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It's closed now.

And shuttered up - with steel, no less.
Hulots_hat - 26 Jan 2020 15:58
It's been made over into a rather boutique style eating and drinking venue.

It was rather quiet when we called, but the staff and few customers seemed friendly.

I had an decent enough pint of Doombar, the only ale on offer on this occasion. They'd finished food by that time, but the lingering aromas smelt good.
eddybeer - 1 Sep 2016 16:41
A couple of weeks back I made my first ever visit here on a Sunday afternoon and I was pleasantly surprised.

It was around 3.30pm when myself and 2 others arrived and the pub was pretty busy. Food was being served and was proving very popular.

Not much ale choice so I opted for the only beer that was on, this was Sharp’s Doom Bar which is one of my personal favs and so good that I had 4 pints.

The pub has been transformed from a flagging back street local to a very good gastro pub with an upmarket clientele.

After an hour or so a jazz singer and her band started playing, the music was good and didn’t really disturb us while we talked.

Apart from only 1 ale on this is a very nice pub and maybe next time I may try the food, definitely worth a visit if you’re in the Loughborough Junction area.
lezford - 24 Nov 2014 13:35
Just been back here for the first time in a little while. We tried their Tuesday curry night buffet, which was excellent value. Still a good atmosphere too.
timlloyd - 13 Sep 2011 21:30
Excellent pint of Doom Bar and a good crowd in for the Thursday night quiz. Food looked amazing.
pezza132 - 14 Jan 2011 15:23
used to go regularly at weekends, but 2 complaints, the food is hit and miss for the prices (yes, sourced from smithfields etc but often overcooked) but the main gripe is if you go for a quiet pint daytime over the weekend it feels like a kindergarden - have nothing against little ones but yummy mums and dads knocking back drinks whilst darlings hurl themselves around other punters not so relaxing.

Nice staff, very friendly.
pintisright - 6 Jan 2011 17:21
I can't comment on the service Independantreviewer (surely should be independentrevieweer!) received - even the best pubs make the occasional cock-up. However whatever burger he had is nothing like the burgers I have tasted at The Cambria which have always been brilliant. I actually decided to have the steak for a change recently and, although good, wasn't a good as the burgers I normally have. And The Cambria is definitely an oasis in the middle the completely depressing Loughborough Junction area.of
malkythealky - 29 Sep 2010 14:59
My boyfriend and I were also in on Monday night, and I have to agree the service of food was rather slow, but in fairness the pub was packed... Mainly because the guest band decided to bring their thirty-odd groupies! The chefs seemed a little flustered, as did the bar staff, but they were still able to greet us with a smile whenever we came to the bar. Weve never had a bad experience with the food itself. Although, being meat-eaters we cant comment on the veggie dishes. My boyfriend had the burger, as usual and he loved it. The music was fantastic.
"Local Resident"
local__resident - 24 Sep 2010 12:24
Let me start by saying, this is the first ever comment I have posted anywhere, on any website about anything, Honestly! I had such a negative experience at the Cambria (TWICE!), I just had to comment.

Short version, otherwise I will be here all day!

First Visit June 2010 - A friend and I went for lunch, during the week, no one else in there. Great, we thought in and out! 1 hour and ten minutes later we received our lunch. Yes, 1 hr 10 mins! At no point did the very unfriendly bar staff come to explain, at the 45 minute mark I had to enquire, which I was told, it was 5 mins away, I asked this 3 times. We had to ask for some bread to eat (not offered!), as we were starving. Apparently the lentils needed cooking from scratch, which we know takes along time. How about telling us that when we ordered!!! It would have been nice to be given the choice to order something quicker! After much disappointment, they offered us a voucher for two free meals.

