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Railway, Greenford

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user reviews of the Railway, Greenford

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I was in the area for a meeting and when it came to lunch my client decided they wanted to eat at this rather large Flame Grill chain pub.

Not only is this pub large its blinking huge, the seating area to the back of the bar goes on for almost ever!

First to the beer selection. It was better than I expected however there were only 2 ales on which were Thwaites Wainwright and Fullers London Pride, there were of course all of the regular lagers, Guinness, wine and a fine selection of alcopops!

Being a Flaming Grill pub this place is very geared up for food and the menu is full of belly busters, almost all of the food is of larger than normal portions and the prices are very cheap for the amount of food you get, the quality is decent enough and is probably on a par with a Beefeater.

The clientele was mostly made up of manual worker types and what seemed like locals.

A pleasant enough pub and maybe better than it looks from the outside as the interior is nicely styled. Friendly and quick service but this place definitely survives on it’s food.
lezford - 27 Nov 2014 17:01
Stumbled upon it when walking the london ring. I needed somewhere that did food and had the footie on. This met the bill, although I wouldnt normally choose to eat at a flaming grill type place. I got a good seat with all the footie punters but kind of wish I had ordered something less dramatic than what turned out to be a flaming skillet of ribs and chicken wings. Everyone missed Vincent Kompany's premiership winning goal.
Mappiman - 3 May 2012 20:09
which part of the pub was actually damaged by the fire? i don't recall seeing more than smoke damage
robhealy - 15 Oct 2011 09:33
Well I don't know if I should say this but I used to work in this pub...:) It was long time ago but still can say few words about it..
When I started working there I wasn't impressed.. Place used to look like it needed lots of updating but people working there were nice... most of them...
Before the fire pub looked like it was a place for spiders, zombies, vampires, etc:) hehehehe but after reopening it looks good... well much better... but still dark.
If it comes to staff working I can say most of them were very good in what they tere doing with few outcasts.. If you have never been there before it's worth having a lok because you just might find something you're looking...
exbarmaid06 - 2 Jun 2010 23:10
Bomardier cask ale, which was OK. Not enough staff serving though! Has Sky Sports
oftenscore6 - 28 Jul 2009 19:06
Have been to this pub twice for meals, the assistant manager was absolutely useless, I don't think they could cope with more than 2 people at a time, lets hope when it re opens they can get their act together.
hayesbabe - 23 Jan 2009 19:05
Absolutely dreadful. Went for a business lunch a few weeks ago - the place was empty but the food service was awful. Food that arrived was cold. It wasn't as if they were run of there feet ! Went this week for work Christmas lunch - its handy, its local........still dire......once again - at lunch time, the place was completely empty apart from two people at the pool table. And we had to wait 45 minutes for our food, which was stone cold and absolutely awful......the place is a disaster. There menu is VERY basic, but the standard of food is abysmall. I would never go there again. Totally lacking in any ambience, the staff are clueless....Give this one a miss folks !
r00ney - 23 Dec 2008 17:53
Agree with the previous and that the place did "pong" when visited just over a week ago,the ale was poor quality aswell and barely drinkable, it does get a 6/10 though for the building and also having potential..
fat_beer_badger - 17 Aug 2008 21:14
One of the female bar staff working in here was English when I last visited. She probably still is English. The bar smells. They should clean the cloths they use to wipe down the bar - or else re-introduce smoking to hide the smell.
A rare point of interest is the vacinity of the overhead alfresco heaters to a customer's head when standing outside. You can get a pretty decent tan in 10 minutes or so.
I don't really have an opinion on this place in the same way I don't really have an opinion on the newsreader, Alistair Stewart.
It's just a bit boring. Like my afternoon has become today.... zzzz.

steveruss - 20 Jun 2008 15:46
Went with 15 colleagues for early Christmas lunch and was pleasantly surprised by the new Railway Tavern. The updated decor is modern and comfortable without being too avant-garde or minimal. The carvery was good, with several roasts on offer even on a Tuesday. Roast beef looked a little well done for my taste, but turkey and gammon was fine. Vegetables were not overdone as is often the case in this type of place. Having been thoroughly disappointed by the quality at a Toby carvery recently - the Railway exceeded my expectations for the price. Puddings, although fairly standard fare, were light and nicely presented. One waitress coped very well and politely with all of us. Portions more than generous. All in all a very pleasant meal, excellent value for £12 for two courses exc. drinks. Good choice of wines, lagers and decent beer (Bombardier) on tap.

