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Prince Regent, Herne Hill

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user reviews of The Prince Regent, Herne Hill

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Large pub opposite the Lido. Had a very nice pint of Springhead Outlawed,3.8%, £3.90. Dog friendly pub, would happily go again if passing by.
southlondonbeero - 4 Dec 2016 15:50
This pub is just opposite Brockwell Lido. The welcome wasn't the warmest. I was expecting the landlord/bar manager to serve me. But he seemed too self-important to do that and was more concerned with reading something off his mobile phone to serve a customer. Neverthless, the pub interior was nice enough and I didn't have to wait too long before the other guy behind the bar served me. Prices were also cheaper than the nearby Florence. Ales were Sharps Doom Bar, Woodfordes Wherry, Cross Bay Zenith & Purity Mad Goose. Cider was Stowford Press.
blue_scrumpy - 5 Jul 2015 14:27
The atmosphere was happy and lively, with families eating the excellent-looking Sunday food. The large bowl of clams one child was eating smelt delicious. We sat on the bar stools and enjoyed fine pints of Whitstable Pale Ale. An assortment of reggae and ska gently throbbed at a civilised level.

The decor is traditional, woody, with a high ceiling making for an uncrowded, airy feel.

I'd certainly stop by again.
eddybeer - 12 Apr 2015 15:31
Arrived here on a quiet Thursday afternoon and it's a handsome place indeed with some beautiful Victorian fittings. The ale selection was good and the food menu looked appealing. A good stop off after a stroll around Brockwell Park or a visit to the Lido.
BoehmBawerk - 2 Apr 2015 17:15
Large old fashioned pub to the side of Brockwell Park and bang opposite the Lido.

2 separate areas inside, a main bar area with lots of wooden tables, chairs and stools and then there's a open plan area that's laid out more for diners, though food can be eaten throughout the pub.

Old wooden floors board run through the whole place and wood is very dominant.

Obviously an ex Truman pub given by the large mirror that hangs on a side wall in the dining area.

Good selection of lagers (though all European) and ciders. 4 real ales on tap, 1 each from Harvey's, Purity and Woodfordes. The guest ale was American Pale Ale from the Milestone brewery. The guest was £3.45 a pint which is better than the £4.00 I paid in Holborn the other night.

Nice touch on a notice board is Guest Ales coming soon with tasting notes.

Now, here's the question is this a pub that serves food or a restaurant with a decent bar??

Considering I visited early Saturday afternoon all but 5% of the customers were eating (as well as drinking), so visit and make your own mind up.
lezford - 6 Jan 2013 14:48
Great pub, great range of beers, great food, great atmosphere.
Shame one of the bar staff doesn't think its his job is to serve customers in a pleasant manner. Experience actually ruined what was otherwise a nice evening. (it's the short bloke if you want to know exactly who). Rating would have been an 8 without him there.

Random_beers - 6 Sep 2011 09:36
A stunning pub that was done up maybe a couple of years ago from the smoker's lung it used to be. The exterior and interior are amazing and there is loads of space and seating with a patio outside facing the road. Service is good, people friendly and the beer / wine selection is good. Ideal for a pint after work but quite a nice place to spend a weekend day as well.
oldjg1 - 22 Jun 2011 18:08
I enjoyed my first visit to the Prince Regent last night.

Fairly decent pub, as mentioned in previous reviews; friendly staff and locals, a good vibe in part due to the barman's iPod (jazz, Latin and country) played at good listening volume. Black sheep bitter excellent, two other guests were on from Castle Rock and Exmoor, that were reasonable.

Mixed clientele, more mature, in years, than at the nearby Florence.

