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The White Horse, Daventry

Everything a village local should be.

2-3 rotating Real Ales (well looked after. If it runs out they will not serve another till the pipes are cleaned and the new barrel tested)
Log Fire
Home-cooked fresh food.

what more?

11 Jan 2014 18:10

The Greyhound Inn, Longford

Visited this pub with Southampton fans for the Coventry away game.

What a little Gem!
excellent range of ale, friendly staff, log-file, Car parking and right on the canal.

If only this pub was around the corner, where I live.
excellent boozer.

only rated it as a 9/10 as did not eat any food.

8 Nov 2011 14:36

The Fighting Cocks, St Albans

Went on a Saturday night in Early Spring.
Arrived around 10.30 after a couple of pints in the 6 Bells.

Was pretty empty except a couple of large groups of Students or youngsters around that age!

Was served a pint in a Handle glass (nice touch!), but it was dire.
Left half of the pint on the sticky, beer soaked table, and walked out.

Sat in the cockpit part of the pub, were were the only ones in this section but had to contend with the students constantly going to the back door, and then back in again, and again!

No tourists evident... well they were probably put off, like me!

30 Jun 2010 21:54

Plough, Hemel Hempstead

Am I being a tad cynical, but one or two posts below seem a little staged... in my opinion!

Saying how great the wine list is, saying the food is Fresh and the beer and coffee are the best in Hemel Hempstead. Just smells as if a few family and friends of the landlord are posting, me thinks, perhaps!

I will give the pub another go, based on these comments, and as a real ale drinker will give an honest opinion of the beer quality.

I suppose I will have to go without my 12 year old daughter though!

10 May 2009 10:59

The Kelham Island Tavern, Sheffield

Well heard so much about this place, that had to pop in before we (Southampton)played Shef Wed.

Great selection of ales, I stuck to the one excellent brew, which was in perfect condition.
Strange to see such a great pub in an area withs very little housing or commercial attractions/shops.

A little Oasis.

Great work on the award... justified!

8 May 2009 20:50

Swan, Chesham

Great Pub. in fact two pubs side-by-side nestled in a village location opposite a cricket ground.

We had a few pints of excellent TT, and had a meal from the A La carte, served to us in the Garden, by very Friendly staff.
We were warned that the food is all cooked fresh and were given approx waiting times for each dish. Great work. certainly manages expectations.

However we were forgotten for our desserts, we were given a menu, and then after 30 mins gave up, paid the bill and left.

The food however was simply beautiful. Well presented and bloody tasty! Excellent!

But on a negative... have to agree with 'Redriley'... We arrived at 6pm on a Saturday afternoon. The sun was out, and plenty of people milling around the two pubs. We were looking for a pint and a snack (Sandwich etc). However we were told that they only did food from 7pm and the snack menu was only available at lunch-times.
As it happened we were in no rush, so it suited us to have a couple of beers and wait, but we felt that they were missing a big trick here.

The food was not cheap, but no objection to paying for fresh, well presented, and tatsy grub!

A good 7 / 10.

31 Aug 2008 22:32

The Litten Tree, Hemel Hempstead

Its shut down at the moment.... hopefully be turned into a block of flats for Yoga teachers and their poodles.

I never liked the pub!

Hope the new place is very different....

31 Jul 2008 23:03

The Six Bells, St Albans

Love this pub! Has a real great buzz to it.

Cozy, welcoming and quaint.

The Ales were spot on, Timothy Taylor is always in good nick!

the food portions are generous, and simply great value for money. note that they stop food at 8.30pm.

Everytime we have been in, we found the staff fast, courteous, cheery and efficient.

I just wish we lived a little nearer, and did not have to drive to it...

Great venue, well done Landlord.

PS. contrast the feel of this pub with the lack of atmosphere at the Hollybush, Potters Crouch, down the road. That could also be such a great venue, with the right landlord.

7 Jul 2008 23:56

Holly Bush, St Albans

Great Beer, pretty pub... but oh so lacking in any atmosphere. Everyone talks in hushed voices.

It was like drinking in my Old Aunties lounge. High backed chairs with all her expensive china dotted around the room, and being afraid to move in case I disturb the layout of the huge porcelain ashtrays.

Not a pub I am afraid.
If it was more welcoming, I would drive out to this pub every weekend for a pint and a pie...

hence I go to the Six Bells in old St Albans, just down the road.. great food, huge portions, excellent ale and a real great buzz

7 Jul 2008 23:48

The Leather Bottle, Hemel Hempstead

The pub is pleasant, especially since the smoking ban.
...but on my last 3 visits the beer was just horrid. The landlady changed it no problem, but on 3 consecutive occasions, says to me that there is a bigger problem.

Someone posted that he food was good value, I found it quite expensive for simple pub grub...

I do like the pub, and i will give it another go, but it needs to be better for me to give it more than 5 marks.

7 Jul 2008 23:40

Swan, Pimlico

The Pub is all boarded up!!! Do not know if this mean permanently or just for a re-fit, but it looks pretty terminal to me...

7 Jul 2008 23:35

Old Monk, Sheffield

We are a bunch of Saints Fans who went to the Pub Before a match in Sheffield.

Nothing special. Loads of footy screens.

One positive was that the food was basic but edible and cheap...2 meals for 6.95.

The one and only real Ale was truly awful. I used to run pubs and I know what the smell and look of recycled beer is like. The landlord changed it without a question, which was good of him... but he did not look at the pint or say anything at all... which says to me; that it was not a surprise to him that it was bad!

Not a pub I will return to when we are back for the Sheff Wednesday game later this year.

1 Oct 2007 21:02

The Southwark Tavern, London Bridge

I have only ever used this Pub on Saturday Lunchtimes, but really liked it.

This is the meeting pub for a small group of Football Supporters for all our London away games, and the whole group love it!

We originally were looking for the Market Porter down the road, but it did not open early enough, so found this pub, and pleased we did.
We like our Real Beers, and the choice is excellent, and the quality was fine.

The food was very reasonably priced too, and the bar downstairs was an excellent hideaway if upstairs gets busy.

I can only rate it on the Lunchtime experience, but will use this pub every London away game!

yep, love it!

1 Apr 2007 20:34

Plough, Hemel Hempstead

I try to like this pub, and use it a bit, as its in walking distance.
I just don't know what it is about the place that does not have me come back, more often!

Someone below said it was 'sterile', and I think that is quite a good description.

You're not encouraged to sit at the bar, and the bar feels like it is a staging room for the users going into the pubs Restaurant.
The bar is quite bland in design, just a square shape with a smallish serving bar... its just so... eerrr 'Sterile'

Not had an issue with the quality of the Beer (Charles Wells), but it is pricey!

I will still use it, just not as often as I should to...

1 Apr 2007 20:18

Swan, Hemel Hempstead

This place is now CLOSED down

1 Apr 2007 19:56

Swan, Pimlico

Popped in the Swan today (Sunday 1st April 07) .... 1st time for ages and pleasantly surprised. Friendly bar staff (lass), and the London Pride in very drinkable condition. Big garden, Children friendly.
Did not sample food, but will be back to try...

1 Apr 2007 19:45

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