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Comments by CheekyShepherd

Waggon and Horses, Brentford

Ignore any of my reviews below, I haven't been in this pub for about a year due to the way the Eastern European owners treat their staff!

29 Aug 2009 02:06

The Windsor Castle, Hounslow

I actually like this pub, being a straight man comfortable with his sexuality. A decent karaoke on Sunday nights, friendly staff & customers, and quite a hilarious drag act. Only negatives are expensive beers, but alas, that's the way the cookie crumbles.

29 Jan 2009 16:32

The Regent, Walton on Thames

Typical Weatherspoons, except the toilets are cleaner.

29 Jan 2009 16:28

The Sun, Hounslow

One of the best pubs in Hounslow, seriously! Friendly staff, decent prices, big beer garden and a great karaoke on Thursdays. Sometimes it's a bit raucous, but trouble inside is times few and far between.

29 Jan 2009 16:27

The General Roy, Feltham

Pretty good for a quick drink to meet some friends, but wouldn't make it my regular.

4 Nov 2008 17:02

The Goat, Upper Halliford

Decent carvery on a Sunday.

24 Oct 2008 17:54

Waggon and Horses, Brentford

New management, new chef and new menu by the looks of things. A great little piece of the world!

16 Jul 2008 15:51

The Admiral Nelson, Whitton

Nice to go to a pub with manners. Great service, food & a good band down there last night. Not too sure if it were a one-off or not.

Thoroughly impressed!

11 May 2008 18:21

The Bell, Hounslow

The address has changed to The Bell, Hounslow Bellend, Warsaw, Poland

Now being run by Billy Bob Thornton and his overzealous partner, who don't seem to like people enjoying themselves in there... and give you the Spanish Inquisition if you do.

I shalln't be returning!

4 Apr 2008 21:40

The Tabard, Turnham Green

I'd love for Gordon Ramsay to visit and tell them where they went wrong.

Ridiculously priced food, which is hideous!

2 Feb 2008 13:34

Harveys in the Town / Larkin Inn, Hounslow

Shut down. Apparently, to become flats for the large Eastern European contingent in Warsaw, I mean Hounslow!

2 Feb 2008 13:32

The White Bear, Hounslow

In regards to the review below. The White Bear does have a dartboard. I know this because I was throwing darts at it last night!!

2 Feb 2008 13:27

Shannons, Hounslow

Shut down, all furnishings removed, taken back by the brewery, about to become flats.

Will I miss it??? Hmmm... perhaps not!

11 Sep 2007 15:49

The Redback, Acton

If you ain't in here by 10pm, don't bother... you'll most likely be pocketed in someone's sweaty armpit for the duration of the night!!

Otherwise, a great night out, if you and your party are there enough to reserve a table!

7 Jun 2007 17:32

The Puzzle, Acton

Yes. A puzzle. Why even the thirstiest drunk would even drink beer out of an ashtray in this "designer bar".

Fake fake fake like every other franchised pub.

Death to them all! Grr!!

7 Jun 2007 17:28

The Windmill, Acton

I used to drink in here when I was still a puppy. Pretty decent for an inexpensive night out in dingy Acton. The management can be quite rude on occasion, but is generally a decent night out.

Busy with Polish now- Acton is Little Warsaw though. Could be worse.

Does anyone know if Laurel & Cos do the karaoke in here anymore?

7 Jun 2007 17:26

The Captain Cook, Acton

Better than the other late night bars on Uxbridge Road... although it is brimful to the rafters with Saffa's, Ozzie's & Kiwis.

Yes, more so than the Redback! Crazy, crazy world!

7 Jun 2007 17:24

The Bull's Head, Barnes

Popped in here by chance on Sunday. Really nice pub, although a mite expensive. Food smelt nice although didn't try it. Planning another visit in near future.

6 Jun 2007 18:03

The Blue Anchor, Hammersmith

Much nicer, cheaper and cleaner than The Rutland next door.

One of the best of the riverside pubs around the area.

6 Jun 2007 18:00

The Old Ship, Hammersmith

In complete agreement with below! I revoke my previous rating of 8/10 for a big fat zero!

9 May 2007 18:42

The Surbiton Flyer, Surbiton

Fullers prices but it looks and smells like a Wetherspoons - it would be a lot nicer with a bit of decor... and if it was away from a Railway Station.

4 May 2007 18:06

The Anchor, Stanwell Moor

I'm not too sure if this is the pub I went to on Saturday night, because there is no photo up.

If it is the pub I'm thinking of, it was fantastic.

Nice atmosphere, good staff and a great karaoke.

25 Apr 2007 15:56

Shannons, Hounslow

Passed by at the weekend and it looks like it's been shut down.

25 Apr 2007 15:52

The Hope and Anchor, Islington

Really nice pub - friendly bar staff

Not from the area, just passed through. But will definately visit again if I'm in the postcode.

8 Dec 2006 19:22

Bentleys, West Drayton

Isn't called Bentley's anymore - something like Club UB7, but don't remember. I'm not from the area and if the pubs are like this one, I don't think I'll be drinking here either.

Not a terrible pub, just very dark and sticky. Unclean, dank toilets and the odd toothless drunk leering lecherously at my female companions. It was reasonably priced though. I just don't think I'd travel all the way across town again for a random visit.

1 Dec 2006 16:18

The White Bear, Hounslow

Friday nights are getting better and better, the acoustics for the karaoke are really good now and some excellent singers are joining the party - take a bow Stacy, Jack & Dani, Vicky, Tots and those two tarts Mr Groves and Porkos - love ya really :)

Unfortunately, the prices have gone up again but it's still quite reasonable for a Fuller's pub (I know another one which charges 1.75 for 1/2 a pint of coke and another where a pint of Rat's piss (Fosters) is 2.75!!!!) Grolsch has been replaced by Kronenberg (Hurrah!!) and the young male bartender is really quite dashing! The girl ain't too bad either ;)

There's talk of hot food being served in the future, but it's still quite far along the pipeline and the front bar should be finished soon. Some of the old regulars haven't been in the last couple of months so it's lost it's wholesome community feel, but you can guarantee that the times there's trouble or fights in this pub are few and far between.