Worth a visit.
lad_newton - 2 Jun 2011 18:35
The pub where Roger Moore drank for the first time during the war!
A much loved old Herne hill pub, returned to what it used to be a long time ago; a very nice pub.
BoggieJim - 30 Dec 2009 18:07
i think felix and nicky should hug and make up
lordy23 - 15 Jul 2009 08:06
felixfelix - 16 Jun 2009 21:07
what's a 'dreggie'? you horrible little man
felixfelix - 12 May 2009 18:11
The only real ale that they had on when I was in there was Black Sheep Bitter, although there were three other handpumps not in use. There was a wide range of lagers on, including all the usual suspects, but also Leffe Blonde and Staropramen. They have Cask Marque accreditation, and I have to say the Black Sheep Bitter was well kept and at 3.05 a pint much the going rate in London these days. The pub itself retains evidence of its previous multi-room format, with some surviving screenwork. Its bare boarded throughout, with the boards themselves having the distressed appearance that can only be achieved by use of a long period of time. Furnishings are something of a mixed bag of large tables, small tables, settles chairs and low stools, high tables and high stools, and armchairs. Something for everyone then. There was a large widescreen TV on one of the walls, but switched off which seems reasonable as there isnt really much worth watching midweek lunchtime. The music being played was a sort of latin jazz R&B mix I suppose being played a bit louder than I would have liked, but not unpleasant. I had a BLT in a burger bun, with a few crisps, which was OK for 5.50 I suppose. The bacon was freshly cooked, which was nice.

All things considered this is a pretty decent pub, but it would be improved by a better ale selection. Certainly worth dropping in for a pint though.
RexRattus - 23 Apr 2009 19:25
A very nice place once more. Highly recommended for those who don't wish to drink alongside lowlife, dross and dreggies. Congratulations to those behind it's revamp! Keep it up now please?
Princemonolulu - 19 Feb 2009 11:52
This Pub, has right gone down hill. If you want to have a beer and something to eat then dont go here you have a Jumped up landlord to go with the snobby customers whatever happened to the spit and sawdust we all remember.............
HAMIE1979 - 11 Jan 2009 18:34
Quiz night on tue is a real treat... owner definatly trying to get the guardian crowd in, v pricy for drinks, nice food...
ifyourbuying - 26 Dec 2008 16:48
On saturday afternoon there were about 400 small children running around in here, high on organic lentils.

It's not a pub on a saturday. It's a place for the local bourgeoisie to take their kids to on a saturday if the au-pair has a day off to visit the Latvian embassy for paperwork purposes.
terenced - 17 Nov 2008 15:21
Having had a pleasant time in the Florence (the old Brockwell), I thought that I'd have a look in the Prince Regent along the way. Having been a regular pub of my youth, it used to be a regular haunt, however went down hill due to the dreggies & druggies from the North that seemed to bleed into this part of Herne hill and Brixton. What a happy transformation!
Totally cleaned up. Woodwork wonderfully treated. Loss of pool table okay, a it means more space better used. Very good lighting. Beer superb!! Black sheep!! Barman a pleasant fellow from Camberwell. Customers back to pleasant, clean, Anglo-Saxon types. Well worth going to; especially with Florence near by. Good show those involved in her transformation.
anonymous - 25 Oct 2008 16:44
Ahh, poor jimmyay 1, who can't read. I am called 'Meatboy' which implies, does it not, that I am, in fact..wait for it.. a male! Which means, a Dad! Which is obviously something you'll never be as you have clearly insinuated that you have no penis and therefore no cum. Sorry to disappoint you. Oh and, um, my son is not, in my opinion, 'unruly' so what gave you the ill-conceived thought that children are automatically fitted in that category? Breastfeeding? Shock- horror! Were you fed bile from birth? Cos that's what you're chucking up now! Ah poor sod.
meatboy - 4 Oct 2008 00:19
The Prince Regent has the most impersonal staff that you could find. When you go to a pub you usually soon learn its character. Here you would expect that these were former concentration guards. If you want to pay way over the top prices and have it served by people who appear to have no souls then this is the place for you.
drum2000 - 24 Sep 2008 19:08
Could be a great boozer. The service is just so slow and it's so over priced. On a Tuesday evening we waited outside on a table to order. That took 25 minutes. Then the burger and chips took 45 minutes to arrive with no acknowledgment/apology.
And this is the one to look out for. They use to charge for "table service" but on so many occaisons while I have been waiting at the bar I have heard so many arguments by the bar staff and customers who don't want to pay service for drinks on top of they write "service charge optional" in small writing on the receipt. When I went to pay the guy behind the bar handed me back the chip and pin machine bypassing the option for me to pay the service charge selecting "yes". When i asked why he did that his reply was: "well, customers normally pay us tips!!"
Sadly this may be happening a lot so beaware!
dedwards - 4 Aug 2008 13:45
A recent visit was my first for about 5 years. Used to be a proper boozer, but now gone well "up market" with the pool tables gone, wooden floor in and flowers on the tables. However a really good pint of Black Sheep so can't complain. Decent pub.
Tigerdrinker - 3 Aug 2008 09:01
I agree. Kids can really make your ale taste wrong. The Regent has a strict no kids policy past 7pm which I think is fair enough. They even call last orders for parents with kids at 6:45!
oieric - 21 Jul 2008 19:01
Crikey . A woman with an 8 month old son complaining because the bar staff hadn't heated his baby food up properly. Who takes an 8 month old baby to the local boozer? And expects it to be catered to properly by bar staff ? Perhaps one of the more unfortunate aspects of the smoking ban which has encouraged a plethora of unruly children and now even tiny babies into pubs, this attitude is part of the pub's problem. Many punters are expecting a combined creche,fine dining and family experience and other locals want a no nonsense pub with good food where they can have a pint in peace and quiet - yes , away from the family perhaps! At the moment the Regent seems to be satisfying no one. I've seen people breastfeeding in there on a Saturday night and toddlers sitting at the bar. At the same time the food is not up to scratch with the best gastro pubs ( Havelock in W London for example) but the prices are very high. Its not a creche or fine dining experience - IT IS A PUB!

