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Northcote, Clapham Junction

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Long wait to get served. Slightly indifferent bar staff. Inevitably pricey but check the postcode sunbeam.

Not brimming with memorable characteristics.
terenced - 24 Dec 2018 08:25
I was warned but still shocked to pay £4.70 for a pint of ale, not 'craft fizzy beer' but ale from the hand pump. This set a new record; we have low inflation yet beer seems to be going up 10p a month. Well if only people like me complain then so be it..
Othewise OK, trendy sort of place, Shame that all you could hear was the base notes of the music, which in turn meant everyone spoke louder due to the distracting background noise, which in turn made it louder....
baggydave - 27 May 2016 14:01

The food here was quite nice, except french fries which were overcooked.
Beware there are no wine lists or prices for drinks displayed anywhere.
I requested sweet rose wine and was given dry cheap quality house wine.
Upon receiving bill my friend and I were over charged £7.50 for a small glass.
The quality of which you would find better at Lidl.

The waiter looked extremely miserable and added on £6 approximately for his grumpy service. Which included coming over to our table and wiping it down with his dishcloth before we had even finished our meal.

Lady_C_of_Fulham - 23 Mar 2016 15:55
Popped in for a pee on my way home from the Royal Oak. Ireland v England game on, and the place is packed. Great atmosphere. Stayed for a beer and a bite, and watched the end of the match. Liked the place.
SilkTork - 3 Mar 2015 14:34
Now I am sure you are all aware that Geronimo was a prominent chief of the Apache Indians who fought against Mexico and the United States, and was famed for his speed and dexterity in battle..
Unfortunately they are not two adjectives that can be used in connection with the bar staff here.
Unless that is you consider it dexterity to rip punters off and make more bucks for the PubCo..
If you like to pay almost £4 for ridiculously short pulled pints , then this is your sort of place... And woe betide if you ask one of the surly bar staff to top up their woeful attempt at pulling a pint.
jimshoppenus - 2 Jul 2013 13:08
Rustic design with a modern sort-of Sunday Telegraph feel, this is not such a bad place. It's a Geronimo Inn - i.e. it's a gastropub. Essentially it's one big room with all wooden tables and sofas and stuff. Young's Best and Doom Bar were on and we're fine, but it's possibly more of a lager and wine place. Round these parts it's your classic 20s/30s sort of crowd. Pretty much full on the Saturday afternoon on account of the rugby. Decent sort of menu, food was fine.

Friendly and happy waiting staff. Slight tendency for short pints at the bar. I can forgive the occasional one when it's busy, but not every time. Oh, and it was £3.50 for the Young's.

