only on the pubs in one area, possibly name-checking the plant pub in broadly negative or less positive reviews of competitors.
7. Insider knowledge present.
8. Locality in the name - I never doubted you lived in N16, but the plant will often put the locality in his name to suggest authenticity and local knowledge to the unaware readers.
9. Review includes direct rebuttals to specific negative comments by others one by one, albeit inserted in to general review sentences to not look out of place.
11. Much longer, more detailed reviews for the plant pub(s) than the competitors.
10. Pub has the same ownership/management as another pub on BITE which has employed the plant method previously. Since there's a clear plant on the Rose & Crown page recently (and this month's London Drinker confirms the same ownership), this is perhaps the most damaging evidence in this case.

If a review hits most of those and doesn't feel right, I feel justified in questioning it publically. Your first review ticks the vast majority of those boxes. It's also interesting that you unhid your profile only after I mentioned it, and the reviews of other pubs have appeared only after this issue took flight, and after your replies here. At first I thought it only might be a plant given the measures controversy. After your first denial I re-read and actually became more convinced because of the tone. Given your subsequent review of the Rose & Crown, I think it's less likely, unless the operation is very sophisticated. If it's not a plant, fair enough, but bearing in mind the reasonable criteria for what a plant is, I feel calling my suggestion "mindless" or "unfounded" overlooks the facts of BITE reviews. If one doesn't want to be considered a plant, one writes multiple reviews in the same style, negative and positive.
You may note that I have in all this refrained from personal attacks. That's what someone who is interested in genunine reviews on pubs and beer does.

As it happens, I was in the Jolly Butcher's the other day and enjoyed a few good beers and conversation with the staff. And got full measures! Be keeping tabs on it to see if this direction is maintained.

29 May 2010 10:47

Jolly Butchers, Stoke Newington

That's a shame there the organisation a rather bad name.
Since my comment was about the probability that another comment was a plant, your opinions on the contents of my reviews or how I bahave in pubs (which you wouldn't have a clue about anyway) are irrelevant. You're the "simple mug" if you can't see why I would suspect "N16" of being a plant. Think about it.
Your whole comment is littered with bizarre ramblings. No idea what being employed by the public sector would have to do with anything at all. Of course, the reviewer after yourself, whom you probably like for his "middle-class" tastes, is publically employed in an activity tories would doubtless see as a waste of time.
"Working" in the private sector doesn't make your opinions worth more. Most of my comments have been echoed by others, and why the desire to defend the plant?

25 May 2010 11:49

Jolly Butchers, Stoke Newington

hmm. not sure how believable that is.

19 May 2010 11:47

Jolly Butchers, Stoke Newington

N16 and robot1...
The glasses for the beer are certainly not lined.
The ones for the lager might be I couldn't comment.

N16 might actually be a plant - hidden profile, one post, claims to locality in the name, etc.

9 May 2010 11:05

The Southampton Arms, Gospel Oak

You are talking to someone who buys vinyl exclusively, by the way. A nice Blind Willie McTell collection was in when I was in last and I very much enjoyed it.
When I said those things were gimmicks, that wasn't to say it loses points or I have a particular dislike for them.

One thing I forgot to say...when I was there last, the board behind the bar said they were cash only for my opinion it should stay that way, though I doubt they still are...go back to it a real pub and banish those punters that like to inconvenience others so they don't have to carry cash.

I didn't point out obvious good things becasue they've already been mentioned. I actually like the atmos and the 8 I gave it reflects this. And I did say I would be returning.