People have all sorts of odd expectations these days but it would help if the Prince Regent also knew what it was, then they may have more satisfied customers.

jimmyay1 - 17 Jul 2008 14:28
Having been to this pub on quite a few occasions and generally really enjoyed the experience (fine ales, good food and warm, friendly service) I now have a completely different opinion after lunching there yesterday. ALL the staff were rude, cold, impersonal and damn right unprofessional. Firstly, as I came in with my 8 month old son and my mum and dad- we asked a waitress if we could have a table, she replied, 'have you booked?'. What? If we'd booked, we wouldn't be asking for a table now would we? Things got from bad to worse as menus were plonked down in front of us without a word or being asked for drinks, one of the waiters- after hearing me ask if we could order food- asked me to 'wait for 10 minutes while it dies down in the kitchen' (Durgh, it wasn't even FULL in there!). Also, I asked the same sullen waiter if he could heat up my homemade food for my son for which he replied, 'It'll be done in about 10 minutes' (is there some 10 minute rule in this godforsaken place?). When it came back, it was plonked on the table by another waiter without a word and was STONE COLD.

DON'T go to this place if you want good service. The service is BAD. Go to The Florence up the road. Despite it's good food, I will not be returning to this place in a hurry.

meatboy - 13 Jul 2008 09:01
Ive been to the Regent many times for a drink and the occasional bite and I generally quite enjoy it. However my view has altered dramatically following my recent monday night visit. I booked a table for 2 in advance which after speaking to the second staff member (the first seemed totally uninterested)we were pointed in the direction of it. This was at 8.30 - by 9pm we wre still awaiting someone to take our orders despite my partner approaching staff only to be told that someone will be round shortly. A further 20 minutes elapsed in which time 2 more recently arrived couples had had their orders taken. This just seemed absurd not to mention rude, and was our queue to leave. Only now did a waiter come over to take our order but by now the damage was done and we shall not be returning, not even for a pint. I understand that places get busy but there was very little evidence of food coming out of the kitchen while everyone around us was sat with empty plates. Perhaps if one of the numerous staff couldve stopped posing for a minute and at least given us the courtesy of a brief explanation/apology re why we'd been kept waiting for over three quarters of an hour we may well have given them the benefit of the doubt. As it stands the next time I want a pint and something to eat locally I'll be going to the Commercial!
TonyW69 - 2 Jul 2008 23:23
I have visited this pub a couple of times as I live in the area. It has a very nice vibe and is well-located and handy, just opposite Brockwell park.
They offer a good selection of drinks however I would agree that the prices are quite high, compared to other pubs in the vicinity.

