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Dignity (Taylors of Finchley), Finchley

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user reviews of Dignity (Taylors of Finchley), Finchley

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A fairly pleasant bar that is nicer on the inside than it would appear from outside. It has quite a modern feel and there is a clear emphasis on food, with menus on each table. 3 real ales were on - Sharps Doom Bar, Sunny Republic Beach Blonde & Adnams Explorer. Aspalls was the cider. Not worth making a special trip to Finchley for. But ok if you're in the area.
blue_scrumpy - 10 Aug 2012 20:12
I'm afraid this has in the last couple of months turned into a place very much focused on serving food. Gone are the battered sofas and space to move around, replaced with rows of leather upholstery, menus everywhere and bar staff wearing aprons. I guess there's more money in food than beer and socialising, but I'll be doing no more of the latter in this now-soulless establishment, which is a damn pain since it's my local and there's now no 'normal pub' left in Finchley.
cid - 9 Jan 2012 09:31
used to work nearby so have been here a fair few times. as others have said its a bit soulless and doesnt really have a lot of character BUT i've rarely had a badly kept pint. staff nice, friendly. closest pub to the station i think so useful in that way.
Smithy_1973 - 2 Dec 2011 11:49
It definitely has the outward appearance of a soulless office building (which is probably what it actually forms part of) but it's at least functional. When I was last here quite a few weeks ago they had among others:

1. Sharp's Atlantic IPA
2. Sharp's Doom Bar
3. Vale Brewery Special
4. Blue Moon
5. Estrella Barcellona. . .
6. Peroni, Leffe and even more lagers

I didn't notice any of the beers being noticeably (or at all) badly kept and the lagers among them were OK. Also the bar service was prompt.

If you want atmosphere you probably will have to travel, but you would anyway in Finchley Central, would you not?

_grobag_ - 22 Sep 2011 00:35
I *do* live in Finchley but will travel rather than go here.
Beer never well kept, no character.
mym - 2 Jan 2011 11:19
As my local, The Dignity has had the dubious pleasure of hosting many a night out of mine over the last five years. In that time the pub has definitely been on an upward curve. The staff are friendly, the ales change frequently, they serve untold different types of cider over the course of the year. The food is standard pub fare cooked very well, with an additional specials menu of good meals for a fiver.

There's a paper rack for the patrons to share the day's news. The outside area is admittedly right on the main road but that's hardly the fault of the pub, and is fine during the summer.

The quiz night on Wednesdays is a laugh, oh and the Sunday roasts are excellent.

As catfitz said, there's no reason to come to Finchley to visit this pub, but if you're in Finchley, you'll do yourself a favour if you choose this place for your patronage.
cid - 3 Sep 2010 08:36
I really like it in here, there's a pub quiz on wednesday evenings and they have live music nights. The food's good and reasonably priced and they usually have a guest ale in. It's not a place to travel specifically to Finchley for, but if you're around the area you could do a lot worse.
catfitz - 10 Apr 2010 12:40
Bar on the ground floor of an office block on the busy High Road. No character or atmosphere and appears pretty much as it is ( i.e. ground floor of an office block). Smokers can occupy the terrace at the front and exchange glares with people in the bus queue. Three ales on (Pride, Brakspears, Doom Bar) I went for the Doom Bar which was dreadful. Would advise any prospective ale drinkers to stick to the lager here. Can't imagine anyone wanting to make an evening of staying at this place.
anonymous - 11 Feb 2010 19:52
A bit pricey, but I've never had a bad pint in here, the music is good and the staff are friendly enough (despite the departure of Paul). The best pub in Finchley Central, certainly, and better service then The Old White Lion. Usually a couple of guests on.
vic_of_india - 4 Jan 2010 19:29
This is the most god awful bloody pub. Its Over priced and full of ill mannered louts as clientelle. Please Please Please avoid this place if you wish for a pleasant evening.
ihatethedignity - 18 Dec 2009 19:37
I run the local community newspaper, the Finchley Arrow newspaper and we were looking for a pub to hold our editorial meetings in. We called into several pubs and spoke to the managers or staff and this one was so different. The Manager, Ian, was very friendly, right from the start, so we chose The Dignity. Nothing that has happened since has altered our impression that this is the friendliest pub in Finchley.

And it now has Wi-Fi for its patrons to use. That is very useful as I run the newspaper from my smartphone.