6 May 2010 10:30

Jolly Butchers, Stoke Newington

I was of course very eager when I heard a new free house was opening relatively near my own abode...we are thin on the ground for real ale round this way.
Unfortunately, after such a build up, my disappointment can hardly be measured. Bit gastro for starters. Windows are massive and free of curtains. I'm not into people watching. Crowd a bit young for my liking of course.
One gets the impression the handpumps have been whacked on as a "hope this works" effort aimed at introducing people to beer rather than at those already in the know. Been there twice now, have not seen a single proper measure, we're talking quite far off as the usual, which for a pint in a dimple mug (very broad), is a serious matter. The staff are completely clueless with regard to the ale, which is a major disappointment and contrasts poorly with the enthusiatic Southampton Arms. Ordered half each of the Thornbridge bitter and stout first time round, had to ask for a top-up. Our man topped up the stout with the bitter, I informed him before he could ruin the bitter too. Easy mistake to make, of course, but he twice challenged my assertion before realising his mistake. That pissed me off quite a bit. Next day, another member of staff was serving a punter a pint of said bitter, short measure mainly as a result of the cask being at the end, tried topping it up when asked to no avail because that's what happens when it's at the end, said to the punter ""I think the barrel (sic) is finishing", still gave him the sediment laden 2/3rds of a pint, thought that was fine. There were by this time 2 beers gone that they had not turned the pumpclips round on (the bitter and the Jaipur IPA). The McConnel's stout was decent enough, but the other drops were in poor condition to be fair. Comments have be made about the warmth...lack of cooling on the lines? Essentially, if you want me to come run your cellar for you and teach your staff, I'm available.

9 handpumps dispensing popular micros does not a good beer pub make....remember that kids!

I'm sure we'll all be keeping an eye on this one, waiting for them to up their game beer wise.

6 May 2010 10:23

The Rose and Crown, Stoke Newington

the last comment (Niikko, 12 Apr) is clearly a plant aimed at restoring the balance from the two comments before that one. If he knows his stuff why is he serving crap? Never heard Rev James described as excellent, even by tastebudless major brewer drinkers. That's perhaps the biggest give away. Try again.

4 May 2010 14:42

The Southampton Arms, Gospel Oak

Visited a couple months ago so it's about time I put up the review.
All the main features have been pointed out by others.
When I was there, there was a lack of a proper bitter on, malty offerings from Redemption and Brodie's instead. I was unlucky. I know it's now very trendy to have London brewer as the mainstay, and local brewers should of course be supported. Just that, to my mind, Redemption need to prove themselves pronto with a decently hopped bitter. A decent obscure stout went off after I'd had one. Perennially poor brewer Oxfordshire was on the handpumps in force.
I of course approve of dimple mugs by default. New Stokey pub the Jolly Butcher's doing that as well, probably influenced by the Southampton.
Might be a surprise to some, but I do actually regard the 'vinyl behind the bar' and the suggestion sheets as bourgeois gimmicks. As for the former, a pub bar seems like a place that'll end up damaging your vinyl (though I guess the view is that more cracks equals more irony...), and I just don't see the point of the latter if the cellerman/orderer knows what he's doing.

A disgraceful berating of JohnBonser by "Sitwell" earlier on this page. Useless and meaningless references to "lonely friendless no-marks" and "large, fun-loving groups". High opinion of herself clearly. I think the comments were well made...again, it's a trendy thing now to have large tables and pews, etc. but I think it's ultimately detrimental to the pub experience. Why self-regarding actions have brought such abuse is a mystery, and if the implication is that "what pubs make money out of" is the deciding factor in what's right, just goes to show how little this member knows about pubs.

Due to the location, the clientele is homogenous and uninteresting, but since there is decent beer in good condition we proper drinkers will return.

4 May 2010 14:27

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

...not permanently...

4 May 2010 12:04

The Old Fountain, Old Street

Going to be very interesting to see what happens now...

25 Apr 2010 11:12

The Princess of Wales, Clapton

what kind of place is this.
running my usual route last weekend I got caught dehydrated. Went in here with my running gear on clearly dehydrated. Asked politely if could get some water.
Fat middle-aged barman: "I can't give you water".
nice one. Needless to say, the Anchor and Hope further north on the canal let me have some tap water no bother. That's because that's a community pub. This is not.

By the way, the 6 Dec 2006 10:14 post by "hackneybornandbred" is clearly a plant, so add manipulation to the list.

Discerning pubgoers and citizens, you know what to do!

