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Comments by BolshevistBoozehound

The Whitefriars Olde Ale House, Coventry

Lets be clear, this pub is well nice lookin, real old, a well in the corner, great upstairs with old beams and all that, but the beer is worse than the water out the swanswell. This place promises so much but delivers jack and shite. I was very aggrieved at having to drink bottles of magners because people are too lazy to sort out good beer in their pub.

15 Apr 2008 17:18

The Red Lion, Southampton

Although the beer was not the best, this is def worth a trip. The pub goes back to the 15th century, maybe earlier and is well amazing to look up at the beams in the back, you really get a feel of what it must've been like years ago, nothing has changed in here, quite spectacular. I bet its a matter of time before some london speculator, local jewry or venture capitalist gets his filthy hands on this place and makes it into a restaurant or something. as it is, its shit, but its original well-old shit. top stuff.

15 Apr 2008 17:13

The Platform Tavern, Southampton

Came in here on my recent jaunt, was by far the best beer i got to see in southampton. Nice staff, good atmosphere and people seemed okay, two cask ales on, neither were blinding but were drinkable. I was needing to get twisted and although that wasn't possible in here it was a good start. thanks.

15 Apr 2008 17:10

The Cricketers, Southampton

I came to Southampton to visit my disabled pal and came in here on Saturday. Its tonnes better than the other pubs on the road, and the age of people is good, most in mid to late 20's, early 30's.

Beer ain't great although there was a couple of cask options, I didn't like the look and opted for a few Desperado's and sank some brandy at the bar (warning it was not Martell but that Courvoisier shite).

My big footed pal did manage to crack onto some Irish sl*gs but didn't get his oats so was a bit of a waste of time. Nevertheless the peope in here are sound.

15 Apr 2008 17:06

The Cricketers Arms, Leamington Spa

Talk about fall from grace. Talk about black sheep. Talk about a blot on the landscape.

Great setting, just off the river, not far from the parade, a park at the end of the road and a bowling pavilion opposite. This Georgian splendour should be complemented by a cracking pub. Oh well. Carling shandy please.

15 Jan 2008 12:45

The Winged Spur, Ullenhall

Not too far from Henley in Arden this pub has a perfect village setting and serves up some decent ale. There's three handpulls and I think two are rotating guest ales. The bar itself is a little small and I imagine when it gets really busy its all a bit of a squash. Good selection of beer complimenting delicacies and a decent crowd. Not bad actually.

15 Jan 2008 12:42

Drummonds Cafe Bar, Kenilworth

this has now reopened although isnt really a pub anymore, pity

2 Jan 2008 18:52

The Wellington, Birmingham

THIS PUB IS A FRAUD!!! the beer is never any good and they never serve any beer that actually gets you pissed! This place is for incontinent grey haired fools whole like the odd half pint of weak tea.

2 Jan 2008 18:48

The Lost and Found, Birmingham

Lets be honest, the wellington and the briar rose are sh*tty for a pint. the beers never any good.

at least in this bar you can on occasion lay hold of a decent pint of ale which is served with a sensible head. they seem to be rotating jennings (various) and marstons (various). they obviously dont know what they're doing because sometimes you have two 'super pints' like Snecky and Old Empire, and at other times fanny pints like Marstons Bitter and Cumberland Ale. If they ever get it right and I can be guaranteed a pint that'll get me p*ssed when I come in, every time I come in, then I'll come in a whole lot more.

And I hope to run into you beer pig baiter, cause you sound like the kind of drunk who appreciates a strong'er' real ale. Cheers!

2 Jan 2008 18:45

Varsity, Didsbury

staff are decent enough in here, the BEER IS P*SS so dont bother, but the staff merrily served me up a pint of white wine spritzer to numb the maddening verbiage of manchesters ignorant booze swilling clowns.

also had a chat with a chap in the toilet about pheramone wipes and the sh*t you can buy in those condom dispensers, most intelligent chat I had in didsbury all night.

