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Fox and Anchor, Smithfield

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user reviews of the Fox and Anchor, Smithfield

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Back for my annual visit. See last review :-)

Some photos at my walking blog -
Mappiman - 7 Feb 2016 13:01
Sort out for the legendary "city boy breafast". Think FEB crossed with a mixed grill. With a pint of stout. At 9am.

Wonderful building, location and service.

An unforgettable experience.
Mappiman - 7 Sep 2014 19:37
Took some friends around Smithfield area for a walk, we went in here ,busy with rugby, good atmosphere ,yes it is pricey but good beer had their rugby ale by Vale brewery ,we will go back
william85 - 23 Feb 2014 11:25
Nice little pub near Smithfield Market. A good pint of Dancing Duck Ay Up was had. The only thing I didn't like was being told that we couldn't sit somewhere as it was reserved - but had no sign to tell us so. I could have understood the attitude of the member of staff if we'd sat down blatantly ignoring signage, but we hadn't.
littledrummerboy - 10 Mar 2013 20:53
smashing little place,quite pricey though
becks007 - 6 Dec 2012 06:45
Stumbled across this place this afternoon. Perfectly pleasant place to sit at the bar and drink some very tasty Roosters Yankee. 5 other ales on tap, and polite prompt service, with some lovely soft jazz music to accompany our pints. Pricing was quite high, which is the only reason I am marking this down a bit, lovely little oasis on a spring afternoon.
Paulie_Tandoori - 25 Mar 2012 22:35
Was there in Feb. and was also shocked by the prices of ale. 8 pumps with different brewers than most other pubs. Breakfast looked delicious.
endoderm - 5 Mar 2012 16:20
This is a super building near the market and is very very popular. Beer is usually served in jugs (I think they once used tankards) It's narrow inside especially byt the bar but does open out a bit at the rear and you can stand outside in the road (along with the other venues in this short roadway). However,I was gobsmacked (my gob had never been so smacked) by the £4.05 I was asked to pay for a not quite full pint!!!! Extortionate is the only word I can think of so it will be a while until I consider going back. Shame as I actual quite like the pub but definitely not the prices.
mcroyal - 4 Mar 2012 10:34
I'm ashamed to say that it took an American (mattygroves) to show me where this place is, but now I know, why, I go there whenever I can, and sometimes when our other halves are otherwise occupied, we go together! What a great way to spend Saturday afternoon. It's not too busy, the array of interesting beers is sadly too many for me to try all of in one session (hic), and I gotta say, I love their food. A pint of an independant brewer's stout and half a dozen Maldon oysters - need I say more? Likewise the hand-crimped pork pies with a dollop of English mustard are a delight. I'd give it 10/10 if it wasn't for the London prices! A true city pub which is long and thin, seemingly going on foevever away from the street, with lots of intimate nooks and crannies for playing footsy as you get squiffier.
billynibbles - 12 Jul 2011 17:52
£3.95 for a pint of bitter - ouch.
Wandering_Star - 20 Jun 2011 13:17
The Sorcerer i had was in pretty good nick, but i would prefer a glass, rather than the pewter tankards. The pub is in need of an overhaul, the once beautiful tiles outside are filthy and the whole place smacks of needing a bit of TLC. At the prices they charge, they could surely afford to spend a bit more on cleaning !
wellinformed - 14 Apr 2011 13:14
Good city pub with a good selection of well kept ales. Not sure about the tankard thing though. I was given one without requesting it. At first I thought , what the hell for the novelty value, but I think the pint of Mad Goose I had would have been far better in a glass. One of your better ale houses in the Smithfield vicinity.
anonymous - 17 Mar 2011 21:47
I visited this pub in late July - the beer Pure Goose was excellent, the staff friendly. Beer served in pewter tankards if requested - which was great for our Swedish visitors. Also has a well stocked humidor for those who appreciate a fine Cuban. As others have said - this is not a cheap option, and seating is at a premium, but was my regular for a two week period in 2009 when working around the corner in St Johns St, and is my favourite pub in the area.
StatusBaby - 26 Aug 2010 23:08
On the edge of Smithfield Market is The Fox and Anchor, a former Nicholsons pub that has now gone upmarket, placing greater emphasis on food and also now offering accommodation as a boutique hotel with 6 rooms upstairs. The advertising blurb by the bar uses the strapline - "Hops and Chops, Cuvees and Duvets". It still opens early in the morning for serving breakfast to market workers.