13 Apr 2010 20:04

The Rose and Crown, Stoke Newington

Awful experience here the other night.
The interior isn't bad and the beer range wasn't too disappointing - Duechars IPA, Reverend James, Pedigree, and a Hyde's.
But then it all went wrong. A pint glass containing two-thirds of a pint of Reverend James was placed on the bar. Literally the shortest measure I've ever seen, the top inch wasn't even head, it had already settled to this low level. I do believe the barmaid was not going to top up. I asked "is this a pint to brim glass or is it lined?"...she didn't have a clue what I had just said so I repeated myself and eventually got her to reluctantly top it up. She returned with a stern "what is your question". I explained it to her a bit better..."oh".
The beer turned out to be unpalatable. My friend's Deuchars wasn't any better. I struggled through a quarter of it, asked my friends to drink up so we could leave the place sharpish.
Oh yeah, and this unpalatable beer cost 3.40.

In light of all this, some comments up here seem bizarre. Sure Parky.P has the right place?!

3 Apr 2010 12:03

The Charles Lamb, Angel, Islington

Decent kept ales at 2.80, or 2.50 with a Camra card makes this worth a visit. I was down with the WRAS boys, slightly disappointed that the hophead was gone, but we didn't encounter any of the problems with bar staff that have been talked about here. Friendly lads, I thought.
While the cask ale is well-priced, I was struggling to figure out why the Meantime off the tap in particular was 4.50 a pint, and the other prices I noted were out of my range too.
Of course, it's a bourgeois gastro affair, so I feel well out of place, and I wouldn't drink here unless I was with friends.
The main concern, though, is the fact that the interior of the pub is monitored by CCTV. What kind of pub distrusts its clientele that much and values its clientele's privacy so low??

In a way I really want to be stopping in for a 2.50 pint of Hophead, and there's not much wrong with the place apart from the fact you want to machine-gun half the punters, but I'm not sure I should abide the constant surveillance.

8 Dec 2009 00:27

The Old Fountain, Old Street

An absolutely sublime pint of espresso stout in here last friday, and I can only echo the comments about the great range and consistently good condition of the beer. Starting to build up a real following. The cellerman is a legend, now a mate.
On a quick look round last time, I was very surprised to see the vast majority of punters not drinking real beer.
Interior is wood, relatively traditional with breweriana all-round, which is of course a positive.
I'd be down far more frequently if it was open later and/or weekends and if the clientele was more the friend-making type.

8 Dec 2009 00:08

The Royal Inn on the Park, Victoria Park

"mcnulty" on 27 April 2009 is clearly a ringer by an interested party.
Come on, no one writes like that.
Hidden profile, joined on the day of the one post...all the clues are there.
How come these cheats never learn to do it properly?
What kind of person/company does that anyway?
The kind that doesn't deserve any custom?

11 Nov 2009 23:15

The Duke Of Wellington, Hackney

can not afford this.

12 Oct 2009 11:27

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Answer to thomas gx1..
2) yes, it is a good thing if people get stared at for drinking lager. Especially if they are with people who have tastebuds. No excuse.

6 Sep 2009 10:36

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

yeah, don't do saturday early evening, Angora. Stick to shopping at the angel.
saturday night and sunday afternoon/evening are the best

12 Aug 2009 19:55

The Baltic Fleet, Liverpool

my new favourite liverpool pub.
nothing but praise for the beer, the prices, and the staff. decent location too, away from the bustle to some extent for the evenings.
No idea why "oldboots" is so upset at the interior, seems perfectly fine to me..calling it "tat" is just ridiculous. nothing wrong with the room organisation or the location of the bar.
first on my list for next time I'm up.

more power to the baltic!

6 Jun 2009 16:23

The Exmouth Arms, Exmouth Market

News is...
New management thrown out, and patsies put back in. no hope for any quality now, and the word on the street is that the management I talked about in the previous post was only brought in to clean the place up, it was the plan all along by the pubco to chuck them and revert to the bad old ways quickly.

6 Jun 2009 15:57

The Pembury Tavern, Hackney

Yes, more dimple mugs should be on offer in the pub. But they are hard to find these days, and consequently get nicked from pubs often. Challis brought a couple in to the Pembury a while back and they promptly went missing.
The laptop issue is getting quite out of hand now...even in the evenings you look round and there's all these yuppies are checking their myface and spacebook. Mug of coffee or glass of water by their side, of course.

