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Railway, Streatham

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A quality pub with good all round standards, reasonably genuine and not overly pretentious either. Next time I am passing I will pop in for a noggin.
Masterpint47 - 12 Oct 2014 20:34
The Railway was my last of 7 ports of call yesterday. The 6th pub (the Crown & Anchor in Brixton) is not listed on here and was ironically my favourite pub of the day! The Railway has a dark front bar and a smaller rear bar that I didn't get chance to take a close look in. All ales are from London brewers - Truman's Swift & Emperor, East London Foundation Bitter & Sambrooks Powerhouse Porter. There is also a range of bottled beers and ciders. There are some strange characters in here and the bar staff I encountered were sullen. Handy for the station, if there isn't a practically useless railway replacement bus service operating. Take the point that this is a pub that serves the local community well though and this is one of the nicer parts of Streatham.
blue_scrumpy - 23 Feb 2014 10:57
Visited The Railway today for the first time - though I have often driven past it. I was VERY impressed and I really enjoyed my visit: thanks! The real ale was excellent, the staff charming and the general atmosphere was the sort that made me feel at home and reluctant to leave. My wife agreed (for once). I was grateful it was not a "gastropub". I just wish I lived closer. Places like this might lessen the impact of the vanishing of so many London pubs. I look forward to my next visit.
mneligan - 13 Oct 2013 21:13
Tear up the old comments (apart from the last 2) and start again on this beauty of a pub, right next to Streatham Common Railway Station.

Of course, I'm biased - I live less than a 5 minute walk away, and have lived in various places in Streatham over the last 12 years. This pub was one that I used to actively avoid, but the new management have settled in very nicely, and have made this pub one of my favourites of all time.

I once heard Streatham described as "the least pretentious place in London" - and this pub typifies that statement. On one hand, there have been changes to the pub that would suit more gastropubs - great food menu and a good bar menu. There are fortnightly farmer markets, with some really interesting suppliers, from cheese to hot sauces.

However, on the other, there are real efforts not to get carried away, and there is a real sense of community, and a real mix of people - local tradesmen, young and old couples, families and friends just hanging out.

Like any good pub, once the afternoon comes, the kids filter out, and it becomes a more grown up affair. The back room hosts several nights throughout the week - to craft courses, to pub quizzes.

To celebrate their 12 months in charge, I recently got received a letter from the pub, detailing what they've done, what they plan to do, and asking for any suggestions.

My answer was clear: keep doing what you're doing.

smplkd - 25 Mar 2013 14:43
Have been going to this pub on and off for about 9 years and I have to say the new owners have transformed it into a proper little community hub, with comedy nights, quiz nights, quality ales on tap and a monthly farmers and craft market. It has become far more family friendly and the service is better than ever. They are talking about having live music nights which would really boost the entertainment offer at this end of Streatham. Fantastic and just what the community round here needed, so keep it up!
porgane - 11 Nov 2012 20:06
Seems like new management here. A refesh of the menu and service has improved. Bit rowdy late at night but overall friendly.

Some good events - music and comedy regularly.
ralphholland - 25 Aug 2011 16:13
Hi Annette1979

I'm so very sorry that you didn't enjoy your visit to The Railway.

Regarding the bar staff, of course we do not condone charging different prices and insist that a receipt is given to every customer. We do not charge �2.00 for a soda water, in fact we charge �1.00 and unlike most pubs these days that is not from a soft drinks gun. We use individual Schweppes bottles for all our mineral mixers. As for the bar staff being miserable, I'm sorry. We are always trying to ensure that customer service is good and it is something that we are particularly focused on improving.