Long Live The Bear! The Best Pub in Town!!!

29 Nov 2006 15:09

Waggon and Horses, Brentford

I think this pub has vastly improved since the dank, filthy Plough next door was demolished. Haven't been in either for 8 years, partly because many of my friends said it was racist.

Not bad, considering the location (Brentford isn't the nicest of places to drink, day OR night), good range of drinks inexpensively priced and well maintained and quite clean. Wouldn't mind paying another visit to Jo's Karaoke in the near future.

26 Sep 2006 19:38

The Queens Tavern, Shepherds Bush

I'm diehard QPR, but this pub for the local is a travesty. Walking in, I didn't want to look directly at anyone in here, even the barmaid with one tooth. Would have doublebacked straight out if a friend didn't need the toilet, which were, by her own admission, padlocked shut!!!

Stayed for a half, had half, will never return.

11 Aug 2006 14:29

O'Neills, Shepherds Bush

The best O'Neill's I've been too so far.

Packed at weekends and relaxing during the afternoon, great food too - I recommend the O'Neill's sausages with Colcannon.


11 Aug 2006 14:15

The Hop Poles, Hammersmith

I really should have paid more attention to the comments below before agreeing to meet a friend in here for lunch!!

Every table was filthy, and the anonymous poster is correct - the sausage and mash does resemble dog's shit in a moat of vomit.

The girl behind the bar was quite sweet though, think she'd do better elsewhere though!

17 Jul 2006 16:40

The White Bear, Hounslow

This pub has been great over the World Cup and is starting to get a regular crowd back.

The last few Friday's have been excellent, despite me getting seven balled on the pool table and being commando!!!!

17 Jul 2006 16:36

The King's Arms, Twickenham

Once again had a very enjoyable night in here on Monday - a very laid back pub which I enjoy more and more with every visit.

Can't wait to go there again.

28 Jun 2006 18:51

The Half and Half, Croydon


The Beer "Circus"

Enough has been said!

20 Jun 2006 12:00

Plan B Bar, Brixton

Amazing night out here... Good music, good staff, good people... but the one thing I like most about this bar is that it doesn't aspire to be anything it's not, unlike most modern bars.

It's refreshing to drink somewhere that isn't pretentious, disingenuous or superficial.

20 Jun 2006 11:49

Living Bar and Club, Brixton

Despite the location. This is actually a really nice bar. Decent staff, good music and friendly customers. Seriously!

Brixton is a great place to drink, it's just the streets outside which are rather grotty.

Still, I'd choose Brixton anyday of the week rather than, say, Elephant & Castle or... Hounslow.

20 Jun 2006 11:46

The Prince Albert, Brixton

Despite this pub being in a part of London you certainly don't wanna be in alone, this place is fantastic!

Went with a few friends earlier in the year and had a great time, showing that you can't judge a book by it's cover.

Bar staff were efficient and there was a really friendly vibe in there.

I actually think Brixton is the place to go on a London night out if you want a great time!

20 Jun 2006 11:44

The Flag, Watford

Absolutely huge! The size of this pub alone is enough to overwhelm you!

Plenty of outside seating, efficient, friendly bar-staff.

19 Jun 2006 13:44

The Lots Road Pub and Dining Room, Chelsea

Good food and selection of drink, reasonably priced - very much a gastropub, which aren't really my thing, but would certainly pop there for a meal.

19 Jun 2006 13:40

Waxy's Little Sister, Piccadilly Circus

If James Bond was real - he'd drink here. Although, I don't know what their Martini's are like, the rest of their drinks range is outstanding.

Superb for spying on the world below!

8 Jun 2006 11:05

Yates's, Hounslow

Well, at least I have opinions unlike you automatons who follow the crowds like sheep, and I can project my opinions without being insulting to anyone, unlike yourselves... I also have the added bonus of being able to spell.

I don't care if you disagree with my opinion, at least I can be tactful and list what I find unappealing or distasteful. I'm also individual enough to drink wherever I want and not chase tails into sleazy dives.

Have a pleasant drink, I would say have one on me, but I'm sure the unemployed are living off my taxes anyway. :)

7 Jun 2006 13:59

Yates's, Hounslow


I would never have come in here again if it wasn't for Mandy doing the karaoke on Thursday.

I've got a billion things to say but am not too sure if I can express my opinions monosyllabically enough for others to understand them.

Let me catch a breath!

**The Bad Points**
1) I thoroughly detest drinking out of plastic cups, since they have to do this for the late license I'll not make a big thing of it, but it seems a little too barbeque/picnic in the park. Is Yates' really so rough that plastic glasses have to be distributed after 9. Even bottled beverages (Smirnoff Ice/Beers/Magners,etc) are poured by the bar-staff into the universally-non-threatening-when-smashed vessel. When I go for a drink though, I want a *glass* of beer. It just feels right.

2) The lighting in this pub is awful. The dance floor needs lights, I'll concur, but when you're sitting and having a drink with friends and have to shield your eyes every 30 seconds, it becomes a bit monotonous. Do the lights really have to rotate 360?

3) There was a fracas during the evening, that the bouncers dealt with efficiently enough. However, I felt that they put other people at risk before isolating the trouble. There was an eternally lingering vibe during the night, and I wouldn't be surprised if there was trouble after I left.

4) The clientele. I'm not just talking about the typical Hounslow nutters, but I'm generalising about the people that Yates' as a business/bar/social house entices as a demographic. All the guys seemed like the "geezer/chav" type, the kind who are so insecure in their life they have to go out PURELY to get pissed out of their face. The girls seemed to be the usual low-maintenance-who-think-their-high-maintenance cosmopolitan chavette's that Hounslow seems to have become accustom to. I don't see this bar as a very social place, it's okay if you're amongst friends, but Billy-no-mates will not like it in here for love or money. He'll probably get beaten up to!

5) The toilets were below standard. There is a placard on the wall which clearly states the toilets are checked and cleaned every 30 minutes. However, I was in the bar for over 3 hours and everytime I went to the commode, the paper dispenser was empty, and the whole bog was, to put it bluntly, a shithole.