I ate at the Prince Regent once with my partner and we thought that the pint of prawns was a novel idea, so decided to give it a go. We were however, not prepared for what we got - a pint glass, full of unpeeled prawns and worse, all the egg sacks were still attached to the underbelly of the prawns. Yuk.
We spent more time peeling the damn prawns and getting really messy, rather than actually eating. I've peeled prawns in other restaurants and it's never been much of a problem, but here, it was really unpleasant. Maybe the prawns were cheap and that's why they were so horrid?
I'd suggest to the management to either bin the idea of prawns in a pint glass or get yourselves a better supply.
The rest of the food was good though so don't be put off!

Corach1Cymraeg - 6 May 2008 13:01
Beer prices are definitely way over the top for the area. All real ales are 3.05 a pint compared to The Commercial where they are 2.65 - 2.85. I bought my wife a glass of wine which was 4.80! Can't help but feel that there is sand in the Vaseline...
drum2000 - 2 May 2008 19:33
Sorry Fred, the Lord Regent moniker is just because I'm a long standing regular. I find it hard to believe however that all 12 of you had a rubbish meal. It's constantly fully booked, so why would people keep eating there if it wasn't good?
Lots of kids is annoying though.
LordRegent - 2 May 2008 14:54
I was there on Sunday and didn't enjoy it. Jarringly noisy (not helped by the fact that the staff periodically spiked the volume of the music up to club level, then slowly turned it down again. This happened three times in our short visit, what's that about?). Several of the staff clearly feel they're too cool to be working in a mere pub (on a previous visit I had my card receipt literally thrown at me across the bar; bizarre, as the preceding exchange had been perfectly civil) and on the trip before that a service charge was added to my drinks-only bill! Sorry but three strikes and you're out, I won't be going back.

In its favour, although the beer is eye-wateringly expensive, as others have commented, it is kept very well and they are not making a policy of serving short measure, unlike their nearest rivals. And the food is good.
Paul_Bowen - 29 Apr 2008 14:02
There was a 5yr old kid in the pub at 2000hrs this Sunday, this is disgraceful. Get children out of the pubs... Also despite what looked like there being 4-5 staff on, if took ages to get served at the bar... come-on, this could be one of the best pubs in miles...
propertyking - 28 Apr 2008 11:52
My review of that reviewer (Lord Regent - hmm - any connection perchance?)

>Overpriced drinks - all the pubs round here are expensive, the Regent compares well. if you drink Premium beers or wines, its going to cost.

I think the beer selection is very good, the wine was good and yes, London is expensive for drinks wherever you go. I have no complaints.

>Overlong menu - my criticism is that they don't change the menu enough.

Changing the menu is one thing, but the evidence speaks for itself - there was just too much on the menu for any of it to be given any special care.

> Food quality - nothing on the menu is advertised as organic, free range etc. If you want to know which farm your beef came from either buy it yourself or eat a top restaurant, this is a pub.

I don't want organic - it's a load of hype. But any half decent chef knows where his meat comes from - it's a very basic requirement. I should know - I run a catering company with many fine dining operations around the UK. And again, this is 2008. Good pubs no longer get away with bad food, especially when they're charging restaurant prices. There's no excuse.

>The chefs are good, but it does get very busy at times - would you complain if Ramsay swore at you?

Don't be so silly. In case you haven't worked it out, Gordon Ramsay swears for the TV cameras and at his kitchen staff. Have you ever seen him tell a customer to f*** off??? If he swore at me, I wouldn't pay his bill. Bad chefs see him on TV and think that by behaving like stroppy teenagers, they'll become better chefs. I recommend that they start with finding out where the beef comes from.