Regarding your food, we source the best produce possible at this price, from some of London's best suppliers. This ensures that we make everything from scratch using fresh ingredients of the highest quality. On the day when you came to The Railway, we were using Scotch fore-rib, cooked on the bone which ensures the best flavour in our view and the most tender cut, although it isn't always the easiest meat to present. In truth, we ourselves found the meat to be fattier than normal on this occasion. We let our butcher know on the Monday that we weren't happy about this. It is by no means a cheap cut of beef. Additionally, we use Label Rouge free-range and corn-fed chickens, premium Welsh lamb and Duke of Berkshire pork. We have in fact now gone back to using Scotch Rib-Eye for the beef option to make presentation easier and to minimise the amount of fat on the meat given to customers.

railway143 - 25 Mar 2011 15:28
ohhh and about the yorkshire I can kill for it... believe me
bar_railway - 20 Mar 2011 05:42
Dear Annette1979,
I will start to answering you step by step!
The real good and tasty food always deserves the money, I'm telling you this because my mother is far away from me and now I really can appreciate the good home cocked food, but in the railway this feeling disappears!
The real staff absorb people mood, so if you had a bad day or a problems , do not expect somebody to resolve it for you we can listen to you, but we are not the people who will resolve it.
About your soda water, every other pub can offer it for you for free because they might be using a 'post mix' machine in this case the soda water is almost free but in the railway, we are using real sealed in bottles soda water which is more expensive and of course more qualitative and you can blame 'the coca-cola company' for this.
And about the 'miserable' barman (me) I have always try to be helpful and useful for our clients and I apologize if I disappointed you somehow, I was a bit cold last week (for which I don't have excuse) please welcome again if you dare and look for Miroslav, I will make you a great cocktails, on me of course :)
bar_railway - 20 Mar 2011 05:37
We've always liked 'The Railway' after living within a 20 minute walk from the pub for the last two years. Food has been a little on the pricey side but worth it and really nice. Staff have always been pretty miserable but you put up with it because the atmosphere is quite nice.
Unfortunately after our recent visit yesterday I don't think we'll be going again. The service was worse than usual, no smiles, very miserable. Charged me �7.90 for my first round and then �8.95 for my second one which was exactly the same. Mentioned this and the rude barman said that this was because the person before had only charged me �1.00 for dash of soda water and it should be �2.00!! Can you believe it, �2.00 for soda water!! Every other pub offers it for free. Barman didn't apologise, just walked off miserable.
We thought, after this about going somewhere else for food but we'd gone there specifically for they're normally really good roasts and we didn't want to miss out.
Ordered three beef roasts. It was awful, completely different to anything we'd had before, the meat was full of fat and cheap cuts. It was on a bed of burnt, small roast potatoes just dumped on the top, yorkshire was tasteless. We even asked the miserable barman if the chef had changed, he just said no and walked off!!
This pub used to be pretty good. AWFUL STAFF, AWFUL FOOD, EXPENSIVE, STAY AWAY!!
Annette1979 - 14 Mar 2011 09:54
A comprehensive and well written response, but if I may offer some advice, don't put mint sauce on every lamb dish.
That's a matter of taste, and is entirely up to the individual customer to apply.

What about the beer?
The_Final_Arbiter - 8 Mar 2011 10:43
Let me start by apologizing; we don�t set out to upset people and it is always genuinely disconcerting to hear of anyone who has been disappointed visiting The Railway. We are a dedicated team who try very hard to ensure that standards are high by constantly looking at ways to improve our product; no more so than our Sunday Roast, which we believe is the best for both quality and value, in the area. However, although we genuinely welcome all feedback, I don�t feel that you have provided a fair picture of your visit.

The 4 of you plus 2 children were part of a larger party of 16 booked in for 1.30pm although the bulk of your party arrived at 2pm and later. This was not a problem because we had sectioned off an area specifically for you. As a group you decided that you didn�t want to order as a group together at the table but wanted to order separately at the bar and pay immediately. This inevitably meant that as orders were being put through separately the whole table was eating at different times. It also meant that some of your table were taking food that belonged to other parts of the table. We did our best to deal with this situation but despite our best attempts it did create problems.

I would like to take your points in turn.