6) The pole dancing contest - beyond words, simply pathetic.

7) The fact that this pub will be either one of two things = 1. Shannons II (same vibe, crowd, atmosphere); 2. The Big Brother House (people vying for attention, acting up for the CCTV cameras)


**The Good Points**

1) Mandy's karaoke- there is no finer karaoke host, she bursts with enthusiasm and does her very best to get everyone involved. Her song book is the best I've ever seen - constantly up-to-date with current hits, plus the golden oldies, and some rare rock songs which are ne'er to be found in other comperes books. If Mandy was here every night I'd come to support her!
2) Mandy's karaoke regulars - There is a small group enough, pathetic as it may seem, who have supported her karaoke since she started in Shannons. We don't particularly *like* her venues, but we'll support her through thick and thin because we like her and we like each other. We were easily the most relaxed clientele in there last night and we spent a few bob behind the bar. We're not the type to order a coke and nurse it throughout the hours. We drink to be social and socialise as we drink.
3) Mandy's Karaoke....

2 Jun 2006 14:18

Harveys in the Town / Larkin Inn, Hounslow

Chris The Guv'nor!

You got a real good boozer, but here's a few things that could make things busier.

* Stop charging on the door after 9pm, I know this is to meet the overheads of your door staff and the club downstairs - but not everyone who drinks here WANTS to go to the club downstairs. Instead, only charge after 11, or people who want to boogie on into the night.

* 5 nights of Karaoke is a bit much. We all love Mandy and Jo, even Harry has his moments of ingenuity, but 5 nights is far too much choice for the week. Seeing as Yates' is doing Karaoke on a Thursday, maybe you should cut your losses and drop that night (Sorry Jo, still luv ya x)

* Clean the flippin' toilets - the club bogs look fresh and sparkly, why not the upstairs. It makes me physically sick to use them, sometimes I'd rather go outside. I'd be ashamed to let my dog use them.

* Give Magda a promotion - she's working constantly working her socks off, and needs a day off. She'd be a fantastic bar manager for the following reasons - 1. She's always smiling and makes your drinking experience pleasurable. 2. She remembers the regular's usual tipple and you never have to ask twice. 3. She always makes the customers happy.
Dave is also a great barman, and would make a good manager, but he has been known to have his off days.

* Also, lay down the law with the squaddies. Whenever they come into the pub they try to take it over. It's scaring a lot of people off.

Aside from that, Larkins is definately worth a toddle to on those nights when you feel like minglin'.

2 Jun 2006 13:14

The Lord Palmerston (Pickled Newt), Hounslow

A REALLY small pub.

Small and... pointless.

1 Jun 2006 15:14

The Slug and Lettuce, Fulham

I've got into a rather annoying habit of calling this franchise of pubs the "spit or swallow pubs", mostly cos of the high-maintenance who think they're low-maintenance, but wholly promiscuous totty that dwell within, bound to be ushered home by a Kiwi, Aussie or Saffa at the end of the night, or the charming-date-rapists-in-disguises who prey on their innocent victims in a place that solicits binge-drinking.

Of course, these reasons are totally unfounded, but you only have to read local papers to see what kinds of pubs advertise for the sweeping generation of drinkers to get up to know good when they're on their comedown.

I'm not highly-strung, pompous, overtly serious or insensitive. I drink to socialise and meet new people, but the kind of people I'd like to have as conversation partners aren't the loud, brash, and incongruous morons who drink in pubs like these.

As for the women, all that I think when I see them boozing in pubs like this is: one rohypnol and they're all yours.

A rather callous comment, I know, but when you ladies are crying down the police station or hospital several hours of drinking in places like these you're the victim of your own frivolous debauchery.

1 Jun 2006 15:10

The Fountain, Twickenham

The equivalent of borstal except it's probably more violent.

I actually feared for my life in this pub!

1 Jun 2006 14:56

The King's Arms, Twickenham

Nice and clean, average-priced pub in a part of Twickenham I never knew existed.

Bar staff are always friendly and polite and really efficient. Especially the sexy blonde one. ;)

Wouldn't hold back on coming here in the future if I didn't live so far away, especially for the quiz night.

Cab on the way home was expensive - not that that's a slur on this fine pub!

1 Jun 2006 14:48

The Duke Of Cambridge, Hounslow

Since this place has come under new management it's actually a really good boozer. Proof that miracles can happen as per my comments below.

It is unfortunate that it's located in a pretty grotty part of Hounslow (adjacent the bus garage - that always smells of piss and tramps).

This pub will be my top choice if I was going out on a Saturday in Hounslow. Rock music from 8 til late and there's no trouble. The doormen don't give you any grief (unless, of course, you deserve it!) and the drinks are incredibly cheap, 2 x Fosters, 1 x Vodka & Lemonade = 6.50

Well done, the guv'nor for completely transforming this pub into somewhere you're not ashamed to be.

Although, the toilets could do with a clean. ;)

1 Jun 2006 14:42

The Windmill, Hounslow

Cheap drinks. Yes.
Old man/woman muttering at nearby table. Yes
Gun in mouth to blow brains out after my third rancid pint in the most miserable pub in Hounslow. Yes.

31 May 2006 10:41

The White Bear, Hounslow

Just to let you all know - there is no longer a jukebox here - but it has been replaced with a machine that vends nuts, chocolate raisins and olives.

Who needs music when you can have snacks?!!!

25 May 2006 14:45

Revolution, Chiswick

Has now become Revolution bar.

Looks real trendy. Might pop in there this weekend.

24 May 2006 14:07

Yates's, Hounslow

Geez - what a big man you are Hez, slandering me anonymously over the internet.

What's your problem? Do you have a problem with my choices of pubs I'd rather drink in rather than the paean to promiscuity that it Yates'? Or do you merely have an issue with the fact that my opinion does not match yours?

