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White Horse, Leighton Buzzard

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user reviews of the White Horse, Leighton Buzzard

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A great little pub walking distance from the Grand Union canal and Leighton Buzzard station for a pre-London jar or two, lovely little courtyard garden and totally stripped back and no fuss decor. The juke box has some real gems on it and the ale is well kept by the landlord who seems to take real pride in his beer quality.
ironside33 - 7 Jul 2011 11:05
Your basic no frills town pub with five ales on. Had a reasonable pint of Cottage Silver Arrow. Friendly enough traditional boozer.
anonymous - 11 Jul 2010 22:39
Traditional small town centre pub with a central bar ,this place is well used by locals and folk attracted by the range of beers.London Pride and GK IPA are always stocked together with up to 3 guest ales.On our visit there was Spitfire,Chesnut (Burton Old Cottage brewery) and Huck-me-Buck (Tring brewery) .The changing range may cause confusion behind the bar because when enquiring about what beer style Huck me Buck was,we were told it was a light ale when infact it came out tawny ,pleasing none the less.Spitfire was good ,but the London Pride was odd.Now I have been quaffing London Pride for more years than I care to mention and so have my colleagues and although what came out of the London Pride pump was quaffable,it wasnt Pride.By now Black Sheep had replaced the Spitfire and lo and behold it didnt look or taste like Black Sheep either.My guess is that there had been barrel confusion in the cellar,or the wrong pump clip attached to the hand pumps.Nothing malicious and the ale quality was good and very reasonably priced but its the sort of issue that need sorting out.However still the best pub in Linslade.
Bucking_Fastard - 12 Oct 2009 10:03
Good pub, nice range of local ales, beer mats pinned to the wall and a 'classic' English feel to it. Particularly enjoyed the Tring ales, though I was not really in the mood for a session when I went in. Even the nuts were cheaper than expected in these days of ever spiralling nut and Kettle Chip prices (has anyone ever bought Kettle Chips outside of a pub?). I like these computerised Juke Boxes where thousands of tracks are playable. Bar staff were friendly and inquisitive as to what two weary cowboys were doing in the border town of Leighton Buzzard. Without expresing anything approaching an interest, I was spontaneously offered a room for the night at what I was assured was a competitive rate. I demurred on the basis that I only live 15 miles away, but, if I didn't, I expect it would have been rather pleasant to stay above this pub.

BitterShurn - 1 Jun 2009 18:17
A basic, no-nonsense backstreet pub, handily placed for the railway station if you're legs are weary from a long walk. Five ales on the pumps - we sampled Jack O'Legs from the Tring brewery - a copper coloured, fruity ale and Western Arches from the Cottage Brewing Company which was a light, hoppy beer. Both were well kept and reasonably priced at �2.80 and 2.90 a pint, respectively. Recommended.

holbornboy - 5 May 2009 17:38
Rich and Terri offer a warm welcome and have a good range of real ales and beer. One of the cheapest pubs around. A real drinkers pub. Lots of regulars who mostly are decent people. They just need to sort the music out and buy a decent stereo. They always have the footie on and theres a real good atmosphere. I would highly recommend this pub.
babysham1 - 31 May 2008 14:53

Wrong Paul, MUPPET.

I couldn't understand the rest of the sentence. Intelligence clearly not your strong point.

Were you get asked to leave/barred from the White Horse or something?
hornetpaul - 13 Feb 2008 14:40
From my experience: The White Horse is a clean friendly local pub with good conversation. I liked the pub because of the wide-variety of real ales i've discovered there.

They run IPA and London Pride as resident beers, alongside a variable guest beer e.g. Black sheep, Tribute, Abbott, Adnams, Broadside, Old Speckled Hen, etc....

They also run a guest ale from a local brewery in Tring, which varys from week to week.... most customers ask to try before they buy, so don't be afraid to ask.

todd_uk - 6 Feb 2008 01:10
In actual fact The White Horse reopened as a no-smoking pub BEFORE the ban came in. Not that Chazie699 would be interested in facts, judging by his previous comments.
steve1956 - 19 Dec 2007 14:38
the only reason it was no smoking is because it was shut you muppet and it should have stayed that way and morals mean no one should drink in a pub that a bankrupted divvy like you drinks in oh how is the boat these days i heard it sank muppet

chazie699 - 15 Dec 2007 17:08

What a load of old tosh - you're either jug-ears from up the road or one of his cronies.

This pub was no-smoking months before the smoking ban so why would they let people smoke in there now?

