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Name: The Bluebell
Address: 4 The Highway, Hawarden, Clwyd, CH5 3DH
  • Has been closed for a long time. Proposals submitted to convert into...
  • The Bluebell is now one of the most popular pubs in the area of Hawarden,located in...
Name: Crown and Liver Inn
Address: The Highway, Hawarden, Clwyd, CH5 3DN
  • I'm not quite sure to make of this pub. From the outside, it looks quite rough. After...
photo available
Name: Fox and Grapes
Address: 6 The Highway, Hawarden, Clwyd, CH5 3DH
  • The Fox & Grapes is one of two pubs I tried in Hawarden. Neither were brilliant....
  • A NOTE FROM THE NEW FOX & GRAPES: All comments posted on this page are from...
  • What the hell happend here? just moved back to hawarden after traveling hoping to come...
  • Fully agree with ruffloverz, the most pricey pub I've been to in a while. You can tell...
  • Thought this to be an excellent pub, beers were in good condition but the guest...
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