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Roebuck, Hampton Hill

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Yes this is a good pub. but not the best in Surrey as its not in Surrey but Greater London.
colmc - 2 Mar 2018 12:35
Ssssh! This is the best pub in Surrey. Don''t tell anybody .
Suckmybeerhole - 31 Aug 2017 20:13
I had been looking forward to visiting this pub for some time. But I was possibly a little disappointed, as I'd expected something much better. This is undoubtedly a decent pub. The interior is fascinating, with plenty of things to admire on the walls and even more on the ceiling. It appears that Young's Bitter, Sambrook's Junction & St Austell Tribute are the regular ales. The two guests were Park Killcat Pale & Shepherd Neame No. 18 Yard Sun & Planet Steam Ale. It would have been nice to have had the option of a dark beer or a real cider. But neither were on offer. Still, I'd be happy to give this another go. But only a 6/10 for me from this visit.
blue_scrumpy - 26 Jun 2017 19:36
Astonished in a nice way that there is at least one good pub in this area. A regular and very relaxed locals' pub with several good beers on including one from the Park Brewery. Reminded me of the Old Moseley Arms in a (good) way.
rainlight - 6 Dec 2015 16:24
After going to this pub for many years on & off, this is certainly a more mature pub to go to, Its ok if you fancy a nice relaxed drink however unlike years ago the place can become far too overcrowded at nights now and the fight through the stools at the bar can become tiring after a while. The staff are a bit hit and miss with one in particular has often been short with me. I do prefer the staff and the general feel of the place about 10 years ago I must say hence my dwindling frequent visits.
BeerlyLegal - 21 May 2013 15:17
This is a pub of pubs. Take it from someone who's been around. Fire in winter. Gazebo for the summer. Never mind: ale for the ale drinker. I'll say it again: this is a beer drinker's pub, and you shall never see the like again. Unless you support this one. But shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !! It is/has
a) lovely and quiet
b) offers great fresh and cheap lovely food
c) no kids
d) pure passionate love of beer
e) respectful of clientele and of staff
f) a step into a more dignified age
g) the pub you'll tell everyone else about when pub are lost to mankind

So please. Visit the Roe at least once
ifyouaskedmeonafriday - 28 May 2012 02:24
Wondered about this place for ages and finally popped in round about lunchtime yesterday. There's certainly a lot of stuff hanging from the ceiling and walls, it doesn't come over as gimmicky though, I think it makes the place seem cosy. There were about ten people in there when I walked in, all blokes in their fifties or sixties. They looked up as I walked to the bar, but I didn't get any hostile vibes. At the bar there was a reasonable choice, I opted for Hop Back's Odyssey, which I'd never had before and was excellent. Of the other beers I can only remember that they had Fuller's Best Bitter and Erdinger, either of which I'd have been happy with. I was served by an oldish bloke who'd walked round from the front of the bar where he'd been doing his crossword. I ordered my beer and asked if they did bowls of chips, he just nodded and got on with it. I think the only words he spoke to me where when he told me the price (£5.40), which is fine by me. As I was walking to a table I encountered the landlady that a few other reviewers seem to have had a run in with. She seemed perfectly nice to me, I think she may even have smiled at me. I sat in a secluded booth-type bit that had two tables in it, points again for cosiness. The chips I ordered turned up after about five minutes and were great. I spent about thirty minutes over my pint and chips reading my newspaper and the atmosphere in the pub was very chilled out.