WTF has morals and self respect got to do with drinking a few pints in a pub you moron.
hornetpaul - 13 Dec 2007 09:19
this pub is rubbish i would warn you off it dont go there its full of dirty old alcoholics that should not be allowed in a pub there was smoking in the pub and not just ciggaretts if u get my drift i had bad guts for days after drinking the ale thank god i only had one thats all i can say i think i will stay away should have been knocked down when they had the chance DONT GO THERE IF YOU HAVE ANY MORALS OR SELF RESPECT
chazie699 - 2 Dec 2007 22:49
visited this pub three weeks ago on a wednesday evening as I was meeting friends and I was early, I found quite a few people in there very intoxicated and falling off stools and being picked up put back on then getting served again, then whilst still waiting for the time to get nearer to leave to meet my friends, I found the person who fell off the stool had fell down the steps to the place and then was picked up and carried down the street, and many others were bouncing off the walls by the time I left. marks for no smoking 9/10, atmosphere and stupidity 2/10. Will be back in the area in a couple of weeks lets hope things have changed.
anonymous - 12 Jul 2007 11:20
Great to see it open as a non-smoking pub from day 1. Greene King IPA looks as if it will be the standard ale, with Abbot as the premium beer and rotating guest ales.

Facilities for smokers in the back yard.
Falstaff - 10 Apr 2007 12:13
Back open and much the same: Friendly -and tiny- freehouse, with plain, slightly too bright decor and an alcoholic or two walking into the furniture
redrocket - 2 Apr 2007 15:34
Great news The White Horse is OPEN.
In there last night all done up great beer and great landlord (richard) and landlady (terry). nice to be back. look forward to having some good times in there.
simonwyatt - 28 Mar 2007 13:52
Great News!! I hear The white Horse is opening again in February, hopefully this story is true but I haven't seen any movement in there since it shut, thanks to the council for not allowing the pub to be changed to anything other than a public house. Being a resisdent of New Road The White Horse has been greatly missed, slowly pubs have been disappearing from New Road and it will be nice to have one back!
BigDave_Blue - 22 Jan 2007 11:24
Was a class establishment with very friendly regulars and excellent owners. Every night was like an episode of "Cheers". Who knows what the future holds? Maybe it will rise again.
JonTheWonderBoy - 21 May 2006 22:46
This pub has been closed for good
Carl1982 - 11 Apr 2006 21:01
Personally I am glad to see it shut down. Its dingy, smelly, and a horrible place to drink. The best thing they could do there is turn it into flats. Lets face it it was never going to make money with the size of it and the location. All you people who are so quick to criticise the Pub Companies, thats business for you. If you all have an opinion, why dont you all get together and put a load of money in and but the pub together. Most of you probably dont understand about the price of real estate. Lets look at it, the pub is in the centre of Linslade, its small, its not taking enough money. Fact!! Its a large plot for land in Linslade. So when it comes to disposition of pubs, are the pub comapnies going to sell a big town centre pub instaed of a small pub. Methinks not. So i put it to all you moaners who are quick to slate of the pub companies, instead of whinging sit down have a meeting and buy the damn pub, keep it open and see if in 6 months time you are still keen to keep it open. It really gets my back up when the likes of certain people blame others, get into the real world and stop imagining that the grass is greener on the other side. As I said, doesnt bother me whatsoever but there you go, what do I know??
anonymous - 1 Mar 2006 10:11
Greed has triumphed again and property developers will turn this lovely little pub (which must have been doing quite well under the enlightened management of Paul and Jane) into yet more overpriced brick-built breeding boxes. Now the regulars are going to have to make agonising decisions as to which other local hostelry to favour with their custom (don't get excited Mr Patrick at the Hunt, it won't be yours). Wherever, the atmosphere won't be the same. It's a crying shame. Who's to blame? Good luck to Paul and Jane at their new pub in Witney. Our loss is their gain.
jonbuzz21 - 14 Feb 2006 17:23
beersome - 12 Feb 2006 16:50
Typical big incompitant bussiness....... a fantastic pub is to close and the pubco mis managment team don't even know that they have sold it. Some one should punch admeral and Flog punch............ Useless Bu........... what is the point well said by the way instow2. What a great team the Landlord and landlady were...... But even they like everyone else in this misserable country can't beat big usless mis management. Long may they drown in there own usless boddingtons..........
timegentlemenplease - 11 Feb 2006 17:40
It is with great sadness that it to be reported that this lovely little pub is to close after 150 years. Punch/admiral taverns pubco's are so incompetent that neither knew who was running it. or who owned it Or that it was being sold to property developers. they just paid for central new heating!!!! The landlord and landlady having worked unceasingly for over a year to save it, built it from nothing to a great sucess are to be chucked out in only 2 weeks.
instow2 - 11 Feb 2006 15:46
I am sorry that anonymous had a bad pint in the white horse on Thursday. I dont know which of the four real ales he had but I was in on the same day and sampled three of them (free from the landlord) and have to disagree with him. All 3 were first class and clear and fresh as they always are. Perhaps anonymaus would like to put his name to his comment and which of the real ales he tried. I would guess he is a lager drinker, drinking sour grapes or in fact not in the White Horse but round the Hare.
anonymous - 5 Jan 2006 19:45
Perhaps I have been unlucky, but the smell was rancid, almost as if the ale had been sold out of date or purchased close to the out of date period. I am only being honest about it, Its not the only pub in town that has sold "off" beer, unfortunately they all do when people dont drink it that often.
anonymous - 4 Jan 2006 09:31
"Anonymous" must have been very unlucky, I've never had a bad pint in this pub since the new landlord took over.
steve1956 - 1 Jan 2006 14:38
Not a nice pub in my opinion. Sampled a pint of the real ale there on Thursday Afternoon, it actually tasted and smelled like it had been stagnating in the pipes for a few days. Too smokey and very bland atmosphere.
anonymous - 31 Dec 2005 12:13
I hear that Punch Taverns is selling the pub to Admiral Taverns. Let's hope that the range of beers available continues to be as good as or better than landlord Paul Roberts has been able to sell so far.

