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The Tartan Tavern, Oban

Decent boozer just round the corner from the hotel, the bar staff were happy enough to accommodate any requests I had for the various football that was on tv on Saturday lunchtime/Sunday evening.

6 Feb 2014 04:40

The Moat Bar, Edinburgh

Now closed.

Changed to an Indian restaurant.

23 Dec 2013 13:30

The Quaker Coffee House, Darlington

Spent a couple of hours in here on Sunday evening. Only tried the Dark Seam which was one of the best beers I've ever tasted.

15 Jan 2013 00:07

The Ramsden Arms, Blackpool

An outstanding "local" pub with very good bar staff. A special mention for the outstanding Annabel in particular!

22 Feb 2012 11:52

The George Orwell, Islington

Was in this bar before/after the Scotland v Brazil game earlier this year, a great time had by all. Well worth a visit when Scotland games are on tv. The staff were outstanding on what must have been an exceedingly long, hectic day. A very wide range of top quality beers and spirits on offer.

25 Oct 2011 23:46

St. George's Tavern, Victoria

Hadn't been in here for a while, but, popped in a couple of times last w-end.
Much improved since my previous visits a few years ago now, could be down to the very cheery, friendly manager who was happy enough to assist with the constant stream of tourists coming in to the pub asking for directions but not adding their custom to the pub.

4 Feb 2011 12:30

McGlynns, Kings Cross

Popped in here on numerous occasions prior to catching a train back up to Edinburgh. Always found it quite a cheery, friendly place.
Never had any trouble with the drink in here although I'm not a real ale man.
Cheap, decent run of the mill pub grub.

4 Feb 2011 12:25

Millers, Caledonian Road

Spent a couple of evenings in Millers over New Year watching the football/darts and returned last Saturday lunch time for more of the same. A Good honest boozer for spending some time in to watch the sport on Tv. Bar staff more than willing with requests for whatever sport you are after.

4 Feb 2011 12:13

The Thornhill Arms, Islington

Enjoyed a pleasant if drunken evening in here on NY Night watching the darts and having a good bit of banter with the cheery locals! Hiya Mikey & Gemma, its the drunken Scotsman here (that might not narrow it down too much)!

7 Jan 2011 12:56

The Halfway House, Edinburgh

Returned to this boozer after a train jouney from hell last Saturday night to be greeted with the news from a young fellow behind the bar that there was no real ale available as they had ran out of gas for the beer. A very curious situation for a pub to find itself in. I had expected the teething troubles experienced by the new owner at the time of my last review to have been solved by now, but, alas it appears not. Hiked up the steps to The Arcade and was well looked after by a young Polish lady behinf the bar!

24 Dec 2010 12:46

The Border Rambler, Carlisle

A quick update for "The Rambler", still a bit rough round the edges, but, quality jukebox and now has two separate SKY boxes for endless footy fun!

25 Mar 2010 15:10

Nelson's Retreat, Old Street

Popped back in here for a couple on New Years Day - 3.50 for a pint of Strongbow - I thought they were having a laugh and then realised it wasn't that funny!

7 Jan 2010 10:27

The Arcade Bar, Edinburgh

About 10 times better since the smoking ban came into play. The Secret Arcade in the upstairs lounge has transformed this room into quite a trendy Polish Bar with a huge arrange of vodkas on offer. Usually some stunning scenery to be admired on a Fri/Sat night.

10 Dec 2009 11:55

Hogshead, Edinburgh

Now changed its name to Banter. Not too sure about the beer selection, but, a wide range of bargains available for drink and food generally if you fork out a couple of quid for a Banter Card.

8 Dec 2009 13:38

The Halfway House, Edinburgh

I too have noticed on my most recent visit the downturn in standards, at one point one of the patrons of this once fine hostelry broke into song which would not have been out of place on Britains Got Talent reject show, I could not concentrate on the latest news stories in my paper for this most unfortunate interruption. I had hoped when the pub changed hands that the lavatory facilities would have been updated, but, alas so far this is not yet the case. Can't agree more though about the continuing high standard of the female bar staff.

25 Sep 2009 12:38

Hartleys Of Preston, Preston

Stayed in Preston a couple of weekends ago whilst we were down for the Hibs v Blackburn & Bolton games, whats happened to the Northern Soul nights @ Hartleys?

17 Aug 2009 12:02

The Shakespeare's Head, Islington

Maybe I should have stated earlier that it could be an "Ashes to Ashes" theme pub, but, they just haven't bothered to tell anyone!

14 Aug 2009 12:21

EH1 Cafe Bar, Edinburgh

This pub is now known as Albanach. Good bar with a wide range of whiskies and great bar staff.

30 Jun 2008 16:04

The Shakespeare's Head, Islington

Got to agree with the previous poster about the friendly atmosphere in here. It is like being in a bit of a time warp, but, in a good way!

24 Apr 2008 14:27

The Duke of Edinburgh, Upton Park

Its normally good on a match day, but, I was in here for a wee while on New Years Eve and it was like drinking in Taliban HQ!!

8 Jan 2008 14:39

Bar Suede, Carlisle

Found myself in here on saturday watching The Scouse Derby, 1.60 a pint of Strongbow, can't complain! Didn't hang about long afterwards right enough!

22 Oct 2007 15:09

'Round midnight Jazz & Blues Bar, Islington

Was in here on 8th Sep for the Scotland football match, good banter, so stayed on and watched the England game too, a good night was had by all! Returned after my trip to Paris for the football and enjoyed another good night on 14th Sep watching the rugby, although the regulars didn't seem to enjoy it quite as much!

20 Sep 2007 14:50

The Border Rambler, Carlisle

Spent an entertaining early afternoon here last Saturday watching the locals & Newcastle fans squaring up to each other before the "friendly" game!!

27 Jul 2007 13:24

Playfair, Leith

This Lloyds Bar is at the top of Leith Walk, not the bottom as the map suggests! I think someone has got confused with The Wetherspoons pub The foot of The Walk which as the name suggests is at the bottom of Leith Walk!!

1 Dec 2006 10:13

The Central Bar, Leith

The Boundary Bar has now changed its name to The City Limits and is well worth a visit!

1 Dec 2006 09:48

The Mercat, Edinburgh

Very nice Bar now that the renovation of the Bar is complete. As stated elsewhere Graeme knows whaat he is doing with regard to running the place and looking after everybody!

22 May 2006 14:29

The Tyburn, Marble Arch

Myself and 2 friends went here on Monday for breakfast. Do yourself a favour, don't make the same mistake! Quite possibly the most disgusting food I've ever seen/pushed around a plate!
Usual varied selection of beers though.

16 May 2006 14:05

The Bromilow Arms, Lostock

Went there before the West Ham cup game, nice pub, not very big, so make sure you get there early to grab a seat at the bar!

22 Feb 2006 12:43

Nelson's Retreat, Old Street

Us 3 Jocks stayed at The Holiday Inn Express just along the road over New Year weekend, made to feel very welcome by the staff, popped in a couple of times over the weekend, had a good night on New Years Eve as far as I can remeber!

5 Jan 2006 09:54

The Frankenstein, Aberdeen

Good pub, very accomodating to out of towners!
Frazer (the manager) is a top guy!

24 Oct 2005 15:54

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