5 May 2009 12:51

The Exmouth Arms, Exmouth Market

New management now.
London Pride, Wychwood Hobgoblin, Harvey's Suffolk Best on the pumps all the time, with plans to expand that range. Harvey's in particularly good order. Drinks run pretty expensive, but beer drinkers get significantly better prices than lager drinkers. As it should be.
Afternoons seem to have a relaxed atmosphere. In the evenings it's candles on tables fare.

5 May 2009 12:42

The Swan, Clapton Common


19 Mar 2009 22:59

The Railway Tavern, Hackney

Recent new ownership and refurb when I walked past...
Windows you can see through,
candles on the tables,
yuppies at the tables,
chalk board advertising bottles beers from around the world.

Gone up market, but didn't see any handpumps and still has the same bar equipment for Carling et al.
Rating changed to unrated. Someone check it out.

16 Mar 2009 23:48

The Whitefriars Olde Ale House, Coventry

Recent visit proffered 0 drinkable beers out of a good 6 that we saw at some stage in the night.
First few were vinegary, the ones that replaced those returned beers were not ready yet.
Real shame.

15 Mar 2009 19:34

The Kelham Island Tavern, Sheffield

Congratulations on the win, lads. Well deserved.

15 Mar 2009 19:30

Seven Stars, Rugby

Another one of the legion of Rugby pubs that could be decent but just aren't.
6 handpumps, two with clips on when I went in last...Old speckled hen and Courage. Someone else got the round in, and we ended up with the Courage...with rising bubbles, no less! What they're doing is taking an order from people in front of the pump, then going round the other side and serving the pints from the tap - "smoothflow" or whatever. So...false advertising there. If that behaviour is not illegal it should be.

Basically, kids' play area in the back and keg crap in the front. Maybe pop in to check if they ever have a decent beer on, but otherwise don't bother.

No idea why they are in the GBG, and ignore the cask marque, as usual.

19 Jan 2009 19:10

The Alexandra Arms, Rugby

Mixed feelings about this pub. Location makes it good for finishing off, as it's not far from the train station. I've always found it to have a couple decent guests on, and the small room at the front is rather pleasant.
But why the disco at the back?
And why serve the shortest pint measures I've ever seen?

19 Jan 2009 19:03

The Squirrel Inn, Rugby

Rather disappointing. Beer "range" non-existent, staff pretty arsey, clientele not particularly friendly. You feel it could be a decent pub if they turned off the horse racing and got some decent beer in.
Short measures, to, by the way.

19 Jan 2009 18:57

The Victoria Inn, Rugby

Trad split-bar pub with the best range of English beer in Rugby, which makes it my favourite pub in the town.
As has been said, they perform well not only because Atomic beers are quality, but also because their guests are well-sourced.
Staff friendly, comfortable area with small round tables. Football on, but not overpowering everything else.

19 Jan 2009 18:53

The Merchants Inn, Rugby

Great pub with a decent range in beers, massive wooden tables and benches in one part and more cosy stuff in the other. Memorabilia all over the walls. Pleasant clientele. Do their own festivals, in which Dr.Busker can usually be found, as well as a fantastic Belgian Evening each year.

19 Jan 2009 18:49

The Pembury Tavern, Hackney

There's been a lack of stand-out guests recently, but we might start being lucky again.
A bit of a small shake-up in staff is in order maybe.
Other than that, continues to be a most welcoming local.

5 Jan 2009 09:40

The Swan, Bank

Obviously you'll be surrounded by City types, but I'd say the pub is fine for an afternoon drink. I found nothing wrong with the beer. 7.

24 Dec 2008 00:18

Kellys Dispensary, Liverpool

God local to start off your night. All about the atmos, but the beer is surprisingly decent.

23 Dec 2008 23:10

The Everyman Bistro, Liverpool

every man knows it's a decent place for a beer.
Can't remember the price range. 7/10

23 Dec 2008 21:32

The Anchor and Hope, Clapton

Probably my fave Fuller's pub.
Stable clientele going back decades is a good sign.
Sure, we're not going to see any beers we haven't seen before, and for this it can't get the highest rating. But somewhere to stop in if you happen to be around there.

23 Dec 2008 20:56

The Three Stags, Lambeth

hmmm, yes, and all the improbably positive reviews in August-September are from users with hidden profiles who joined on that day and never made any further post.
Not on.