All in all pretty decent sort of place for a group of friends to meet up, quite women friendly. And good location for Clapham Junction, just five minutes down the road. 7/10
Goldings - 6 Dec 2012 12:45
Shocked by the appalling service I received here last night - the bar staff are rude and arrogant and clearly customer service is not a priority. After being served a wrong drink I politely requested to have it changed for what I had actually ordered and ended up having to have a 5 minute argument in order to get what I had asked for & already paid for. Would not recommend to anyone.
kitkat77 - 21 Oct 2012 11:43
Paid a brief visit here last night. Had a excellent pint of Sambrook's Wandle but the Sharp's Atlantic IPA was a little 'dead'. I noticed another chap get some ridiculously short measures on a couple of pints so service may be a little mixed. Decent buzz about the place though, and obviously popular with the 'well to do' local young clientale!
beer_monster_smudge - 30 Aug 2012 14:16
Sadly beer not great on this, my second visit. Had to move on to bottles of Camden Lager( if i have the name right). Staff good, atmosphere and vibe v. good but almost everyone eating. We left to find somewhere quieter(the DRAFT HOUSE) which probably indicates that they have their market segmentation bang on, if not to our taste.
huntsbeer - 8 Jan 2012 14:41
Never have I spent �100 in a pub and been treated so appallingly. My friend and I arrived there about 2 o�clock on a Friday afternoon and found a table which we shared with various other people throughout the course of our stay. We had a couple of burgers and three bottles of wine which were very nice to be fair. The day shift staff were very friendly as well. Later into the evening one of the evening shift bar staff (possibly the Manager) comes along and surreptitiously slips a brown tile onto the table. I thought nothing of it because there was another identical tile already on the table with the salt and pepper on it. About half an hour later the same guys comes along to tell everyone sitting on the table that it had been reserved and we all needed to vacate the table pointing at the tile which on closer inspection had some writing scrawled on it. So, after a little bit of confrontation we left the table and finished our drinks standing up in the packed pub while three young ladies who the bar staff obviously knew - and most likely want to nail - moved in. I think our treatment speaks volumes about this popular establishment.
VickReeves - 30 Dec 2011 18:04
Dont know why this place has a low score - guess it's past still gets included. Since the refurb, this is a fine place to go for a beer or two. I had Sambrooks last time - and noting it hadn't travelled far, it was very tasty. Place gets busy at weekends and when there is sport on; but it's friendly at quiet times.
salutes - 18 Nov 2011 11:51
i also remember the pub as well lol
guv2 - 15 Aug 2011 10:41
remember the pug from the90s when martin heany had it,good to know its still a pub...
guv2 - 15 Aug 2011 10:40
Visited yesterday, Bitburger was the worst I've tasted ever, warm and undrinkable had to leave most of it, plastic drinking hole for post looting yups, suppose you get what you deserve.
dazey - 15 Aug 2011 10:35
This pub improved a great deal since the refurb in 2010. New management; good ales; friendly staff.
nikolaus - 19 Jul 2011 11:31
This is now a really good pub; decent selection of ale, good - if slightly predictable - grub, and a great atmosphere, with a pleasant , varied clientele. It works.
The_Speckled_Hen - 1 Mar 2011 09:33
Brilliant new 'clubroom' at The Northcote-went for a friend's birthday-separate bar and can book it out for private parties. Think you can book for football too...excellent as nothing else on Northcote road like it so much better than roping off a
n area
ladycosmo - 7 May 2010 11:09
Went here with girlfriends last week for first time since re-done . Would not have set foot in here before - even to go to the loo. The refurb is great - fantastic proper warm pub atmosphere (only place I've found that has this on the Northcote Road - loads of bars but not decent pubs) , good food and wine choice (the pies are excellent!). Staff friendly and quick - not sure why bad comments about it, we had great service and will definitely be making it a regular local haunt...
ladycosmo - 25 Jan 2010 09:49
Went to this pub for Sunday lunch today. It was very average. The Roast Beef was cold and one of the meals didn't arrive with the others so after 10 mins we asked the waitress if she could chase it up and she looked at us blankly and said "well I'm sure its on the way"

The staff were all pretty rude which is a shame as the new layout looks great.
Suggs78 - 13 Dec 2009 20:13
Went there Saturday evening to watch live football but they were showing Scotland versus Australia rugby instead which clearly suited the clientele better. Didn't stay.
The_Prof - 23 Nov 2009 12:04
This is a solid pub - I would go near this place before the refurb, but the now look and feel makes it a welcome addition to the area.

Good Service.

If you want to have a few pints in a pub atmosphere the you wont get better on Northcote Road.
mrloftysson - 23 Oct 2009 16:38
Can't understand the previous comments relating to this pub. It has had a decent re-furb., and is staffed by pleasant, helpful young people. I had two good real ales, A Summer Ale and a Wandle. Both were in good condition.
It's a bit expensive, but then it's in Clapham, so that's to be expected.
Overly picky and nasty comments are spoiling the usefulness of this website.
redjim73 - 25 Aug 2009 10:10
I have drunk in this pub for years but not since the Prat took it over.He's rude and only thinks of himself,he's no manager.I've heard a rumour he's got to leave asap,thank god for that.When he gone i and my friends will be back in.Oh by the way one of my friends goes to the Maple leaf pub in covent garden and they have been doing wing night(at 25p a wing) for about 10 years now with different flavours.This so called manager has to copy other pubs as he cant think of any ideas himself.

Heres a tip, get a career change.

143247 - 8 Aug 2009 16:37
Hi there!

Im the new GM at The Northcote!

We are currently trying to reshape the offer we have and overhaul the atmosphere!

We will be commencing in the near future, a wing night, yes, a wing night! 25p per chicken wing, with 10 flavours!! Beat that central london!

We are making a big effort with the sports and will be showing a much wider variety of sports from around the world!