1. All the starters for each order, for that table, were brought out correctly and at the right time. Starters that had been ordered by some of your table earlier on were then claimed by people who had just put their order in for an identical dish.
2. The mains were actually for another of your colleagues but they should not have been left in this way; the confusion on our part was that we had thought that this was what you had wanted.
3. Hair should never be found in food of course; this hair was blond and all our staff including the kitchen staff have dark hair. We made no defence to this at the time but mention it now because you have brought it up.
4. Our chicken is not processed. We buy free range and corn fed birds. The menu clearly says that the child�s portion of roast chicken comes with chips and beans. We were told after the dish had been brought to your table that you wanted vegetables and not chips / beans.
5. We were not told that you were waiting for a starter which had been eaten by one of your colleagues until much later.
6. The fried squid is the same size for every customer. We charge �3.50 for this and �9.95 for the main course but if you have two courses the cost is reduced to �12.50. Children eat for free during the period 12pm to 4pm so there would have been no charge for the children portions. With regard to cutlery, cutlery would have been put on the table for everyone at the start of the meal because we had originally believed that the table would order as a large party. Cutlery was being moved around the table by different people but our staff did our best to replace it. I am not sure why you would not have had cutlery.
7. Your main was brought out shortly after your starter was sent because we had been told so late about the fact that you were missing a starter.
8. The child�s roast that was sent back was being prepared again. This was not 50 minutes after ordering. This was approximately 25 minutes after ordering which is fairly standard.
9. Your roast lamb is actually a slow roast shoulder of lamb; lamb shoulder is very fatty but when you cook it slowly, the fat melts. This helps to provide flavour. The meat is always trimmed before serving and so you would not have received � white sloppy fat on a bed of vegetables. These vegetables are carefully prepared in honey and thyme while roasting. �10 is very good value. Other local pubs charge �12.50 or more and our product is Welsh and of excellent quality.
10. The barman was me and I was simply explaining what I have explained here. Mint sauce is put on every lamb dish that is served.
11. I was not aware of any member of the party leaving within the timeline that you suggest. I also recall that a member of your party asked for the free wine that we normally give to tables of 4 who order 3 courses. We refused this on the basis that your party had chosen to order and pay separately for their food. You will recall, however, that as a goodwill gesture I gave the whole party a cocktail shot. Everyone stayed at least an hour and a half after this.

The food offering at the Railway on a Sunday is certainly not school dinner standard, if by this you mean of a low standard. We source all ingredients ourselves directly from Smithfields, Billingsgate and New Covent Garden Markets. This ensures that we make everything from scratch using fresh ingredients of the highest quality. Service was certainly erratic at your table because of the manner in which you chose to order and I feel it only fair to ourselves that the context of your visit is made very clear. We take all criticism very seriously as The Railway is supporting several families.

railway143 - 8 Mar 2011 09:46
I am going to write my review as events happened chronologically as I think this is the best way to get across the sheer ineptitude of the staff and the complete waste of time and money my visit to the Railway, Streatham Common was.

4 of us with two 1 year olds visited for Sunday lunch.

We order 4 starters, and 4 mains, plus two mini Sunday roasts for the kids, from a surly waitress who looks like we are keeping her from watching the Eastenders omnibus and thats where she'd rather be.

1. 3 of our 4 starters brought out at wildly diffrerent intervals.
2. 3 mains brought out during our starters, which rather than being taken away were put on our table, so we had no room, and no clean cutlery to eat our main. Get up and go to the bar to ask
3. Hair found in one of the mains. Get up and go to the bar to Take the food back.
4. 1 Childs processed Chicken with Chips and beans mistakenly brought out. Returned. Huff and puff from the waitress
5. I am still waiting for my starter while the rest of the group are finishing their main.
6. Ask for my stater. Miniscule portion of Fried squid brought out in comparison to other orders. No cutlery.
7. My main brought out fully 15 seconds after starter. Again put on the table rather than returned. No cutlery to eat my main. Get up and go to the bar to ask for cutlery.
8 Still missing one childs roast - this is 50 minutes after ordering.
9. My "Roast Lamb" appears to be literally 3/4 white sloppy fat on a bed of roast vegetables. It costs �10. It isnt worth it. I return it and point out that Ive ordered a roast lamb
10. Rather than immediately swap my food the Barman enters into a discussion that I should expect some fat. I counter that I should also expect some meat. Its taken away, and then returned without any mint sauce. At this point I cant be arsed saying anything - ive been getting up and down like a yoyo for the better part of an hour and my patience and energy is completely worn thin.
11. We give up and dont even ask where our second Childs Roast is, buy an apple crumble from the shop over the road and eat it at home watching the football.

So in summary our trip to the Railway was a meal which saw us spend the better part of �60 on what is basically substandard School dinner standard food and service.