23 Dec 2008 19:58

The Whitefriars Olde Ale House, Coventry

recent experience is of having to bring back vinegary beer that had already been complained about by others. Staff slightly arsey.
The downstairs has become pretty unpalatable. Fave Coventry pub switched to the Beer Engine.

20 Dec 2008 16:10

Robbins Well, Leamington Spa

Pitiful student establishment.

8 Oct 2008 21:09

The Cask and Bottle, Leamington Spa

In fact, there are very few passable pubs in Leamington. This is one of them. The beer is usually rather mundane and sparklered as well, but seems to be well kept. Worth stopping in at, especially at 6 Nations time.

8 Oct 2008 21:06

The Newbold Comyn Arms, Leamington Spa

Once the best pub in Leamington, recent experience suggests a decline.
When I was in there last, there were 2 out of 7 pumps in use. London Pride and a rather poor GBB by Slaughterhouse. Left promptly.
One friend reported it closed on a Sunday evening, another reported an empty Friday, and a third reported only London Pride on one occasion.
The place looks like it's on its last legs, a shame given that they'd secured a GBG for 2009. I don't even know if they can continue to the year 2009 itself.

8 Oct 2008 21:03

The Prince George, Hackney

Yupppie pub. I like the rooms and the decor. The beer is decent but narrow in range, and the price is somewhat prohibitive.
The Pembury Tavern is a short walk away, if you're looking for beer.

17 Sep 2008 18:12

The Hillsborough Hotel, Sheffield

Certainly the kind of place I would like to stay.
The home brews are fantastic. I had the well-hopped "Hillsborough Pale Ale" and the "Traditional Bitter". The "Stannington Stout" is an award winner. All beers, especially the home brews, are cheap, even for Sheffield. Kid on the bar asked if I wanted my Salamander Shogun Stout topped up, and for once I was in a position to say no, that the head was the perfect size.
Website and chalk board update to show what ales are on each day.
Lovely view of the hills from the rear.

Nothing but praise.

17 Sep 2008 17:52

The Wellington, Sheffield

I like the atmos, I like the rooms, I like the beer, I dig the staff. I thought it was still decent for scooping.
Black Beard Porter didn't stand out, but there were quite a few Milestone beers on, who I really like. 8 handpumps I believe.
Finished here, then rolled on to the tram. Great stuff, long may it continue.

17 Sep 2008 17:17

The Kelham Island Tavern, Sheffield

Not much more to add than what's been said already.
Landlord was kind enough to give me a very nice Abbeydale beer towel in return for a contribution to the charity box, and then direct me to the Wellington so I could catch up with the others. Real shame I couldn't stay longer - had two fantastic beers: Brunswick Triple Hop and Milestone Colonial Stout.

Unlike "SilkTork", I don't care about the surroundings and don't think they would detract from the pub in any case. I agree that it is very much a scoopers' pub. One of the best in the best drinking city.

17 Sep 2008 17:01

The Fat Cat, Sheffield

Kelham Island tap, which is good enough in itself, but loads more obscure guests. Tiny little bar fully filled with handpumps, but ample seating area expands around the corner. New breweries and beers for seasoned drinkers in our crew. 5 new beer mats for me. Large boxes of nuts on the bar, cheese for sale.

Given its greatness and the reviews up here, I've no idea why the average rating isn't higher. Be happy to session here, unfortunately I didn't have the time.

As mentioned by nearly everyone, should be combined with Kelham Island Tavern for the "Kit-Cat" combo.

17 Sep 2008 16:50

The Fly in the Loaf, Liverpool

I had the impression this was an underrated pub, but I'm glad to see the comments here reflect the efforts of the staff. The beer, in terms of range and quality, has always been impressive when I'm in.
Staff have already been complemented by others, and I think that should stand.
Essential place if you're taking in a few pubs, due to location, but similarly conducive to a session

13 Sep 2008 16:58

Crown, Liverpool

It's all about location. If you're meeting someone at the station after getting off the train, you do it here because the beer isn't bad.