It's a nice pub with a good atmosphere and good booze. And I've been there many times. It could do nice food if it sorted itself out, but it doesn't. I went with 12 people, all from the area. I'll certainly drink there again, but none of us will be going back to eat there - that's difficult to argue with.
Fred_Blogs - 25 Apr 2008 14:44
My there's been some nonsense posted recently about this pub. I've been drinking (and since the revamp eating) here for many years and I can say it consistently delivers.
My view of recent posters complaints:
Overpriced drinks - all the pubs round here are expensive, the Regent compares well. if you drink Premium beers or wines, its going to cost.
Overpriced food - 10 for 2 courses on a Monday - pared down menu but it includes steak, burger etc.
Overlong menu - my criticism is that they don't change the menu enough.
Food quality - nothing on the menu is advertised as organic, free range etc. If you want to know which farm your beef came from either buy it yourself or eat a top restaurant, this is a pub. The chefs are good, but it does get very busy at times - would you complain if Ramsay swore at you?
Service charge - is discretional but as this includes all drinks and food brought to your table - it can get very busy at the bar, what's 10%?
I could go on but why bother. The Regent is a great neighbourhood pub (there's lots of us regulars) in a nice location, with decent beer and it does food. Judge it on more that 1 visit, you may revise your opinion.
LordRegent - 22 Apr 2008 15:28
I do like this pub but the drinks are overpriced. And to add a hefty service charge is cheeky when ordering food.

The food was decent enough and service was pleasant but lunch for three (only 2 of us having 2 courses) at 75 is well over-priced, 2 of us having burgers.

Nah mate I'm off to Starburger with a can of Skol hidden in my pocket in a brown paper bag.
terenced - 21 Apr 2008 15:24
Went for dinner on a friday night. Nice big table, decent enough boozer. However, food is not great.
The menu is too big for them to be able to make everything competently.
Mussels were rubbery and swimming in watery cream.
I asked where the steak came from (a reasonable question when they're charging 14). "Scotland" was the response. I asked for more details such as was it from a known farm, how long was it dry hung? Waitress went to ask the chef again and came back with the answer "12 weeks"!! I put it to her that she had made that up because good beef is generally hung for anything between 14 and 28 days. She said she had made it up and that the chef's actual response to my question was "f*** off!" Nice! British service and quality at its very best.
Don't go here for food.
Oh, and I was very ill afterwards.
Don't hand over your hard-earned money for this rubbish.
Fred_Blogs - 19 Apr 2008 13:42
Staff in this place seem oddly reluctant to serve you...On two occasions I have waited at the bar for far too long, before leaving to head up to the Florence instead. On one occasion the staff were all busy serving food or chatting behind the bar, another time they just ignored me entirely. Don't waste your time going in here. It used to be nice, but who wants to be treated with contempt by the bar staff?!
Maynard - 1 Apr 2008 16:15
Some staff here are great, and others, well... We've not been there at the weekend except the odd Sun evening, so no kids. This Sun 4 drinks cost 17.25. No wonder it was half empty.
Sago48 - 18 Mar 2008 15:56
I visited this pub last Sat afternoon only to walk in the door to have three staff members stare at me and my friend as we walked in the door, until I raised my hand and waved at them saying "Hellooo". Then being served a huge two drink order one drink was forgotten and served with a face like a rape victim. I tried my best to get a smile but it was a mission. AVOID unless the staff pick up a winning lottery ticket and f*** off. Lovely interior with an olde charm but tables in awkward positions. might go back as it's local but it'll be a while. Very bad first experience.
keithw - 5 Mar 2008 08:01
The Prince Regent (and for that matter The Florence down the road) suffer from swathes of middle class parents bringing in their small children on the weekend and completely failing to keep them under any manners.

terenced - 22 Feb 2008 13:34
I wish i liked this pub better, but the amount of children in there on saturday afternoon was a joke...

At one point there was a 3 year old girl sitting up at the bar...

Why don't these parents take their kids to the beautiful park opposite, make a packed lunch, have a pic-nick, I am sure the little ones would prefer it anyway...