Utter Cack!

This pub needs to realise that standards and expectations in pub food have risen since the 1960s, good service is expected
matt_s - 1 Mar 2011 13:54
Dear oldmanyoung, I'm very surprised to hear that your ale tasted sour. We clean and maintain our lines regularly and only offer the best ales that we can source, an unusually broad selection given that we are able to access the excellent micro brews produced by members of SIBA (The Society of Independent Brewers). This is in contrast to some other local operators, for instance Youngs, who only offer beers from their own stable. Whilst on the subject of Youngs, I note that on the same night you posted this comment about the Railway, you also found the time to post one about the Pied Bull, a Youngs Pub up the road from us. It seems that there you found ales, food, clientele and staff that were more to your liking. You even provided directions, and details about the smoking shelter. Goodness!
I thought it only fair to share it with everyone. By the way, our current ales are Meantime Pale Ale brewed in Greenwich, and Sambrook�s Wandle Ale brewed in Battersea. Mmmmmm�..The Railway. x

The Pied Bull, Streatham
Havent been in for a long while as I was a bit sceptical about the place to be honest!

The outside isnt the best (being right next to the A23) but its kept tidy and had some boards telling you about the offers and sports going on there.

What a lovely place! Its so much tidier and cleaner and there was alsorts of people in - young couples, a whole family with kids and grandad alike and the 'Regulars Bar' was packed.

5 cask ales on - Youngs Bitter, Special, London Gold, COurage best and Banana Bread Beer, and my pint had to be a Youngs - absolutely superb. I shall certainly be back if this place keeps the beer to that quality and good to see a Youngs Pub with so many guest ales.

There was food going out (to the big family) and although not huge, the menu had 'Pub Classics' with Fish & Chips, Burgers, Sausage & Mash, Pies etc. and plenty of offers on throughout the week.

The bar staff were very friendly and attentive, even when it was fairly busy at one stage - its a huge bar - and certainly made me feel welcome.

The smoking shelter out the back kept the rain off - its a huge wooden thing with heaters and lots of tables.

Overall a great experience for a pub iv not been in for a long while - certainly on the up! Well recommended.
19 Feb 2011 20:13

railway143 - 22 Feb 2011 18:56
Went in for a pint before getting the train - the barman had a coat on, a hat and completely ignored me.

The cask was appaling and tasted sour. Mmmmm.
oldmanyoung - 19 Feb 2011 20:18
Maybe a cold Saturday lunchtime just as doors open isn't the best time for a visit but for me it lacked something.....
loveleedshatebates - 28 Nov 2010 11:03
I like this pub but there are a few things that desperately need rectifying.
You need a quality real ale.
The mens toilet in the front bar are really nasty and the are no hand drying facilties in the gents in the rear bar
jeffriesgraj - 16 Oct 2010 15:48
not sure about DJ nights, but this pub has changed a lot lately, huge staff turnover and no more real ambiance. it used to be one of the better ones in the area but the competition is now fierce.
cley - 31 Jan 2010 15:32

could you do "party nights" more often.. with Dj etc..

marmite02 - 7 Jan 2010 12:49
Dear Natlees

I'm sorry if you think we're not listening, that's the last thing that we would want. We had hoped the recent refurbishment would mean that the pub was enjoyed even more, including the menu. So I'm sorry if you've been let down. However, we now ironed out our menu malfunctions and now have desserts and coffee!

The Railway
railway143 - 3 Dec 2009 00:52
We live in the area and love this pub: fab staff (Ella and Monica especially) good food (especially Sunday roast), relaxing atmosphere and children friendly. However we have always thought that the dessert list was on the short side and had been disappointed when we could not get coffees for many weeks.
Today we enjoyed the usual Sunday lunch but were stunned to hear that we could not have dessert or coffee. The Earl Ferrer sounds suddenly more inviting even if a bit further away. The owner does need to listen to his customers: WE WANT DESSERTS AND COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
natlees - 29 Nov 2009 17:53
What's with the 087... number?! I tried calling your old 0208 number but its no longer valid. Do you have a non-premium rate number now?
Shuggy82 - 27 Nov 2009 13:38
Dear Wease

We had been closed for two weeks as we were having the pub refurbished and were due to open on the Friday night that you mentioned. All the people involved worked extremely hard but as is the nature of these things, we were delayed in opening therefore causing the odd opening hour of 7 o�clock! I am so sorry that this wasn�t made clear to you. The people that you saw drinking at the bar were the builders and electricians that had been working, just finished and enjoying a well earned pint, while colleagues were doing last minute finishing.