13 Sep 2008 16:52

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Strange, Cigano, you don't sound like a brewer.
The detailed description is contrary to my initial inclination that this is pure trolling. I might be right, but in case anyone is taking you seriously...

The beer is certainly not hit and miss in terms of condition. That's simply a bold lie.

I'm not sure what you mean by "make it their own". It IS their own. Pubs are for local communities plus anyone else who wants to travel in. Locals have at least as much claim on it as anyone else. There are locals in on Thursday nights actually, but as I mentioned in my previous post, people who wake up or even start work at 4 or 5am are not likely to be in the pub late on a week night. Quiz starts at 9pm finished near 11pm. Not clever to partake of the quiz if you're working very early, is it? Nothing to do with intelligence or being "thick".

If we look at Cigano's profile, we see a total of two posts on BITE, both containing irrelevant classist comments. It's not on, same way racist comments about clientele is not on. If you dislike people purely on income/background, the Narrow Boat is around the corner, Upper Street is a 7 minute walk. See you later.

In terms of eating, if you really are a brewer, you will already have the 2009 Good Beer Guide, and you will notice that the review of Wenlock salt beef sandwiches has been upgraded from 2008's "should not be underrated" to "legendary". Who should readers listen to then? You, or the most recent GBG?

What exactly a footballer breaking his leg has to do with a review of a pub must baffle us all. My advice is leave irrelevancies and your inherent classism to one side if you aim to be taken seriously.

Update for the rest:
"19 year old skinhead" no longer works there.

13 Sep 2008 16:38

The Beer Engine, Coventry

Open pretty late, so a good finishing pub.
I've usually found a very good beer on. Good rapport with the owner. Lovely dog playin around which my mate nearly fell off his chair on to. That kind of place.
Pleasant talkative regulars, sheltered garden. Recommended.

6 Sep 2008 15:22

The Whitefriars Olde Ale House, Coventry

The interior has been talked about. It is a joy, no doubt.
I've never had a bad experience here. Warwick University Real Ale Society do the exec handover here every year, such is the respect we lavish on it.
Usually a Church End beer on from what I can remember. Beer has always been good overall, good rapport with the staff. It's a good area for pubs, combine this with others for a grand night. Also, the food place next door does the trick.

6 Sep 2008 15:00

The Nursery Tavern, Coventry

Was a regular when I was livin down the road.
I prefer the clientele to the Craven Arms. Friendly and that. Thing is, loads of handpumps, but not exactly a rotating selection, and the regulars, apart from maybe Golden best, are pretty poor major brewer stuff. Local Camra members in every night. Some staff I really got on with.
Overall, the other factors outshine the beer. The kind of place you'd want to be succeeding as a genuine freehouse with fewer fixed beers.

6 Sep 2008 14:46

The Old Windmill, Coventry

Beer selection is actually usually uninspired in my memory. The charming interior deserves better, maybe, but overall I see no reason to drink here if you're in the area. Loads of little rooms, that kind of style. Some punter did try jumpin in on me while I was waiting and I'd been then before him, he thought that was ok, not on is it? and I told him.

6 Sep 2008 14:38

The Rocket, Coventry

No, it's not rough, it's just crap.
Well's Bombardier the only beer on last time I was there, and it was undrinkable, a couple sips and out. Which teaches us an important rule: if it's not a real ale pub, don't be principled, go for Guinness, because the beer will be in bad nick. Learnt!
Dreadful, overall.

6 Sep 2008 14:35

The Craven Arms, Coventry

With Sarah Hughes Dark Ruby Mild on as regular, the Craven Arms is always worth a visit. Not too too keen on the interior and the punters so I don't session here. Beer is boss though.

6 Sep 2008 14:30

The Eagle, Hoxton

I think we all agree the staff are clueless.
When I was in, Slater's Queen Bee was actually in decent nick and served in a dimple mug. DJ? Give that a miss.
No idea why it's in the Good Beer Guide - broadly agree with Seth, then again we have the same taste in jackets, too.

4 Sep 2008 14:49

The Pub on the Park, London Fields

Beer is shite... and Hoegaarden is over 4 a pint. I couldn't believe it, asked to see the bar tariff, baldy said there was none - that's illegal for a start.
With all the people drinking their beer on the park, my theory is they know everyone goes home with the glass, so they jack up the prices. We certainly did. No way I'm paying that price without something extra to show for it. Deal?
Otherwise, I could have left a bitter taste.