Pleasingly, despite the change in direction, the pub has largely retained its characterful, traditional interior - a long single, narrowish bar with much ornate mahogany woodwork, banquette seating and many old framed photos of the area decorating the walls. On the left as you go in are a collection of framed newspaper and magazine articles, showering praise on the new enterprise. Do also note the fine Art Nouveau tiled frontage and entrance. Rather naffly, the ground floor toilets at the far end are labelled "Reynards" and "Vixens". A smallish TV in one corner was silently showing the Sky Sports channel.

Prices for food and drink are predictably high - eg cod in Meantime beer batter, chips and mushy peas - £ 12.50p, corn beef hash and fried hens egg - £ 10.95p. On my recent early evening visit, most of the tables that were set out for diners were taken and drinkers were basically restricted to either standing at the bar or outside on the pavement. I wonder how the pub will cope on cold or wet days when the option of drinking outside won't seem so attractive.

6 beers were on, which included Harviestoun Game Burd, Fox and Anchor Bitter ( brewed by Nethergate), Nethergate Old Growler, plus beers from Adnams, Purity and Sharps. The Harviestoun - £ 3.60p - was not very good, but the Fox and Anchor Bitter - £ 3.55p - was an excellent pint. The pub is listed in the CAMRA 2010 Good Beer Guide. It appears that pints are automatically served in jugs unless you specify to the contrary.

In contrast to other posters experiences, I was served by a very jovial and welcoming Irishman.

Despite the shift in emphasis, I still quite like this one.
JohnBonser - 17 Aug 2010 09:15
Good food, interesting ales, decent range of malt, great staff and a fun decor (zinc bar - how often do you see that).

It's not a budget option, but , get real, this is on the fringes of the city and owned by the mal maison chain of up market boutique hotels...i think it offers value
The_Speckled_Hen - 2 Jul 2010 15:29
"The Fox and Anchor is the re-birth of the Traditional English Pub" - so the notice reads. I clearly must have got the wrong end of the stick for the last 44 years. The slightly warm and ridiculously expensive Nethergate Fox and Anchor, served in a barrel glass seemed to indicate a reversion to the '70s when real ale was pushed out to be replaced by Double Diamond or Watneys Red Barrel! I was quite hungry but recoiled at the £3.50 for a Pork Pie. Obviously from other comments there are times when the beer is on top form and certainly the building looks like my sort of a pub. However, my overall impression was a deliberate, cynical attempt at trapping tourists for as much dosh as possible. It seems to have worked but I won't be going back. Why is it in the Good Beer Guide?
JBGatelad - 18 Jun 2010 07:45
A pub with character, buitiful pies and oysters. I would recommend this to all visiters to London
PaulMerc - 16 May 2010 18:38
The food is very poor the price, as is the somewhat warm real ale. Fish and chips at £12.50, yet cod was a thin fillet that had clearly come from freezer, and I suspect the fryer hadn't been cleaned in some time. Frosty service from staff adds insult to injury. A pint of Scotths bitter cost over £4! Bad experience.
sitwell - 5 Apr 2010 20:09
All the ingredients were here for a pub that I would ordinarily really rate; good reviews on BITE, smart location, nice interior and a good selection of beers. And yet, I was left disappointed. I arrived on a saturday lunchtime when most patrons were eating, and when I was finally served I got a look from the barman as if to say 'Not eating with us, you cheapskate?'.