I really appreciate reading your comments and having this opportunity to explain the reasons behind your admittedly weird experience. Please be assured that we are now up and running with a new menu, quiz and live music nights, with comedy nights to follow shortly.

I�d love to hear what you (or anybody else) thinks of the changes once you�ve managed to actually get inside!

Kind regards
Ben (Manager)

railway143 - 15 Nov 2009 23:11
Went last Friday around 6:30 only to find out it did not open until 7 o'clock. The bar staff seemed proud to tell me this and told me to wait outside. As I was meeting my girlfriend there I did. When I was there a couple of staff/friends of staff were sat in the bar drinking pints. As soon as my girlfriend turned up I went to the top of Greyhound lane into the Waterfront which was busy and inviting.

The landlord of the Railway must have no idea how to run a business. While I was waiting around 5 people tried to get in teh Railway but couldn't..........guess where I saw them next. Get a grip landlord, what kind of pub (next to a station) does not open untiol 7 on a Friday, what a joker.

Apart from this weird experiance the beer has always been decent and the food a 7/10 when I have been in there before.
Wease - 13 Nov 2009 14:47
My closest pals call it my second home lol. I love this place man big shout out to all my bar maids I love you all your wicked (esp ells) - the heart and soul of the place. Ben got mad respect for you, since Alex left you kept up the good work (loving the recruitment policy lol). This is a place you can go chill with your friends your family or your loved one and have a good laugh . Foods great they do a mean rib eye steak and the Port sauce is doing it. Food on a whole gets a 9/10. Garden nice for the summer - cant wait for the bbq!! Prices on drinks are standard - if you want cheaper go find yourself a weatherspoons simple as that!! But if you want a nice atmosphere its the place to be.
devious1981 - 30 May 2009 13:05
C'mon, when are you going to re-furbish the toilets?! They're a bloody disgrace. :o((
BillyBhoy1888 - 13 Mar 2009 16:23
C'mon, when are you going to re-furbish the toilets?! They're a bloody disgrace. :o((
BillyBhoy1888 - 13 Mar 2009 16:23
I have visted the Railway several times, usually on my way home from work for a quick pint with my girlfriend. Never eaten a full meal here so can't comment on the quality of the food, however as the review below states, it does look good on the menu.

Only ever one pump on, the rest is continental lagers, but at least it's decent ones rather than the usual carling, carlsberg, stella offerings. The Ale is usually "Summer Lightning" or Adnams "Broadside" and quite good to boot.

Garden is loveley in the summer and is just off the back room used for the sport.

Overall very pleasant pub if not anything outstanding.
hobbsy - 23 Feb 2009 13:57
This pub has real potential but unfortunately not making the most of it. Whilst one of the best in the area (not much competition in SW16)it is really let down by the VERY poor quality of food (we have dined 3 times and disappointed each time). The menu reads well on paper (although never changes), but what is served up really is a disgrace. The toilets need refurbished and the place could do with a clean. On the up site, the decor is simple but tasteful, good garden bar and table service is a nice touch. Would and do choose Waterfront (for food) and Earl Ferrers (drinks) over The Railway at the moment but hope to be proved differently. come on guys!!
adeleuk - 2 Apr 2008 19:52
Had a very enjoyable visit on Sunday. Table service is good, but staff have potential to be a little over-whelming. Lovely garden and a big screen for the footy. If only they'd had someone working on the back bar, I might have seen the goals!
RobBlake - 31 Mar 2008 16:42
I can't believe this pub only has 6,1 rating! It is superb, best pub in the area by a distance. Staff are great (especially Ella), amazing Mojitos, good food, decent wine and beer, lovey garden in the summer...really can't fault this place at all. Very happy to be living 2 mins away from it! And not to forget the tasty sunday roasts - try the pork!!!!
miriams - 6 Dec 2007 11:34
wonderful place, and I'm not just aying that cos I live 1 minute away! terrific beers (staropramen etc), well kept, friendly and charming staff and a sunday roast to die for. The table service is a charming touch and the angusburger packs a hell of a punch. beer garden could do with a refurb.
streathamite - 26 Oct 2007 11:48
Food still excellent, and the pub has improved markedly since the smoking ban and a slight tweaking of the speakers to allow people to talk without shouting. However, despite having the real ale pumps (Adnams and Summer Lightning), there has been no ale in my last SIX visits, at various times of day and week. The odd thing is the staff always think it is on, until I enquire and am informed its off. Is it off for good? Would be a shame as it was always in excellent nick.
owenjones - 11 Sep 2007 14:42
Great pub. Lovely, cold beer, good range of wine, delicious food (different pizzas please!). Nice, chatty atmosphere with good tunes playing.