Lets keep these adult places adult...

propertyking - 4 Feb 2008 10:46
I love kids but I couldn't eat a whole one. I agree - The Regent can get a little like Mike Reid's Runaround on Sunday's but luckily they have opened up both upstairs rooms where it's completely kid free. Screaming ankle biters are barred. Just chilled out tunes and a roast with a pint in relative peace.
oieric - 7 Jan 2008 12:26
I went again at the weekend and have to say that although the food was ok, they need to sort out that thing of allowing the kids to run riot in there.

i know kids are great, and like to express themselves in that creative herne hill way, and all that, but the place was overrun like a creche with 5 -8 year olds, seemingly numbering over a dozen, running all over, even in the bar area, which is a breach of licensing conditions i'd guess. even worse than in Piaf in Dulwich.

i know like i sound like a right miserable old git ( i'm only in early 30s) but when you can't hear yourself above shrieking younger children and multiple screaming 3 month old babies being breast fed milk at the neighbouring table, and you're paying 25 per head, its time to draw a line. How can this behaviour be acceptable in a local gastro pub?

The parents selfishly refuse to take badly behaved children home or outside, tell them to shut up, make them "stay sat down or we're going home" (what i used to be told only a few short years ago) or give them a smack so they behave.

And who takes really tiny babies to the pub, clearly not happy to be there, for the afternoon? swinging them up and down over their heads to pacify them, whilst harrassed waiting staff dodge the projectile vomit.

If they weren't wearing middle class clothes and paying middle class prices people would be shouting "child neglect" or "Vikki Pollard" at them.

Whilst there are many other people with kids there, and i welcome "whole family" civilised sit-downs, in pubs and restaurants generally, it doesnt warrant this totally unrully, out of control behaviour, with no respect to other diners.

The staff, they were tripping up over some of the kids while carrying hot food.

This is nuts. Sort it out, management, this place is not a nice environment to enjoy Sunday lunch at the moment.

it seems you can't go many places in Herne Hill / Dulwich these days without badly behaved / out of control children ruining the whole experience with the parents giving no thought to others.

Does the Regent experience have to be like going to a Harvester?
jimmyay1 - 11 Dec 2007 16:27
We all like the Regent - the staff are excellent, hospitable & friendly - I even liked Al Murray.
I eat here regularly - the food is fresh & whilst not cheap represents value for money.
Good selection of wines, nice sun terrace at front in the good weather.
Female friendly.
Sunday roasts excellent.
Maggie_Tul - 5 Dec 2007 14:31
p.s Is it pricey never noticed? Oh i'm flash eh Ruggi?
sef - 7 Nov 2007 21:01
They have the best vegatarian sausage and mash I have ever tasted and I have tasted a few. Real ale that has taken me to the dark side and left me there, and a bit out side if you like having complete strangers walk past you and hear your drunken chatter.
The separate 'restaurant' bit makes me laugh. Why? Besides that all good.

sef - 7 Nov 2007 20:55
4.20 for a pint of Hoegaarden? Go and climb on a skip.

On the corner of Regent Road, this is an impressive looking pub.
It has been tastefully renovated but it's too pricey. Bar staff are in danger of disappearing up a cul-de-sac of their own self-satisfaction.

