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Swan Inn and Lodge, Claygate

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user reviews of the Swan Inn and Lodge, Claygate

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Despite now being a Tapas bar this pub still has two hand-pumps, and the most interesting ales of any pub in Claygate: one Breakspear and one local beer. Definitely worth the 10 minute walk from the station for beer lovers.
Trev - 7 Feb 2020 20:03
A quaint pub about 10 minutes walk from the station and located opposite a small green. It is decorated with plenty of flowers and hanging baskets. The bar is L-shaped with bare wooden floors in the lounge. The lefthand side is set up for drinking and the smaller righthand side for food. Although the bar had 4 handpumps. there was only 2 beers on the bar, both Fullers. There was a beer festival outside at the time so that might have been deliberate. Seating is adequate but hardly salubrious. There is a small garden out the bar.
boozers_knows - 11 Oct 2012 13:29
£9.50 for an ale, a lager and some VERY salted peanuts. This place is just too expensive for me, - 27 Jun 2012 21:14
Large if fairly bland pub that does Doom Bar and Black Sheep, passable, at the moment.
rainlight - 18 Jul 2011 17:44
It is a shame to read that The Swan is not much cope. They were giving it all for when it first changed hands. That's young bar men for you - only interested in themselves & the wonger!
blond_40 - 11 Mar 2011 15:10
Most of the reviews below this one rather summarise The Swan. Was in there earlier in the week and it is really slow and quiet. Food looks passable but all a bit amateurish in my view. Used to be a great Cricketing pub but can't see any signs of that at all now, maybe the Health & Safety brigade have put the dampeners on that. I won't be back in Surrey for a few weeks now so will pop in again to see whether things have taken a turn for the better. Beer was Ok, but not even a smile when it was served, and I had to ask to have it topped up!
rogerjamieson - 25 Feb 2011 15:46
I visited The Swan in Oct 10 as it used to be my Father's local many years ago and had a pint of Asphall's cyder while I soaking up the atmosphere set in the heart of a picturesque English village. The pub's completely changed (internally) since my Father's time of course but I was given a very warm welcome by the Landlord. I stayed overnight in one of the pub rooms and in the morning enjoyed a specially cooked English breakfast with good helpings. The Landlord was very friendly and was happy for me to walk round the pub taking in the history from all the pictures and fixtures inside. I left the pub feeling very happy.
I would recommend The Swan in Claygate to anyone who values good old fashioned friendliness and a warm pub welcome. I have to say the pint of Asphall's was in fine condition and went down well too.
Bentleyarnage - 15 Oct 2010 17:03
I'd like to know who runs this place now? I've boycotted the lovely Weir since I've found out they were connected- so that'll be 5k they've lost in cider revenue alone this year - at least!. I like the ethos and staff (especially at the weir).. Lovely pubs, lovely surroundings, very unfriendly landlady!
clarkie12006 - 29 Sep 2010 02:47
Been here twice in the last 2 weeks on different weekdays and enjoyed the beer and the Thai food but where were the people? About 6 on the 1st day and 5 on the second....with such a good position the potential for this place is fantastic. Not too sure who runs and /or owns the pub but whoever it is, he or she has failed. What a pity.
Earlhamcourt - 6 Sep 2010 20:56
This pub was absolutely dead when we went there last saturday evening for something to eat. The young bar staff and manager do not seem to engage with the customers and the whole place lacks atmosphere. However the beer was good and the Thai for was reasonable. However beware of the Thai beef salad which the chef much have off loaded his entire stock of red chillies on to, as it was almost inedible! Won't go back in a hurry. - 29 Jul 2010 08:50
Popped in for a quick pint mid Sunday afternnon and found the place souless with no atmosphere at all. Only four other customers in a fair sized pub that looks as if it should be doing great business. The welcome was friendly enough but my pint of Black Sheep was the worse I have had although it must be said that the London Pride, the only other ale, was in better condition.
Sky Sports News on with the sound off, inoffensive background music (except for James bloody Blunt) and primative and whiffy toilets, this pub, situated in a nice position opposite a vilage green does seem to be missing a great opportunaty to be a really decent venue.
flashharry1965 - 19 Jan 2010 11:12
I like the Bury St. Edmunds on the pumps at a reasonable for the area £3.00 a pint and the food remains top notch too. Well done everyone concerned.
Oakman100 - 4 Nov 2009 18:08

Thai Food is normally served on Tuesday & Fridays only - with Sunday Roasts & standard pub fare available on other days.

