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Ye Old Stout House, Horsham

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user reviews of Ye Old Stout House, Horsham

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Very close to Piries bar if you're doing a pub crawl. This pub was deserted when the nearby ones were full, perhaps because it has little character. But there's a bar billiards table if that's your thing.
Trev - 3 Aug 2018 19:42
Nice looking,clean,traditional looking pub.Sussex Bitter in good nick and great to see a bar billiards table in a pub in 2014.
boundsgreenboy - 17 Sep 2014 12:10
As near as it gets in Horsham to a town centre boozer. Seems popular, beer is okay given it is Hall and Woodhouse, I go for something in a bottle.
workhard - 29 Apr 2013 17:58
When I last visited before Christmas, their Guinness was 50p more expensive than neighbouring pubs.

Whilst waiting for my pint I ate a sweet from a small paper bag, only to have the barmaid 'go into one' about how rude I was for bringing food into a pub. I explained that it was only a sweet, expecting an apology but this if anything made her worse!

I didn't bother asking for a top-up on the incredibly short measure of a pint which was just as well as she decided the best thing to do was ignore me completely and chat to the only other customer in there.

When the usually genial landlord Barry turned up, I asked him if eating sweets is banned in there. I explained what happened and he said its nothing to do with him. He called the barmaid over, then walked off, and she repeated that I was rude for even bringing sweets into the pub.

Turns out its his wife (poor sod). They don't even sell food in the pub.

I know that rude moody hosts can sometimes be entertaining, but with her measures, prices, and lack of atmosphere on a busy (for everywhere in the town) afternoon, I've decided to take a lead from all their non-customers and give the place a wide berth.

Better off going to Piries Bar down the next alleyway; and they stay open late.
cadoga1410 - 25 Apr 2013 19:49
Best pub in Horsham and the only remaining one staging competitive bar billiards.
tommo5 - 22 Jul 2011 16:04
The Stout House has a nice old exterior and is located in the centre of Horsham. The interior has a wood floor which gives way to stone and then carpet as you venture towards the rear. A bar billiards table is situated near the door. Old pictures of the pub can be seen at the rear. Hall & Woodhouse beers are dispensed from the ground floor cellar. Kings & Barnes Sussex Bitter & Badger Tanglefoot were the 2 ales on during our Saturday evening visit. A fairly pleasant pub.
blue_scrumpy - 30 Jan 2011 18:50
A decent pub with friendly staff and customers.

Stowford Press Cider on draught.

Could be doing without the gaming machines which I always think look cheap and tacky in a pub.

Bar Billiards table is a nice touch.

I'd certainly go back again if I was in Horsham.
Pat_Bateman - 16 Nov 2010 16:40
Lovely pub, great exterior. Beer is ok, it's all Badger, but overall one of Hall and Woodhouse's better efforts. Thankfully the conservation area means they haven't been able to change the exterior. Unspoilt interior as well and friendly relaxed barman. Great place to slip into on an afternoon, an oasis of calm in the centre of the town. As a free house this would be a spectacular pub.
MurkyGrom - 19 Mar 2010 19:07
The Stout House used to be my regular Friday watering hole when I lived in Horsham, and it's one of the few pubs I have any kind of emotional connection to. I loved this place - the staff were always friendly, the service was great, and the location was awesome (literally stumbling distance to a cashpoint too!).
I've got so many great memories of this place that I haven't a hope in hell of writing an unbiased review, but I will say that if you're looking for a good night out with friends, conversation and damn good beer, then you'll be hard pressed to find a pub better than this in Horsham.
Only thing I'd complain about are the benches, which are almost guaranteed to ensure a healthy dose of piles in later life!
Benny79 - 17 Jan 2010 21:10
I agree with and don't need to expand much upon the 2008 reviews of this pub. I enjoyed my visit and was received with warm welcome. Unspoilt town boozer.

Would benefit from keeping and handful of specialist bottled stouts behind the bar for those, like me, who ask for them due to the pub's name. There seemed little interest in the subject though and I suspect K&B would disallow it anyway, which would be a shame. Stowford Press is one of the better 'town ciders' though. Would visit again on a pub crawl or a lunchtime pint. Possibly better that a rubbish chain pub. Billiards is a nice touch, I hope that stays
goosegog - 17 Dec 2008 22:54
K&B Sussex, Badger, Tanglefoot, needless to say no proper stout (“no call for it”), I don’t count guinness. Nice looking bar with sections floored in wood, stone paving, & carpet, upholstered settles around walls, busy book corner (whatever that note means?), ‘cellar’ visible behind bar but a missed opprtunity for a decent tap room, wood panelled walls, beamed/yellowed ceiling, striped stools & wood tbls opp bar below tv housed in cabinet, a large games machine – out of context to the décor but mercifully unused on my visit. Radio was too loud but playlist was ok (but talky – what stn is Evans on these days?). Very nice bar billiards table nr entrance with its own suspended lighting/tassled lightshade. Large coffee maker prominent, make of that what you will. I don’t mind Badger beers but don’t actively seek them out, and H&W houses could be so much better if they allowed guests.
trainman - 11 Nov 2008 05:27
Half decent pub but as with all H&W pubs the beer lets it down big style
superseagulls - 26 May 2008 12:37
The Stout may be a bit old fashioned, but that is not a bad thing (unlike Barry's dress sense). A nice oasis in the madness that is Horsham - we did win "Britain in Bloom" and C4 likes us - a lovely town.
Horsham_dingle - 5 Mar 2008 18:22
There wasn’t quite tumbleweed blowing across the bar floor when I went in this Sunday evening but even including the barman I don’t think the number of people in here got to double figures. Having said that, as a newcomer I was made perfectly welcome and the pint of Tanglefoot I drank was fine. This is a former King & Barnes house, now in the clutches of Hall & Woodhouse. A "proper" pub.