On the ale front it is impressively stocked; Doom Bar, Adnams Stout, Meantime IPA, Nethergate Fox & Anchor Ale, Dark Star Golden Gate and Harviestoun Old Engine Oil meant an unusually difficult choice for yours truly. I went for the Engine Oil and was charged the quite astronomical £3.50. They serve beer here in ye olde fashioned Pewter tankards, a gimmick I probably would have appreciated more if I hadn't just been charged a kings ransom for the privilege of using it. There is a boutique hotel above the pub and on the wall near the door are lots of newspaper cuttings giving the place fancy reviews. I left distinctly underwhelmed, although since the barman was telling some punters they were 'fully booked' on the food front in the evening, they are obviously doing something right. I just resent being overcharged and then getting glacial service (and a suspiciously warm pint of ale) when all I want is a drink in a pub.
ChrisP87 - 21 Mar 2010 07:59
This was the first pub we visited on a Circle Line pub crawl, and it was by far and away the best. Lovely ale, n ice barman, and I'd go out of my way to come here again. ALso the only pub in Farringdon open at 11am!
vic_of_india - 5 Jan 2010 18:46
Haven't been in here since the refurb a couple of years ago but it seems to have been sympathetically done and the dining rooms at the rear look to have been retained. Beers are a bit off beat with the pumps offering Sharps Nadelik, Adnams Old Ale and UPU Purity. The taps had no signs but there was only one lager apparently brewed in Greenwich.

The interior of this pub is still impressive and it was more crowded than many in the area. Didn't seem to serve Guinness though so a pre-Test match breakfast here will not be the same for many people I know.

I got the feeling that while this pub is pretty good it could easily be better.
murgatroyd - 22 Dec 2009 00:45
Glamed up faux older style pub.

Blackboards and food. The Purity Ubu had diacetyl and the porter I had was OK.

Probably a decent place but beer was a must do better.
bedfont - 21 Dec 2009 06:51
This establishment has a wonderful facade, with fine original tiling proclaiming the pub name, and an impressive dark wood bar within. The interior is long and narrow - in fact, too narrow - you have to squeeze between seated people and the bar, but there's not much space behind the bar either. Four handpumps - beers I noted were Purity Ubu, Adnams Old Ale and the pub's own Fox & Anchor Ale . I had a pint of the Adnams Old which was good.
However, I have to say THIS IS NOT A PUB. All the tables were reserved for diners and all the drinkers were down near the entrance. I appreciate that in these times pubs have to find ways of bringing the punters in, but this place seems unable to decide what it wants to be.
A disappointment.
holbornboy - 6 Dec 2009 20:56
Wonderful looking pub - quality throughout, and a very decent drop of Adnams Old. The pub (and area) you'd take a visitor to London to see. Expensive though.
mtaylor40 - 16 Nov 2009 20:07
Went there for lunch today. Had a pint of the Darkstar porter which was a well kept nice beer. I would have had another but the barrel went and there was something wrong with the next barrel so I went for the Fox and Anchor ale which was very plesant. Food was nice and it was not too busy, the service was pretty good apart from being asked to move as there was only 2 of us on a 4 seater, we did move but on the way out saw that it wasn't too busy and there were only 2 people sitting at the table we first sat a.
gingerob - 4 Nov 2009 14:01
Quality all over! Professional set up, it can be done, take note everyone.
camraman123 - 8 Oct 2009 00:55
Only popped in for one as budget was a bit tight but a fine array of ales right along the bar and served in a glass jug. Barmaids are friendly and stock the London Drinker magazine.