Mike_L - 5 Oct 2009 11:09
This was my local for many years, and has always been a great pub. Busy when you want it to be, quiet when you dont! Beer festival was always a hit, as was the food.... the thai is to die for.

I miss the swan now having moved away!!
Bombay_and_tonic - 15 Sep 2009 09:52
Popped in here having made an offer on a house nearby and thought I'd tempt fate by trying my potential new "local". Clean, well-kept with friendly young bar-staff and a decent pint of XX Mild that I'd never seen before. If circumstances allow (see first sentence), I hope to return regularly.
rd_se3 - 3 Sep 2009 21:30
This is a great pub which I first visited last Friday.

The beer festival was on and had an excellent range of beers including the very rare GK XX Mild which was georgeous. All other beers tried were in fine fettle too. Food was excellent including hog roast and they look as though they have some interesting beers on the pumps in the bar too. Will definetely be back - indeed Dad went back today and said it was great. Cheers. (8/10)
Oakman100 - 3 Sep 2009 18:46
We went to the beer festival over this last weekend. A good choice of ales and ciders. Food (hog roast) was very good and lunch time food delicious. The new manager and bar staff very friendly. Was well worth the K3 bus trip from Surbiton to the nice location. Will definitely return.
thetrees - 2 Sep 2009 21:37
We've had nothing but a good experience at the Swan since we moved to Claygate last year. The staff have always been really friendly, good selection of beers and the thai food great. On a Sunday afternoon they put any leftover roast spuds and yorkshire puds from lunch on the bar ofr customers to help themsleves and they are divine!
reedyd - 27 Aug 2009 08:25
This used to be a fun place for people of all ages - nice location, quiet but with a good crowd. Was also host to the annual beer festival which was great fun!

The refurb has stripped the place of all character, the new staff are very rude (on one occasion the bartender misheard my friends order, got him the wrong drink and refused to change it.)

We were actually intimidated into leaving - don't think they like young people going there anymore. Absolute letdown, hope it gets shut down soon it could be so much better with new management.
eshergirl - 18 Aug 2009 14:21
Used to go here about once a month for a drink and a Thai meal. All very reasonably priced and a friendly place. Juke box, real ale, Tv screens - I liked it. Then I went back after the refurb and was very disappointed. The pub atmosphere had gone and it is now more like a quite pricey restaurant. So I had a quick drink and left pretty sharpish.

Ditto - bring back real pubs and get rid of this gastro crap.
beehave - 1 Jan 2009 13:22
What a huge, huge dissapointment. Following a close down and reburbishment All I can say is that this pub is pity-full shadow of its former self. The refit inside is actually quite pleasing to the eye but that dosn't make a pub. With regards to the details above, here is the new summary: NO TV's, NO FRUIT MACHINES, NO JUKEBOX in fact nothing you would perhaps describe as entertainment in the slightest. The quality of the ale is just passable. My biggest problem with The Swan is that after weeks of closure during the summer THE TOILETS ARE IN THE SAME DISGUSTING CONDITION THEY WERE BEFORE. This used to be a fun place for us to go to with my wife and kids on Sunday, especially with the play area at the back, away from the road. THE KIDS PLAY AREA IS GONE.

To summarise, this pub is dull, lifeless , overpriced at £20 per a bottle of Pinot and above all EMPTY. I give them until January.

Bring back real pubs. I'm sick of gastro wanna be's trying to rip us off!!!
Vader - 14 Nov 2008 18:17
Today 14th July 2008 - the Swan is closed for refurbishment due to new ownership. What a shame Karen did not tell the staff. My son is still owed his wages and at least the courtesy of some honesty about the situation. It leaves him without employment for the summer - THANKS. Solicitors letter on its way be prepared!
calla - 14 Jul 2008 21:03
Pride & Hogs Back T.E.A. in passable but not perfect condition. Half the pub is dressed as a restaurant (incl white linen!) and half as rustic woody bar, albeit with window blinds throughout. This is another pub that oddly believes that the future lies in Thai food, otherwise sarnies or paninis. It looked pretty good value, but is it just me that finds ‘traditional english pub’ & ‘thai food served here’ an impossible juxtaposition? Sound track had the ups of Roxy’s Hard Rain & downs of someone’s Superfreak.
trainman - 5 Mar 2008 10:36
Seems to have gone downhill a little, definitely not as busy. Difficult to understand what is being said when the staff talk polish behind the bar
cityworker - 10 Oct 2007 14:01
Julia & Rachel are the fittest barmaids at this pub, in fact at any pub in Surrey. They are complete hotties and if you get the chance you should buy them a beer. Craig the manager looks like a tortoise though
anonymous - 13 Jul 2006 15:14
Good pub with beer garden and good sized tables out the front door for nice days. Beer/ale selection is good and they do Sky sports for football matches well.