I have always stood by the fact that I go to a pub for a stress-free night and to socialise - dancing with short-skirted chicks to incomprehensible "shit-hop" and chart music will always be a very distant second! Regardless of how cheap the beer is! Yates' is filled with the types I wouldn't give the time of day to passing in the street nevermind spending a few hours socialising with them over warm Foster's and "deal-of-the-month" buy-one-get-one free WKD's!

And f.y.i - My change of opinion over Larkin's isn't due to Mandy's karaoke - but more due to the fact that my lying bitch of ex-girlfriend no longer drinks there, stirring up lies between me and the other decent Hounslow folk.

And as for your comment about all comments letting in BAD customers - well, all I can say is you sure do get about. Despite the fact that you obviously can't read my review of pubs which ARE satisfactory in my opinion.

The difference is I refuse to drink in a place where the "talent on offer" I can flirt with(females - if you're not on my wavelength) have more diseases than the monkey in Outbreak.

Oh well - if Yates' ever shuts down - you'll always have the Hammersmith Palais!!!!


23 May 2006 11:02

The Bulstrode, Hounslow

Was absolutely packed during yesterday Champions League Final, unfortunately most of the clientele were Barcelona fans (or incredibly Anti-Arsenal!)Traitors!! Cheer on the English team, FFS!!

Aside, from the mob - the service was efficient and friendly - although the (blonde) barmaid had no idea what I was talking about when I asked for some fresh ice! (I don't like the frozen stuff) ;D

18 May 2006 17:26

Bromptons, Earls Court

I have nothing against gay bars at all but this place is a little too much.

I can only imagine that having sex with another man whilst watching Moulin Rouge! would be less gay than this cliche of a place!!

18 May 2006 17:23

Yates's, Hounslow

I don't think late licensing hours or a hefty refurb will do this pub any justice.

Hefty refurb generally means new padding on the seats and one or two new tables.

This pub will always be filled with promiscuous women, criminals who have slipped through the justice system and Eastern Europeans who are itching to put a pint glass in your face.

I wouldn't drink here ever, even if I was assured SEX at the end of the night!

16 May 2006 10:51

Jagz Bar, Ascot

Good range of drinks, polite bar staff and comfortable atmosphere. Lots of seating in beer garden for the summer weather. Didn't try the food though.


12 May 2006 12:11

Lavins, Hanwell

Typical Irish pub, filled with nutters, in a particularly grotty part of town too!!

If you do have the misfortune to wander in here, avoid eye-contact with everyone - even the bar staff!!

12 May 2006 12:07

The Dog and Duck, Soho

Too quick to shut :(

Come on Landlord! 24-hour drinking!

8 May 2006 16:09

Garlic and Shots, Soho

Absolutely reeks of garlic, but the experience of being in here was all good!!!

Avoid the "bloodshot" unless you want to achieve the ability to see thru time!

8 May 2006 16:08

Alphabet, Soho

I re-thought the phonetic alphabet drining here!

Absolutey Barbaric Costs Drinking 'Ere, Forget Going Here, Inside, Just Keep Looking, Meandering, Nearest Other Pub! Queue Resembles Somewhere Trendier, Unless Very Wasted, 'Xercise Yourself Zzzz's....

8 May 2006 16:00

The Intrepid Fox, Soho

Great atmosphere if you love Rock music and Horror movies (which I do!) :D

One of the barstaff on duty was quite rude, preferring to return to his cigarette rather than serve me and chums. Other barman was good though. A so-so experience overall.

8 May 2006 15:34

The Ship, Soho

Typical Fuller's pub, except it's in SoHo (therefore hideously expensive)

Pleasant, polite bar staff and efficient service. Pub is smaller than a microbe though!

8 May 2006 15:30

Flanagan's, Hammersmith

Went here on Easter Monday - and they had a barbeque outside. 5 for a plate of tit-bits which I didn't think too much of, but inside was good for the footie - 3 screens, so you could watch Chelsea v Everton regardless where you were sat. Prices are reasonable and there's a good range.

Also, one of the only pubs in H'smith you can take the kids too...

18 Apr 2006 12:33

The Packhorse and Talbot, Chiswick

What pub are we even talking about? I'm confused!!!!

I quite like the Packhorse & T, as per my comments below - but do try to avoid when the circus is in town.

13 Apr 2006 13:41

The Packhorse and Talbot, Chiswick

The comment below makes me laugh - cos I know of a Chelsea fan who got lost on the way to Stamford Bridge and got off the train at Stamford Brook Station!!!

This must be a common occurence for so many Blues fans to be drinking in Hammersmith and Chiswick!!

12 Apr 2006 10:46

The Old Crown, Bloomsbury

Nice and quaint, but the staff were efficient, although drinks were tad expensive and I got far too much ice in my whisky (I even started looking for the Titanic down the bottom of the glass)!

The private lounge upstairs is far too small, although this could've been because there was far too many people up there!

5 Apr 2006 11:29

Ryans, Hanwell

I passed by the other day and didn't even realise it was a pub!!! From the outside it looked like a cross between a cafe and a student's living room!

Now that it is obviously confirmed as being a pub I may have to pop in here next time I am passing by!

(Will probably pass by tonight - but am going elsewhere to watch Spurs v West Brom :D)

27 Mar 2006 10:41

The Old Suffolk Punch, Hammersmith

Was planning to meet some friends here on Friday night, but was refused entry by (incredibly rude) manager who insisted nobody can be admitted after 11pm! (It was one minute past!!)

Pathetic and discouraging.

27 Mar 2006 10:38

Bar Chocolate, Soho

Great for meeting up with friends for a get-together after work or before heading to some of the nearby clubs.

Friendly staff, reasonably prices.

15 Mar 2006 18:11

Sound Bar, Piccadilly Circus


I walked in during Happy Hour and it looked more like a Pizza Express, by the time the club opened I had had more than enough spending 5 per bottle of beer all I wanted to do was leave.

Touristy shite! Go to Loop on Dering Street - much better than this sweaty hellhole.

15 Mar 2006 18:00

Loop Bar, Mayfair

Without doubt the best late night bar/club in the city of London.

Polite staff (even the door staff), efficient staff and even the sweaty clientele body-popping inside are much nicer than counterparts in other London clubs.

