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The Kelsey Arms, Tunbridge Wells

The Kelsey Grammar Arms. Half pub, half curry house. Not the best pub in the land, but probably not the worst.

19 Jun 2011 19:05

The Ragged Trousers, Tunbridge Wells

Good pub in a great location. Excellent and ever changing range of beers all well kept. Small food menu, but all very good. Sitting outside when the sun is shining watching the world go by. Fantastic.

19 Jun 2011 18:59

Charlie Chaplin, Elephant and Castle

A shocking hovel that was curiously well frequented when I popped in over the weekend. I don't know the area particularly well, but there must be something better nearby.

Have to agree with the locals on one point though. Man Bags are right out. So last season.

19 Jun 2011 18:07

The Prospect Inn, Exeter

Is this the one that does the supersize pizzas? I think it is. Disappointing range of beer compared to some of the pubs in Exeter but the location and opportunity for throwing things at people rowing by on the river more than made up for it.

21 Jul 2006 13:38

The Ship Inn, Teignmouth

Was in here a few weeks ago - as a tourist - and thought it was great. Good beer and good food. Place was heaving.

21 Jul 2006 13:32

Le Mines, La Plagne

Isn't this actually called La Mine? Anyway, one of only three or four bars in Plagne 1800 and by far the superior. As with all resort based drinking though you should re-mortgage your house and sell any underutilised organs before entering to ensure you have enough for a round.

13 Feb 2006 08:46

The Selkirk, Tooting

Was in this pub the other night for some food and the experience could have gone either way. There was a problem and our (and a couple of other people's) order went astray. After half an hour we asked what was going on and a few minutes later were told that it had got lost and hadn't been started yet. Normally this would be the cue for me to start ranting about shitty service and staff not caring blah blah, but not today.

The staff really couldn't have done more. We got a free drink straight away and were offered money back or wait 20 minutes for the food. When this turned into 25 minutes we asked again what was going on and were given more apologies and offered another drink. When the food did come it was all very nice, albeit an hour after we ordered.

On leaving the manager came over and apologised again for all the problems and said he hoped we'd be back anyway. BAR STAFF EVERYWHERE TAKE NOTE: THIS IS GOOD SERVICE!

28 Nov 2005 13:42

The White Swan, Pimlico

Nipped in here for a spot of lunch whilst visiting the Tate and I can't see what people are complaining about. Beer was good and the staff couldn't have been more accomodating to the needs of my hard to please old dear. It is a chain so the decoration aint up to much but other than that it was good.

28 Nov 2005 13:30

The Royal Oak, Northumberland Heath

I can't dispute the 'friendly' tag given to this pub seeing as I've been offered coke twice in the toilets by complete strangers here. Alright for watching the footy but thats about it.

3 Nov 2005 14:11

The Duke of Northumberland, Northumberland Heath

Good Lord. Very odd pub all round. Hilarious name aside, this place has little going for it. During the desperate struggle to find any decent pubs in this area I have tried The Duke over and over again and been sadly disappointed each time. Still looking if anyone knows of anything...?

3 Nov 2005 14:09

The Coach and Horses, Dersingham

A pretty good pub. Had an extended pool/dukebox session in here at the weekend. Played ok, won more than I lost although my follow through was a worry and caused me to overhit anything played with screw. Whats that? The pub? Oh right, yeah that was fine. Decent beer, no food mind, which caused severe problems later on!!

1 Nov 2005 13:16

Plough, Dartford

Wandered into this place once after a curry to be greeted by the funniest (unintentionally) Elvis impersonator I've ever seen racing through song after song at about 300 decibels. Stupidly, I didn't take this as a sign that I should turn straight back round and leave, instead choosing to get a pint in. The rest of my three minute stay was a bit of a blur which I've done well to block out of my memory. Absolute rubbish.

26 Oct 2005 13:20

The Euston Flyer, Euston

Have been to this pub on many occassions when travelling out of Euston. My liking for this pub has reached the point now where I actually turn up an hour before my train to give me time for a couple of pints. An oasis in a commuter desert.

20 Oct 2005 13:22

The Prince Albert, Bexleyheath

Shepherd Neame pub so it has the obligatory list of excellent beers. The most entertaining thing here is the frankly ridiculous selection of brass pots, pans, jugs, ships ornaments and god knows what else hanging from the seriously over stressed ceiling. It gives the impression of drinking in a half pub/half antique shop environment. And oddly, thats a very good thing.

30 Sep 2005 14:15

The Rising Sun, Eltham

Looks mediocre, at best, from the outside but is suprisingly alright. Best pub in Eltham? Possibly. But then thats probably saying more about the state of the competition.

30 Sep 2005 14:02

The Bankers Draft, Eltham

Small, comfy and serious-assualt-risk-free in comparison to some of the other pubs in Eltham, the Greyhound next door to name but one. Used to drink in here loads during my student days. 99p pints of Theakston's and Nachos were the staple diet. Beware sitting in the postman's corner...