Expensive - yes, but it is Central London and if in the area will return hopefully with a well stocked wallet as next time it probably wont be just the one.
Oakman100 - 25 Sep 2009 19:50
Last night was my second visit to this pub. It's certainly improved since my last visit a few years ago. There's an excellent range of real ales - Sharps Honey Spice, Purity Ubu, Adnams Regatta, Harviestoun Schiehallion, Nethergate Old Growler and a Fox & Anchor Ale. Cider was a unique find for London - Draught Hogan's, which whilst fizzy has a pleasant fruity taste far preferable to today's mass produced rubbish. The interior is decorated very nicely. We sat in one of the small snugs at the rear, where most people were eating. The food looked very nice. The only drawback is the large number of stuck up people who obviously don't think anybody not dressed in a suit should be allowed into one of their 'haunts' - this is a pub, not some kind of upper class club! Overall, I enjoyed my visit and I would go as far as to say that I enjoyed this more than some of the more famous pubs we visited last night, such as Ye Olde Mitre and the Jerusalem Tavern. Will definitely return.
blue_scrumpy - 19 Sep 2009 13:13
Tucked away near Smithfield Market (indeed, near the Smithfield pub), there is a gem of a pub. But shhhh. Don’t tell anyone.

I am torn. Part of me dreads writing about the Fox and Anchor, as it’s such a wonderful and secret find, I’m afraid to share it, in case it should become inundated. It is a treasure.

I am a bit of a pub aficionado. I love real ale (despite being American) and traditional English atmosphere. The Fox and Anchor serves several real ales in pewter tankards (nice touch), including one of its own. You can buy your beer at the bar or one of the incredibly friendly bar staff (or even what seems to be the world’s greatest landlord - a young Irishman who clearly took landlording lessons from a master) will come and serve you with an actual smile. You’ll pay around £3.30 for a pint of ale, which is a tadge dear, but not unexpected for the Farringdon area.

The food is a bit pricy - I paid just over a tenner for a burger, for example, and a fiver for soup, but it is excellent. It is home made - my burger was requested medium rare, and lo - medium rare it came! Again, the food service is excellent. If you are eating, as you sit down (and there aren’t that many seats - it is a narrow pub, with displays of oysters and the carvery cart near the back of the main room, and then a bunch of snug rooms, including the stunningly signed 'Fox’s Lare’ - that spelling is theirs) you are given some very nice bread with stunningly good butter and a little bowl of salt to start - like I say, classy. My friend had a lamb and pea pie - the crust was freshly cooked, though the filling a wee bit runny (but tasty and obviously freshly cooked).

Apparently, the Fox and Anchor also does rooms - they have six 'boutique style’ rooms, ranging from £95 a night on the weekends to £165 a night on weekdays (and going up), but I’ve neither stayed in them nor seen them.

All in all, this pub should be held up to show how good pubs should be. The staff and landlord are amazing, the beer is well kept and immaculately served, and the décor is charming and old world.

Highly recommended.

mattygroves - 11 Jun 2009 09:09
Why does Smithfield hog London's best pubs? This place is fantastic. Wonderful decor, good beer selection, everything I want in a pub (except a dartboard). Saying that, it wasn't my round. I suspect I would have other complaints if it was.
topdog_andy - 2 Oct 2008 22:14
Not for me this pub – notwithstanding the excellent original tiling, etc. They serve pints of bitter in pewter jugs, which may look fine, but have a couple of serious deficiencies. Firstly, you are unable to see what the beer looks like, although I accept that you have a couple of other senses that should tell you what condition the beer is in. But more importantly, you have no idea how much beer is actually in the mug unless you want to stare at it for 10 minutes or so until the head subsides.

Also, the way the seats and tables are positioned makes it very difficult to get past the bar, and to get served if it is busy. In fact, even narrower than The Harp, which is saying something. Having said all that, the Sharp’s Cornish Coaster that I had tasted fine, at £3 per pint, which is pretty much the going rate for any beer in this part of the world.