Built over 3 floors, there's a wine bar with a more open bar downstairs and the bottom storey is the club.

Great for meeting, drinking and dancing like crazy.

The Best club in London by far.

15 Mar 2006 17:51

Cristalz, Twickenham

I used to go in here when it was R.J.'s at the beginning of the decade. Was very pleasant - but very pricey.

Is nice for a quick drink if I'm ever passing through Twickenham - but it's just too small for the huge crowd who pack in there at weekends.

7 Mar 2006 16:42

The Bell, Hounslow

The dingiest pub in the dingiest part of town!

This part of Hounslow has now been dubbed "The Bell End" of Hounslow!

I love labelling! :D

2 Mar 2006 13:04

The William Morris, Hammersmith

Really bucked it's ideas up over the last few years.

Not that bad at all - but it's still a Wetherspoons :(

2 Mar 2006 13:01

Yates's, Hounslow

As I was passing the other day - I'm sure it had an advertisment stating: "2 for 1 on Valentine's Day dinners"

While I'm sure this is a very generous offer - I can't help but think any guy who takes a lady friend here on Valentine's Day has to have a screw loose!

Let's face it - going to a Yates' on Valentine's night is about as romantic as a weekend getting kicked in the face!

15 Feb 2006 10:52

The Milford Arms, Isleworth

Went in there last night for the first time since it's been refurbed and was surprisingly impressed.

It's now a lot brighter, more seating and doesn't seem to have that rough vibe that it did about 4-5 years ago.

Nice selection of beers, spirits and soft drinks together with impeccable service and manners from the pretty Irish barmaid.

14 Feb 2006 10:24

O'Neills, Richmond

My mates love this pub, but it's just one rung up the promiscuity ladder from Yates' and Edwards.

The highlight of my evening in here was meeting Teddy Sheringham (West Ham and former England striker).

Not my cup of tea at all.

27 Jan 2006 12:38

No.1 Kew Road, Richmond

I went in here a couple of months back. Was a Friday night and absolutely choca-blocka with youngsters and people who love to boogie. Was difficult to get to the bar downstairs without someone dancing in your face or groping your bum (or maybe trying to pilfer your wallet!)

Was slightly quieter upstairs and far easier to get served up there! A couple were in the corner about a hotel room away from fornicating with each other!

On the whole it's one of the best Edwards (even though I despite the franchise. It's a promiscuous pub for promiscuous people!)

27 Jan 2006 12:32

The Lot, Richmond

Two bouncers on the door outside put you off going in there at all...

Once you are in there it's like the Harvard bar in the movie "Good Will Hunting", filled with pretentious students and guys who beg for sex... I was half-expecting a Michael Bolton clone to approach me and my friends quoting about the pre-revolutionary utopia and capitalist mobilisation.

I could live with being surrounded by pretty young girls, but the lot in The Lot are just too ignorant and naive.

25 Jan 2006 12:28

The Tabard, Turnham Green

Really nice pub, just on the corner where Turnham Green Station is.

I dropped in here with my former girlfriend back in the summer and had a meal. The food in this pub is wonderful (esp, Coriander Chicken with Rice) and reasonably priced. There seemed to be a good range of drinks and real ale and there was a comfortable atmosphere in there. Found the staff helpful and efficient and they were smiling! A true rarity in pubs and bars nowadays. Will definitely be giving this pub another visit!


18 Jan 2006 00:58

Harveys in the Town / Larkin Inn, Hounslow

It has been confirmed that Mandyoke will be doing Karaoke's on Sunday from 22nd January.

Hopefully this will take all the customers away from other High Street pubs (not naming any names)!


17 Jan 2006 17:12

Shannons, Hounslow

It has just been discovered that the Sunday night karaoke has been replaced with a School Disco!!! (This is a rather stupid decision seeing as it's a SUNDAY???!!! Seriously, who's gonna turn up?? Probably people who still go to to school, except it's a school night. Bit of a catch-22, hmm?

Needless to say, all the "proper" regulars (as in those who actually spend money behind the bar) are now boycotting Shannons and leaving it to be ravaged into bankruptcy by the shite of Hounslow!

I sincerely hope the manager(s) of Shannons are reading this comment so they realise what a cataclysmic error they have made by getting rid of the only thing people liked about this pub. Fools!
Expect your p45's within 3 months!!!

14 Jan 2006 18:24

Shannons, Hounslow

Shock! Horror!

Mandy's Karaoke has been cancelled on Sunday!! :(

The death knell has sounded, unless they try and get her back pronto this pub will lose it's faithful Sunday crowd. If this is the case, I give it 6 months before it closes down or is shut down and becomes another block of flats, like the site of The Tankerville across the road!

There is now no reason whatsoever for me or my pals to go into this pub. During the weekday's it is usual quiet. Filled with drunken old men and/or Eastern European idiots, and on a Friday and Saturday night it is filled with chavs and ruffians making the most of the "disco", scouting after some easy fanny or looking for a fight.

I don't blame the management for this historic blunder, Ben has actually done a good job since taking over. I think the blame lies with Fuller's (brewery), they seem to be making it more and more difficult for there pubs to host entertainment, hence why many Fuller's pubs seldomly have bands/karaokes/etc. Perhaps they think that customers having fun is contributing to the apparent epidemic of "Binge Drinking Britain"

9 Jan 2006 11:12

The Pottery Arms, Brentford

Came in for a Karaoke night a while ago, and felt a little intimidated by the Brentford fan regulars (someone must have told them I was a Q.P.R. supporter!)

On the whole I found the experience so-so. The karaoke was provided by friends of mine and they entertained the slightly raucous crowd. Pool table out back needs a re-cloth. On average a good night out, although the pub is so small you may have to go outside to change your mind!

4 Jan 2006 00:08

The Zoo Bar, Leicester Square

Full of animals!

**cue laughter**

4 Jan 2006 00:04

The Duke Of Cambridge, Hounslow

The true definition of Spit 'n' Sawdust! They say you can never judge a book by it's cover but you can if this pub's anything to look at!