I rate it 9 because I NEVER give the highest rating to anyone, ever.
ampers - 17 Nov 2009 18:53
I have to say I really like this place. It's just a ordinary pub, reasonably priced, clean and with usually great service. Staff are friendly and chatty. Maybe you have to wait a bit when busy but there is always lot of people to talk to. I am not sure about the food, it's probably ok but I am no fan of generic pub menus be it M&B, youngs or whatever. I hope you guys will keep up the good work!
ksl2 - 27 Jul 2009 15:34
Best Sunday roast I've ever had in London. Crazy amounts of food, reasonably priced, frindly bar staff and a free Bloody Mary - what more could you ask for!?!
p_tiger - 24 Jun 2009 13:53
On my recent crawl of Finchley this was the busiest pub that I came across and the crowd seemed nice enough with a wide mix of people from the surrounding area.

I wasn’t overly impressed with my pint of Brains SA Gold as it was cloudy and barely passed the ¾ mark on the jug. When I politely asked for it to be topped up it was returned with exactly the same amount of beer in it. I think this was due more to the barmaid’s skills, or lack there of, than to any slur upon me. Broadside and Pedigree were also available, but everyone in the pub seemed to be drinking the premium lagers that lined the bar.

I’ll agree with previous posters that the pub doesn’t look that appealing from the outside, but it is much nicer inside and I will give it another chance next time I’m in the area.
Strongers - 22 Apr 2009 07:28
Hi Ian, nice to know that common sense is kicking in Lols.

Good selection of ales, wines and characters in front and behind the bar with excellent food served daily.

To clarify, i am NOT the vatman, taxman or any other revenue collector. Just a simple former jobbing fine collector on behalf of H.M.C.S.
Bailiff - 4 Apr 2009 01:55
hay VAT man you will pleased to hear that we have just cut our prices of some drinks, £2.45 for Ale!!!! peroni now £3.40 and some new wines starting at £9.00 for a bottle...

for all the music lovers out there, i've just finished sorting out four amazing bands to play every month...

if you would like to see anything at the bar you can e-mail me at
[email protected]

Ian Thomson
manager of the dignity
barman123 - 3 Apr 2009 16:27
We are clearly devoid of a decent pub in Finchley Central.
Vatman - 2 Apr 2009 18:59
The Prussia - Wish the prices were the same as then. These people are robbers
Vatman - 16 Mar 2009 12:19
This pub used to be called "The Old King of Prussia" when I used it as my local in the 70's. I must go back sometime! sounds as good now as it was then.
jockthenoo - 6 Mar 2009 09:02
This is my local pub at work and I will now be boycotting it. Went in last Sunday for a roast, waited 40 minutes, asked when it might be ready and am told 5 more minutes. Another half an hour went by with no sign if our food whilst strangely, other people had theirs. Barmaid and chef were clueless and shouldn't have been left to hold the fort alone! We gave up and asked for a refund after 1hr.15 mins. Also note that they were playing rugby on the TV with the volume at an almost deafening level. Toilets not clean.
Colleagues have also had this problem in recent weeks, even during the week when its quiet.

None of us are going back. Try the Catcher in the Rye down the road, much nicer!
LLSX - 16 Feb 2009 13:52
A really good pub with friendly staff, interesting, good quality food and a good range of drinks.

Also now (since February 2008) have an amazing 8 piece band called Big Chief playing one Sunday per month, which draws a packed and enthusiastic audience. They play a mixture of jazz, African township, reggae, blues and more - unexpected and most enjoyable.
basstony - 9 Aug 2008 16:16
Went in during the day a couple of months ago. I didn't eat there but the food looked good (both on the menu and on other people's plates!) if a bit pricy (but this is London). A few well kept beers on the hand pumps, plus some interesting European bottled beers. Not sure what it's like at night, but definitely a good place to go for a few relaxing pints during the day. Don't be put off by what it looks like from the outside!
Crow_Valley - 8 Apr 2008 13:55
The fact that it is under an office block and usually has suited types sitting outside can be off putting, but once inside this place is an absolute gem. Great range of beers, wonderful food and really nice decor.
Dan1976 - 11 Feb 2008 10:26
Myself and Richie had a chat about the quiz and decided it had become a bit stale and wasn't really working in it's present format. There was little interest in the last 4 we did.
We decided to rest it for a bit and bring it back after a couple of months once we'd sat down and talked about how we were going to do it. Richie's been really busy on the TV lately but we will be bringing it back soon-hopefully by the end of October.
Hope that answers your question.
NCB - 20 Sep 2007 15:12
Whats happened to Izzy Wizzy - I miss it?
anonymous - 17 Sep 2007 12:04
Nice place, feels more like a resturant than a bar or pub. Most drinkers are a bit young, but not rowdy.
Bitterlady - 14 Sep 2007 15:03
Good beer on offer but badly looked after.
what a shame. I think the place needs to find it's own image and stop being just a shack
tibbles - 12 Apr 2007 20:54
I hadn't been to this pub for a while, but it's rapidly becoming one of my favourites.

