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The Royal Standard of England, Beaconsfield

I enjoyed the 6 hours I spent here, however, I recently heard that the whole story surrounding the pub is a massive con.

It was bought by an Australian a few years ago, and it's all a big marketing ploy. The bloke sold up before it was exposed, and the new owners are forced to live this lie.

Despite claiming to have be a freehouse for 800 years, it was only granted a licence to serve alcohol from the late 19th century.

11 Apr 2013 10:42

The Railway, Streatham

Tear up the old comments (apart from the last 2) and start again on this beauty of a pub, right next to Streatham Common Railway Station.

Of course, I'm biased - I live less than a 5 minute walk away, and have lived in various places in Streatham over the last 12 years. This pub was one that I used to actively avoid, but the new management have settled in very nicely, and have made this pub one of my favourites of all time.

I once heard Streatham described as "the least pretentious place in London" - and this pub typifies that statement. On one hand, there have been changes to the pub that would suit more gastropubs - great food menu and a good bar menu. There are fortnightly farmer markets, with some really interesting suppliers, from cheese to hot sauces.

However, on the other, there are real efforts not to get carried away, and there is a real sense of community, and a real mix of people - local tradesmen, young and old couples, families and friends just hanging out.

Like any good pub, once the afternoon comes, the kids filter out, and it becomes a more grown up affair. The back room hosts several nights throughout the week - to craft courses, to pub quizzes.

To celebrate their 12 months in charge, I recently got received a letter from the pub, detailing what they've done, what they plan to do, and asking for any suggestions.

My answer was clear: keep doing what you're doing.

25 Mar 2013 14:43

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