2 Jan 2008 18:35

The Dog and Partridge, Didsbury

I was in here just after Christmas for a pint, I'd better set the record straight; the beer is horrendous, nothing resembling a decent pint. In this place you are reduced to drinking guiness or cider, a most depressing scenario since there is decent ale to be had in didsbury. I was also fortunate enough to meet some of the local scum, but they are harmless enough and coexist in this place happily alongside the decent crowd. on a more positive note the darts was on tv, but was obscured from view by a right fat b*stard pie man, which for once, wasn't me.

2 Jan 2008 18:32

Trio, Headingley

I came here for New Years Eve party the other night, its a great bar and well positioned. Here's a few observations(which may only be true because it was NY Eve)

- too many people allowed in made heat almost unbearable
- beer range is decent, but ran of of Guiness to quick
- bar staff were excellent (some very fit)
- alot of d*ck heads were in including pompous w*nkers and student trash egomaniacs
- doormen were excellent, very professional
- plenty of places for a good kebab nearby

2 Jan 2008 18:24

Lloyds, Birmingham

went here sunday and the boucer let my mate keep his silly hat on but made me take off my muslim hat, fascist bonehead dont you realise i just went upstairs and put it on! prick!

anyway, you can have a laugh in here, although NEVER drink the ale because its sh*t, you need to get on the red wine and port, thats cheap and will get you monged.

28 Dec 2007 19:45

Bar Risa, Birmingham

yeah, this bar is one of the better ones, loads of rooms and the place is diverse. my mate ordered two pints of white wine spritzer in here and the barman was quite helpful, although he said noone had ever made such a simple request before. anyway, staff were friendly, as were the customers, one was kind enough to give us 20quid to get a taxi home. cheers.

28 Dec 2007 19:41

The Port n' Ale, Tipton

Okay, right off I'm giving this a 9. terrific selection on, i counted 10, and it was my first stop so no double vision. then again... anyway, lovely pint of treacle stout, and a beautiful cask mild, think it was actually green king. the staff in here were great and really helped me and my comrade out. they listed the next best 7 pubs in the area into dudley through netherton (heaven) and to stourbridge.

I was slightly disappointed by the appearance, i had read earlier reviews about similarities to old white rose, but the beer selection is where it ends. there was a distinct lack of any other drunkards, day sessioners, wine-o's and smack heads so it was a little dull. also the door/entrance is similar to a conservatory and i wasn't sure if i was going into someones house. nevertheless, top place, good beer, great people, i'll be back.

28 Dec 2007 19:38

The Robin Hood, Stourbridge

Came in here on a marathon day sesh a week ago. By this time I'd had a belly full and consequently spilt a third of my pint on my trouser leg.

anyhow, i liked this place for well kept beer, its a little out of the way from the others which is a pain in the bum but the staff are friendly and the people are good enough. I'll make more of an effort on my next trip to remember the beers etc, but be assured that the mild, bitter and stout in here are all fine, good quality products.

28 Dec 2007 19:27

The Windsor Castle Inn, Lye

Not too bad a pub. It has the atmosphere of one of those new pubs, the ones with blinds and not curtains, and the beer is sadlers. i enjoyed my time here, not the biggest sadlers fan but i might pop back for another go. toilets were pretty decent too for a good blowout. and boy you need it after some of that black country mild.

28 Dec 2007 19:23

The Shrewsbury Arms, Dudley

Came in here, kids running about everywhere on a sunday afternoon. the landlords as old as the pub but pleasant enough. soon all pubs like this will be dead, its not done anything since 1977, the fittings are 1977, the glass 'wash' is 1977, the landlord looks like he died in 1977, and they've not had a fresh keg roll into the cellar since, yep, 1977.

nice enough crowd though

28 Dec 2007 19:18

Ye Olde Foundry, Dudley

Dont come in here chaps for beer. its not a particularly nice pub, dark and so on, bit mucky, but the worst thing is the lack of any real ale, cask ale, or ale for that matter. I went on the lash last weekend and had to drink guiness in here. not pleased.