A good pint of Timothy Taylor's Landlord (though a little on the cold side) a good range of interesting lagers (including a nice strawberry beer), good food and a great ambience. Very nice.

vic_of_india - 3 Apr 2007 16:11
hi anonymous jan 6th
thanks for that nice to someone likes us
and if you've not seen the blackboard outside we are gonna be starting a new quiz/gameshow on tues 23rd so pop along to that too, should be fun it's not your bog standard dull quiz
cheers see you soon
ian and the team at the dig
ianpubboy - 20 Jan 2007 17:02
its a shame that this pub has alot of bad reviews.I have drank there for years and i find it the best pub in finchley!great food,drinks and staff.
anonymous - 6 Jan 2007 22:14
Interesting pub for this area. Does real ales and different range of beers from the just the ususal. Has an open kitchen as well so you can see that the chef actually gives a damn.
Food was good when it came out and i didnt see any sign of flies. Theyre also doing soup and a sandwhich offer for a fiver which i only saw after ordering the burger otherwise id have had that.
Much livlier on a friday night when i was in with a good atmosphere and staff serving as quick as they could. i think its defineltley one of the best pubs in Finchley. educating the masses.

Islingtonite - 11 Nov 2006 12:28
Well what can I say to be nice about this place, it seams to be going from bad to worse.
It is a shame because I used to love this place.
There seams to be more and more younge kids in there since the door men have gone.
They are always running out of beer, the flies are still there and the attitude of the staff is just as bad.
oh well time to find a new watering hole.
guys dont bother
Duffer - 18 Jul 2006 15:55
I hadn't been to this place in a few years, and remembered it vaguely as a slightly quiet, sprawling place with plenty of room and a nice selection of beer.

Wow. It's really fallen off the edge since then. I don't really know what the managers think they're about, but my experience of too-loud music, too-hastily-poured beer and indifferent service means I won't be spending money there again soon.

anonymous - 30 Apr 2006 00:41
Ah yes....the fly's
Sorry about those but they are being dealt with. Rentokil keep coming in and spraying and has assured me that our cleaning is now much better than it has been before, under any other team which has been in we aren't ignoring the situation (we hate them too)
But we are doing our best and have got the furniture out the front again now...ready for when the sun comes back again.
The music went down well on Sunday and to keep it a bit different we've got a little folk band this week and Tony(the singer) has arranged for a fantastic guitarist the week after before he comes back himself for another week, to entertain you all.
So hope to see yopu all again soon.
ianpubboy - 26 Apr 2006 16:30
I'm a regular who drinks in the dignity, and yes it has alot of problems but they are trying.
Yes it is invested with flys, yes the staff hang around the side of the bar chatting. but that is the quirk of the dignity, they love to be rude, but in a loving way.
Keep up the good work guys
Duffer - 25 Apr 2006 00:05
Well I have been back and what a sorry state.
The dignity trys to offer all this trendy beer, but cant even do any simple house work. I have never seen so many bar flys in one establisment. They are infested.
Staff still at the side of the bar chatting while you are trying to be served.
Sorry guys you can only make so many mistakes I will not be coming back
Bewitched - 24 Apr 2006 23:44
Hi Everyone
I'm the manager of The Dignity.thanks to all of you who gave us a thumbs up.
I'd like to let you all know we are havig some work done at the moment.....the ladies loos have now been fixed so the doors now all close and lock (thats not happened for over a year)
Outside has had heaters fitted and we are waiting on the delivery of the new furniture and planters to make it the nicest place to sit outside in the area. We are getting wind breakers as well (any of you who know Regents Park Road will understand these will be a must to prevent it feeling like your sitting in a wind tunnel)
The live music is starting up again on the 23rd (sunday nights from 6pm) I have asked the singers to do a decent mix of jazz, funk and soul.
I have just started a new range of bottled beers including a new organic cider, singha, Pacifico Clara and Chimay. The draught range is still as varied and interesting as before with my favourite being the Fruli (strawberry white beer) but for those less adventurous we obviously still have Grolsch and Staropramen as regular lagers.
Along with the new beer there is now homemade lemonade, fresh smoothies and the Orange Juicer is gonna be delivered soon (great soft drinks to enjoy outside in the sunshine, or we've been trying them and most of them go really well with a vodka in them too)
Louise (as mentioned below) is still with us and is great but I think all the team is (I've always found them a great bunch, friendly, fun and not bad to look at either)
I've also got some new wines in and am rather partial to the Pinot Grigio Terracotta myself.
Just like to say a big thank you to all our regulars cause you make the atmosphere what it is in there and it's always a great place to be.
If you haven't been in for a while or didn't like us before why not pop back and give us another go....I think you'll like all we have been up to.
Hope to see you all soon
ianpubboy - 21 Apr 2006 03:50
Excellent selection of beers: examples on draught when we visited were Leffe, Hoegaarden, Belle Vue Kriek, Fruli, Bass, and Young's Bitter.

