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Puzzle, Westminster

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It's a "puzzle" why anyone would want to drink here. I thank yow.
Oldham_drinker - 29 Jul 2013 16:06
Had a couple of quick after-work beers here a few weeks ago. Found it to be pleasantly decorated, spacious and comfortable, but clearly going for the more wine bar/food crowd than your typical pub. Was pleased to see they had Sambrook's Wandle as guest beer, but a quick sip indicated it had not been kept well - to their credit, the bar staff immediately replaced it with a London Pride. Would happily go back, but there are plenty of alternatives around here.
Oktup - 25 Apr 2010 14:55
Now called 'The Loose Box', and re-opened as a gastro-pub.
dan76uk - 23 Feb 2010 11:31
Still closed
strongarm - 20 Jan 2009 16:15
Rumoured to have been acquired by Wetherspoons!
defrakev - 11 Sep 2008 15:51
Now closed down.
RogerStone - 2 Sep 2008 16:48
A year ago, this was a fair place to go, particularly for weekend football watching. It attracted some of the more colourful local characters, which more than made up for its prices, understaffing and poor decor and furnishings. This spring, the manager sacked all the staff who'd made an effort to make the place work, and most of the pub's regulars decided it was time to go elsewhere. The final straw for me personally was walking in to watch the last Arsenal vs. Chelsea game (usually a bonanza day for all landlords in the area) to find that the pub was closed for a children's party. No, really. With an economic outlook like that, it's no wonder that this pub now remains closed at the weekend, which ultimately means that it's a waste of prime real estate space. My rating would be 8 for the good times, but those days are gone...
drinklessinpimlico - 8 Sep 2007 22:51
beercritic - 5 Aug 2007 08:48
Am I the only person here that likes this pub? Appears so. This place is a refreshing change from the many traditional pubs in SW1 Horseferry Road area. It is modern, clean, spacious, has excellent lighting and above all a great selection of wines and drinks. Great place.
stereodream - 13 Jun 2007 01:23

Over-loud, soul-less bar popular with the don't-care crowd. Beer surprisingly not bad. Expensive. Avoid.
anonymous - 23 Apr 2007 15:39
usual puzzle crap okay if you go in tanked up and can bear the crowd
westyw9 - 23 Feb 2007 17:42
Ziggy66 - try The Royal Oak in Regency St. It's only a few 100 yards away. You may not like that either of course, but I think it's OK.
earlydrinker - 11 Jan 2007 16:28
Soulless and spiritless. My rating's only 1 and not 0 because they serve beer here (slowly). The pits, really. Rather go to the Costcutter next door, buy a can of Kestral and drink it sitting in the middle of the (busy) road. Well, not really, but you know what I mean. If you like pubs, don't go here.
Hzy - 16 Sep 2006 15:48
Bloody awful! Was way better when it was the Old Monk.

again it's another DEFRA pub.

Better for a long lunch than an early evening!
PigPen_in_the_Fens - 5 Sep 2006 12:59
There or the Marquis for lunch? Bit like asking Ant or Dec. There really needs to be a decent boozer in this neck of the woods.
Ziggy66 - 2 Aug 2006 21:41
I reckon they've hired some more staff now, as it's quicker to get served than it used to be. Yes there's a lot of civil servants (home office hq is over the road) and it's not exactly packed with character, but overall it's an airy, clean (nowadays at least) and pretty friendly place to have a pint. 6/10.
big_andy - 29 Jun 2006 13:30
u talking bout same pub? great excellent brill
katiexx - 9 May 2006 15:46
this is one of the worst pubs i have ever been in!!!! the staff are pathetic, i know people who have waited 20 minutes to be served, at the bar!!!!! a dump!!!!
redsanguine666 - 14 Apr 2006 17:47
Went in there twice and felt like buying furniture both times. couldn't see any bar staff was very tempted to pour my own pint
Precrime - 7 Apr 2006 11:00
Love the puzzle! Great food and good choice of drinks. Giant connect 4 is brill. Quiz night great (but need more bar staff). Also Friday DJ, please expand your selection and take requests!
LizS - 28 Sep 2005 16:00
I've just read the other comments from people and I can't believe how much they are slating the Puzzle! I spend at least 3 lunchtimes a week in there. The staff are friendly, funny and one (in particular) is extremely fit!! You get great food and great drinks and the atmosphere is great, especially karaoke night! It may not be the cheapest of pubs but I and my work mates love it! Stop slating our lovely little pub!!
ginger_mattg - 20 Sep 2005 14:59
Used to be OK for a while. Appalling now. Expensive, dirty, rude and incompetent staff, sticky floors. Food's good though. Give yourself at least 10 minutes to get served, and don't expect any real ales to be on. Avoid.
anonymous - 24 Aug 2005 15:11
Truly awful modern re-fit, very poor excuse for a pub, fills me with dread. Everything is sticky with spilt beer, the furniture is broken, claustrophobically low ceiling. The only 'puzzling' thing about the place is why anyone goes there.
JohnBrown - 18 Aug 2005 16:02
Most pubs in this area are traditional pubs that are always very crowded, but this one tries to be more along the line of a trendy bar. Whether you prefer this or not, it means that this place adds a bit of variety to the choice of drinking places in Westminster.