RexRattus - 31 Aug 2008 23:51
forgot to mention ...the tankards do seem a bit short on the capacity ....could take your own pint glass in there.....sure they wouldnt mind.......
bigbadjon - 26 Aug 2008 14:05
i had a few pints in this pub yesterday and feel that this could well be a future favourite for sunday lunchtime. The beer here is well kept (Admans regatta) and they stock a varied selection of beers and ciders. The pub is more geared up for food with this reflected on a varied menu which looks fantastic. The reviews of the food (on the wall) are certainly favourable. Staff are friendly and keen to please and the place has been given a makeover without losing its character of which it has bags of........ Really nice pub -restaurant .....
bigbadjon - 26 Aug 2008 14:03
A very good pub with great beer, but are the pewter tankards a full pint?I have my doubts.
BAZZZZ - 8 Aug 2008 14:39
Something old, something new but don't they sit well together? O.K. so you haven't been but I think you should. This is a pub on the perimeter of Smithfield Market and is full of character. Some of the original fittings survive and the tiled exterior is of an age which brought a conservation award in 1993. To the rear are some quite delightful booths for that private meeting or social gathering. Very strong on food which some might find offputting but the extensive range of ales is well-kept.
Alerover - 13 Jun 2008 14:42
Definitely one of my favourites in the area. There's only a couple of high tables and chairs for those who aren't eating, but those who are can sit back in plush old-fashioned booths and enjoy top notch pub grub. (The steak pie served with oysters is great and the fish and chips is damn good. I've never had room for pudding!) Bar staff, especially the Irish guy, are always friendly and happy to chat. Could do with a bit more space but overall, there are far worse places to drink in EC1.
anonymous - 6 Jun 2008 02:30
I know I shouldn't have been I was slightly underwhelmed by this pub. Perhaps it was the distinct smell of cooking oil in the 'back bar' or that it was rather chilly or that it still looked very new. However there was nothing wrong with the beer (Nethergate IPA) or the food (Steak and Oyster pie), so perhaps it was me.
simontheeditor - 8 Mar 2008 21:38
I'm not sure what this place was like before the refurb, but it can't have changed much as the interior is listed. It's obviously had a polish and a clean and this, for me, takes away a bit of character. The atmosphere is nice though, mainly because of the small booths and candles for lighting. Still, the ale selection was very good and very well kept, but I have to say that I find the whole pewter tankard thing a little gimmicky. The food was very good, if a little overpriced.

Despite my minor gripes, this place is still well worth seeking out and is one of the best pubs in the area. Recommended.
The_Greene_King - 3 Mar 2008 12:34
First visited this pub on Saturday night, (26/01/08), and I must admit I was very impressed. The splendid tiling outside leads to a long thin bar with a further room to the rear with 4 intimate little booths. The features are classy - dark wood panelling and stained glass abounds and the atmosphere enhanced by candles on the tables.