It directly adjacent Hounslow Bus Garage which is notorious for being crime-hell and grime-hell. Inside is filled with Irish drunks, withered old men and football thugs. I walked in and promptly out, thinking I'd either get mugged, beaten or bum-raped!!
Almost slipped on week-old spillages due to the obvious lack of cleaning. It's dark and dingy and smells like a fishmonger's workshop.

There's a sign outside promoting cheap drinks to women! Wonder why! I think it'll be a cold day in hell when you get decent totty in there.

Yuck! Filthy!! Try The White Bear on the other side of Hounslow East Station if you're looking for somewhere more amiable.

4 Jan 2006 00:03

The Bulstrode, Hounslow

It's been vastly improved since Kevin took over. Good on you Kev.

I still won't come here out of habit, but if i'm passing by I'll pop in for a quick one.

27 Dec 2005 12:29

The Black Horse, Hounslow

Agreed that this pub has really cleaned up it's act over the last few years. I occasionally visit on a Monday night if there's a good football match on Sky. They do superb curries and there is a good range of beer and spirits. My loyalties are still with The White Bear around the corner, but this pub is really good for Hounslow.

I thoroughly recommend the tandoori mixed grill for 9. Superb!

24 Dec 2005 19:02

The Duke Of York, Chiswick

I like this pub more and more, each time I go there it grows in appeal. It should be my local seeing as I only live about a hundred yards from it. The staff are friendly and the locals are socialable if you introduce yourself.

I had been in this pub several times this year with my ex, but since we've broken up have only been in here a couple of times on my own, but made myself known and the locals have made me feel comfortable. Definately a QPR pub, which suits me fine (Come on u R's!!!). But is very unlike all the other bars in Chiswick, not only because the staff aren't Saffa's or Aussie's, but because there always seems to be a mellow atmosphere in there.

They have dart's nights from time to time and them nights are always busy. They serve a good pint of Pride and there lagers are reasonably cheap for a Fuller's pub and there's a good variety of music on the Jukebox. The pool table could do with a re-cloth, but no pub's perfect. Big thumbs up and a 10/10 from me!

10 Dec 2005 19:16

The Woodman, Eastcote

Really quaint here, with real ale and a honey-smooth pint of Guinness. It's two bars really, one being solely for darts, and a bigger area which has entertainment and seating.

Alan (the landlord) usually provides the evening's entertainment and it's always a corker! The regulars seemed friendly and polite. I don't live in the area so it's difficult for me to frequent this pub often, but whenever I'm in the area I'll pop by.

9 Dec 2005 17:33

The Askew Arms, Shepherds Bush

It has suddenly become really expensive in here. 2.80 for a bottle of Peroni! :O

Is this to pay for the recent refurb? (Which, btw, was absolutely pointless)

9 Dec 2005 13:36

The Viaduct, Hanwell

A complete dive, just like all the pubs in Hanwell!

4 Dec 2005 07:30

The Old Bull & Bush, Shepherds Bush

I went in here for a meal with a friend today and my opinion on this pub has sooooo plummeted back down the very nadir of the deepest depths.

The food was absolutely awful and doesn't adhere to the menu's description at all... I would've complained but it really looked like the staff couldn't give a shit! I realised when the barman slammed my pint of Guinness down on the bar, spilling half in the process that I had made a mistake going in there for lunch...
The two meals for 5.95 deal is NOT WORTH IT!! Don't be fooled.

After being ripped off for lunch, my friend and I had one game of pool which was being spectated by the pub's "hoodie" regulars. Very off-putting. The only thing I liked about this pub was my friend's company...

Otherwise, it's shit!!

1 Dec 2005 19:16

Shannons, Hounslow

It's not the pub, but the company...

I don't really care for the pub on weekdays, Friday's or Saturday's. But Sunday nights with "Mandyoke" are always great fun!

The usual Sunday crowd are always decent (unless they've just broken up with a girlfriend who's lying to everyone and they throw a pint in her face, but that person got barred long ago.). You'll recognise most of the faces from other local karaoke's. There's people who "MAKE Shannons" and the Sunday nights aren't really the same without them. You know who you are guys, stand up and be counted (J.T.G!)!

The new manager seems like a fair bloke. Don't his leniency though, Being barred from Shannons on a Sunday night is a lengthy ! The rest of the staff are effecient and polite, with the exception of one girl who was on last night. I found her rude and unprofessional, and she received complaints from everyone I know! Besides, that, Shannons is the only place to be - On a sunday night at least! I've got no probs spending 50-100 in there. Did last night!!! :O

28 Nov 2005 15:42

The Windsor Castle, Hounslow

Now a gay bar. Not really my thing.

Sunday night's have a disco and Monday's karaoke I believe. Not too sure if I want to venture there again on my todd though!!

22 Nov 2005 19:00

The Wishing Well, Hounslow

Used to love this pub when it was The Friend in Hand and went to the karaoke's all the time. I hadn't been inside since it's reincarnation as The Wishing Well.

The crowd isn't really the same, mostly old Irish drunks and a few of the usual Hounslow nutters.
Why do things have to change?

Aside from being disappointed, I found a good range of drinks, all reasonably priced and the service was rather good.

21 Nov 2005 17:38

The Central Bar, Shepherds Bush

Typical Wetherspoons

Cheap and shit.

Filled with suits, tarts and pissed old men, but in agreement with the poster below. The bog's are impressively clean.

19 Nov 2005 15:50

The Spotted Horse, Putney

Looks a bit spit 'n' sawdust from the outside, but is quite quaint inside. Beer is quite 'spensive, but food is excellent and great value for money.

Nice for meeting with friends after work or during lunch, but wouldn't include it in a crawl for a night on the lash!

19 Nov 2005 15:39

The Magpie and Crown, Brentford

I'm neither here nor there with this pub. It's not a bad boozer for it's location. (I hate Brentford, being a QPR fan) But there's a great cafe next door so I sometimes visit The Magpie after a good lunch. Good range of beers, but the pub is so darn small you have to go outside to change your mind.

Good pub for Brentford, but doesn't belong in B.I.T.E'S Top 40.