Second Visit Sep 2010 What a mistake! Why on earth we gave them a second chance I do not know... After presenting the voucher, the hospitality went very cold, you think they would have bent over backwards! Why do they have a free voucher? Lets take extra care of them as it must be for a reason. Well, you would at least think they would ask! You wont believe this, but 1 hour and 10 mins later we received our very average meal! After the table next to us received their meal, 50 mins after ordering curry and rice, I went to ask how long our meal would be only to be told the ticket had not printed and the kitchen doesnt have our order. I explained why I had the free voucher, and what happened last time. The owner was informed, she then left the table she was drinking at with friends, came over and apologized, saying respectively I dont know what to say Say something I said, at least explain?? Apparently the ticket machine went down at the exact time we placed our order and then started working again 30 seconds after when the table next to me order, silly ticket machine! Nothing to do with the waitress not entering it...

A free drink later, and some bread (that I had to ask for AGAIN!) we ate a mushroom and stilton pie, with no evidence of stilton, and at least a table spoon of pepper accompanied by wall paper paste, sorry bland mashed potato, and a pre made purchased burger that I had to check wasnt a warm bit of rubber! Im laughing now thinking about, its not even worth saying anymore about the food.

Now please understand I am not some bored, angry little man who goes around writing negative reviews about people and places to make myself feel better. This is the very first, and mostly likely the very last review I have ever written and will ever write. But, my experiences at the The Cambria (TWICE) with the unwelcoming, unhelpful & clueless staff, very amateur cafe cooks brought me to this point.

Good points, the cider was ok, and the jazz band was very soothing, both out of control of the Cambria. Stay well away from this place, save your money and buy a tin of beans from the supermarket.

IndependantReviewer - 21 Sep 2010 10:30
Went there last weekend and really enjoyed it. Good atmostphere, decent ales and friendly staff. Haven't eaten there yet, but have heard good things about the food, especially the sunday roasts.
Hedonista - 19 Feb 2010 13:31
I think this pub will be mw new local (even if I do have to walk a bit further).

Spent an evening there for my Birthday mid week, it wasn't too busy but there was life in there. The bar staff and landlord were great, friendly and even bothered to find out my name and actually used it (then again I did phone to say I was bring a group of people in with me to get seated together).

Going to go regularly now.
Mattyboy1974 - 29 Oct 2009 16:40
Nice looking pub inside, staff nice too, booze fine. Food looked nice, but a tenner a plate doesn't relate to my 3.50 (1970's) meat and 2 veg or equivalent pub food view. ie isn't necessarily good value. Still I suppse 3.50 then was 2 or 3 beers worth, so maybe a tenner isn't unreasonable. (i get there in the end, sloooooowly...)
declan88 - 15 Feb 2009 19:10
Pub has changed hands recently. I think for the better, good selection of beer on tap, and a central kitchen for all to view. Good pub purely for drink, most food seems to be micro waved, good flavours but dry! Expected more from a kitchen on display! Micro wave is a bit of a joke when paying 10 odd quid a main! Nice vibe and friendly.
spectrum48k - 17 Dec 2008 22:14
Not had a bad pint of ale yet. The food, you get what you pay for. It's not as expensive as some of the 'Gastro' pubs in the area and always VERY tasty. Staff always friendly in spite of some of the numpties that go in.
PMG - 16 Dec 2008 11:45
This place has changed beyond all belief for the better! When we moved to the area 5 years ago the place was a local with no real beer, and then it had a new owner, which looked promising at first. then came the big screen telly!, which was terribly dull!!

We've been back to the pub now 3 times in the last couple of weeks, and although a little costly, the quality of the food and beer was excellent, as is there attention to detail. I'd really recommend you give it a try and make your own mind up!
horacebat - 5 Nov 2008 11:48
This is a really great pub, that was recently refurbished. The staff are friendly, the food is reasonably priced compared with some of the other local pubs and the customers a good mix. Recommended.
timlloyd - 5 Oct 2008 20:52
This great little boozer is exactly what the area needs. A place to go for a good beer and some good food.
t0m - 14 Sep 2008 15:37
Oh dear. From The Cambria to the Campbria to The Prambria, the decline of this once-fine boozer continues apace. Doubtless another couple of years will see a further change of ownership and the inevitable conversion into 'luxury' apartments but until then make mine twelve quid's worth of organic duck breast with alfalfa sprout hearts and a side order of child's dribble. Bring back smoking and chuck out the kiddies I say.
rebwoac - 18 Aug 2008 17:10
Actually I'd say it's dipped more than a toe into gastro-pretentiousness. The menu is fairly pricy for pub grub, and there wasn't anything in the snacking/sharing section that was reasonably priced enough to tempt us. They quote their prices as just a number (instead of '4.95', just '5') - it's that kind of place. A bit poncy.

