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Plough, Farnham

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user reviews of Plough, Farnham

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came here, didn't hate it.
Garden is lovely, bar area clean, locals seem to be waiting for god, but it's a nice visit.
Will return for some ale and see if it's drinkable, bottles drinks seem to be ok.
gin_and_tonic - 9 Sep 2012 14:32
Currently closed, re-opening Friday 3 Aug I believe.
eythornepeter - 26 Jul 2012 21:04
how can the same beer be so good in the Lamb, and alnost undrinkable in here?
littlecon - 27 May 2011 16:45
I came to Farnham recently to visit family and friends with my wife and The Plough was recomended to us by them so we went in on a friday lunch time to have a few drinks and some food. We were pleasantly greated by the staff and enjoyed lengthy banter with them and the landlady. The food was delicious and very prompt even though it was quite busy at the time. Would definately return on our next visit to the area and would highly recomend to any of our friends, even with young children.
pints_o_cream - 27 May 2011 16:33
My pints of Kents best were very good, and the staff seemed freindly enough.

A down to earth pub with plenty of appeal
EdBeery - 10 Dec 2010 14:38
Have been back in for a swift half since my earlier review. The swift half turned into four. I see no reason to change my opinion of the place.
workhard - 2 Jun 2010 17:56
Sorry "work hard" but I was in here last Monday (Bank Hol) and I had a pint of
Kents Best and it was horrible..soapy tasting and flat.
Very dispointed for a GBG pub.
bjbrummiejohn - 6 May 2010 08:02
Went here on Saturday. It's our friends local (well actually there is one other pub nearer their house) and yet they'd never ever been in it. Having spent the afternoon quaffing wine round theirs I was gagging for a decent pint. They were worried it would be a bit student-y but a nice cross section of humanity came and went while we were in.

Not disappointed. Pint of Early Bird, top notch, bottle of 1698, a little over chilled perhaps but nothing that five mins sat on the table didn't sort. Off we went to the nearby Tandoori only to find our table wasn't ready. So back to the Plough. Pint of Kent's Best. The people of Kent are lucky.

Very clean, well ordered premises, friendly landlady and staff, fast service at the bar, conversations broken off as soon as a customer appeared.

Well done The Plough

workhard - 4 May 2010 17:24
Congratulations for getting into the good beer guide 2010 and quite right too. very tasty shepherd neame beers and a really well run pub. Music, games, great garden and friendly service - just don't feed Marnie!!
what50pfortapwater - 14 Sep 2009 21:45
This pub is clean and serves good beer. They do home made food which is on the whole good. Unfortunately, the beef is the lowest quality for the roasts and will leave you chewing for the next 3 days. The gravy is home made also. Just to much flour is used though. The best bit about this pub is the games you can take the family in to play while supping your way through the ales.
dcdevil69 - 13 Jan 2009 23:32
My favourite pub in farnham (also the Albion) refurb is great.. landlord and lady are the friendliest people in the world and its just a nice place to be on any night of the week! highly recommended!
jackwinters - 3 Dec 2008 23:48
Consider this pub to be my local so im probably going to be biased but...
The owners have been here a year now and are well settled with the growing army of locals which includes young and old, students and citizens. Their regular nights are good fun - quiz, open mic etc and the party/charity nights are really great.
I have never had a bad beer in this pub. ever.
The food is good value and actually homecooked - Sunday roasts are amazing.
The tireless efforts of Alix and Neil are obvious and should be applauded. Remember, this pub is fighting against a bad history and a licensing authority that seem to be trying their upmost to cause problems for what should be Farnhams busiest pub.

If you have not been in here yet, its been a bloody year! Whats wrong with you?
animalbicyclevehicle - 2 Dec 2008 16:12
Popped in again the weekend. The Late Red has gone till next year but the Winter Porter is an excellent pint. The old piano in the corner has been tuned and sounds pretty good. They gonna have Christmas Carols and mince pies round the old Joanna on the 20th so that should be fun. Oh and you should check out the tree too has to be the biggest tree in Farnham!
coterie - 10 Dec 2007 14:56
Just visted The Plough AGAIN,you people don't know what your missing, went at lunch time for a change,There was a good selection of beers on tap (Red, Bishops Finger), Orangeboom, good crisp refreshing pint. Prices much the same as he other pubs in the area, Sheperd Neame now above the door so the standard should be good.
Food is now on daily an is top notch, superb bangers'n'mash.
Offical brewery opening in the 12th December with the exc director coming down,should be a good night.

see you there.
MR.B - 30 Nov 2007 21:09
Just visited the Plough, what can i say ...well it's been well decorated, the lighting gives it the perfect feel( some thought must have gone into this ), back to the old days, no jukebox blairing out,nice comfy leather sofa's must have cost a fortune ??. The beer's really good,it's a real chill out zone for the older generation ,run by two lovely people ( who have a good idea as to what they want in a pub.Foods getting there, i hear they are going to get a superb coffee machine for those cold evenings.I do have one up on most people as i have meant the landlord before,he was an international table tennis player some years ago ( all the games we played he never did win any,sorry Neil )so if you play feel free to ask him for a game.Can't wait for the summer to get in that garden.Will be telling the people at work this is a place you must visit.
MR.B - 24 Nov 2007 10:59
During the refurb that took place recently i often walked past and was able to check up on progress. It was stripped back to a bare shell and rebuilt from the ground up.

There is a new bar and the whole place has been returned to a much more traditional style pub. There is plenty of chairs and tables so getting a seat if you want one shouldn't be a problem even when it gets busy later on.