19 Nov 2005 15:35

The White Bear, Hounslow

The front bar is temporarily closed for refurbishment but the middle bar (Entrance at Denbigh Road) is still open as usual.

I think this is the only pub in Hounslow with both a dartboard, pool table and jukebox! This to me makes a pub!!

All the regulars in here are friendly and all the troublemakers have been phased out!

Friday night Karaoke could be making a comeback and it's starting to get really busy again, just like it was in the late-nineties. I'm not too sure if this is because of the new Romanian barmaid, the new cloth on the pool table, new urinal cakes in the loo, or because Mick Cummins has put more Alice Cooper songs on the jukebox???

16 Nov 2005 18:11

Bar TW3, Hounslow

Shut down, apparently!

Hounslow will not be the same without it! (rolling my eyes)

11 Nov 2005 16:18

The Larkin II, Hanwell

Yesterday, someone told me this pub has closed down since losing interest from the customers.

Is this just a vicious rumour?

27 Oct 2005 19:31

The Landor, Clapham

I watched Othello in the theatre upstairs last night and it was a fantastic play. The seats are a little uncomfortable with very little leg-space, but the play was so entralling the discomfort of sitting didn't bother me too much.

The pub however I wasn't entirely satisfied with, the bar staff seemed rude and resentful towards both the cast of the show and the audience.

At half-past eleven I couldn't help but sense a vibe of "we've taken your money, now piss off" from the old cudgeons behind the bar.

Being a theatre pub, it would really benefit from having a later license, it seems pleasant enough and the people who drink there don't seem to be a bad crew.

It's just a shame the people behind the bar were indolent.

7 Oct 2005 16:25

The Boathouse, Putney

Slightly expensive, but pretty as a picture.

The perfect place to take a date you wanna impress. Food is good and atmosphere is comfortable, especially in the upstairs restaurant and balcony.

5 Aug 2005 14:56

Pacific Bar, Stamford Brook

Passed by on the bus the other night and it looks like it's been shut down.

Can anyone confirm?

2 Aug 2005 14:26

Walkabout, Shepherds Bush

A shithole.

It's places like this that give drinking in London a bad name!

27 Apr 2005 13:59

The Hop Poles, Hammersmith

Ignore my comments below. This pub is awful, awful, AWFUL! It's loud, crass, vulgar and filled with the shittiest people in Hammersmith.

Visited last night and it was so loud I couldn't even hold a conversation with someone I was standing next to. All the other people looked so young they'd get asked for ID purchasing cigarettes. Young girls masquerading like they're queens of the catwalk, but look more like common tarts, chewing gum and talking dirty.

The bar staff looked like they couldn't wait for closing time so they could chuck everyone out.

It's the worst pub I've ever been in.

22 Apr 2005 10:52

Pacific Bar, Stamford Brook

Only been in here once but it's a darling little place.

Play live jazz on a Sunday night and it's so relaxing. Quite expensive for a Hammersmith/Shepherd's Bush pub but didn't care too much because the atmosphere was fantastic. Will be visiting here again in the near future.

They serve food here but I didn't try it, but it smelt delicious!

6 Apr 2005 17:47

The White Bear, Hounslow

Agreed 100% with Peanut.

Not too sure about the hire if the function room though. Seems to be by landlord's discretion only.

You never know though, cross his palm with silver and all that jazz.


6 Apr 2005 17:31

O'Donoghues, Shepherds Bush

I abhor this pub, although the live music here is great and the beer is cheap(ish). The landlord is incredibly foul-mouthed and gives the impression that he couldn't care less if he's offensive towards you or your guests.
Not a place to take the mother that's for sure.

29 Mar 2005 16:54

The Old Bull & Bush, Shepherds Bush

"Coldest beer in town" - Window advertisement

This pub pours a fantastic pint of Guinness, is great for watching football and four pool tables. One of the best pubs in the Bush!

29 Mar 2005 16:50

Princess Victoria, Shepherds Bush

Very much an Irish pub.

Avoid in the afternoon though, there were loads of infants from the local school running around and neither the bar staff nor the kids' parents could give a toss.

Not a bad karaoke night.

29 Mar 2005 16:49

The Askew Arms, Shepherds Bush

Nice atmosphere and comfortable. Affordable prices and polite bar staff.

Busy during football.

29 Mar 2005 16:46

The Hart, Hammersmith

The sole time I came in here was in the mid-afternoon, I waited with my girlfriend for ten minutes to get served and it wasn't even busy. I may venture in here again in the future, but it will take a lot of convincing.

29 Mar 2005 16:45

The Duke of Sussex, Chiswick

Elvis night is worthwile of your visit, but they've stopped doing their two-for-one deal on Tuesday nights. God knows why? It's killed their trade.

The manager doesn't seem to know what he's doing, walking around in a half-trance and avoiding all questions you ask him about the pub (Elvis nite, two-for-one, etc.)

Busy for football, but the Elvis night is the only thing that heavily recommends this pub.

29 Mar 2005 16:28

Goose, Fulham

Used to come here on lunch breaks when I worked in the area. Fantastic pub. Inexpensive prices and fantastic, fantastic food. They do something called a monster burger (if memory serves me right) for about 4 and it's absolutely huge, comes with fries too.

It looks a little dubious from the outside, filled with harmless old men during the afternoon, but it's a great, great place. Don't let it's location fool you. I haven't been in here in the evening, but during the afternoon, it's a good ole place!

29 Mar 2005 16:22

The Curtain's Up, West Kensington

Quiet and peaceful, not bad if you want a couple of glasses of wine with a lady, but little else to recommend it.

Had lunch here one day and it took almost an hour to get my meal. No kidding. Complained several times but somehow don't think the staff took me seriously.

29 Mar 2005 16:18

The Famous 3 Kings (F3K), West Kensington

Apparently it's called F3K now, just to be "different"!

I thoroughly dislike this pub, it lacks atmosphere and the service is slow and inconsistent. Avoid the food there! Got a cheeseburger that was red raw in the middle, if it were I steak I wouldn't have minded. Bar staff rude when I complained. Overall, the whole place is poor, poor, poor. I had to come up with some awful excuses when my friends asked why I didn't come here on new years night.