30 Sep 2005 13:59

The Trinity Arms, Brixton

Great pub that has waylaid me on pretty much every food shopping trip I've ever tried to make in Brixton.

28 Sep 2005 15:30

O'Neills, Dublin

Visited this pub when in Dublin last year and had a great time. Its absolutely cavernous and had live music upstairs. Opening/Closing hours seemed to be as and when they felt like it - please note thats not a complaint!

27 Sep 2005 15:49

St Christopher's Inn, Greenwich

Generally average pub. Don't really consider it that expensive, but its not the first place I would choose to go in Greenwich. Open late and right by the station so it ain't all bad.

23 Sep 2005 13:40

The Roundhouse, Covent Garden

Have had some great nights in the Roundhouse. Old Peculiar is excellent in here and the staff are a good laugh. Encouraging me once to make paper aeroplanes and throw them about. The beer made me do it. Fortunately no one lost an eye.

22 Sep 2005 08:33

The Oystercatcher, Polzeath

Great pub in a great location. Also truly honourable staff. After one particularly intrepid session I found that I'd lost my wallet. Retracing my steps next day I got to the pub and it was handed straight back to me complete with the 20 note I'd had in it. Which I then spent getting hammered again.

21 Sep 2005 12:18

The Chandos, Trafalgar Square

No trip through town is complete without a brief sojourn into the Chandos. Yes, its the same as any Sam Smiths pubs and yes, its very cheap. But this place has a bit of charm that always makes me want to stay and get shit faced. Technically speaking. Get a sofa and then look smug to the patrons who have to stand.

20 Sep 2005 13:45

The Evening Star, Brighton

Superb pub, slightly off the beaten track with an excellent (and unusual) range of beers. Definitely worth a look in. I seem to remember a commendable selection of foil packed commestibles too.

20 Sep 2005 13:35

Point 101, Bloomsbury

Went once. It was late. We wanted more drinks. Have hated myself ever since. Place was a mess and it did indeed take ages (possibly not aeons - I didn't notice a change in epoch or anything) to get served.

20 Sep 2005 13:33

The Cove, Covent Garden

I love this pub. Mainly because St Austell beer is among the finest in the land, particularly Tribute. Have had some great nights in this absolute cupboard of a place. Gets rammed but is still better than the Punch and Judy. Which is pap.

Toilets are a laugh. Beware the open window....

20 Sep 2005 13:19

The Fire Station, Waterloo

Busy, good atmosphere, never eaten in here but the menu is alright. Euro beer - alright if you like that sort of thing. Beware of incredibly efficient bag snatchers who hoodwinked my little lady and made off with her bag claiming cash back all the way to Elephant and Castle. And then bought a BBQ in Homebase at the weekend. Cheeky scamps.

20 Sep 2005 13:12

The Hole In The Wall, Waterloo

Yes, its grim. No, there aren't any frills. Yes, the people are a strange mix. But does every London pub have to be a chrome edged presentation case for the 'beautiful people'? I don't think so. I really like this place and when I can convince my mates to go into it we enjoy a good selection of beers in a no nonsense boozer. Great stuff.

20 Sep 2005 13:10

The Wellington, Waterloo

Always use this pub as a convenient meeting place after work. Good atmosphere, decent beer and no hassle. Gets busy in the evenings but soon quietens down as the suits and general masses disappear home.

20 Sep 2005 13:08

The Quays, Mytchett

The best thing I can say about this place is that I met the manager on a plane coming back from holiday once and he was a very very very funny man. His pub is crap though.

20 Sep 2005 13:00

The Prince of Wales, Farnborough

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. just thinking about the PoW has my fluids pumping. So to speak. An excellent pub well worthy of its great reputation. Ludicrously small for its popularity but the beer is worth the discomfort of a face full of Morris Dancers beard.

20 Sep 2005 12:59

The Ham and Blackbird, Farnborough

Simply put. Gash. A terrible pub on a roundabout thats really not worth crossing the road for.

20 Sep 2005 12:56

The Thatched Cottage, Farnborough

How can you say the landlord is unfriendly? Just because he plays a tape repeatedly telling you to drink up and go home rather than come round and politely usher you out... Alright pub that does decent beer.

20 Sep 2005 12:55

The Plough and Horses, Cove

A truly superb pub for observing the small minded mentality that living in a small hamlet on the outskirts of a mid-sized town can breed. Decent beer, suprisingly well looked after and average food. BUT what are the customers in this place like? Agree with others here, in the golden, nay halcyon, era of Pete this pub was quality. A sad decline.

20 Sep 2005 12:51

The Mayfair Tavern, Tooting

Went to this pub for the first time the other weekend and despite the Deliverance/Wild West entranceway stare off I found it to be 'the boss'. Plenty of mick taking opportunities with the toothless local Irish Islamics who worship both at the pub and the centre within which it is encased. Un unpolished gem which surely is too good to miss.

20 Sep 2005 09:09

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