The garden out back is large and there is a good area for those who want to smoke so no need to hang around the front door in the street.

The beer was very good, i spent a tidy sum on the Late Red, unfortunately as it is a seasonal beer it will be replaced soon with a winter brew but then there will always be next Autumn!

I also discovered that the pub has a wi fi hot spot for customers to use which could be really handy for popping out for a lunchtime pint and pretending that you are working from home :-)

Looking forward to dropping in soon for a pie and a pint (when the pie's come on stream). A great improvement on what went before.
coterie - 21 Nov 2007 10:02
Anybody that's visited the Plough in its previous incarnation would struggle to recognise the place now !

It may well have served its purpose as a student bar in the past but the changes from the extensive refurb will be welcomed by most (probably mostly the neighbours).

Gone is the dark, dingy and slightly strange interior, replaced by fresh decor and bright lighting (maybe a touch bright for some but dimmers on the way apparently).

There was a good selection of beers on tap (Red, Bishops Finger), well kept, tried a lager - Orangeboom, good crisp refreshing pint. Prices much and such as the other pubs in the area, Sheperd Neame now above the door so the standard should be good.

Food wasn't on when I visited as they had only just opened the doors and there was still work to do in the kitchen, look forward to trying out when they are up and running.

New landlord and landlady where very friendly and made and effort to welcome all that came through the door, wee pub dog also a friendly chap.

Pool table looked new (didn't play) and music can be requested at the bar and if they have it they will stick it on.

didn�t venture out into the garden as not a smoker and its winter, but there was a heated covered area that was busy the entire time I was in there and the garden seemed quite extensive with lots of seating so should be good for long summer days/evenings

Will definitely call again, and it may well become a regular stop off.

Well worth a nosey if your familar with the place from before to see the changes.

tricky1888 - 20 Nov 2007 19:50
I give this place a 9/10 under it's new owners, pretty cool refurb and a much improved vibe from the student dive it used to be.

I guess with the new look they're going for more of the relaxed 30 somethings market than the student market but hey I fit in that category so it works well for me. Music in the background not blaring, decent beer on tap and somewhere you could comfortably lose a saturday afternoon.

When they start serving food then it'll get a 10/10 if it tastes good, right now I'll give it a 9 as it's everything you want except dinner (although a dash to the indian across the road will do for now :) )

Good work to whoever sorted this place out.
sllimr - 18 Nov 2007 10:20
I went into this pub just before Shepherd Neame refurbished it. It was a dive. Only thing missing was the sawdust on the floor!

Now, however, what a change. A nice atmosphere helped along, not only by the decor, but the friendly new landlords too.

Great lighting, good spread of speakers all round the pub so the music's never too loud. Oh, and there is an area without any speakers for relaxing on a nice leather sofa.

Large rear garden so plenty of room to sit outside when it warms up...

Oh, and there's a pool table too :)

The place flows well. A very big improvement and well worth visiting. Check it out and see for yourself...

dbegent - 16 Nov 2007 13:37
Things have moved on for the better - now a Shepherd Neame tie, under new management and refurbished throughout. Looks really good - light and airy. Tried a couple of Late Reds, in very good condition, though pricey at �3. Well worth the stroll along West Street. A promising new start.
ramblingmike - 13 Nov 2007 13:12
Draught beer was horrendous. Interiors were horrendous. Really run down pub but hey it seems to suit the students! Nice garden out back but won't be going here again, since leaving uni my tastes have gone beyond badly kept lager and smoky, cramped air.

fletch - 5 Apr 2007 15:18
absolute dive, you could die of thirst before getting served by the inept and lazy bar staff. How the idiots get as drunk as they do in here I have no idea.

Barge pole!
anonymous - 18 Jun 2006 20:48
the plough is a warm hearted lovely fun young place to be. ok so who cares if the food sucks, there's nowhere to sit on a wed and u spend half the night queuing for a drink. when the booze is this cheap and the people r this fab u can't go wrong. big up to mech mitch drew andy clare charli and all the rest. i love u! especially mech...he fine!
fundabarna - 1 Jun 2006 20:07
Just reminds me of being a student - which I'm glad I'm not any more. Yes, you heard me correctly, I'm GLAD.
hmmm - 10 Mar 2006 12:13
never been keen on it - crowds can be fun but not when the food is this bad and decor so awful. Cheap beer
anonymous - 22 Feb 2006 10:45
pub gets busy when its a pound a pint (obviously) the onyl problem being it get very, very busy and crowded and you may spend a long time to get served. good beer garden but is usually frequented by students. its a good laugh!
anonymous - 26 Sep 2005 12:30
I love this pub, it is my favourite in farnham and it is not a dump. It is aimed at students so obviously pound a pint would be crowded on the wednesday but the pub is very well run and has a great atmosphere. It has alot of seating outside so even when the pub is crowded you can sit under the heated shelter.
livi_star - 28 Jul 2005 17:44
People queue for ages to get into this dump. The music volume puts a stop to any conversation you may want to have- unless shouting all night is something you can handle. This place is always crammed with students on a friday night making this pub appeal to young people who like to wait for ages to drink. But don't worry guys, if you've got a yellow card you are among the "elite" who manage to buy a whole nights drinks with a fiver. Good for those who want to binge drink and want to end up being sick in the park, but for others who want a chilled out pint- forget it- go elsewhere.
ginmarinthedon - 14 Feb 2005 20:08
Really Cosy pub but gets rammed on pound a pint night on wednesdays and on a friday. Cheap drink in comparison to the rest of town. Well worth a look.
Ed - 21 Oct 2004 13:52

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