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BITE user comments - Chriso

Comments by Chriso

The Green Tree, Yarm

passable, pleasant

25 Jun 2006 20:29

Moby Grape, Stockton on Tees

Top pub/club. This really is like an oasis in a desert of crap pubs. Not cheap, but classy and the bouncers are selective in a good way. head here for a scally free, peaceful but lively nite, if you can get in...

25 Jun 2006 20:12

The Owington Farm, Billingham

used to be descent on a sat and sun nite with wingnut and his mum doin the karaoke and quiz. then the one eyed bandit took over. that guy spent more time on the punters side of the bar than he did serving, and it showed when the place went down hill rapid, and although he has gone, the place has never been the same.

25 Jun 2006 20:00

Wellington, Wolviston

that shoul;d have been for the owington farm. the welly is a well descent pub and worth a visit. cracking guinness too!

25 Jun 2006 19:59

Yates's, Leicester Square

Erm, why anyone comes here is well beyond me. Yates is supposed to be a chain that provides value for money, along the lines of JDW, isnt it? It fails miserably here as it is overpriced and is total out of line in this policy compared to the rest of the pubs in its group. If you want a value pint, pop nextdoor to the moon underwater. At least JDW know which side their bread is buttered on.

24 Jun 2006 21:01

The Moon Under Water, Leicester Square

This is a nice pub thats an escape from the overpiced facelessness or many pubs in central london. friendly staff coupled with cheap drinks (for london, im from teeside!)and ok pub food make for a tidy start to a london crawl. Well done JDW.

24 Jun 2006 20:52

The Black Bull, Yarm

Supposed to be the best pub in yarm. This is only true by the size of the queue at weekends. It is probly best for atmospere but this can reflect in the time you spend at the bar, which is often 10 mins plus. great garden with gas heaters for cold nights and top totty too. Overcrowding is the only reason that i rate this lower than the george.

24 Jun 2006 20:43

The George and Dragon, Yarm

Great on a summers day/night. Can be a wait at the bar from thurs thru sunday but you can beat this place or yarm in general for its balance between atmosphere and truble-freeness. Ive never seen a fight here or in the rest of yarm. top pub. also shows footy, which the bull doesnt, to my knowledge.

24 Jun 2006 20:37

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