The dining area has some fascinating pictures on the wall. But you can't help thinking the heart of this place was ripped out some time ago.
terenced - 30 Oct 2007 09:09
the food in this pub is good, but hugely expensive and not worth the money they charge - 14.50 for a main course sometimes - AND they charge service - bit of a no no in a pub. I went back to The Havelock in West Ken the other week - one of the first and acknowledged as still one of the best gastro pubs in London, and aganist which i judge all others- and it was cheaper and better quality than the Regent, sadly. Also, at the Regent, they do that booking tables thing, rather than "queue and wait for a table" as should be the case in gastro pubs - they'd serve more people and make more money (and could keep prices down) if they did this - it is a pub, after all. the best night in Prince Regent monday - 2 courses for a tenner. quiz nite on tues is fun. it is also too hot in this place, ventilation is dreadful - where's the air con guys - come on its 2007. but all in all, i like it. it just needs tweaking a bit and it would be even better.
jimmyay1 - 29 Oct 2007 16:45
Since its refurb a couple years back it is starting to settle down and develop an atmosphere. The beers are generally varied and interesting and I hear that the food is quite good. Downsides are the dining area can be VERY noisy (all hard surfaces) and some of the bar staff are slow and seem untrained. Oh, and it's pricey - the most expensive Guinness in Herne Hill at 3.20.
drum2000 - 20 Oct 2007 12:22
A truly wonderful place.
kenspubs55 - 21 Sep 2007 17:48
this ia anther pub in , thr haria, we came hair after the swimming the LiDo and at outside on the bentch to smoke the drink hair was nice and the popol were quiet frendly hair it has cleaned torlest but cou'ldny fined the duke-box, it is not far from the tain stakton and the busses go passed so it easi easy to get home we will came hair again next timewe go to the Lodo
bertrand - 15 Aug 2007 17:46
Still like this place. I liked Al Murray (Andy) who was a good larf.
Food good, beer excellent (Real Ales good - Black Sheep, Spitfire highly recommended).
There are some hot girls who work here & some decent upmarket totty hanging out in here which is all good eye candy.
Service is friendly & efficient. All my lot like this pub & we are regulars - several of our lot travel miles to come here.

anonymous - 17 Jul 2007 08:58
Further to previous posting the Al Murray-like barman has now been given the push so the bar staff has improved both in manners and looks with some very attractive barmaids in residence. Still a thirty somethings pub but at least on Mondays the food is affordable (10 for 2 courses)
Goonagain - 19 Jun 2007 17:50
Before the new management, the Prince Regent was a cracking local with two pool tables, footy/cricket on the TV and a great jukebox. Now it's an upmarket gastropub I'm not so keen. The location is still great (opposite the park), the food is fantastic, and the quiz night is good fun, but it's not really the sort of place where you can just sit and drink anymore. The Al Murray barman is just rude, not funny (he once refused to make a hot chocolate because it was 'too much hassle', even though it's on the menu), and on the weekends it's so full of young families that you can't get a table you have to book in advance. Still, on the pavement tables is the best place to be come Summer in Herne Hill.
OldManPub - 31 Jan 2007 17:04
Wonderful Transformation. This is a lovely pub now, with marvellous food & well kept real ales. An oasis in the desert of south London.
I have not been a regular but as am new to the area & have had 4 good experiences (out of 4) I will come again with friends & family.

anonymous - 28 Nov 2006 20:15
Fantastic pub, great atmosphere, excellent food, proper beer, decent wine - why can't all pubs be like this.
The staff are an unusal bunch, from the piss taking Al Murray barman (he knows his beer & is funny, don't be put off by the gruff northern manner) to the wicked witch / head waitress.
Managers Ian & Mark are both fun, friendly & helpful -if you want anything sorted speak to one of them.
My mates & I love this pub - we are now regulars.
anonymous - 11 Oct 2006 16:01
Thought I would add my two penny worth...
Whlst several staff are miserable, most are happy, efficient and eager to please.
This is a regular hang out for us & the atmosphere is great, it is clean and female friendly.
New manager is a breath of fresh air - polite, funny and welcoming.
Food is excellent & sensibly priced, the olives & nuts are good, My boyfriend likes the real ales.
A decent wine list, free bread with oil and vinegar is a plus, imaginative mix of traditional & modern ingredients on the menu. I can recommend the Fish stew, the Fishcakes, Figs and Parma ham and the Sunday Roasts. Oh & the creme brulee is heavenly.

Maggie_Tul - 25 Sep 2006 16:52
I've been looking forward to trying this pub for a while so I popped down there last sunday for a spot of lunch with a friend. I have to say I was very disappointed, although recommended by a friend it seems to have become somewhat complacent.
I have to say there is one word that sums up this bar and it's 'rules'.
YOu are only allowed to eat food sitting outside if you are to the right of the bar? Apparently it's too far for the waitress to walk to the left.
Even if you pay by cash you have to run a tab when you are eating?
Just to cap it off there is a compulsory service charge on all food orders. It's a pub don't know what that's all about. There was no service to speak of, no condiments brought, had to find a waitress to order food off and had to wait ages to pay the bill. What a rip off, and the food was extremely expensive for what it was. We had very dry roasted pototoes and very fatty lamb, tasted like a 5 roast and they where charging 11.
One good point was the guinness, it was good, so my tip is pop in there for a passing pint, but certainly don't bother eating there.