Ordinary - 27 Jan 2008 21:54
One of the last true town pubs left in the World. What you see is what you get; it's not flash, or garish. There is no jukebox, just Rdaio 2. TV sometimes on, but the sound is always off. well kept Hall & Woodhouse ales, plus their offerings of Lager. Barry the landlord is a real character and malkes a cracking bap at lunchtime. Best in class!!!

Moses - 16 Nov 2007 16:24
Looked forward to visiting this pub. Unfortunately it was closed at 5.30 on a Saturday afternoon. Oh well, I'll try again next season!
afcgazzard - 18 Feb 2007 11:03
If you want to prop the bar up and have a good chat and decent beer in a place thankfully devoid of gobby tosspots come here. Granted Barry the landlords sense of humour takes a little getting used to but is worth it in the end. Oh and it's not just for "local" people.
alldaylong - 11 Feb 2007 08:40
Not a bad pub at all this one. Decent real ales and a bit of peace and quiet in which to enjoy your drink - a rarity in Horsham.
Jude_The_Obscure - 18 Jul 2006 16:27
Old fashioned drinkers' pub with bare floorboards in the front bar, a posher carpeted area towards the rear; fairly quiet during my early evening visit, real ales from the Hall & Woodhouse range as is the case in many Horsham pubs since H&W's takeover of King & Barnes. Had a pint of Tanglefoot which was in good nick, though not my favourite range of beers to be honest.

Sky Sports on the TV at a discreet volume, landlord friendly enough, although I can understand the comments from some earlier posts implying it's a bit of a rednecks' bar. If you're an over-35 male and drink ale you'll probably like it.
Rich66 - 16 Nov 2005 21:33
Great pub, possibly the best beer in town, great staff apart from the strange chap with the funny moustache behind the bar?

If you are after a good drink in an excellently managed pub this is definitely for you. No loud music or stupid tunes from quiz fruit machines or TVs, just gentle background music.

Boysee - 17 Sep 2005 21:20
Why do you have to have a passport for ID? Seems like most of the people here don't need it anyway though. Also seems like you need to be keen on football and proud of your country to fit in here.
Will2 - 13 Sep 2005 01:13
Is this a locals pub? It does seem to be, got a bad idea about it here straight after going in. Seemed very obvious that young looking people are not welcome. I'd say if your not at least over 30 and not from around these parts (horsham) you probably wont be too welcome here. Try it if you want though!
aleman - 13 Sep 2005 00:29
Oh not the quaffer again !
This pubs opening times are dictated by chaos theory
AVFC - 1 Sep 2005 15:46
Traditional, town-centre drinkers’ pub with boxy, two-storey exterior, the top half painted white, lower fitted out in smart, new wood. Inside it used to be two bars but now consists of one fair-sized room with a bar counter down the left-hand side, behind which the ground floor ‘cellar’ is visible though an internal door window. The chestnut wood bar, wall panelling and ceiling are also the result of this relatively recent refurbishment. Moving from the front door towards the rear, the floor changes from wooden boards to flagstone to red patterned carpet. Stools with green striped seats are arranged around both the bar and wooden tables. A TV on the wall opposite the bar is turned to Sky Sports but with the volume on mute. There is minimal decoration: a row of horse brasses line a roof beam and there are a few prints, pictures and old photographs on the walls, including one of the pub in the 1950s with tiled frontage. An earlier photograph, circa 1903, shows the premises with only one ground floor window. Gentlemen with moustached, archaic faces pose solemnly outside. The detached front wheel of a Penny Farthing is propped against the wall of the adjoining alley. Although it does close for a period in the late afternoon, the Stout House operates a 10am opening time from Monday-Saturday, and when I arrive this cold January morning there are already several middle-aged and elderly gentlemen well into their first or second pints of the day. An ex-King and Barnes house, it used to be a virtually permanent entry in the GBG (1986-2000, and again in 2003) and was also a CAMRA local Pub of the Year in 1997. It is now Hall and Woodhouse selling Tanglefoot and King and Barnes Sussex Bitter. I begin with a half of the latter (£1.15) and, although I have come to regard it as a rather undistinguished, routine session-bitter, am pleasantly surprised to find it in excellent condition with the flavour of hops well to the fore. I see what looks like the landlord of the Malt Shovel drinking at the bar, and his presence would be testimony to the quality of the beer served here. I also note the plate of tasty looking cobs on the bar. The ham and tomato in cheese and onion bread is delicious, and the half of Tanglefoot I wash it down with is well kept. I leave by the rear door that opens onto the alley and, as I enter once more the Carfax, run my hand along that part of the wall on which a century ago rested the front wheel of a Penny Farthing.

thequaffer - 14 Apr 2005 14:56
Great pub, good beer, good staff, nice location.
mitch65 - 14 Jan 2005 12:50
the best pub in the world
amy - 13 Nov 2004 18:37
It used to be better when run by John & Margaret but is still ok. Good beer for sure!
Andy J - 8 Aug 2004 16:55
Lovely, genuine traditional small town pub, this one probably survived because the brewery was just down the road. Now the latter's hardcore, somebody may decide that there's more money in selling designer trainers than in beer. So, go there! Useful when you're waiting for a bus out of town.
Vasili - 30 Jul 2004 16:50
i am amy and i live above the stout house and i think it is the best bub in the world.
amy simpson - 25 Jul 2004 11:04
One of my favourite watering holes, this pub is purely for ale drinking, if you want loud music or games machines then this pub is not for you, but if you want to taste a really good pint then this place is a must visit.
Fluff - 6 Feb 2004 21:33

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