The White Horse is still the best pub in the town.
Falstaff - 6 Dec 2005 10:33
Cracking boozer - very friendly, always made to feel welcome.Best pub in Linslade by a mile!!
hovis - 26 Aug 2005 20:36
well worth the trip however far
timegentlemenplease - 3 Aug 2005 18:26
Fab Brill Beer Landlord Landlady Words can not Express Their Trifle on a Tuesday Night

beersome - 20 Jul 2005 18:58
in the pub on monday night only 4 real ales on, the flowers was better then seeing luton loose.the dart team was at home that night, so the atmosphere was great.
simonwyatt - 20 Jul 2005 11:15
Spearhead was sorry the Abbot had run out, but enjoyed the Brains SA. Now we have Old Speckled Hen, with Jennings coming soon. All that, and one of the friendliest pubs around.

What more could a beer fancier ask for?

Falstaff - 18 Jul 2005 20:21
Brilliant everso everso good
moremoremore - 18 Jul 2005 15:42
An absolutely wonderful pub, nice to find a pub that is not plastic, and a food emporium. Great beer, good company, fab music,Paul & Jane fabulous landlord & ladylady. Just don't want to go anywhere else!
topitup - 18 Jul 2005 15:06
Fantastic, definitely the best pub for miles around If not the best in the whole country. But as it is going to get more and more popular, perhaps the best thing for all new comers to do, would be if it looks too busy, just push your cash through the letterbox.

timegentlemenplease - 18 Jul 2005 14:47
call me a glutton for punishment, but I called in for another pint tonight. Sadly, the Abbot had all gone but brains SA was on. A very nice pint. The pub was full despite Tom Jones on the CD player!!Unfortunately I won't be in the area for the foreseable future but will call again to see if things are still as good
spearhead - 11 Jul 2005 01:28
called in again last night and Abbot was the guest ale. superbly kept and served. This apparently is the landlords favourite tipple.A good atmosphere in the pub and everyone friendly.
spearhead - 10 Jul 2005 17:50
went in last night with the choice of abbot, flowers original, green king IPA and dark mild with brains SA still to come. What else could a real ale drinker want from a pub?
ptb - 9 Jul 2005 10:29
A great little pub. the new landlord and his wife certainly keep a good pint and on our first visit were welcoming. Will definately return to sample more ale!
spearhead - 7 Jul 2005 20:33
in the pub on sunday (3/7/05),great beers, great landlord and his wife,1 of the best pubs in the area.
anonymous - 4 Jul 2005 14:29
good company and beer - so finding it harder to get cross the bridge these days -

Am looking forward to the beer garden being open this summer.

should take advantage of new licensing laws so I can stay a little later.
anonymous - 29 Jun 2005 20:43
This is a great, friendly little ( it is little ) boozer. Beer is well kept and always a good selection. Quite a transformation engineered by the landlord and his wife. The conversation can often be quite surreal but cerebal. Cheers!
Capt.Jake - 24 Jun 2005 09:30
What a transformation in this pub. A choice of well-kept real ales, with interesting guest beers. Also decent draught cider. Even the house wine is drinkable! Great crowd, good craic and a friendly, welcoming landlord (not forgetting his charming wife). Everything a good local should be.
jonbuzz21 - 16 Jun 2005 14:32
just getting better and better, more so now the ex landlord has moved his car from the beer garden.the dart team got off to a good start with a 5-2 win thanks to the watford ,luton combination.
hornet - 9 Jun 2005 21:56
I can't understand why the rating has slipped to 5.9 at the time of writing with only positive comments in recent postings. If anything the pub is continuing to improve. Last week's Jennings bitter was simply amazing.
anonymous - 19 May 2005 16:55
Thanks to all who arranged the weekend. A great time was had by all. looking forward to the next one already.

