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Comments by Chrisnutt

The Winchester Gate, Salisbury

3 beers on during my visit, Goffs was excellent. Fell into conversation with the Landlord who seemed a charming guy. A nice, albeit unassuming freehouse pub which was good for a drink on a wet Thurs night! Recommended.

15 Jun 2012 21:21

Royal George Inn, Salisbury

Friendly on my recent visit, both Doom Bar And Hop Back GFB were good and the prawn curry (Thurs is curry night) was excellent. Recommended.

15 Jun 2012 21:14

The Wyndham Arms, Salisbury

Pub prices have gone up a little since my last visit (Summer Lightning �2.90 pint I think) but still very reasonable for Salisbury. Huge selection of Hopback beers, always in good condition. Reccomended.

15 Jun 2012 21:12

Ox Row, Salisbury

Pleasant enough pub but very light coloured bar and back bar fitting do spoil the olde worlde feel. Since my last visit the pub has changed hands from Enterprise Inns to Fullers and the beer we were drinking was in good condition but a bit pricey at �3.80 pint.

15 Jun 2012 21:08

The Market Inn, Salisbury

The Manager of the nearby Ox Row said the pub is due to open following the massive fire with the resulting rebuild and refurb on 10 July. The hoardings are now down and the pub looks very nice from the outside.

15 Jun 2012 21:05

The Haunch of Venison, Salisbury

Pub has changed hands since my last visit and although very clean and tidy now, had run out of cask ale and upstairs restuarant closed. Kronenbourg was fine...5/10

15 Jun 2012 21:02

The Village, Salisbury

5 real ales on but very disappointing pint of Downton Brewery Quadhop which was far too warm and tasted off. In fairness the Barman did change it without a fuss but beer was lousy!

15 Jun 2012 20:59

The Duke of York, Salisbury

Repeat visit today June 13 saw the pub quite busy, 5 beers on were Botley Old Cooperage, Sharaday Five Bells, Downton Eurohop and Boondogle. Tried last 3, all were in good nick and just �3 pint. Def one of the better cask ale pubs in Salisbury.

15 Jun 2012 20:54

The Wilton, Salisbury

Now closed sadly, although the landlord of the nearby Duke of York told me the owners plan to keep it as a pub.

15 Jun 2012 20:45

The Hogshead, Salisbury

Now back to being called The Malmsbury

6 Jan 2012 14:27

The Butt of Ale, Salisbury

A jewel of a pub? Good grief you must be joking! A very ordinary estate pub, no real ale and no customers (Wed eve Nov) when I went in, now appears to be shut. 3/10

6 Jan 2012 14:19

The Black Swan, Trowbridge

Ex Gibbs Mew pub. Long since closed.

5 Jan 2012 22:24

The Five Bells, Salisbury

Thought the last two posts were a little harsh- didn't drink the real ale here and the beer was expensive (Kronenbergy �3.95pint) but pub is nicely done up and a few in on a mid week afternoon. The elderely excentric in the US Airforce Uniform drinking Babychams (yes really!) added a little colour to the proceedings! 6/10.

5 Jan 2012 22:13

The Pheasant, Salisbury

Really super pub inside with a lovely dining area and seperate upstairs function room but very poorly kept real ale- on my two visits there (Oct 2011 & Dec 2011) both pints were undrinkable but happily exchanged. 6/10

5 Jan 2012 22:07

Royal George Inn, Salisbury

Very clean and pleasant ex-Gibbs Mew pub set back from the very centre of Salisbury. Small front room very traditional with low beams and horse brasses, small games room and yard and small restuarant/dining room at rear. Good home cooked but basic food and (yes) a welcoming landlady. Probably one of salisbury's best 'backstreet boozers'. 8/10.

5 Jan 2012 22:04

The Salisbury Arms, Salisbury

Run under temp management on a holding basis by the props. of the nearby Five Bells for Enterprise Inns, this fairly tired local has the dubious distinction of being Salisbury's most expensive pub (Stella �3.95 pint). Nice couple managing it, occassional discos, pub is apparently closing for a major refurb in March 2012.

5 Jan 2012 21:59

Bar 44, Salisbury

Sold by Punch to the owners of the Stamp & Collectables shop next door.

5 Jan 2012 21:35

Queens Arms, Salisbury

Post by Wolves Fan on 12 Aug 2010 is spot on! Sunday lunches quite good but pub very tired. Reputedly the oldest pub in Salisbury, tied tenancy to GRS pubs who bought a fair slug of the old Ushers of Trowbridge estate (Punch Taverns & Pubfolio got most of the rest). 6/10

5 Jan 2012 21:33

The Anchor and Hope, Salisbury

Busy when I visited the Wed before Xmas. Sharp's Doom Bar in excellent condition, pub was busy with earthy but friendly clientele, loud juke box! 7/10

5 Jan 2012 21:23

The Haunch of Venison, Salisbury

Went in the Wed before Christmas at about 5pm and the pub was packed with a good mix of customers. Crop Circle was excellent, pub clean and homely. 9/10. An old girl was regailing the customers with christmas drinking stories causing much hilarity, log fire was burning, to be honest is doesn't really get much better than this. I was impressed.

5 Jan 2012 21:11

The Chough, Salisbury

Beer much improved since awful hidden Brewery days as poster below notes but the pub is very quiet considering its size and location on the Salisbury market square.
The Wed eve before Christmas was deathly quiet. 6/10

5 Jan 2012 21:06

The Cat Tavern, Salisbury

Not a bad pint of cider but a pretty rough clientele. Cheap rooms though and open all day for those who want a beer using the station.

7 Nov 2011 23:24

The Village, Salisbury

Pub has been cleaned up a bit internally since my last visit which is very welcome with a new Manager who seems pleasant so things have improved. Still a fabulous beer range but my beer was a bit too warm and my friend's cider was flat so not really a good visit.

7 Nov 2011 23:16

The Wilton, Salisbury

Nice tidy pub closed to the station and town but very limited beer range when I went in- no guiness, cider, smooth or bitter. I don't know if they had run out because they were busy the night before or just rubbish ordering.
Worth popping in if on a crawl and half way between Deacon's and the Duke of York.

7 Nov 2011 23:14

The Duke of York, Salisbury

Went in on Sat night and was very impressed indeed with the pub. The Landlord was very knowledgeable about the beers on (Moorhouse Premier, Alton Triple fff Pride, Plain Ale Innocence, Botley Old Cooperage & Botley Pale Rider). They also sold two ciders on handpull (from wales?) and a German wheat beer.
Pub was packed, locals seemed a friendly bunch. One of the best real ale pubs in Salisbury.

7 Nov 2011 23:08

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