29 Mar 2005 16:15

The Fox, West Kensington

The best pub in West London for watching Sport without a shadow of a doubt. Watched England V France here in the Summer of 2003 and it was fantastic. It's not often that you can get French and English fans watching their respective teams without it turning into a bloodbath.

Nothing but respect for this pub.

I've been to watch a few bands here too, it's an allround great pub. 9/10

29 Mar 2005 16:11

The Earl Haig, Hounslow

I've been inside, and all I can say is it's true: You can judge a book by it's cover. The pub is atrociously bad, filled with lecherous old men and crass, mouthy common folk. The beer ain't too hot either. The staff were pleasant enough, but it just doesn't counterbalance what this place lacks!

The worst pub in Hounslow!

29 Mar 2005 16:07

The Spinning Wheel, Northfields

Looked like a spit and sawdust pub from the outside, but inside it's atmospheric and friendly, with great music and live bands.

A hidden gem, go there, right next to Northfields Station!

29 Mar 2005 01:39

The Old Ship, Hammersmith

Expensive, but it's on the river. Great food, great family atmosphere and incredibly busy on Summer weekends. A great place to drink!

29 Mar 2005 01:38

The Stag, Chiswick

Better since they redec'd, pity they didn't keep the pool tables and quiz nights, but still a friendly little boozer. Karaoke's/Disco's cancelled at weekends as a result of neighbourhood complaints (Bastards! What do they expect living next to a pub?)

Not a pub for single ladies, try the high street for that. You'll get a few drunken old men in here talking out the tops of their hats, but still a quaint little place to get pissed.

29 Mar 2005 00:59

The Packhorse and Talbot, Chiswick

I preferred this place when they had the pool tables, but it's still a great boozer. Whether you're with a group or on the todd, you'll feel welcome. Comfortable atmosphere and affordable prices. It gets incredibly busy in the evenings and at weekends, especially during the footie.

29 Mar 2005 00:55

George IV, Chiswick

Great pub. A tad dear but all Fuller's pubs are. Very busy on a Friday and Saturday night. The best pub on Chiswick High Street by a country mile.

29 Mar 2005 00:51

The Devonshire Arms, Chiswick

Lovely place with a romantic atmosphere. Great for dates. Fantastic mood lighting at night with candles on each table. Friendly and helpful staff and a cosy beer garden.

Thoroughly recommend, one of the best pubs in Chiswick

29 Mar 2005 00:47

Casa, Chiswick

Glad this bar is shut, it was monumentally DEAD and overpriced like hell! Rubbish! Worst pub in Chiswick!

29 Mar 2005 00:45

The Lamb Brewery, Chiswick

Nice to drink out front during the summer, but the service is incredibly slow, especially if you ask for tea!

Good food, but it's hideously overpriced for the portions.

29 Mar 2005 00:40

All Bar One, Chiswick

Looks like an antique furniture store from the outside.
Only go there if you're in a group, the pretentious fools in this bar wouldn't even give you the time of day.
Good wine, though...

29 Mar 2005 00:37

The Trout, Hammersmith

Friendly atmosphere, a bit expensive, but that's Hammersmith all over. Tends to get a bit busy in-between 5 and 6pm, with yuppie types mostly.

29 Mar 2005 00:34

The Plough and Harrow, Hammersmith

Good for a cheap munch or drink.

Typical Weatherspoon's, it looks a like it's been decorated in five minutes, but with beer so cheap who gives a toss?

p.s. Filled with lonely old men during the afternoon.

29 Mar 2005 00:20

The Hop Poles, Hammersmith

At least they've stopped charging on the door for the sweet hell of it.
I've never been a lover of this pub, but it's always reasonably busy, mostly with the folks who work at King's Mall. Get in early if you want a table though, especially on Karaoke/Disco nights. The karaoke isn't particularly good, but it is busy. Don't expect to get a song in if you arrive after 11pm. You get a few dickheads, but they don't completely ruin the atmosphere. Not a good pub for watching the footie though.

29 Mar 2005 00:17

The Hammersmith Ram, Hammersmith

Decent, pleasant, quiet and reasonably priced. If you want a good chat with a group of mates, without being disturbed by dickheads and slags, this pub's ideal.

A good place for business meetings or just a quiet drink with a group. Shame the beer garden isn't bigger.

29 Mar 2005 00:14

Edwards Bar, Hammersmith

It's an Edward's. Have I said enough.

29 Mar 2005 00:12

The Black Lion, Hammersmith

Overpriced, but what else do you expect from a riverside pub?

Lovely place to drink, and if you're lucky you might glimpse the odd "celeb" drinking nearby.

29 Mar 2005 00:11

Bar 38, Hammersmith

Fake, fake, fake. Filled with Posh & Beck's wannabe's. Still it could be worse, try Smollensky's across the road.

29 Mar 2005 00:08

The White Bear, Hounslow

The "TARDIS", it looks tiny from the outside but when you get inside it's friggin' huge!! It's the only honest pub in Hounslow.

There's hardly and trouble, and the regulars are kind and courteous. The pool table's excellent quality and the staff are efficient and helpful.

You get the odd pisshead who sits at the corner of the bar talking out of his arse, but in which pub don't you get that?

The only negative points about The White Bear are the slightly overpriced beers (But, it is a Fullers pub) and don't piss off the landlord, he looks a little bit like Harold Shipman, and he don't like it if you and a dozen mates are taking up space in his pub to drink tap water.

29 Mar 2005 00:05

Yates's, Hounslow

A typical cliche of a Yates's. Filled mostly with chavs and Eastern Europeans, and all the people who can't be arsed to go into The Bell anymore.

Ladies, don't leave your drinks unattended, they'll be spiked, and if you feel like having a dance, I'd recommend you take your handbags with you. No-one in this pub can be trusted!

28 Mar 2005 23:46

Bar TW3, Hounslow

A dark dingy waterhole, the main clientele of which are people who can't be arsed to go into The Bell anymore.

I can't think of anything to recommend this pub.

28 Mar 2005 23:43

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