On the beer front there were 6 real ales on, (3 from Nethergate), plus a selection of bottled British beers including St. Peters and Grand Union. The beer was served in pewter tankards - even the half pints. The Nethergate Barfly (£3/pint) and Old Growler were both very good. (The keg fonts did not specify what was on, but from reading another BITE comment it appears that Meantime Helles is available). Well worth seeking out.
wee_jock - 28 Jan 2008 09:44
Hungover and weary, my rather dashing friday night date led me to this wonderfully atmospheric "gastropub" (a term a generally despise!)for some recuperative ale and stodge. I couldn't have found a better place to play out my hangover (and to advance my burgeoning romance with an enchanting government lawyer!).
On walking into the establishment I was instantly filled with excitement and joy on seeing fat city bankers swigging from tankards of ale! Actual tankards! After procuring some of said ale we were led through to the backroom to begin our feasting. The attentive waiting staff allowed us to move tables into the "snug" (exactly as it says on the tin!) and get cosy (the dusky lighting being kind on my hungover and dehydrated face). The food was good. Not excellent, but good. Better than standard gastropub fayre and nicely presented. Even had my first ever oyster(which had an effort on said lawyer later I must say!). What really set this place aside however was the service. Great staff, who know their food and drink and seem genuinely interested in making your evening enjoyable. Pay them more I say. Especially the nice irish chap (my date caught me looking at his bottom!!!) Oh.....and the Aspalls blush cider is to die for. Go, relax and enjoy. I'll be back.
Helly_Wood - 27 Jan 2008 20:03
I don't recall having visited here before the refurbishment, but they certainly seem to have made an effort. Knowledgable barman, with a genuine interest in the decent range of real ales on offer, but all of this a bit wasted on the punters who just wanted "something a bit like Magners, with ice" or the Stella or Kronenbourg brigade who looked totally flummoxed when offered a decent lager - the excellent Helles from Meantime Brewery. All in all, a very decent place, but one which suffers from the long, thin layout which makes moving about something of an effort, slightly ridiculous toilet facilities and pewter tankards (which I just can't stand).
rpadam - 16 Jan 2008 22:16
What a wonderful place! I suppose it could get too crowded in here at certain times but the lighting and overall ambience are just perfect. When I went in they were showing silent films on the telly. Candles on the tables down one side of the long, narrow room. The bar runs down the other side. A good selection of ales on tap with a wide selection of bottled beers in the fridges. Frosted glass on the doors and on the partitions inside between the tables. When a pub serves your pint in a pewter tankard you know you're onto a good thing! I'll definitely return.
redboy - 15 Jan 2008 22:17
Absolutely superp- Excellent ales including a top notch pint of Old Growler from the Nethergate brewery. Also excellent food - try the ham hock or fish and chips. A great refurb and an excellent (re) addition to the area.
Ken_Mall - 24 Dec 2007 09:43
I have been in couple of times. The refurb looks good but sadly was not thought through, main bar remains cramped. Service has veeered from cheerful to useless. Beer selection not bad - I may return for brekky.
mooky - 5 Dec 2007 10:48
This establishment has now reopened info came from BITE user "Topdog Andy" - thanks for the update.
steve - 27 Nov 2007 09:11
still closed. maybe re-opening July. i see ye-old red cow re-opened as did barley mow but still not as nice as this old pub. Shakespere been tarted up and looking good. but paddys Wolfe still the best
beerboy - 12 Apr 2007 23:22
Sadly - recently ceased trading!
Jisocrates - 8 Feb 2007 18:24
Our Norwegian and German party had a very successful stay at this cosy pub early one Friday morning. We were very well welcomed and had a delicious full English break fast. My pint of T.T. Landlord was served at perfect room temperature and turned out to be my best Landlord ever. The pub had also some other flavoursome real ales on cask.
rune - 4 Jan 2007 08:10
Heres the truth Folks, I worked here for a while.
1st class boozer and was one of the busiest little pubs around in the 80's used by many from city to market for its huge portions, good beer and service but
Peter who owned it couldnt be bothered, got sold to the muti's rather than being privatly owned, they cut portions, and used undertrained and untalented staff. Place goes bust then some twit wants to turn it into a curry house. You folks must be mad, this little pub is a very special place, history, early licence, great patrons. It's easy- one person buy it, put back in place the big portions based on a good british menu, put in friendly happy trained staff and watch the re birth. Curry house - yeh right we really need one more of them
anonymous - 17 Dec 2006 21:56
The truth is that this pub was bought by some individuals and will be turning into a more modern restaurant/pub ( shame i know)the landlord has gone off to Bath a pub called the Lamb and lion and is bringing this pub up to standard(this is where i met him). Nice bloke and serves a decent pint of Timmy Taylor down here!!!
beerboy - 8 Nov 2006 19:38
I'll second that rant. This place is/was interesting inside and out. A unique drinking experience gone to pot and a curry house is a 'kin ridiculous idea.
mitomighty - 1 Nov 2006 19:32
Has anyone actually bought his yet?