We are in the proces of creating a MYSPACE and FACEBOOK page to keep in touch with everything thats happening!

Look us up! we are the premier sports pub in Battersea!
mattie2305 - 5 Jul 2009 16:10
Now being the General Manager of The Northcote, or "Prat" as previously been described i feel i should lay a little explanation down.

The gentlemen came to the bar complaining that there was something wrong with the 3 pints of IPA they had purchased. They then urged me to try it, sadly i would not drink from there glass, so i went to the cask pump and pulled a tester out. This tasted more than fine to me and with the fact that we had been selling an awful lot if IPA that day and had received no complaints i obviously had an issue with the fact they ahd complained. Then to be told by my team that they had been going from inside to out constantly, whilst leaving there beers on various tables, i offered the explanation that something had happened to there drinks after purchase.

The exit of the gentlemen proceeded with a barrage of lude comments and gestures. I urge you not to heed these words as true from previous comments and come and try The Northcote for yourself.

See you soon!
mattie2305 - 5 Jul 2009 16:07
This pub was once ok but is now diabolical. We went there earlier today and three of my friends ordered bitter they have been drinking all their adult lives (IPA). It was foul and they took it back to the bar. The bar manager refused to try it, told them they were wrong (without trying it) and then said they must have tampered with it. What an unbelievable prat. I urge you to avoid this pub.
Colingibson - 18 Jun 2009 23:24
I like this pub. Square open pub, bar to one side, plenty of seating. One of those pubs where you can be anywhere in it & still feel part of the atmosphere of the whole place. Speckled Hen & Pride (latter off last night).
Wilson_MacDonald - 29 Mar 2009 16:03
Went here on a Friday night. Could still get a table at 6pm but only just . Nice place to meet before going onward. Standard pub decor.... but reasonably smart!
monkey_falafel - 13 Feb 2009 23:26
poor service. Lots of plates of half eaten food and dead glasses left on the table for the whole time I visited recently (for a pint). Nice location though.
tallsam - 19 Dec 2008 18:09
When I first started going in here about 10 years ago it was a bit of a pit with sticky carpets and offensive toilets. A refurbishment a few years back introduced decor more in keeping with some of the bars down the road (and move of aforementioned toilets to the first floor).

It remains a fairly nondescript venue though lacking the bar type atmosphere that seems to attract the more obnoxious of the younger locals but not really offering the discerning drinker and pub enthusiast anything like the environment of the Eagle or Nightingale

IT's ok here but not somewhere that would ever be my venue of choice
murgatroyd - 30 Nov 2008 21:42
It has bar staff (just about - very slow, not interested in 'serving' people). No character whatsoever. A place to meet people. Then move on.
paullyp - 13 Sep 2008 23:56
There looks like some original brewery (Truman�s?) tiling outside, but inside it looks like a Wetherspoon�s but without the prices or the range of ales. The London Pride (at �2.96 a pint) seemed to be dispensed through a sparkler. Not really worth bothering with � but it is on the way from Clapham Junction to the Eagle Ale House and was very handily placed on a very wet Saturday afternoon.
RexRattus - 6 Sep 2008 17:32
This pub is like a bad dream, after one has eaten way too much strong cheese just before bed. Oh my lord, I want to cry just thinking about how unpleasant it is. Sob...............
chrysler1 - 15 Jun 2008 17:51
Seemed okay, but nothing special. Bit gloomy
the_original_rawnsleys - 31 Jul 2007 11:13
It's an ok pub if not a little pretentious. It is hard to get served during matches - more staff please!! Beer is a bit warm but the atmosphere good when the footie's on
idabiz - 2 Dec 2006 16:15
a large jazzed up stool
mitomighty - 13 Oct 2006 22:28
Agree with Dr Will, I would rather sit on the curb with a can of strongbow.
ssprozzy - 20 Sep 2006 20:28
No decent beers, useless bar staff, avoid at all costs.
rabidbarfly - 12 May 2006 10:04
This place is in such a good location it should bea goldmine. Instead it's just crap. Dingy decor, crap food and no reason to visit unless it's the only place showing the footy...
big_fat_barsteward - 10 Mar 2006 17:33
Bad, bad, bad.