At the end of the day, look around you, bordered to west and south by a couple decent sized gangs...this pub isn't real life, it's like a small gated community the life tourists have built for themselves...just go somewhere with real people, real beer and real prices instead.

4 Sep 2008 14:33

The Three Compasses, Hackney

No beer, Hackney boozer. Why people drink in these places, I don't know.

4 Sep 2008 14:25

The Pembury Tavern, Hackney

My local because I live several paces from it. Just as I was seriously getting into beer, it opened in its current guise, been with it since then.
Guest beers have increased in quality since beginning, they are currently on a very good run of guest milds, which is handy since I love mild and hate the Milton mild (Minotaur).
The Milton stout Nero is their best brew (everyone agrees), and is almost always on, another big bonus.
Steve, Chris, Simon and Joe are all great guys really. Good beer, good company, that's what you want for a midweek pint. French Tom was something of a loss.

A lot has been said about the building, too big, etc. and I can't see what can be done about that. A few more smaller tables would be a good move.
Last festival was a little too busy in that the casks on the stillage had finished and we were waiting for things to come on the bar. Sure they'll the balance better next time.

Having no piss keg lager on from the start was a ballsy move, one I respected a hell of a lot. Good range of Belgian and German bottles, including the crowd favourite, Schlenkerla Rauchbier.

4 Sep 2008 14:20

The Jerusalem Tavern, Clerkenwell

Really good pub. Unsurprising, because the brewery is fantastic, too. Pleasing interior, and set up. Ample supply of St.Peter's bottles to take home. Rare dispense method. Seems well run. More power to them.

4 Sep 2008 13:59

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Dave the cellar man is still there. All days except Monday.

Wenlock is the kind of place, if I get down planning to have a swift one then go, I end up staying pretty late because the company is good.

9 handpumps, one mild, one real cider/perry,
Stout and porter not on often enough for me, but it's summer and they don't sell so well (compare to Hophead - a kilderkin in 5 hours), so fair enough. Mild is usually a good bet, Mighty Oak Oscar Wilde, Dark Star Over the Moon quite regular.
Recently had Oakham's new brew "Beermonster" on. Fantastic. Harvey's "Olympia" was great the other day.
Bateman's Salem Porter is in the cellar, as is a beer from a new brewpub in Leyton (William IV?).
Dave's contacts ensure well-regarded beer, usually take delivery of 4 kilderkins of Dark Star Hophead a week.

Regulars are a good laugh, and are deservedly afforded great respect. Different crowds at different times, the plasterers and painters might leave pretty early on weekdays. Regular quiz crews on for the quiz. Music crowd filters in late on Friday and Saturday and afternoon on Sunday. Local middle-aged men bringing their mas on weekends, great to see. Healthy sprinkling of tourists (both foreign and domestic "life tourists") at all times, some dig it, some don't. Some don't understand why I'm more concerned that a regular gets his mild in the glass he wants than them getting their Carlsberg Export (if you're gonna do the life tourist thing,...etc.). Some don't understand why I'm getting slightly annoyed that they've asked three times whether the empty dusty bottles(decoration purposes) are for sale, and each time got the same answer, "well, I could sell you it, but you won't be able to drink it because there's nothing in it". But there you go...more could be said.

Few things to say about the serving of "poor quality of ales", from Barra (29Aug).
First, might just not be to your taste, or is just a crap brew full stop. Many are, and all casks that come in are hit and miss, you just want a place which is more hit than miss. That is, can you always tell the difference between bad taste and bad condition?
Second, I've tasted several brews and thought they were well off, then gone on and sold a good load of it, and people staying on it the whole night without any problem. If we can, why not, instead of taking it off half full, maybe not even putting another on.
Taste beer before buying, or return for something else, there is always something good on.

But all this is talk. You tell me another public house in Hackney where the working class is drinking real beer and listening to real music, all at very good price for London. Then compare it to the rest of N1. It's incredibly important a place like this succeeds.

4 Sep 2008 13:55

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