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Bel and The Dragon, Cookham

A delightful pub which has preserved its olde worlde interior while permitting a new extension. The South African family who run the establishment are friendly and helpful, managing to promptly serve the two hikers (us) who showed up with 30-45 mins to spare for a quick Sunday lunch at a busy time of day. As prices are high,portions could be more generous, but the food is irresistably tasty. This establishment is a short-ish drive to Heathrow and the thought of bringing friends and family fresh from the arrivals hall is tantalising,

12 Nov 2010 16:17

The Nags Head, Great Missenden

It's hard to find a pub offering consistently delicious food (based on my 2nd visit yesterday) here in Southern England, so top marks to the Nags head for the tasty lamb (excluding the shredded meat beneath) and 'dauphinois potatoes'. Even the Tempranillo was an interesting and chocolatey (unusually for a red wine). The service was attentive and polite. It would great if the food just wasn't so expensive (26 for main course, side order of veggies and 1 small glass of wine), hence I'm obliged to give it an 8 and not the 9 it deserves. Sorry to have missed the St Bernard..

23 Aug 2010 16:11

The White Hart, Littleton on Severn

A nice old pub in a lovely setting (check out the sunset from the garden).
I've given it a 6/10 rating because, despite efforts made to cook good food (as evidenced by half of our group being satisfied with their orders), I paid 17.95 for a tasty, 'well done' steak which has been ruined by being cooked into leather. I know the standard advice to diners on this island is to order a steak 'medium' to avoid this problem, but alas pregnant women are strongly counselled against eating meat which isn't thoroughly cooked, ruling out the 'slightly bloody' option. This would be a pub to return to repeatedly (don't I love the Gloucestershire ones despite living in London!) if the food was generally very good and the prices say 20% lower.

16 Aug 2010 11:22

The White Swan, Richmond

This pub serves the best pub food I've had so far in London. Handy, because it's a place I can bring visiting family and friends without the embarrassment of their being offered over-priced sludge, with chips being the only veg on offer. Nice interior too with a shaded patio to the rear. Good choice of food on the menu, you can eat as healthily as u like and not lose out on taste. Staff could be a little friendlier though. I know this is Richmond, but the customers are paying your salary sweetie.

2 Aug 2010 17:29

The Coach and Horses, Kew

Nice friendly family-run hotel. My parents loved staying here. Shame I don't live in Kew any more...

2 Aug 2010 17:20

The Penderel's Oak, Holborn

The food seems to be straight out of the freezer via a microwave and poor value for money to boot. With an even bigger recession looming why not up the game and offer better food- your customers are not farmyard animals you know.

2 Aug 2010 17:15

The White Horse, Shere

A wasted opportunity in a very affluent area with a strong magnetic pull for tourists. Why offer the standard, dull as a dishcloth wine list available in every other pub in the chain? The food menu is equally uninspiring. Nothing particularly and chips galore. Last visit was lightened by the amusing sight of a bored Russian tart holding the hand of her pot-bellied aging English beau and just about managing to feign interest in his ramblings.

2 Aug 2010 17:12

The Punchbowl, Oakwoodhill

Had a delightful, calorie-laden lunch with a cycling group here one sunny day last October. Glad we'd pedalled hard as I was able to order the yummy chicken and bacon with cheesey sauce dish. A happy memory.

2 Aug 2010 17:08

Black Horse, Pluckley

Don;'t know why I feel drawn to this pub, but I've only ever stayed for a cup of coffee (usually delivered with the maximum of surlines by aforementioned pony-haired barman). I guess the grumpiness of staff helps to support the assertion that the pub is haunted. Would love to try the Dering Arms for food, but always closed in the afternoon..

2 Aug 2010 17:04

The Swan Inn, Little Chart

The best value pub lunch in Southern England. They gave me so much veg with my Sunday roast I couldve fed another person (or was that because it was a horrible rainy day outside and I arrived just before the lunchtime rush?). Nice to have a genuine old pub with a friendly welcome to visit when in this part of Kent.

2 Aug 2010 17:01

The Bull and Butcher, Turville

Needs to offer good value for money food and address the customer politely. Shame that the lovely interior is spoiled by the staff attitude (alright, so you've stopped serving food at 4pm, don't bite my head off woman).

2 Aug 2010 16:59

The Giants Rest, Wilmington

Bring back the African peanut stew and don't dare to serve half a portion for 10 when a group of walkers shows up ( I'd got value for money two weeks earlier when doing the reccie).
Nice friendly pub, wisely welcoming to walkers ( must be their life's blood).

2 Aug 2010 16:56

The Hare and Hounds, Claygate

Nice pub, the decor has obviously been attended to recently to draw more of the Surrey crowd. A smart move would be to add more vegetables to each food order. Why such a miniscule portion of peas to accompany a big serving of battered fish? Including wider range of vegetarian options might entice some moneyed Esher folk south...
Otherwise, pleasant service.

2 Aug 2010 16:52

All Bar One, Wimbledon

Please bring back the 5 for main menu items offer (metro 2009) again. Enjoyed two steak frites for 10 and a reasonably-priced bottle of wine here last year. Food better than most chain pubs and good service.

2 Aug 2010 16:44

The Bridge Inn, Amberley

This pub is an excellent reason to finish a South Downs walk in Amberley. Nice location and a nice, lengthy menu. Keep up the good work!

2 Aug 2010 16:42

The George and Dragon, Burpham

Our arrival at 5.45pm last Saturday evening was greeted by the owner shouting out the window announcing that the pub would be opening at 6pm. Noting by 6.15pm that we weren't being served at the tables outside, we decided to place our food orders at the bar only to be told in the rudest tone that the kitchen was closed until 6.30pm and then and only then would the order be taken. Are walkers not welcome on a sunny evening for some reason? Time Out are re-considering whether to continue to mention this pub in their walking guide, so management take note and practice good manners on those who appear with maps and rucksacks-we're mostly professionals you know!

2 Aug 2010 16:39

The Rock, Chiddingstone Hoath

Nice friendly young owners and gorgeous honey-coloured doggie, but shame about the twice-cooked chips and extra-oily fish I was served yesterday. Was too tired to complain and return the food to the kitchen. Should have, because it wasn't cheap and as I'm pregnant the effect of should heavy oily food turned my stomach. A shame, because the Rock Inn is a really nice pub in a quiet location which is why I'm giving it a 5. Do work on the food menu so there are more healthy choices please!

2 Aug 2010 16:30

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