All in all an excellent pub experience. It's about a fifteen minute walk for me and I usually drink at the Sussex Arms or the Prince of Wales, but next time any mates come round I'll be steering them this way to see what it's like in the evening.

pbparrish - 27 Apr 2012 10:56
After walk from Hampton Court today came across this pub and did enough to intrigue.after reading reviews thought yes there were what seemed locals/regulars mainly crowded around bar , but pubs need the regulars surely to keep them going? Elsewhere I saw sparsely filled or closed down pubs(Jenny Lind?).Service pleasant enough. I had pint of Tribute -good. Having walked around the area today this seems a very good pub. and if I lived locally I would definitely use.
kingscrossboy - 21 Jan 2012 00:45
Its been a long time since ive been in here but after meeting a friend here for a few drinks I have to say that the place is still a fantastic place to go.. The real ales are kept to perfection (I know, I tried them all severasl times!) 10/10 on my scoring list.
Man_on_ground - 6 Jan 2012 18:26
great place to visit after a hike around Bushy Park ... good selection of ales, and reasonably priced german beers (erdinger, rathaus).

the eclectic decor means that there is always something weird & wonderful to look at.

boozelover - 7 Dec 2011 12:47
Wish I lived a wee bit closer, for it's all you'd want of a local. Simply that .And Doombar a favourite of mine. Try it and see whenever passing nearby.

BillyC - 15 Apr 2011 16:27
The beer is only the start to this super pub...
The money from different countires around the world in the glass on the tables.
The really old one armed bandits around the pub.
The period piece posters and advertisments.
The traffic light down the far end of the pub.
...and as much niknaks as a branch of Sotherbys.
Superb and it's only a bus ride away for me.
Oakman100 - 5 Apr 2011 18:33
This is a great pub with a fine choice of drinks, in the unlikely location of Hampton. It's the kind of place you'd expect to find in the countryside. The cleaner must have quite a job dusting this place with all the memorabilia hanging off the walls and ceiling - including a wicker motorbike... epic stuff.
chazzles - 3 Sep 2010 15:05
I feel very disappointed that I don't live anywhere near this pub. Fine range of ales and the most impressive collection of pub ephemera I've ever seen. Anyone with an interest in collectables should visit this place. No sign of grumpy locals yesterday evening either.
pubcollector - 9 Aug 2010 21:02
Glad to say that nothing has changed in this fantastic local. Popped in yesterday evening for a couple of pints and stayed for one more such was the quality of the Doombar!
Nothing more to add really other than to say make the effort and pop in!
The_Sloven - 28 Apr 2010 12:22
Excellent range of beers and always well-kept. My favourites were Hop Back's Red Ember and Shepherd Neame's Amber Ale. Cheery service from the 'girls' but can get a bit cluttered by the 'locals' at the bar.
boriss - 7 Apr 2010 21:39
Amazingly, I have lived in Hampton for the last 16 years, and never set foot in this utter gem of a pub.

Before even stepping in, you know this pub will be a little different - the exterior is a shocking red, and stands out. It appears to be a large pub on the corner on the road between Hampton Hill and Teddington - it is not immediately obvious, however, what will greet you inside.

The Roebuck is one of those pubs where you just want to wander around looking at, well, stuff. From a wicker motorcycle (could that be a prop for the new movie The Wicker Escape? Or perhaps The Great Man?), to (as has been pointed out) an H25 Request Bus Stop sign, to a little model airplane made of Stella cans, you'll find a host of interesting and quirky items to gaze at. Under the glass tops of the tables are old (WWI and WWII, as far as I could tell) newspapers - these can get quite distracting, and cause you and your companion to read instead of chat. Just as well the interior is quite dark, thus discouraging a concerted read. Moving further into the pub, you'll find a little, yet pretty (though it was night when I went in) garden, with a small (very small) covered area for the inevitable smokers.

Of course, you don't go into a pub just for the decor. There are five real ales on tap - I drank the Hopsback Red Amber, and it was beautifully kept and very tasty. I believe the selection changes regularly, though I was offered Youngs Ordinary, Hopback Red Amber and Elf n' Happiness and Sharps Doom Bar and Special. There is also a selection of speciality lagers (in bottles I believe) from a number of countries, including speciality brews such as banana beer.

This is a locals pub, and very middle aged male. This is not a criticism, but it is worth noting. The landlord was handing out little gifts (2010 diaries) to the regulars, and it was clear that the vast majority of the punters there were regulars. There was one chap who clearly had enjoyed his beer, and felt himself to be the re-incarnation of Tommy Cooper, but in general, the regulars were friendly and approachable, at least to me and my drinking companion.

