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The Queens Head, Chesham

Fullers Pub of the Year 2013. It goes from strength to strength.

23 Apr 2013 20:57

Waggon and Horses, Chesham

Please ignore my previous post, as I got the Waggon & Horses mixed up with the George & Dragon further down the High Street. My apologies for the incorrect post. I haven't been in the Waggon & Horses but intend to do so, to make up for my error. I have asked the administrators of the site to remove my incorrect quote, which they will hopefully do so soon.

17 Aug 2009 11:56

Waggon and Horses, Chesham

The Waggon is closed. We went in there early this year and it was pretty awful. The carpets had more beer in them than the bar itself. Sad to see another pub going to the wall, but seems like another case of lack of investment by the pub company.

18 Jul 2009 20:54

The Anchor, Southwark

Agree with all the above posts. Went on a Wednesday evening and there were maybe 6 people serving behind the bar, the drinkers were 3 or 4 deep at the bar in some places, the service was arbitrary at best and there were so many uncollected glasses outside it was unbelievable. The staff looked seriously overworked and there was no apparent system of serving people in some sort of order, i.e in which they arrived. Most of the pumps were turned round and the Pride as definitely on its last legs. The pub and its managers are missing a trick here, the location is great and there is plenty of trade passing by. Shame really.

5 Jul 2009 17:31

The Mudlark, London Bridge

Reasonable pub, but by no means great. Went on a Wednesday evening and it was busy, and there were a lot of empty glasses that could have been collected. TT Landlord was passable but apparently the Pride was definitely off.

5 Jul 2009 17:22

The Sportsman, Croxley Green

Went yesterday for the first time in a couple of months. 6 real ales on and not a GK in sight thankfully. Agree with Croxley_Lex, easily the best pub in Croxley. And only a couple of people sitting at the bar, so easy to get served.

5 Jul 2009 17:16

The Sir John Oldcastle, Farringdon

Another bland JDW pub. Beer was alright, although nothing really special. Agree with the postert who says if you like JDW you'll like this, if you don't, you wont.

29 May 2009 22:32

The City Pride, Clerkenwell

Agree with rpadam on the blandness of the place. It used to be a decent place with a bit of character. Decent enough pint though.

29 May 2009 22:23

The Rose and Crown, Rickmansworth

Returned today for the first time since July 2008 and was pleasantly surprised as everything was very nice and relaxed. Excellent George Gales Seafarers Ale, and London Pride and Deuchars also on draught. Still a very nice pub, in a good location with a mixture of locals and visitors.

26 Apr 2009 21:25

The Land of Liberty, Peace and Plenty, Heronsgate

We visited 12/04/09 and it was the Beer Festival so plenty of good ales on tap. Well kept ales, in a decent quiet pub. Everyone was there for the right reason, to have a drink and enjoy themselves. We will be returning.

19 Apr 2009 21:42

The Ship Tavern, Holborn

We went back today and the beer was as well kept as usual. Realised the last time we were in there was January, so far too long. As said previously it is tucked away from the main drag, but is well worth hunting out and trying some of the decent (and changing) ales on offer. We will be back.

19 Apr 2009 21:34

The Feathers Public House and Kitchen, Rickmansworth

Went past the pub this morning, and there were small flyers in the window saying it was reopening soon. The bar area had been cleared and the flyers had the "f" like the F Word nonsense on the tv. I do hope it isn't turned into some awful restaurant, they don't need any more. Please! a decent pub with decent cask ale in a good atmosphere and decent prices. is it too much to ask. We have already lost the Clarendon at Chandlers Cross to upmarket eating

10 Apr 2009 22:28

The Garland, Redhill

This pub was one of my locals many years ago. Good beer and good atmosphere, and a pretty good pool table as well! As for the infestation that is Tesco, it may not be inevitable. They will say think yourselves lucky they didn't build it on the pub. Here's hoping the pub continues to serve good beer

7 Apr 2009 21:18

The Clarendon, Chandlers Cross

Just gone back since the closure of the old pub and what a difference, not my cup of tea though. Too clinical, and can't relax and have a couple of beers any more. All the old soul and feeling of the original pub has gone. As for the comment about the gents, I am not sure how dig_deep has been able to see the nose in front of his face in there, as the lighting was very low. On our visit there were 3 ales on and 2 of those were GK. Fortunately the remaining ale was London Pride and at 3 a pint wasn't as expensive as we thought it was going to be. Shame they try and succeed to hide the pumps down below the bar and we wondered if there was actually any ale on at first. You have to read a menu at the bar to know what is on tap or even speak to the staff. Sadly the dog walkers (we saw none) and cyclists look like being marginalised in favour of the Range Rover brigade. If seems this is what the owners are aiming at, then good luck to them. It does however feel like we have lost an old friend from the end of a good walk.

5 Apr 2009 21:28

The Castle, Harrow On The Hill

Just been in and it was as good as ever. Food wasn't, for some reason, as good as normal but the London Pride made up for it. Nice pub away from the station and is a bit of a stroll but it seems to keep a reasonable clientele so I am not going to complain.