ptb - 15 May 2005 08:31
Great weekend, had by all. A big thanks to Paul and Jane for the present. Just a few words to Ralph and Huey for COMING UP with those things, please dont next time lol. A word to Slider, you cheated at Pool!! And finally a word to my buddy who must turn his pillow around every now and then and stop looking up or you might rick your neck. Brilliant weekend
anonymous - 3 May 2005 08:47
Just had a fishing trip with all the guys in the White Horse and it was fantastic.

A big thank you to the landlord who welcomed our return with a great treat. Also a big thanks to Roy Cropper who got stuffed at pool (by me) at the weekend and bank rolled my weekend
Slider - 2 May 2005 17:01
Brilliant selection of real ales. Regular pint is Greene King IPA with usually two guest ales.

Locals are welcoming - a stranger's just a friend you do not know. Don't understand comments about QPR fan; seem to be a lot of Gooners and a Black Cat (Sunderland supporter) with a dog called Roker.
Falstaff - 18 Apr 2005 22:06
Has taken most of the regulars exiled from the Hunt Hotel down the road. Hence it has an excellent atmosphere and landlord. They QPR fan is a top bloke too.
WonderJon - 11 Apr 2005 13:40
Very friendly pub indeed. The world is orange and white, and we seem to be bypassing the rivals on the way up. All praise to the mighty hatters. I love Leeds Utd for helping us in our cause. Beer is fantastic too
anonymous - 10 Apr 2005 06:32
Great Local great guest ales(10 in 2 weeks) Landlord one of a kind. The only downer is a few Luton Fans who have had nothing to shout about for a long time are making up for it. good job it a friendly pub.

anonymous - 8 Apr 2005 18:53
Now the best pub in Linslade. About time someone from called in to check this place out.
ptb - 6 Apr 2005 12:53
The Qpr fan is a funny bloke, but so was Danny La Rue And he took �20 off me in a bet
simon_watford_fan - 5 Apr 2005 13:44
went in the horse the other night, new beers on, new landlord,much better than the old landlord and no QPR fans.
anonymous - 29 Mar 2005 21:46
went in last night and there is a new landlord. Now has guest ales on and all the pumps working. Crowd seemed the same as last time in so not a lot has changed. The big QPR fan still making a lot of noise.
ptb - 22 Mar 2005 12:54
Yeah will, know what you're saying - that loud QPR fan was in there when I last vistited.

I might pop in there tomorrow as I'm sure he'll be a lot quieter when the football results have come in.

Nice friendly boozer, music can be well iffy though.
hornetpaul - 11 Mar 2005 19:03
delightful little pub !!! I felt welcomed as soon as I went in. i would imagine that the locals are the first ones who saw me and my grandmother walking in yesterday, all said hi to me and went about their own business. I did strike up a conversation within 2 minutes of being there with a really talkative chap (He couldnt stop going on about Queens Park Rangers) but that was the only down point to my visit. Otherwise he was a decent chap. " Real fires going and it was clean, as were the toilets and even my grandmother said it was a "lovely Little Pub"
will_iner - 28 Dec 2004 09:14
Dear Steve, I now unsterstand loud and clear. Also totally agree with your remark about the hunt. It is very sad to see how the Hunt has gone down the pan since the present landlord moved in
Lucy - 5 Oct 2004 15:14
Sorry Lucy, didn't mean to sound so negative. It's a good pub with friendly people, but it does feel like you're invading someone's private sitting room. Still, rather that than go to The Hunt.
Steve - 29 Sep 2004 00:52
I do not agree with steve, the pub has a mad (in a good sense)atmosphere where the locals accept you with open arms, provided that you are willing to join in the banter
Lucy - 28 Sep 2004 11:51
its a very comfortable pub, and you will recieve a warm welcome from my nan and grandad (who own it).

Jo may 2003
jo - 20 May 2004 14:38
Pleasant back street local with the ambience of a 1960�s sitting room. On your first visit you may be viewed with considerable suspicion, not least by the Landlord. Keep at it and you will eventually be accepted.
Steve - 1 Feb 2004 20:12

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