If not I am so annoyed I might do it myself.
anonymous - 1 Nov 2006 19:10
If this is refurbed as a curry house, whoever does so is an absolute cretin who will probably lose a lot of money. We should reintroduce debtors' prisons, solely for the kind of idiots who buy pubs with potential and turn them into "restaurants" in the mistaken belief that we are still in the 1980s and that is what people want.

This pub was nice before, always served a good pint certainly. Interior was a sight to behold. Bags of history. I just can't see how any purchaser would think they'd make more money running this as a pokey restaurant as they would as an intimate and characterful free house.

And surely the interior is listed up to the bollocks? Who are these dozy planning officers that let these cretins ruin historic buildings like this, just so they can hammer up a "to let" sign in six months having spunked all their life savings on a shit idea?
anonymous - 1 Nov 2006 19:09
This PUB is now closed and that can only be a sad thing. Lots of rumours going on for its future use including re-opening as a pub in the new year or converting to a Curry house restaurant. Such a shame as it was (and still has the potential) to be one of London's older and more genuine drinking establishments - a real miss, I loved the place.
Mcloj - 1 Nov 2006 14:10
Now the 3rd empty pub in the area!! What's going on? Sign on the door said 'ceased trading'. What does that mean exactly?
mitomighty - 5 Oct 2006 19:46
Now closed for a "while" to be turned into a gastro pub (yes another one)I guess its RIP Fox so will have to go down the cock tav now
beerboy - 4 Oct 2006 16:53
The Main manager is leaving this week and the misserable guy has finally gone away so it will be all change next week
anonymous - 20 Sep 2006 09:39
This is one of the best pubs in London, and I actually rate it above much-lauded The Sutton. The place is cosy and quiet, usually with a couple of decent or unique ales on. I’ve even found Smiles Blond in there before, which comes a close second to by London beer discoveries, behind finding Pitchfork in the Wetherspoons by Tower Bridge.

I've found the service is very good and chirpy, and the food is honest, traditional pub grub, which is also tasty.

If you want a lazy Friday afternoon blow-out lunch, with a few ales to help wash it down, you really can’t go wrong.
AleKing - 13 Sep 2006 10:05
Excellent pub - one of the best in town with good management, regular and honest locals and ale of high quality. Service is usually first rate. Well worth a visit.
Mcloj - 25 Aug 2006 13:34
A fantastic pub, destroyed by the most miserable bar manager I have ever had the misfortune to come across.

Glared sullenly at everyone who entered the place, would not talk to any customers and instead sent the barmaid to anything that needed doing.

He did not really want to watch the England vs Greece match. But once it started, did not move from the end of the bar. As soon as he heard a customer mention that his friend should watch the highlights, the television was promptly switched off.

And finally, refused to serve a girl on her leaving do at 10:40, when he rang for last orders as, (In his words), "If you fall over on the way home, I can be held liable."

Had to give the place a zero for last night, I have drank in the Fox before and would rate the experience at a 7 or 8.

Avoid the place at all costs if the grumpy manager/chef is working. If the owner of this place reads this, get rid of the guy, he obviously does not want to work in the pub game.

Stella_Bill - 17 Aug 2006 11:33
Nice traditional pub with a fairly standard Nicholsons interior. I have to say I like the gleaming shiny mahogany. Try the Full Monty breakfast if you're really starving - and get a free pint of Guinness if you finish it.