All in all, I highly recommend the Roebuck (despite the cold yet clean loos), and, indeed, hope to visit again. They do food - I haven't yet tried it, but today may well be the day.
mattygroves - 18 Dec 2009 09:11
Smallish traditional real ale pub on the main road out of Teddington just outside of Hampton Hill. It's a single L shaped bar with a small outside patio at the back.

It's a well decorated locals pub with a fine collection of bric a brac and assorted artefacts decorating the walls and ceiling. Note in particular the fishing rods hanging from the ceiling and the carved wooden Red Indian statue watching over drinkers from a corner of the pub. Tables have glass tops under which are old wartime newspaper pages. There's also a couple of large ships wheels and some old fruit machines. Note also the brewery memorabilia - a few old Watneys beer trays and an Isleworth Brewery mirror. Every time I come here - which admitttedly isn't very often - I see often that I've not noticed before. This time it was an H25 request Bus Stop sign.

On my visit last Sunday lunchtime, 5 real ales were on - Youngs Ordinary, Hopback Red Amber and Elf n' Happiness and Sharps Doom Bar and Special. The Red Amber was an excellent pint. The pub has been a GBG regular in recent years and several framed certificates are displayed - see if you can find them on the wall.

There's no TV's and background music is unobtrusive. Nibbles on the bar - guarded carefully by the locals - are a welcoming touch, increasingly rarely seen nowadays.

Several niggles to report, I'm afraid. Locals occupying bar stools appear to guard their space possessively and seem disgruntled when customers approach the bar, trying to see what beers are on the pumps. Also, several customers, including myself, were later asked to move and the seating repositioned to accommodate a darts game. I don't mind moving, but why put seating there in the first place ?

In conclusion, despite the niggles, the pub is well worth seeking out - it's on the R68 bus route from Richmond and Twickenham. Finally, note that, despite being open all day during weekdays, rather unusually it closes between 4pm and 7pm on Sundays.
JohnBonser - 8 Dec 2009 12:42
Odd pub really, for a one that took over from the Lion as the Richmond & Twickenham Area Pub of The Year. Good selection of beers but I've never felt that welcome. Only one of the bar staff ever seems to be genuinely happy to see you, and the regulars all crowd the tiny bar with no thought of moving to let you put your order in And if I hadn't been told otherwise, I'd have sworn all that old tat on the walls, ceiling and table was straight out of a catalogue. Plus it (and, imho, the beer) is always too warm. Still, at least they've got Twickenham Ales now - they didn't until a few months ago.
cheese_and_onion - 2 Nov 2009 00:25
What a rather good pub this is. I’ve been meaning to get here for some while, and it was worth the effort. The decor is what you might call “busy”. Every available space is occupied by some form of bric-a-brac – there are fishing rods on the ceilings; ships’ wheels; even a cigar store Indian; and the tables are glass topped in order to display old newspapers, coins and banknotes. The seating is very comfortable, with banquette seating and normal tables and chairs. There is a fireplace that had a fire on the go on Monday lunchtime, which must be a great feature on a cold day, but unfortunately not really needed on a warm day in late October. Still, it looked good.

There were five ales on – Twickenham Autumn Blaze; Young’s Bitter; Sharp’s Doom Bar; Courage Director’s; and Brain’s SA. I had the local ale - Autumn Blaze, which was superb. Most of the ales were just under £3 a pint, but the Autumn Blaze came in at exactly £3 – a reasonable price nonetheless. Unlike others, I found the service to be friendly. The lady who served me did so efficiently and with a smile – that’ll do for me. This struck me as a homely band welcoming pub. Just the sort of place I like. Highly recommended.
RexRattus - 26 Oct 2009 18:09
This pub mezmerises me with the amount of memorabilia you can get it into one pub! Personally I don't mind the crazy decor, but love it / hate it, you'll definitely remember it, particular the lovely courtyard garden.
astralstar - 21 Jul 2009 15:04
Popped my head around the door to ask if they were showing the rugby. Told me no, but the Duke of Clarence was showing it, then someone piped up 'Full of Arabs there'.

