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Be At One, Old Street

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RIP Legion. We miss you. Be @ One is cack, soulless and an unworthy successor.
HLC - 13 Aug 2014 15:49
in here last night, WICKED !! 3 dee jays, one was a shit hot turntable'st (DJ Cooks) spinnin & skratchin hip hip, other 2 were good enough r&b and hip hop. lots of nice women, friendly crowd, very pricy though, most drinks about 4.50
thehogson - 8 May 2010 16:09
Also, really decent bouncer on the door here - must be the best bouncer in London. Always introduces himself to you and shakes your hand on the way in.

Would be good if there was more of this in London instead of attitude.

A nice touch.
HLC - 24 Jan 2007 13:43
After a night in the pub, myself and three other repaired to this fine establishment. An effort at witty banter was made in the cab there, the joke being that we were going to a British Legion. Unfortunately this was lost on one of the lads, whom I shall refer to only as DOCILITY JONES (aka. The Careless Swagman), who believed we were actually going to a late-opening British Legion conveniently placed in the centre of Shoreditch. He continued to think this until the actual moment when we stepped in side. He later spilled an entire pint of Leffe over me, so he wasn't on the best of form.

I'll tell you what, there were some fits birds in here. The beer of choice Leffe, which is perfectly palatable when already drunk and in dire circumstances. They also, rather bizarrely for somewhere you wouldn't expect to care about such things, serve Bellevue Kriek on tap. Music was more of the student bop variety, at one point Ray Charles was audible which seemed wrong. Seemed to be free to get in even after 11 but that may be because the guy we were with knew the bouncers.

Toilet attendant earned himself a quid simply because he did actually say "Lucky lucky lucky lucky, freshen up for the punani!", which was unreal.

I supposed I'd go again if pissed and restless in these parts. It was alright.


anonymous - 12 Jan 2007 15:07
Used to be good, but in recent months they have been turning down the lights so it gets very dark and cranking up the music. I guess they are trying to create more atmosphere but it doesn't work and you can't then chat up any ladies!!

Having said that I have had some very fun nights in here and the music is good.
HLC - 9 Jan 2007 13:03
Is this place ever open? I've tried to have a drink in here countless times, and it's always shut. A bit confusing considering the times I have visited have been within the designated Happy Hours advertised on the board outside.
courtneyjean - 28 Oct 2006 16:45
Fortunately the beer was working the night I went...
Obviously not the place to go for a quiet night comparing ales, but for a lively party atmosphere this place really hits the spot. Friendly staff and customers all having a good time in an intersting venue with good music = great night out.
gotimmy - 6 Apr 2006 16:28
I was at The Legion last night. Not good at all, which is a shame as I've had some really good nights here in the past. There was no food available, and the draught beer "stopped working".

I'll say that again. The draught beer stopped working.

How? How does all beer just suddenly stop? Staff didn't have a clue what was going on, no-one seemed to be in charge of the place. All in all I was really unimpressed.
Muttsnutts - 17 Mar 2006 11:07
DJ XXXX is apparently due to play fairly soon.
anonymous - 18 Feb 2006 09:17
what a great place.
i hear it's recently been sold to new owners, and it seems to have kept its magic vibe, the staff are nothing like what ive read in previous reviews in fact they are fantastic!! i went in one saturday evening for a work do, we arrived pretty early and found our reserved table. Happy hour was a good deal and on till 8. The mood was right with wicked music and dimmed lighting. staff were entertaining and making drinks properly (a nice big squeeze of a fresh lime in my gin and tonic was most welcome)
the dj's turned up and the place filled up almost instantly, such a good atomsphere. low key casual and such a party!! i hear every weekend is the same there and they never charge on the door, we all had a very good time and will definately be back.
simonjenkinb - 31 Jan 2006 22:29
I really like this place and always have a good night there. Music is usually good, good crowd and food is okay.

The place is let down by the bar staff (not all, just most of them). They are the worst I have ever been served by. Rude, barely acknowledge customers and I even had one chatting on her mobile whilst serving me - hence it taking quite a long time for her to open a bottle of wine.

So frustrating
BathingApe - 29 Sep 2005 15:30
I have always quite enjoyed my visits to the Legion. The juke box is great, always manage to get a table and good selection of lagers. However, the staff are appalling, they mooch about either talking on their mobiles or to each other, trying to look cool. They are rude and perhaps think that aloofness in a service job is classy and cool - it is not. Whilst I will no doubt go back to Legion, I am sure I will have to contend with this again whilst waiting an age for a pint.
gooding - 26 Sep 2005 10:14
It feels like a shop converted into a bar.
It's way too bright, and is like a wood showroom in the most uncomfortable sense.

However, music is good, if a bit contrived.

Not a patch on the social

anonymous - 4 Jul 2005 17:37
Has a slightly grungy studenty feel with sometimes challenginglive music. Great fishfinger sandwiches though
rachelgroves - 8 Dec 2004 10:48
A really good place for live music. Really good dj and wicked pies!
Si - 26 Aug 2004 11:35
if you want a bit of live music and quality dj's then this is the place.
they do good pies to.
gareth - 28 May 2004 13:26
sister bar to the social and not dissimilar actually. Nicely designed and a good vibe when I was there, bar the surly bar staff. It feels like a mile walk from the door to the bar, but that aint so bad. The pies, however, are stupendous, and they were playing some nice tunes last weekend. A good place to while away a Sunday, and the big tables make it a perfect place for a big group.
Lei - 4 Feb 2004 22:22

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