28 Dec 2007 19:16

The Old Swan, Netherton

Where can I possibly begin? Under my alias' BeerBolshevik, BolshevikBoozer and currently BolshevistBoozehound, I have attempted in my own small way to bring pressure to bear upon the worst doss holes in the UK and at the same time expose the evil swine who water (nay neglect) the workers beer. In my selfless exploits I've travelled near and far, and on 23rd December 2007 I had a great reward.

Very rare is true love. Indeed, so good is this pub I must invoke Shakespeare;
"Shall I compare thee to a summers day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate"

What more apt description of a beautifully maintained pub, serving tasty Pardoes Black Widow at 6.7% and delightful Bumble Hole at the 5% mark. The landlord is a gent who has nutured a loving child. I was overcome with joy at finding this place, its well worth the journey. In fact, its a good point of call to get twisted before heading into Dudley or back towards brum.

No swine, no bummers, no food and few women in here. Just great beer, pork scratchings and plenty of character.

Mr Landlord, I salute you Sir! Inquilab Zindabad!

28 Dec 2007 19:06

The Old Joint Stock, Birmingham

Ok, this pub is spectacular inside and out. Modern drapes and relatively well kept furniture compliment the original panels, railings and light fixtures. The place even has comedy nights and live music in its own theatre. This is about the nearest thing to culture your ever likely to find in Birmingham.

Marvelling upon the fixtures and fittings, is however, where the fascination ends. The Fullers is rancid London canal swill, served by a host of dirty students. However, your near Broad Street and not in the degerate sink that is the Corner House.

Merry Xmas

18 Dec 2007 17:21

The Three Horseshoes, Wixford

Decent enough boozer. I came in here last Sunday after walking a section of a nearby circular walk.

Myself and a trusted comrade sampled the ale, and the barmaid was good enough to leave a decent sized head on the top, instead of pouring it to overflow level and ruining it. She was also minded enough not to put her fingers round the top of the glass, very courteous. NOT like the filthy Jug and Jester in Leamington Spa, urrgh!

The pub was quiet, its a large open space at rear for food, but the bar at the front is comfy enough and you don't feel out of place if all you can afford to eat is some nuts and scratchings. Good effort.

21 Sep 2007 12:23

The Hope and Anchor, Coventry

I came in here and it was full of lepers. This was not a 'hard mans' pub, but it is full of people who could just snap and stab you, or glass you or something rotten like that. And the beers shit. The club next door is better.

12 Sep 2007 12:28

The Chestnut Tree, Coventry

Of all the pubs on this pub loaded stretch of road, this is the one I stop at first. But thats just because its at the top of the hill.

12 Sep 2007 12:11

The Farmhouse, Coventry

Coming in here has been a waste of time since the dawn of time itself! This hole was born in the belly of a collapsing White Dwarf star which itself had engulfed a galaxy known as 'Shit Pint', where the people of that galaxy specialised in shit pints of beer. It got caught in the space time vortex and was pulled through onto this little corner of Coventry by a gypsy magician during one of the fairs held on Hearsall Common. And now you know the truth.

12 Sep 2007 12:09

Bear Inn, Berkswell


This place is now selling Kronenburg through the 'Staropramen' tap. These punks are taking the piss, DO NOT buy your beer in here. (If you want good Staropramen go down Bulls Head in Meriden)

12 Sep 2007 12:04

The Wellington, Birmingham

Typical Fools Paradise

How many times do I keep coming into this 'real ale' heaven, and discover I'm in 'bad booze' hell? If your on Bennetts Hill do the right thing and get into the Spoons Pub and even Bennetts Bar. They may not have 100 handpulls, but at least you can get a Stella. The Wellington promises so much and fails to deliver, time after time. It is in a state of perpetual flat beer.

12 Sep 2007 10:26

The Coach and Horses, Weatheroak Hill

It was my first time at this boozer this Saturday.

I was desperatley out searching for a Warwickshire pub that I hadn't yet been to, I failed and found myself slipping across the boarder like a VietMihn scout, and before I knew it, I was deep into enemy territory with Brummie types all about me.

Upon engaging with the landlord and his beer I found that I was in a terrific boozer.