Excellent Thai restaurant and takeaway as well!
ukdickinson - 16 Oct 2005 17:07
this pub is brilliant. im a local there and is good to go 4 a drink with ur mates. very lively on fridays and saturday nites and especcially during the beer festival. if you go, check out one of the guys behind the bar .... BUFF!
anonymous - 25 Jan 2005 19:38
the pub seems to have changed in recent months and lost some of its fun atmosphere. there is now a worrying lack of pretty barmaids in low-cut tops which is definitely a bad development and was one of the major reasons for visiting in the first place.
gearbox - 20 Oct 2004 17:25
Its in claygate...Its pukka....Its got more babes than Ales over the beer fest.....its got to be done ovet the bank hols weekend....happy days..
G-MAN - 29 Aug 2004 14:10
Alan, i hate to say it but you are wrong, Geabox and I are right, The Swan is most definately fully in Claygate and not in Esher. The sign saying welcome to claygate which is where most people think the boundary begins is wrongly placed. The real boundary is Arbrook Lane, looking down Arbrook Lane with the Swan on your left Claygate is on the left and Esher is on the right. Try it Alan then tell me where you think the swan is.
Alternately i will be at the beer fest tonight so we can talk about it then!
Alan may i ask ,. are you a newcomer to claygate??? this misplacement of pubs is a common misconception amongst newcomers .
ok that said The Swan is ok, definatley best on august bank hol weekend for the beer festy
andy - 28 Aug 2004 09:58
Hate to correct one as knowlable as Gearbox but the Swan is not in Claygate but Esher. Service can also be indifferent. Occasional cricket match on green opposite in the summer

alan - 26 Aug 2004 12:18
Unlike most pubs in Claygate, this pub attracts a good cross-section of people - young and old from all social groups. Generally, very good looking (female) bar staff - but that policy seems to have changed in recent months! The food in the attached Thai restaurant is okay and is handy in the early evening if you have had too many pints! A really chilled pub garden is lovely on a summer's day.Situated in a lovely location but the road can be really busy at peak times. So be careful crossing after a few pints!
geabox - 29 Jun 2004 16:49
the swan's fantastic, loads of great people head down there and even though it's small it's still enough room to settle down with a drink and some new local people. there are a few people who are always in there, and they make the place a great pub to be in. Sir Thomas Of Gee is just one local squire who graces this establishment with his prescene, and makes it a truly warming place
mace - 6 May 2004 17:16
People can catch an occasional glimpse of the legendary Dingo Hunter known as FRANcis in this pub during the summer's great
Tom - 6 May 2004 16:53
Ok, let's clear this up. The good thing about the swan is the people it draws. It's great for the younger generation because it has a great local catchment area (Claygate, Esher, Oxshott etc). It has to be said it is an amazing summer pub. The garden's great you'll nearly always get a table if you're not too late, and the green over the road is classic if you're with mates, especially during the beer festival. This is not a pub to go to if you're picky (or just know what you're talking about when it somes to pubs), it's great if you have lots of local friends and you come to the pub to have a laugh with a few drinks.
mace - 16 Feb 2004 11:40
went there in the new year, service was very poor, food was crap, what a shame, there was i admit a good looking bar staff lady, but lets face it it takes more than a woman to make a pub half decent.
Chris Jenson - 3 Feb 2004 06:59
great last summer, beer festivals and everything, met loads of great people- but since the new management, the place has gone seriously downhill .i agree with mike completely about the bar staff, they are very rude and pushy! hope it gets better...
sarah - 27 Jan 2004 18:56
This pub is not worth it, the staff are rude and swamming with little snobs!
Sean - 20 Jan 2004 16:10
Interesting history here as my Uncle got up to all sorts. A vet once used his animal training to revive a heart attack case in the bar, but I have not seen a plaque to commemorate the fact! Don't know much about the beer but they used to do a good sunday roast.
anon - 9 Jan 2004 08:25
The bar staff may be very attractive, but seem to be more intrested in drinking their own drinks, smoking cigarettes at the end of the bar or serving their mates, than serving other customers.

Has the now standard Thai restaurant taking up half the pub, which is curtained off. leaving very little room for drinkers. This used to be a great pub in the summer for beer festivals. I don't know if that is still the case though.
Mike - 3 Dec 2003 12:43

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