15 Mar 2009 20:10

Rising Sun, Watford

Single real ale, and processed bland food. Not much to advertise the place. Typical chain restaurant masquerading as a pub really.

11 Oct 2008 18:04

The New Dungeon Ghyll Hotel, Langdale

Excellent pub with plenty of real ale and decent basic food which is exactly what is needed after a day in the hills. Good honest pub with good beer. The customers are only there to enjoy the ale, food and chatter. And no music or fruit machines, thankfully.

4 Sep 2008 21:56

The Sanctuary House, Westminster

We went in here having had recent good experiences. This time the ale was fairly ordinary, and when food was ordered we were advised that most of the food was unavailable, which was a real shame. Could be a good pub, but needs to look after its customer service and food supply much better. One of the few Fullers pubs which disappoints.

19 Aug 2008 21:18

The Golden Eagle, Bond Street

Brilliant little pub, tucked out of the way, miraculously untouched by corporate hands. Good beer, well kept and bar staff most friendly. The sessions around the piano only add to the charm of the pub. Track it down if you want good beer, you shouldnt be disappointed.

19 Aug 2008 21:08

The Beehive, Marylebone

This was a good pub before it closed. We went in there on Sunday and paid 3.70 for a very ordinary pint of Sunchaser. The place has changed and maybe not for the best. I am not sure it can make up its mind whether it is a pub or a restaurant or who it is trying to attract, as I dont think it is passing trade. It has the opportunity to be really good, but maybe needs to lower its prices somewhat.

19 Aug 2008 20:57

The Rose and Crown, Rickmansworth

Decent pub with reasonable beers. London Pride, Skinners and Deuchars on tap. Pub was quite full, although there seemed to be a concert on when we visited.

26 Jul 2008 21:45

The Sportsman, Croxley Green

The Sportsman has changed hands and some of the memorabilia has gone, but the new managers have apparently promised to keep the ale flowing, with local brews to the forefront. Let us hope they keep to their word. Still a good place to go and relax a while.

18 Apr 2008 22:41

The Queens Head, Chesham

Still no change from the previous post. Excellent pub, excellent beer, good service, decent customers, what more can anyone want.

10 Feb 2008 21:15

Southern Cross, Watford

Back into the pub and still reckon it is one of the best in Watford. Decent beer, avoiding the Greene King rubbish and the range of ales remain pretty good. Try it, you will be pleasantly surprised.

10 Feb 2008 21:12

Coach and Horses, Croxley Green

This place changed hands a while ago, and hopefully will stay as a real ale pub. Seems to have got a bit of a facelift, which hasn't affected the London Pride which is pretty good. Looks to have been stripped out a bit, which is sad as it has lost some of its charm.

10 Feb 2008 21:06

The Artichoke, Croxley Green

What a disappointment. The pub used to be good, with a decent range of beer. Only IPA (Greene King sadly) and Bombardier remain. The customers seem to have gone downhill as well. Bad news really, hopefully it will get better.

10 Feb 2008 21:00

The Heartland Brewery (Radio City), Manhattan

We visited the pub on 28th December 2007 and it was heaving with people. Decent range of ales on tap, so well worth a trip if you are in New York.

30 Dec 2007 21:22

The Playwright Tavern, Manhattan

Visited on 24th Dec 2007 and there were plenty of people in there enjoying themselves. The Winter Ale has a bit of a kick to it, so be careful. One of the few places open later on in the evening on Christmas Eve.

30 Dec 2007 21:19

The Queens Head, Chesham

Excellent cosy traditional English pub. A friendly welcome with pleasant clientele and very pleasant beer. The seasonal beer is London Porter which was very good indeed. Food was great and overall cleanliness of the pub was superb. Can't fault the place and would recommend it to anyone.

2 Dec 2007 18:13

The Feathers Public House and Kitchen, Rickmansworth

Excellent pub, with good real ale at pretty much all times. Landlord has been there for a while and looks after his beer properly. Just off the main street so a bit out of the way, but seek the pub out, I don't think you will regret it.

25 Nov 2007 20:04

Southern Cross, Watford

Good pub, outside the town centre and serving good real ales. Probably the best selection of ale, which seems to change regularly. 10 minutes walk from the Junction, worth a visit if you can get there. Food is decent as well, and not a Greene King "ale" in sight.

25 Nov 2007 20:00

The One Crown, Watford

Good local pub in the town centre, few real ales but better than most of the remaining dross further up into the High Street.

25 Nov 2007 19:55

The Sportsman, Croxley Green

Good pub, the best kept real ales in the village. Always have a Tring brewery ale on, which is kept well. Crisps are a bit steep, but the cost is eased by the well kept beer.

25 Nov 2007 19:15

The Bull and Gate, Kentish Town

We were in this pub after the Pigeon Detectives on 23/11/07 and must say it was a good pub, but no real ale!!! Really disappointing and according to one of the locals the ale has been off for a while. Nice pub and not too overprivced, especially for London.

25 Nov 2007 19:05

Red House, Croxley Green

This is my local and I am sorry but I haven't been in for ages. The beer was off and it was a Friday night and the pumps were being cleaned. Cannot disagree with davyg about the chef, maybe he has changed, I hope so.

25 Nov 2007 19:01

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