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A periodic visitor to the Claygate area, when my work permits.

Username: rogerjamieson

Age: 62

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The Swan Inn and Lodge, Claygate

Most of the reviews below this one rather summarise The Swan. Was in there earlier in the week and it is really slow and quiet. Food looks passable but all a bit amateurish in my view. Used to be a great Cricketing pub but can't see any signs of that at all now, maybe the Health & Safety brigade have put the dampeners on that. I won't be back in Surrey for a few weeks now so will pop in again to see whether things have taken a turn for the better. Beer was Ok, but not even a smile when it was served, and I had to ask to have it topped up!

25 Feb 2011 15:46

The Foley Arms, Claygate

Sad about The Foley. The Public Bar is more or less deserted and the Saloon Bar seems to be stuck in a time wharp. The old buzz has gone and there are a smattering of regulars who scurry off home as soon as its their round! One or two (one in particular!) look as though they were born and raised there, maybe they were. The Landlord & Landlady are a pleasant hardworking couple doing their best to survive a deep recession and trying to compensate for the less than pleasant Saloon Bar regulars. The sooner that Youngs spend the money and upgrade it and maybe get shot of the type of custom they seem to attract the better and maybe some of the more interesting and enlightened, and less stick in the mud, locals will return.

25 Feb 2011 12:01

The Griffin, Claygate's review is somewhat wide of the mark. First of all Mondays are their 'day off' and whilst the kitchens have a limited menu that day they are closed in the evening. If the service was slightly slow then it would be worth popping in there on another day when they are really geared up to serve lunch and dinner. Youngs Ordinary at 3 pp is less expensive here than all the other local hostelleries. Food is made to order, not pre-made and left to sit, so you get what you pay for and you should be happy to pay for what you get! The Harrington family serve the best beer in the area, their standards are reflected in the very hard working landlord&landlady and some of the prettiest bar staff that you will ever encounter. The chef is Danny, and his food is earning The Griffin an unrivalled reputation in the area, and beyond. Passing_By's comments aren't really quite true either, the average age in the Public Bar is probably around 30, and the Saloon Bar and the garden have a wide range of clientele. The bars both have Sky TV for Sports fans, although the Public Bar is usually where the action is on that front. The Saloon Bar is lower profile and only on major Rugby days does the TV come into play there.

25 Feb 2011 11:41

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