This place also does decent food and the customers are a mix of business people, parliamentary staff and younger people who work locally. This might not sound much, but at least it isn't full of tourists that clog up every other pub nearby.
anonymous - 21 Jul 2005 22:28
I love this pub. I would definitely recommend the Fish and Chips. I mentioned this to the Landlord and he told me that he catched them when he goe diving. Compliments to the Manager!
Howard - 19 Aug 2004 14:44
I don't know if Heiko keeps a diary or something. Maybe she (or he?) was mistaking us with someone else. For one thing, Rob ordered completely independently and they didn't serve him - their fault. The girl we apparenlty swore at (!) was completely rude and useless as was the manager. If we "cooked up a ruse" whatever that means, do you think we'd have been annoyed enough to post a comment on this site if our cunning plan had paid off? and do you seriosly think we would have waited around that long for a crummy burger?
bobby - 5 Jun 2004 11:18
Please be very wary!!! This is possibly the worst pub/bar/drinking hole I have ever been in. If you think the customers are idiotic try communicating with the bar staff...No pleases, no Thank yous', no smiles...The place was dirty (don't rest your arms on the bar if you don't want them soaked in beer!) the food looked as though it was made in the 80's; ironic really, as the whole concept clearly derives from this era. I'd like to suggest going along to see for yourselves how low a pub (!!!) can go, but I can't. Avoid, avoid, AVOID. A true shocker.
Jack Kennedy - 30 Apr 2004 14:21
Dire - full of Civil Servants who used to frequent the Paviours & are as Cosmopolitian as a Baked Bean! NOTHING whatsoever to reccommend it.
BAZMOND - 5 Dec 2003 13:07
This is a great pub, and of a type sorely needed in the area. It's vibrant atmosphere, try a friday night, and friendly, good looking bar staff make for a good evening out. Hugely enjoyable!
Sam - 4 Nov 2003 17:03
I have just read Rob and his mates' comments about the service.....I know cause I was there! I overheard them-they mucked up their order and cooked up a ruse to get a free meal and got abusive when they were found out, even swearing at the young girl serving them. I used to be a regular but not since they turned it into some kind of retro 80's wine bar...bloody awful. For a short while it looked as looked as though the new owners were going in the right direction, but then the dreaded 'refurb.' Only busy cause Fullers closed their pub nearby.
Heiko - 25 Sep 2003 15:46
Don't believe the hype from a bunch of obviously-disgruntled lads. I went here for lunch with my work colleagues ant it was great. New decor, no offensively loud music, comfy chairs and all the food we ordered came on time and was way too much for us to eat! A modern haven in an otherwise 'old-dingy-pub' area of London.
Jo - 12 Sep 2003 10:34
Bland and sterile decor, unlike it's previous incarnation as the Old Monk. Beer is good and chesp(ish).

Could still be better though.
Rob - 25 Jul 2003 10:51
They call that a hamburger?!?! I'd rather eat my dog!!! I'm not sure what was worse the lousy service or the tasteless food. Avoid this joint at all costs!!!
Robs other mate - 25 Apr 2003 13:30
Appalling customer service, and attitude towards one of my work colleagues. They even denied receiving an order even though he had a receipt. It was a very embarrassing experience and I dont reccommend anyone should put themselves through that!!! Avoid the place.
Rob's m8 - 25 Apr 2003 13:22
Terrible new owners - their track record counts for nothing. Had to wait 45 mins for a burger. Not only received no apology, but the manager accused my party of taking a burger that wasn't theirs! Terrible attitute - the old owners (and menu) will be welcomed back with open arms!
Rob Woolmer - 25 Apr 2003 13:13
Will close soon as an Old Monk but the new owners have an excellent track record of developing excellent pubs.
anonymous - 22 Jan 2003 14:58
Not quite the same after refit earlier this year - also mainly populated by the boys in blue (suits) who have staggered over from New Scotland Yard
Paul - 8 Nov 2002 16:04

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