Attentive, friendly staff - always keen to help. The manager is absolutely gorgeous.
jossv - 5 Jul 2007 14:40
Great pub with excellent staff. Serving food and drinks to the table. Front bar good for chat. Back bar good for beer garden (very hidden) and sports. Must say their Reservation policy tonight sucked (England Game). Too little room for casual punters to stand and watch the game.. should dedicate the back area to standing only and get all the seats to the front..for those wanting food. Might avoid irritation for all concerned.

garyheiss - 6 Jun 2007 22:33
Decent boozer for the area. More of a foody table service style at the front with some great menu items and a very reasonable wine list with the best red in the world (Big House Red) available. Had 2 real ales on too.

The rear room is more laid back and has a large screen but not seen sports on it when i've been in.

Definately worth a look and shows that Streatham Common is really improving...
jrwgas - 12 Mar 2007 17:10
Went into the main bit of the Railway for the first time.

The clientelle are good but it was very smoky inside. They had Adnams Broadside on which was decent but the music was pretty loud and it was hard to have a good conversation.
lukemarson - 15 Dec 2006 23:03
A smart pub but a bit pricey. We had 2 pints of Summer Light ale (well kept) and a Magners and it came to �9 something.

Has large screen for footy which is a big bonus in this part of Streatham.

Bar service was good and despite the loud music making everyone talk so loud it created an atmosphere it was fairly pleasant.
lukemarson - 15 Oct 2006 13:00
nice, friendly pub - good service and good food ...the menu could use some shaking up once in a while however
RapierC - 6 Sep 2006 13:18
We went to this pub the other Sunday, as we are looking to move to the area and our real estate agent told us about the pub as it is the local of one of her work mates. I thought it was great with friendly efficient service and nice wine glasses, a big plus from the usual tatty glasses you find at many pubs. Have put an offer in on a house and hope to make this our local, already told friends this is where we can all meet up for a drink.
hakabella - 13 Jun 2006 21:58
Would agree that it's way better than when it used be the old Railway. Service is generally good and table service most welcome. Adnams was alright in there and food isn't bad either. Great place to go alone or with mates. Friendly atmosphere.
thehonesttruth - 13 Jun 2006 18:44
Contrary to my previous review, I can confirm this place has a great beer garden, I shall no doubt be spending many summer evenings in it. Thanks Alex.

This is now definately the best pub in the area.

One bit feedback though, without carpets or soft furnishings to absorb and dampen the sound, it can get very noisy. Especially when the music is on. Can you keep the music down to conversation level in the week, most people just want a quiet beer a chat rather than a full on rave!

dangerboyjim - 9 Jun 2006 11:21
Really like this pub - good meeting place as long as the staff don't get carried away with turning the music up too much - I'm not old, but sometimes you can't even begin to hear the people you're with!
Very friendly staff and good table service. Food is excellent, but don't bother with the desserts - sadly they let the side down as they're pretty awful and very over-priced. Otherwise, a fab pub.

pinball42 - 8 May 2006 12:31
I have to disagree.

I have been going to The Railway for the past 3 years, and I respect Alex tremendously for what he has done for Streatham. He has turned a trouble pub, where people come to knock each others heads off their shoulders into a nice family meeting spot. The only trouble I ever have when I go there now, is the trouble of not wanting to leave.