bungy - 25 Jul 2006 14:29
Review in the Observer today recommends it for "boisterous Sunday lunches when the kids run rampant"

No points there then.
nickdavies - 25 Jun 2006 19:24
If you want to take more than eight people with you, don't bother going here, they won't accept your reservation, either to eat or to drink.
Staff get rude when the pub is busy too, esp on Sundays. You'll be harrassed to leave your seat for waiting customers whilst you're still trying to finish your roast. It should be a great pub and restaurant, but too often I've had a bad experince here, coming away irritated rather than relaxed.

The refurb has improved the decor and the food, but the attitude that comes with it is unfortunate to say the least.
hhhh - 20 Jun 2006 14:00
Had a lovely afternoon sitting on the front patio in the sunshine yesterday afternoon. The beer was good (Copper Dragon bitter) though a touch pricey at 2.80 a pint. Staff are pretty indifferent to your presence though you do get served. Went back at 11:30 that evening for a night cap and was told that they had just rang last orders and were closing so don't expect modern licencing laws here. The place still had quite a few punters in which re-enforces my perception of indifference. Loved the sight of a guy sleeping akimbo upon a pew. Real class. Overall they still have a way to go before it is a place to boast about. I'd give it 5 out of 10.
drum2000 - 4 Jun 2006 13:57
Worth checking out the Tuesday night quiz (20.00) - Phil the quizmaster has a good line in embarrassingly awful 'banter' - a sort of camp David Brent.

Also worth browsing the 50p books sold by the local Green Party, sometimes have some good stuff amongst the Mills and Boon.

Generally a nice enough pub. Haven't tried the pricey food.
strongcontinental - 21 Mar 2006 15:53
have just been for sunday lunch and although it was adequate it was overpriced at 12.50 had a far supereor organic roast last week at the railway in tulse hill for just 8 why is this. apparently the railway has a jumbo screen in the garden for the world cup. sensational!! the regent is not a bad boozer just a overpriced
annonymous - 19 Feb 2006 20:02

Lot nicer after the refurb, food is great most of the time, and they have a medium sized plasma screen for the Rugby.

Get in early with reservations for Sunday as the place is always busy for Sunday Lunch.
wo2 - 10 Feb 2006 14:35
This pub was bought by new owners and re-opened last November who have cleaned it up a bit and turned it gastro. The lager is properly chilled ( sadly a rarity in Most UK pubs) via refrigerated taps no less. The ambience is very laid back and the decor is clean and homely. I am told the Sunday lunches are excellent- I'm hoping to report back on that later. Definitley worth a visit. This place will be great when summer and the World Cup comes, as it has a nice outdoor seating area in front, which faces to the sun in the afternoon.
capttrousers - 19 Jan 2006 16:05
This pub has really gone down hill from a nice family place with arcade games, a football table and nice owners to a dull and scruffy dive with very few customers these days. Currently have owners who do not seem to care much about the pub and so there will probably be new owners soon, and them some more soon after that.
Goonagain - 6 Jul 2005 07:51
This is a great pub. It is falling apart but in a good way. The locals are pretty unforgiving and the pints are expensive but its got a great grotty pub atmosphere, Try to get on the ventral podium, it will be worth it. The South African Bartender is a genius with a million stores. Very white orientated pub, not a multicultural place but once you have been accepted it feels like a second home.
be_xtreme - 11 Mar 2005 16:53
One of the more expensive pubs in the area, very handy for Brockwell Park Lido, so tends to get crowded on sunny weekends in summer. Big screen Tv in small area to the rear.Has a hard core of regulars who gather around the central podium so sit there at your peril. Frequent changes of management some cater, some dont.
Goonagain - 29 Mar 2004 16:17

got anything to say about this pub?

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