Even the bottled beer tastes suspicious. Staff look like extras from Little Britain too. Welsh manager who insisted on all the staff wearing Australia Rugby shirts during the World Cup Final... which is why we left and watched it at home.
Dr_Will - 23 Feb 2006 17:07
This is far and away one of the worst pubs I have been in, certainly around Clapham Junction (and that's saying a lot - there's not much there in the first place). Rubbish beer, blatantly microwaved food, poor service by the unavoidable antipodean staff, and general dirtiness of the place. I would rather watch paint dry than go here. The area doesn't offer a huge selection of decent drinking establishments, but unless you're looking for sport to watch, I highly recommend the Holy Drinker a few minutes walk up the road for a relaxed boho style bar. Enormously preferable, even if it isn't a traditional pub.
womble54321 - 18 Jan 2006 14:02
Nothing to get in a lather about in either direction. It's pleasant enough but lacks any real atmosphere to set it apart form the crowd, other than the lingering memory of there being the completely irrelevant spectacle of Spanish football on the telly. The fear of a blank TV screen is this century's dysphoria.
Good for: Watching Valencia go second in La Liga?
thenationofjames - 18 Jan 2006 13:49
They sell a good range of bottled beers but need a new fridge system.
They don't sell Stella
anonymous - 18 Oct 2005 04:20
Not a bad little pub and a decent place to watch the football. The only downside of this place is a daft non-smoking policy which applies to only two tables, with no segregation between these and the rest of the pub. Result? Non smokers who sit there still get a faceful of smoke while smokers who sit there when the pub is busy are barred from lighting up by the slightly over zealous staff. Food was ok, nothing special.
kingston_toon - 26 Sep 2005 11:08
Pretty awful. Slow bar service, grumpy bar staff, bad food, and way too much smoke. Give it a miss.
pab54 - 14 Sep 2005 00:23
inexplicably popular.

a night here conclusively demonstrates why clapham/balham is the new surrey.
derry - 27 Jul 2005 12:34
warm flat lager. absolutley rubbish pub. stinks aswell.
cutch - 27 Jul 2005 12:26
I went here last night with 2 friends and was appalled at the 3 pints of warm, flat lager served to us.
There was also a strong smell of vomit and urine, nice. We left after a couple of gulps of the foul drinks and headed further down the road.

This used to be an OK pub to watch Sport and have a few beers, not anymore.
TheClaw - 27 Jul 2005 10:38
seems to have gotten better since the staff changed although it is not very good still.
Their drinks are hot like someone already said and the food is rubbish.
anonymous - 21 Jun 2005 03:02
Not a bad pub and a change from all the samey bars. It's just a real shame that they are incapable of serving cold bottles of beer - they need a new fridge system
teens - 15 Jun 2005 17:56
Good location, decent food. Average crowd. Rude unfriendly staff, average selection of drinks.
If you're in the area I'd suggest B@1 next door, or Iniquity just up the road. The best thing the place has going for it is location, it could do so much more.
JaneC - 13 Apr 2005 07:34
Pretty nondescript, though it stands out due to the unspeakably poor quality of the local competition - which are the acursed Fine Lines/A(s)BOs. Bog-standard selection of lagers and the general appearance of the place doesn't really imbue confidence in their ability to keep any real beer. Staff were pretty poor - slow and rude. Food is acceptable. Big plus is that is does have 2 big screens for watching the footie/rugby on - so if you're on Northcote Rd, you could do a lot worse.
MrLash - 14 Dec 2004 10:32
Bog Standard nothing to shout about
Arnie - 29 Oct 2004 16:39
Good basic Pub in amongst all the bars on the northcote road. Excellent to watch football in (2 big screens and a TV. Mixed friendly crowd whichever team you support. With internationals, Football or Rugby it gets really busy and has a great atmosphere. Staff friendly and efficient.
Mark - 20 Sep 2004 16:23
Pretty rubbish atmosphere, in what could be a good location if it was done right. Not a nice crowd, but they do show sports on the big screen, kudos for that.
dan - 2 Jul 2004 09:14
I think its a great pub, and in a great area, love Northcote Rd. I think its one of the best pubs for football, such a great atmosphere and everyones non-offensive and cool.
Jo - 23 Jun 2004 16:51

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