I say no more apart from I went to the Duke of Clarence and it was great.

PerryGee - 4 Jun 2009 10:03
This is without question the best pub for miles. They sell Bavarian lager, which makes the usual suspect lagers taste decidedly suspect. The atmosphere is not exactly rock and roll, but it's welcoming, warm and friendly. The perfect place to partake in a contemplative pint, either alone or with friends. The garden is award winning and if it has not won awards it should.

The landlady has always been very friendly to me. I guess it's how you talk to her, but I think she's great. She serves beer with a smile, takes your money and asks little more of you. I don't go there to socialise with her so she is perfect in my eyes.
Chappers12345 - 13 Jan 2009 16:49
Went in here late last year after moving recently moving to the area. Expected great things as the pub looks really nice from the outside and has had some decent reviews in the past.

However, I have to agree thepubghost the old lady behind the bar is an absolute disgrace. She was unbelievably rude towards us for no reason at all and made my father and I feel extremely uncomfortable being in the pub.

I will only choose to give this pub another chance if I see a sign saying 'Under New Management' otherwise will be going elsewhere!
publove1 - 11 Jan 2009 19:24
Someone should do something about the MISERABLE BLOODY BARMAIDS. I originally thought I must have upset the old Cow, however over the months I can see that she is the same to all.

It must be hard keeping a deadpan miserable expression in the face of people trying to relax, enjoy themselves and spend their money giving you a job.

I sit down in good company, next to a real fire with a super Pint but soon (oh shit) I’ve got to face the dark haired (perhaps Irish – I’ve never heard her say more that two words so its heard to tell) Hag to get a refill – the thought delays the buying process and slows down consumption.

Despite almost the impossible parking there are lots of reasons to visit this Pub if you like quality Ale served at the right temperature (Dermot at the Adelaide- please note) - but my advice is to take your own barmaid.

thePubGhost - 17 Dec 2008 22:43
Always as dead as Dodi but nice enough nuclear sub
whoagigi - 1 Dec 2008 19:19
Echo trainman's comments. This is a fine establishment. Played darts here on a weekday afternoon. Barmaid kindly let us move table so as we could use the dartboard. Warm welcoming staff, atmosphere and clientele. Old newspaper articles on tables and mounted on walls make for an interesting read too. Good selection of real ales. Would rate it 10/10 but for the fact a half-pint glass wasn't offered when serving a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale. That this is the worst fault I could find with this place tells you what a gem it is
johnwarkstache - 28 Nov 2008 12:26
I can’t explain my strange suspicion of Roebuck as a pub name, but I’m glad I put any qualms aside and headed for this place. Enter to a visually busy, almost cluttered, décor but become immediately drawn into a warm & welcoming atmosphere, ably abetted by the small real fire glowing happily & providing pleasant respite from ystdy’s light squall. Reach the bar to find 5 handpumps, ystdy offering Wayland’s Martian (light)Mild, Doombar, Alton’s Pride, Sharp’s Special(5.2%), Youngs Ord. There’s way too much wall & ceiling décor to record here, but it includes golf clubs, fishing rods, ship’s wheel, life-size wicker Harley, 4 antique fruit machines (I was told, but could only see3, incl 1 behind bar), glass-topped tables with old newspapers sealed in, pub is carpetted throughout. To the rear a paved, part planted, beer garden with picnic sets & a covered pagoda for smokers, also access to an extra ‘garage’ room, nicely furnished with pew seating and home to that 4th fruity. It was closed and is presumably used primarily in better weather, but thanks to the very friendly barmaid for switching on the lights for me to have a gander. It was quiet at 15:30 but a handful of regulars were drifting in before I had to leave and provided a local, comfortable, chatty backdrop, & sharing the craic with the staff. A chalkboard mentioned Paulaner Weissbier, and I spotted a Paulaner tap, also Spitfire smooth (wtf?). Richmond&Hounslow poty, well done. Most enjoyable visit & worth the easy 1m walk from my prev stop in Hampton. Definitely ‘on-map’ next time I’m over this way.
trainman - 14 Nov 2008 11:45
I go in this pub regularly and it is by far one of my favourites in the area. Its a nice mix of ages and a friendly place to drink. The real ale is great and the atmosphere charming. Good work.
pheeney - 21 Jul 2008 13:37
Made my two yearly visit (well - ok - a bit more frequent than that) the other week. Was delighted by absence of Badger beers. Too much Sharpe's for my liking but, aside from Youngs Ordianire, there was Hepworths Sussex and a Bateman's seasonal. Really excellent!
MeurglysIII - 20 Jun 2008 00:15
Real pub, real people, real beer and real carpet. What more can you ask for?
Davton - 18 Jun 2008 14:35
Atmosphere ok but not exceptional.
Beer good. Wine so so,
Service adequate.
Not quite sure why I like this pub - they are not outstanding at anything but a good all rounder.
This is a nice pub with an eclectic (eccentric?) collection of bric a brac which is good to look at.