The staff are friendly and give good table-service. The food is good (I love the Sunday Roast they do), and the garden in the back in summer time is a rare find.

Although there are always improvements that can be made, it would be hard substituting this place with another.

Thanks Alex!
lindi3 - 8 May 2006 11:09
come off it; you're obviusly the stuck up one, especually if youve just moved to the area. This is the best pub round here by far-the staff are funny and helpful; food is great althugh the menu doesnt change enough. all the drinks are really goood too and we love the atmosphere here. I rather like Alex and think he is great. Everyone should try this pace out.
janey123 - 28 Apr 2006 19:46

I hated this pub. I found everything extremely overpriced. It's boring, it's drab, and the food wasn't up to much either. The staff are unfriendly, and the landlord (Alex is his name) positvely looks down on the clientele.

I've only recently moved into the area, and this is one pub that I will not be visiting again in a hurry! A very unpleasant experience of which I would not like to repeat.

MissBeverley - 15 Apr 2006 11:20
Dear Dangerboy,

I do apologise for misleading you, the garden is through the back down ellison road. We are currently refurbishing it to get it ready for summer time -the benches in the front are simply additional outside seats available for customers.

al3xander - 11 Apr 2006 11:13
Dear Anon,

My name is Alex and I am the manager of The Railway.

I am honestly distrought that you may have found our standrads below average. Please reveal yourself and I certainly would like to invite you for a glass of Italian, Australian, Chilean, or Spanish Wine -or, a pint of fine ale if you feel up for it.

We work exceedingly hard to bring the highest standards of customer satisfaction -and should there be any complaints please do email me directly at [email protected] so that I can remedy the concern at hand. I am always open to discuss any matter in this way.


al3xander - 11 Apr 2006 11:10
I love the Railway...I love it's simple minimal decor and the real ales, and the friendly staff. The food is great and I've had loads of fun. By far the best pub in Streatham. Recently it has started to attract a certain amountof bungles but rather a bungle than a scrot. Nose
Nose - 31 Mar 2006 16:45
Much better than the previous incarnation, still a way to go though. It gets pretty busy and I've had a few missing evenings in here what with the Kroney on tap. Before the refit, they could have replaced it with a public loo and that would have suited me fine, but not it isn't a bad place to come for a quick one on a Sunday afternoon, shame theres no pool table any more though, I'm not sure theres one left in Streatham anymore.

Food is good, if a little pricey.
youknowyouloveit - 1 Mar 2006 15:20
Food is not bad nor the atmosphere. It is a bit bare inside but a big improvement on what it was a few years back - a real shitehole. Not a bad place to grab a pint if you're waiting for the train. Usually have one real ale or two on tap.
thehonesttruth - 27 Feb 2006 23:46
anonymous - 10 Dec 2005 19:52
One of the best pubs in the area. The food is brilliant and the staff are bonkers.

It is pricey though, and the 'beer garden' is some tables outside in the road.

Watch out for the table service charge though, get your own drinks from the bar!