thecraig - 29 Jan 2006 22:08
I am truly amazed how bad this pub is.
The staff are rude, are always huddled on the side bar next to the kitchen chatting & smoking. If the staff can be bothered to serve you the drinks are over priced.
Food dont go there, what a waste of time & money
Bewitched - 24 Jan 2006 16:04
My other local. Far too expensive. If I want an over-priced yuppie bar where I'm made to feel uncomfortable, I'll go to Soho. My kingdom for some comfy sofas and cider!
maddiekat - 16 Jan 2006 21:28
great pub with an absolutely stunning barmaid called Louise go in this pub purely to see her!great staff also great beers and food good atmosphere on friday nights
anonymous - 13 Oct 2005 00:38
great pub.great staff. best ive ever worked with
leewba - 17 Mar 2005 11:04

namio1 - 1 Feb 2005 18:25
errmmm... don't really see where you are comming from with the bloaky pub, they had the tele on for the euro 2004 and thats as bloaky as it gets, this place is the chilled pub in the area, no pretention, great food and good music... the art works pretty cool also
Mick - 3 Aug 2004 14:02
I agree that it would be much better if it didn't try to copy blokey pubs with sports screens and DJs, to be honest. A copy pub to not shout at each other, would be nice. And the sofa setting, etc. would be ideal for that, init?
Tom - 23 Jul 2004 17:13
The Dignity was, for a while, the best bar in Finchley and a lot of people welcomed it after Taylors. Excellent food, chilled, comfortable surroundings and a nice selection of wines and beer provided something that Finchley was sadly lacking. However, there seems to be someone intent on turning it into yet another pub which is a huge shame. The food's nowhere near as good as it was and there are now two TVs showing live sport (leaving no option for those of us who don't want to watch it, then). There are enough blokey pubs in Finchley, please let's have the Dignity back as the excellent wine bar it started off as!
Dan - 25 Jun 2004 14:33
Walking into the Dignity is like walking into a bar in the West End but without the pretentiousness. It’s much better than it was (as Taylors) and sitting on a leather couch with candles on the tables in the evenings is cosy. Live music is great and me and the neighbours will often pop in there at the weekends…
Vanessa Veglio - 25 Jun 2004 11:48
Ups: Great food, good choice of beers and very comfortable pub. Oh and it's next door to my office - very handy

Downs: Can get a bit smoky.

Pretty much the best bar in Finchley Church End.
Dave - 22 Apr 2004 21:05
I liked this place, and don't think it resembles a "school lunch hall" as above?! Like the manager says, it is a bit of a shock to have so many Northerners behind one bar, but they're all great guys and really friendly. Don't be put off by accents! I like this pub!!
Sam Morely - 22 Feb 2004 14:48
Well, My name is Steve Keegan and i am the current manager at the Dignity. I have been there for over two months now, the business has moved on greatly, the school hall mess has gone and the atmosphere has totally changed. The bar is warm and welcoming, a great place to just chill out and the best place to take a girl. Our wine list will cater for just about everyone and our new range of Belgian beers is a pleasant distraction from the norm. The influx of guys from Middlesbrough working behind the bar must be a shock to Finchley, but we are all nice guys so don't be too scared (there are four of us now with myself, my assistant Graham and Little Jacki and Jamie joining me in A few weeks)In the new year it looks like i am getting a late licence til 1 on friday and saturday nights. I don't want to detur anybody from coming to the Dignity so you're comments would be greatly recieved.


Steve @ The Dignity
Steve Keegan - [email protected] - 4 Dec 2003 01:43
A bit like drinking in a school lunch hall equipped with a bar, however, ocassional live music helps. Large screen TV, and to my great delight, they feature Rugby. Good food menu, usual London bar prices.
Mike - [email protected] - 30 Sep 2003 10:30

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