One reason I didn't like it on my last couple of visits was the big group of middle aged idiots in the corner (apparently used to drink in Adelaide and Dowager) I found very smarmy and obnoxious.
Presumably barred from the other pubs for being boring- it has improved the ambience of the former pubs to the detriment of this one.
TeddingtonBloke - 11 Jun 2008 10:24
Have to agree with dave the bee. Lovely gaff.
nickthefish - 10 Jun 2008 13:52
Simply one of the best pubs in the area - excellent range and quality of beer, friendly atmosphere and interesting decor.
Dave_the_Bee - 24 Mar 2008 00:15
never been here before, but have driven past many a time. Well I am hooked. The atmosphere was great for a good chat and the beer was cared for. So much so, that I left my gloves behind. Pleased to say they kept them safe until I was lucky to return again. Would recommend if you like a good pint and fancy chatting with your mates.
biszumabfinken - 22 Jan 2008 14:55
Used to work round the corner from this pub and I must say everyone is right I love this pub used to pop in here on my lunch break at least 3 times a week to relex have a beer and kick back a really really friendly old lady forgot her name used to serve me very friendly locals and it truely is one of a kind not many places like this left and I recomend everyone to visit such a shame I have not had a chance to visit for a few years but wil return soon.
beertraveller - 13 Jan 2008 15:31
I come here every two and a half years or so. I have no idea why I visit so infrequently as it is a very nice pub: good atmospehere, decent ales and a lot of charm!
MeurglysIII - 16 Jun 2007 10:54
Small and friendly local with a secluded garden out the back, and which sells among others Somerset and Dorset Ale (4.4%). A lot of railway memorabilia around the walls.
beeronaut - 3 Jun 2007 18:29
We have just moved to the area and i must say this place is my favourite. Having said that its DEFINATELY not for everyone. No music, very old crowd but sometimes we all feel like kicking back. Its just soooo relaxing. The hospitality is terrific and prices are unbelievably cheap.

Always good for a winter warmer or pint in the garden. Pop in if you fancy a bar packed full of character, great staff, top clientele and a massive range of beers, spirits, wines etc

See you there
phil_dawson - 14 Mar 2007 15:38
This is my local and a great boozer. Terry the Landlord is a really nice guy. The Roebuck always has a great range of beers.
Great beer garden... worth the visit !
strutts - 12 Dec 2006 14:57
I have lived in this area all my years but never fancied this pub as it always looked very rough and ready. Some freinds asked to meet us here one night, and this has now become my regular place to enjoy a beer or three.Interesting beers and decor plus freindly staff make this a must