dangerboyjim - 3 Aug 2005 13:42
I agree, some of the comments have been a little harsh. It is a good pub to go for food, the burger is very good! I do agree that they seemed to have forgotten about the toilets when refurbishing the place! It also serves a decent Ale.
jimjazz - 29 Apr 2005 16:19
Previous comments are a bit on the harsh side. Indeed it is overpriced and the table-service thing seems like a vehicle to add 10% to the bill. However, the staff are generally friendly, atmosphere is relaxed and the decor is classy if a little bland.
Why don't they fill the pint glasses to the top?
johnnym - 27 Apr 2005 16:16
A far better pub when it had the pool tables , at least it had some atmosphere. poped in the new one asked for a lager , got somw white foreign stuff and no change out of four quid. thinks it's the Balham Tup, but it's a poor imitation with disgusting toilets
Peter - 19 Oct 2004 20:10
must agree with comments about interior.......bit bland........toilets have had a makeover though. Food sems great I think although would like more changes. Think that the problem with the staff might be their lack og English rather than rudeness. Promising, I think and definitely trying very hard. Will definitely be going back.
Suzie - 9 Oct 2004 15:06
The staff are more concerned about getting your credit card behind the bar than serving you. Food fantastic, unfortunately the attitude of the staff and the disgusting state of the loo's make this one to avoid.
sam - 17 Sep 2004 14:28
don't bother going here. You would think that a new bar in a deprived area might tap into the local market. Beer is far too expensive, the food is AWFUL and the staff are positively rude. Shame really, streatham common is crying out for a good bar.
lucy - [email protected] - 18 Aug 2004 11:45
Toilets are disgusting,staff are rude and positively snail-like,the food was bland and the order was wrong. Too expensive for what it is.Go back to catering school and try harder next term.
Louise and Ian - 10 Aug 2004 18:19
The Railway seems to have proved the usual British idiom and come to a sudden,unexplained halt. Having thoroughly enjoyed the buzz on a regular basis since moving to Streatham in March,I was dismayed to find on return from my holidays(parched and in need of a Railway fix) that none of the staff I had come to befriend where present."Left"... was the mission statement given by some stranger in my oasis,who's ungenuine smile led me to believe i was being duped.After waiting fifteen minuites for a pint and what seemed a lifetime trying to get the attention of anybody to take my food order i gave up,wishing for the old days. The fun has gone along with quality that was the life breath of The Railway,She has run out of steam.
Joe - 10 Aug 2004 18:14
This pub proves the theory that outside every Station in the UK there is a tatty pub.
John - 28 Jul 2004 16:03
Casual atmosphere, great interior, great and attentive staff, great grooves in the background, fills with locals in the evenings, fabulous food on offer with BBQ in the summer months! A great local and facelift for Streatham Common!
Alex - 20 Jul 2004 15:27
nice pub, although the interior is very dull- a few pieces of art would transform the place.
amber - 12 Apr 2004 14:02
Having this pub just 5 minutes from our new flat is definitely a bonus. Its nice to have a proper local that is actually decent and serves very very good food. I am making a point of trying everything on the menu and up until last night (pasta dish is a bit bland), its all been really appetising and very well presented. The butternut squash risotto is great value for money (a fiver) and probably the best I've tasted and the chicken/leek pie and the steak/guiness pie are HUGE and tasty! The chef even makes his own crisps! A great change from the last pub on this site, although I agree with some of the other comments that at the moment its lacking in a bit of interior flair and needs some good artwork on the walls. Looking forward to seeing this place find its feet properly over the next few months, as its already providing excellent competition for the other pubs in the area (Waterfront & Earl Ferrers).
Lucy - 17 Mar 2004 15:23
Great new pub with fantastic food, atmosphere and couches. A massive change on the previous hell-hole and well worth a visit. Food is generally exceptional, but would be better if you got some mash or salad with your pie instead of having to buy it seperately. A bright future lies ahead and along with the Waterfront there is now two quality venues within walking distance. Viva la Streatham!!!
Frankie - 29 Feb 2004 12:38
I never went before, because it looked dodgy, but it's a great place now. Lovely interior, with candles on all the tables; the food is reasonably priced and delicious. Good selection of wines, and the usual beers. Oh and you seem to get table service for your drinks if you're lucky. Great location, right next to Streatham Common station. The only thing wrong with it, is the music - lots of relaxing flutes music. Not very upbeat at all. But this certainly doesnt seem to deter the hordes of young professionals and locals that have just discovered, and seem to be enjoying, the new place.
becca - 24 Feb 2004 11:24
It's had a recent facelift though I never visited it before. Tall ceilings, leather sofas, it has a nice feel but it does seem a little cold on the atmosphere -it needs some artwork on the walls or something to give it an identity and to warm it a little. Staff are friendly. The drinks aren't very exciting, the usual mainstream stuff but what they do have is faultless. A good pub which lacks something - it could be The Castle on Camberwell Church Street SE5 if a little flair was added.
Simon - 20 Feb 2004 15:02
Previously a very dodgy looking place indeed for the sole use of pitbull owning, rough-girlfriend dating, football hooligans, frequented on the odd occasion by police officers arriving in a van with its blue light flashing! In the past couple of months however, it has been given an interior and exterior facelift. Looks good inside - leather sofas and candles, tasty looking food menu too. Will give it a whirl soon, which is more than I was tempted to do during this pub's previous incarnation.
Emmanuel - 12 Feb 2004 13:58

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