I agree with the writer below to ignore 'anonymous' who is evidently talking about somewhere else. If this pub can keep up the good work, I'll go again.
Chevalon - 20 Nov 2007 17:03
Sounds like sour grapes "Anonymous" (18/10/07), I wander exactly what you mean by "pikies and riff raff" you don't sound too hot yourself. I would urge everybody looking at this not to take any notice of "anonymous'" gripe - sounds like somebodies upset him. Since it's refurbishment, the Railway is a very pleasant place for all the family (I think, having said that I don't recall seeing children there). It's tastefully decorated, big and airy. The staff are friendly and professional. There are areas in the bar to eat and areas to lounge, there's a large restaurant and there is a large smoking area outside for those who wish to smoke, which has patio heaters. There are also a couple of big screens for those football occassions(!) (I'm not a fan of football but having the screens have not been overbearing on the times I've been there, as people tend to congregate at one end of the pub to watch it). We have eaten from the bar menu and food on the whole has been very nice although I've not enjoyed the chips very much. We've not eaten in the restaurant but the cavery looks good and friends that have eaten there have enjoyed it. We plan to go there for lunch this afternoon. Before it's refurbishment, following a fire, I rarely went into the Railway, I found it very male orientated, dark, dingy, smokey and unfriendly. It is now attracting a different clientele - couples, families, female groups and older people. I think its great and I'm very happy to now have somewhere decent to go which is more or less on my doorstep. The Black Horse, which is few minutes up the road on the bridge by the canal, is also a great place to go, although I've never been particularly happy with the food there.
jcgreenford - 28 Oct 2007 14:20
what a dive. Foods crap, its too dark in there, always full of pikies and riff raff. Some old geezer who works there, i think he thinks he is the manager but apparently he's the assistant sad.
Also was told by a regular he tells everyone how great the place is but spends most of his time trying to fit in with the regulars at another local pub where the staff hate him coz he bangs on about how great 'his' pub is when they all know its shit. stupid arse.
Whoever set fire to the place had the right idea.
anonymous - 18 Oct 2007 01:29
The food is the best carvery in the are the staff are incredible and the ambiance is amazing the price is unbelieveable.
newspaper - 11 Oct 2007 13:25
The Railway is now open. I tried the carvery and the meats there were very good. As a pub it was pleasant.
Cyberose - 17 Aug 2007 09:54
Quite a lot's gone on since my last post...
Now been sold by Spirit group and is now signed as a Free House & Carvery. "Robert and the team welcome you to the Railway" is the new sign above the carvery entrance.
Due to reopen imminently, now recruiting for staff.
robhealy - 7 Jul 2007 20:38
Nothing happening here at all... there's a banner on the side of the pub "closed for refurbishment reopening early 2007"
robhealy - 6 Feb 2007 11:24
Still no update - the lights are on in the flat upstairs but the downstairs hasn't been touched since the fire.
Tried emailing the pubco but they told me in a generic reply to "contact the pub"(!) I rang the number last week only to find "all calls are being diverted" but no-one answered the phone. Not looking good.
robhealy - 29 Dec 2006 13:43
Walked past the pub last night and noticed it was closed. On further investigation, signs on the door show the pub's closed due to fire damage.. "we hope to reopen soon with a new bar & restaurant"
From a peer through the window, it looks like the fire must've been in the restaurant/kitchen although there's little evidence looking at the building itself. The public bar area is badly smoke damaged and the games machines/pool tables have all been removed. Not sure when this happened but I'll try to find out.
robhealy - 14 Oct 2006 07:52
to be fair, it was midweek when I visited the pub, so it's not really possible to say how it is these days at a weekend. It used to be full of couples at one time, though this was back in 1986! From reading all the other reviews it does seem to have gone downhill, which is sad as it was in this pub that I met my wife!

In fact, that part of Greenford as a whole seems to have gone downhill in the intervening years, which is also quite sad. I enjoyed living here back in the day, but wouldn't really want to now.
lagerciderdrinker - 7 Sep 2006 01:44
Please don't listen to the review below, you will be sent to coventry for day's if you bring the missus here, or even a mate come to think of it. Its full of old men and rowdy kids who cnnot hold their drink and get progressively louder as the minutes pass by (they feel like hours). The pub is grubby and the beer is crap, the barmaids all look about 16 and are sulky. Do your self a favour and give it a miss....
anonymous - 21 Aug 2006 15:16
I recently visited this pub for the first time in 20 years, and found it pretty much the same. A good pub to go to for a couple before moving on somewhere else. The beer was fine, and the people in the bar were friendly.
lagerciderdrinker - 15 Aug 2006 03:23
I visited this pub last weekend with my wife & daughter. We sat in the small bar (next to the carvery). We had ordered drinks & then went to order some food from the bar snacks menu. The barmaid told us that they were not doing bar snacks (this despite the sign outside saying that bar food was always available). When my wife asked why the menus were on the tables if the pub was not doing bar food, the barmaid became very rude. Shortly afterwards another person (I persume the manager) came round the tables & removed the menus, but without any apology to my wife.
The bar staff in this pub are very rude. Avoid this pub.
dave45 - 13 Apr 2006 16:08
Carverys nice, the bar next to is ok for a quiet pint, the other bar has nice fire, but its very dark, the tables are scratched, the local chavs hog the pool table, and have seen some unsavoury ppl in their.

On the plus, I live locally and some stunning eastern european girls occasionally attend (from the local ind est's).
s9s - 6 Jan 2006 01:53
As said before, two sides with very different atmospheres. The left side has the carvery and is a bit quiet and the other, bigger, side has the main pub area with two pool tables and a large projection screen for the sports.
The larger side can get a bit "Chaved Up" on certain evening, with the baseball cap crew putting on very loud drum and base or rap on the jukebox, but is normally very good. Of note is the fact that the beer prices have just dropped from about £2.50 for a Fosters to £1.75.
In the summer there is a large beer garden.

The smaller side has a large TV that normally shows TV in the evenings.

Carvery is a bit hit and miss, there are certainly better about, but there is a nice fire on that side of the bar area which is good in the winter.

For those inclined, there are 4 fruit machines in the main pub.

If you get bored, the Black Horse is a 2 minute walk up the road (out of front, turn right) which sits on the canal and is great in the summer as it has a balcony and much better for food.
crazyjohn - 30 Dec 2004 16:58
Good big pub, two sides to it (literally- two entrances) - footy watching snooker playing side. Other side is quiet with good carvery. Friendly staff. Funnily enough, near the station.
SS - 5 May 2004 23:29
Country Carvery with good value roast dinners and London Pride, plus 2 tvs for football
anonymous - 11 Feb 2004 18:35

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