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Ye Old Stout House, Horsham

When I last visited before Christmas, their Guinness was 50p more expensive than neighbouring pubs.

Whilst waiting for my pint I ate a sweet from a small paper bag, only to have the barmaid 'go into one' about how rude I was for bringing food into a pub. I explained that it was only a sweet, expecting an apology but this if anything made her worse!

I didn't bother asking for a top-up on the incredibly short measure of a pint which was just as well as she decided the best thing to do was ignore me completely and chat to the only other customer in there.

When the usually genial landlord Barry turned up, I asked him if eating sweets is banned in there. I explained what happened and he said its nothing to do with him. He called the barmaid over, then walked off, and she repeated that I was rude for even bringing sweets into the pub.

Turns out its his wife (poor sod). They don't even sell food in the pub.

I know that rude moody hosts can sometimes be entertaining, but with her measures, prices, and lack of atmosphere on a busy (for everywhere in the town) afternoon, I've decided to take a lead from all their non-customers and give the place a wide berth.

Better off going to Piries Bar down the next alleyway; and they stay open late.

25 Apr 2013 19:49

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