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Comments by Deodar

The Fairy Glen, Penmaenmawr

Bit of a strange one - the ham hock was incredible and the locals were really welcoming during the quiz. However went back another night about 22.30 and were told by a rudly by a surly barman that the bar was closed. Not the way to get tourists to return

13 Aug 2010 13:10

The Gladstone, Penmaenmawr

I really like this pub. The staff are friendly, the prices reasonable, the view fantastic and the food is amazing - try the sunday lunch!! Selection of lagers not too great, but discovered alcoholic ginger beer here

13 Aug 2010 13:07

T J Duffys, Northfields

Another change of management (for the better) and I think it's now privatly owned. Still really friendly and a new Thai menu

10 Sep 2008 12:46

The Plough Inn, South Ealing

They've recently re-opened and I think it's great inside. It's got a friendly and relaxed feel, and seems much less smokey than before. Was in on a Sunday afternoon, but didn't notice any cliquey types. They advertise that they have the largest selection of beers in Ealing - definatley worth going to have a look.

25 Aug 2005 13:33

The Southside Bar, South Kensington

The bar is closing for ever on Friday 24th June, so I reccomend that if you want to experience Southside/say a fond farewell you do it soon!

13 Jun 2005 17:30

The Crown, Sheringham

Agree that the views are great, and food isn't half bad either!

24 Mar 2005 13:04

The Fox, Hanwell

Great place to spend an afternoon. Really nice original decor too. Only gripe that it gets really busy with Sunday lunchers. Still, the Dolphin isn't too much of a walk away.

23 Feb 2005 13:19

The Red Lion Hotel, Cromer

Great pub! Has fantastic views over the pier and beaches. Spent a lot of time in there over Easter and was always very welcoming and friendly. Bets a bit too busy during the tourist season though

23 Feb 2005 13:16

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