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Username: Paul_Bowen

Age: 61

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The Swan, Noss Mayo

We went to the pub quiz and got ripped off! The quizmaster announced at the start of the evening that the prize for the winners would be 40 and a tee shirt. We laughed about that as we'd been to the quiz here a year before and had a great night but finished last. But this year we won! While we were high-fiving each other, mine host, Malkolm, marched up to our table and slapped down our prize money - 10 - and walked off before I could say anything. I approached him and the quizmaster and asked how come we'd been given only a tenner when it had been clearly announced that the prize was 40. Malkolm replied "Inflation" and again walked away from me. When I got back from the loo, another 10 had been offered, with the new explanation that the prize money was reduced "because one of the rounds was too easy". We left it there. Ironic that this year we left disappointed and sad having won, whereas we left in high spirits last year having finished last.

Malkolm, we spent a lot of money in your pub this week and we really enjoyed The Swan and Noss Mayo - shame on you for tainting our memories with this petty act of chiseling nastiness.

PS: we did get the tee shirt.

17 Feb 2012 17:13

The Prince Regent, Herne Hill

I was there on Sunday and didn't enjoy it. Jarringly noisy (not helped by the fact that the staff periodically spiked the volume of the music up to club level, then slowly turned it down again. This happened three times in our short visit, what's that about?). Several of the staff clearly feel they're too cool to be working in a mere pub (on a previous visit I had my card receipt literally thrown at me across the bar; bizarre, as the preceding exchange had been perfectly civil) and on the trip before that a service charge was added to my drinks-only bill! Sorry but three strikes and you're out, I won't be going back.

In its favour, although the beer is eye-wateringly expensive, as others have commented, it is kept very well and they are not making a policy of serving short measure, unlike their nearest rivals. And the food is good.

29 Apr 2008 14:02

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