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Username: courtneyjean

Age: 41

Sex: ?

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The Reliance, Old Street

REALLY expensive for what it is.

28 Oct 2006 16:45

Be At One, Old Street

Is this place ever open? I've tried to have a drink in here countless times, and it's always shut. A bit confusing considering the times I have visited have been within the designated Happy Hours advertised on the board outside.

28 Oct 2006 16:45

The Coach and Horses, Soho

I had a dreadful experience in this pub on Saturday night. After suffering through a few rounds of the most unbelievably rude service I' have ever experienced (the barmaid apparently thinks throwing her hair about and raising her eyebrows indicates she is ready to take your order; it may sound fairly trivial but the attitude was incredible), I was given a flat pint of cider. I brought it back down to the staff at the bar and explained what had happened, and a different barmaid said she'd change the barrel. Whilst I waited I noticed the initially rude barmaid had cheered up somewhat, and the noticed she was swigging champagne behind the bar, where there was also a couple of other drinks (full pint, a short of something) clearly there for the staff. Once the raps had been changed, the barmaid let me taste the new batch, and it was still flat - it was actually worse than before. When I told her this, she took a sip and just shouted "no!" at me, which apparently means it was perfectly fine. I decided to leave it as I could not be bothered getting into a fight about this, but I won't be returning, and the manager will be getting a letter.

16 Oct 2006 16:57

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