Myself and a fellow professional tried Shropshire Lad, Weatheroak bitter, Weatheroak Hopping something-or-other, and by far the best pint of Old Hooky I've seen since I was in Hook Norton itself. The beer was all tasty, good pork scratchings, plenty of cheap batches and a good old fashioned attitude to decor and service. I liked this place alot and will be making the effort again.

Well Done

28 Aug 2007 10:20

Millpool, Coventry

what can I say? firestation near by.

16 Aug 2007 10:29

Courthouse, Coventry

motion carried unanimously

16 Aug 2007 10:29

The Beer Engine, Coventry

this is THE most overated pub in Coventry. This place has better reviews than the nursery tavern! both are bad, but this place really does stink.

May I add that the barman is an ignorant fool who doesn't drink beer and has a bad attitude. I have had 1great night here, the rest have been woeful.

On the upside there is a decent curry house opposite.

16 Aug 2007 10:26

Earlsdon Cottage, Coventry

good, stay in your uni bar you tax dodging london scum bag

ps. good pint of staropramen in here.

16 Aug 2007 10:23

The Albany Club, Earlsdon

Beer is all gas powered and the ale aint great, but the club is well maintained, has agood crowd, good entertainment on Friday/Saturday and pork scratchings. If you go in here you can get a few cheap ones down your neck before you go chasing the skirt in spoons or up the road with the oldies and granny fanny.

16 Aug 2007 10:21

The Town Wall Tavern, Coventry

best pub in town by a long stretch.

Yes, its interior and all the different rooms are very nice, BUT, what really makes this place is that you can get a decent pint. You'll never get ill drinking in here, the people are sound too.

Usual stuff is Adnams, Green King, Bombardier, Bass, BrewXI bla bla. typical warwickshire favourites, but it really is the best place, drink in here till 11ish and then go and get some stella down you in the rest of town and you'll be trashed but you'll be better off than if you drank stella all-night.


16 Aug 2007 10:18

The Nugget, Coventry

Yeh, not a bad place, plenty of space and everything is fairly priced. I had a decent burger in here about a year ago, but I was on medication so only drank shandy, so I shalln't slate the quality of the beer. However I could slate the choice of beer which is poor.

16 Aug 2007 10:12

Old Hall/Caramba, Keresley

No matter what they do to this place its never going to suceed, which is a real shame because I've heard that once it was a real good spot. Back in the days of disco you could get a bit of snatch in here and it had a kind of night club.

Nowadays its a failing restaurant type place, beer is atrocious, real ale quality is bad, bad, bad. You get the odd drongo's hanging around and alot of Keresley youth seem to hang about the gardens, so you might get your car scratched.

16 Aug 2007 10:11

The Craftsman, Holbrooks

This place has now closed. Tragic.

16 Aug 2007 10:08

The Beechwood Inn, Keresley

This is the kind of place that could be great. But its sh*t.

A lovely building, the beer when its on-form is passable, its Green King IPA and Abbott Ale in here, the drinkers are a motley assortment of chain-smoking-chumps but that might've changed now. On a Sunday afternoon its a nice spot.

16 Aug 2007 10:07

The Horse and Jockey, Corley

Not a bad place I suppose. The cliental are all okay, its that strange mix of Coventry working class/rural hillbilly(landscape gardener) and farming community types. Its a strange breed and people do get murdered out this way occasionally, but so long as you don't get too friendly you'll be fine.

recent beers in here have been Abbot Ale and the big drawback is Kronenburg instead of Stella.

I think a bit of kareoke is on thursday.

16 Aug 2007 10:05

The Bulls Head, Barston

The beers never good, the company is worse, the carpet is ancient, staff surly.

15 Aug 2007 13:06

The Old Bakery, Kenilworth

This is a total waste of time. its like sitting in someones house. dont do it, go down the road to royal oak.

15 Aug 2007 13:02

The Earl of Clarendon, Kenilworth

Cardinal chunder has made a good synopsis, let me expand,

- pedigree
- marstons bitter
- garden and back room enlarged
- tasty sort behind bar (of occasion)
- watch out for a sniff of one of the carinals 'blowouts'

15 Aug 2007 12:58

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