In contrast to other posters here, I prefer this pub to The Sutton Arms - and not just because the London Pride is a stonking 45p per pint cheaper ( £ 2.50 compared to £ 2.95 in the Sutton )
JohnBonser - 15 Aug 2006 16:51

Wonderful exterior - pity that the interior is fake
circa 1990 (though snugs at back are orginal). Main bar was 1960's formica table until circa 1990.

don't get me wrong as modern refurbs go it looks the part - its just not as original as it might appear.
BarnsleyLad - 12 Aug 2006 06:31
Not been in here for a while, but not much has changed - as usual good beer but a fair few of post-work suits/office workers that were quite loud. Was good to good in again, but by choice I would go to the Sutton Arms.
adamsant - 10 Jul 2006 16:52
visited around 7.30am this week after a few snifters at the Cock & The Hope.......Absolutely top class full English brekky with a decent pint of Guinness to guide the food down...Appears to cater more for the office imbiber,than the Smithfield workers.The pub is waxed,polished and awaiting your appraisal-well worth a visit.
EdgarBriggsMI5 - 2 Apr 2006 11:07
Simply wonderful.
mitomighty - 31 Mar 2006 13:17
Despite living close by for three years never been in here. Wandered in for the first time last night and was pleasantly surprised. Interesting victorian interior - snugs at the back. Three real ales on - two regulars (Pride and Wadworth?, can't remember, very standard though) and what I assume was a guest - a stout from the Orkneys called Dragonhead. Decent pint. Not expensive for that and a double G&T, though docile barman did short change me and when trying to rectify his error short changed me again meaning I had to go back twice.

Dennis from Punt and Dennis popped in at one point.

I wouldn't make a beeline back as I have my own favourites in the area (prefer the Sutton Arms) but this is a proper pub, no mistake.
anonymous - 16 Mar 2006 10:35
Deuchars IPA on sale for a very competitive £2.35 a per pint, delicious and wanting more !. London Pride also decent. Nice relaxed atmosphere, unobtrusive background music and helpful and polite staff. Lovely old pubby feel, authentic pine finish throughout, smashing little seating areas hidden away. All out thumbs up for chilled out place to drink an evening away.
darloexile - 6 Feb 2006 14:02
we had our xmas pre piss up Breakfast here. Very nice as usual, with the short Irish waitress being very hospitable considering it was 7.30am. We have booked for burns day breakfast next week. Alba, Ecosse, Scotland the brave
beerboy - 18 Jan 2006 11:32
Pub opens from 7am to 9pm. Beer good; but food incredible!! Barmaids very pleasant & helpful.
Darren_in_the_City - 19 Oct 2005 14:20
popped in here last night. It is so cosy with lots of little caves out the back where you can hide really private and wasn't very expensive £8 for a bottle of wine, bargin! will be back when im in london again.
anonymous - 14 Sep 2005 11:10
What's all the fuss about?? Nothing special has happened there, a bit of a clean up, but whats all the fuss...beerboy??

A Massive breakfast...I must have beenn robbed...a couple of bits and pieces..that's all I got!! Beer not bad, staff a bit stiff, need to relax more.

Never had a chance to meet the manager...but, where's Peter gone???
anonymous - 11 Sep 2005 20:55
Fri up is back. They have improved my favourite morning tipple site. Shame Pete left the place but i cant wait to try the ales.
beerboy - 7 Sep 2005 15:45
Went back there today wow!!!! the place looks clean and still has so much character. Manager was a friendly guy and they have improved the menu so much. I have reclaimed my oasis here.
anonymous - 7 Sep 2005 15:43
Went for my MASSIVE Fry up to find out it is closed to be cleaned up. Bloody needs it. Hope the breaksfast don't go i been going here every week for 6 years its has the daddy of breakfasts. Apparently re opens in september
beerboy - 23 Aug 2005 11:22
Had to go here for the legendary breakfasts and was not disappointed. Huge portions. Adnams bitter helped me work out the hangover.
ale_brewer - 14 Aug 2005 14:24
One of the finest pints of Adnams I have ever had. At 8am...
anonymous - 19 Apr 2004 16:26
Classic city pub beside Smithfield meat market. Famous for breakfast (supposedly the Best in London), licenced from 7am weekdays. Business Boys breakfast with Guiness and 3 Sausages is a real test...
Andy - 9 Sep 2003 16:44

got anything to say about this pub?

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