GeeTee - 1 Dec 2006 12:32
A great little pub with well kept ales (mostly from the Badger brewery but there were others) and genuinely interesting decor - I especially liked the area with the ceiling covered in fishing rods. The place seemed very friendly, though it was a bit quiet considering it was a Saturday evening, but that's hardly a complaint. If I ever happen to be in the area again I'd definitely make a beeline for the Roebuck.
RageofKlugman - 20 Nov 2006 15:59
Decided to pop in for one as I hadnt been in for a few years. The one drink turned into several. An absolute delight of a pub. Wonderfully newly built beer garden and little outhouse area too for when the heavens open. A good choice of lagers and ales being dominated by a Badger brewery, that cant be a bad thing. Plenty of choice in the wine department too. Very friendly owners, made to feel very welcome. A must for anyone in the area. Dare say I'll be popping in for "one" rather more often
lucy75 - 8 Aug 2006 12:19
I always got a bit put off from going in here as it looked a bit rough from the outside. How wrong could you be? Inside it was a revelation! A really really quirky good pub.

Stay off the psychedlic beer though otherwise you might see field mice in the garden as one punter was
TheGP - 9 Jul 2006 12:12
super little pub - friendly staff, cosy and great selection of beers. perfect stop-off en-route to or on the way home after a curry at the Minar(if there's any room left for beer!)
drunkenmonkey - 27 Aug 2005 22:11
Found this a friendly pub having arrived after walking through Bushy Park. Arriving fairly early on Sunday lunchtime found it light and airy with a good selection of ales available - you do not see Robinsons in the capital very often. Did not look at much of the memorabilia (but noticed several nautical bits on one wall and lots of banknotes elsewhere) as we headed for the small but well cared for garden on one of the few hot sunny days this year. Unfortunately only lunches Mon-Fri but the landlord did not seem to mind when we raided Tescos round the corner for cornchips and dips.
lout_from_the_lane - 17 May 2005 09:35
From what was once the worst pub in the Hamptons, it's now one of the best due to the work put in by the Freeholder/Owner/Landlord/Publican and proprietor of the B&B which is integral.
Whilst it has undoubtedly quirky memorabilia - the selection of which you will NOT find in any other pub in Britain, the atmosphere is always friendly and female non-threatening.
I saw the comment about some sad old drunk locals - you almost get that in all places from time-to-time but (and I've seen it) a fair private word with the Landlord/Owner etc will get that unfriendly drunk either banned from future visits or marched off there and then.
And to prove its secure and friendly nature, why would international business guests visiting the world famous NPL (National Physical Lab) in nearby Teddington, return time after time to enjoy the B&B and the banter in the evening?
Bye the way, lunch is excellent vfm for the standard type pub fare.
If you didn’t enjoy your first visit, try is again at a different time of day.
ripple - 27 Mar 2005 15:31
This is my local pub, it’s a nice pub but very “local” you can always get a seat and it’s got a great selection of beers. The garden is very nice in the summer you could spend all day there and not notice. The pub is full of wartime memorabilia; all the tables have wartime newspapers under glass (great if you like that type of stuff).

There are a number of interesting pieces of sunken ww1 and ww2 German battleships that were salvaged by the landlord’s brother (ex navy frogman).

Good pub if you like a quiet drink a seat and a laugh with friends.


anonymous - 25 Feb 2005 17:21
been back recently and wish I hadn't. the locals seem to be rather possessive of their barside seats with comments such as 'sorry mate, but you're in the way'. nice pub, bad locals.
Dan - 4 Nov 2004 22:15
nice quiet and interesting local - better than any of the other pubs around here and a great selection of belgian and regular beers.
Dan - 28 Oct 2004 22:46
Not what I call average. Definately one of the better pubs in the area - not full of yobs, sad old drunks & recent garden extention. Highly recommended.
PJB - 19 Aug 2004 12:34
Average establishment and now new local as moved house. Makes a change to see some other beers in the area other than Fullers which ain't that special (esp as all the fullers pubs don't know how to make them taste nice unlike random places around the country that serve Lon Pride and do a goog job with it; that's another matter tho.....). Gobbledy Goose is beautiful and look forward to seeing what guest is on next once the festive rubbish is discarded (apart from batemans Rosey Nosey, Reinbeers Revenge, pudding stouts_) email me if you have a prob with Fullers beers in SW london area!
hecklesworth - 17 Jan 2004 16:15

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