That said, it's nicely, modernly decked out, has comfy sofas and a really lovely, fair-sized, patio garden.

We'll be back one Thursday at 8:30 to try out the pub quiz.
Camberwell_girl - 9 Aug 2008 12:10
Recently refurbished, and under new-management, this is a good example of a neighbourhood pub that avoids both gastro-pretentiousness and run-down seediness.

Apparently the (friendly) new owners are planning to emphasise community / family drinkers rather than becoming a pub dominated by screens showing sport all hours of the day and night.

There's a pub quiz, live music and good, reasonably priced food. In an area crying out for good local pubs this should be supported and encouraged.

AnthonyD - 4 Aug 2008 17:35
Friendlest pub in SE London by a mile. Lovely staff & regulars. Quizzes are a good laugh. Food can be anything from average to awesome - seems to vary quite a bit. I always look forward to popping down for a pint and having an outside area for BBQ's is a real bonus. Go on Neil!
followthebear - 8 Apr 2008 17:56
Best pub in SE5, hands down. A bit pricey but that helps keep the flat cappers and chavs out. Real ales.
mrfalafel - 20 Jul 2007 12:21
Having just moved a few streets away I've been searching for a new local for a few weeks now. Me and my wife stumbled across The Cambria as we walked home from Ruskin Park and I've got to say I was very pleasantly surprised. It ticks all the boxes for a good local. Bright, airy, not very smoky at all, decent food and a good selection of beer. A great little boozer.
Rossco - 21 Jun 2007 11:30
Pub quiz 8:30 Thursday evenings
mooose - 26 Apr 2007 14:30
Very pleasant backstreet pub
se5live - 17 Dec 2006 12:40
just got tobe the best pub around great quiz night every thursday come along every one its great fun.
111 - 23 Nov 2006 21:05
A great bar to watch the football and to have a drink and a chat with friends. Sunday lunch they so big and and tasty. GREAT VALUE!
anonymous - 25 Oct 2006 18:48
Without doubt the WORST pub in the whole of London. Terrible food, dreadful decor, rubbish staff. The singer on Sunday night has delusions of grandeur - sadly they are delusions like none I have ever witnessed. This used to be a nice relaxed pub, great for a local boozer. It now seems to be under the impression it's an ex-pat bar in Magaluf - what a shame.
anonymous - 25 Sep 2006 00:07
anonymous - 29 Nov 2005 14:14
anonymous - 1 May 2005 16:44
I went to this pub/bistro Sunday.Yes really liked it nice plum and cram decor and wooded floors.Nice selection of beers and wines.Really nice cosy atmosphere.Nice friendly staff.Yes and the Sunday roast was great.Yes really worth a visit.They now have live music on a Sunday.I was just about to leave the pub when a captivating young lady called Jaki stepped up yo the mike.She turned out to be a really great vocalist and treated us to the likes of Moondance,Rainy days and Mondays,To sir with Love,I definately want to see more of this young lady at the Cabria.Great voice and what a find for the pub!
anonymous - 11 Apr 2005 20:56
BENNY3 - 25 Mar 2005 17:44
Used to be an ok, average boozer. Nice mix of people and just generally pretty unremarkable but reliable. Until now. In the last couple of weeks there has been a change of management, and a distinct attempt to turn it into another Sun and Doves type bar (rather than a pub)

There's now art for sale on the walls, a dedicated no smoking area, and lots of kids ramping around AND the comfy sofas have gone. Service is rubbish too. There was only one bloke serving at sunday lunchtime, including taking out food orders. It took 40mins for 2 roasts to come (and not before mine had been served to another customer, and then re-presented to me cold)

It's my local, but I won't be back in a hurry.
ebird - 15 Mar 2005 17:02
Nice pub and one of the few in a big area between Denmark Hill and Herne Hill. It needs updating though, the old faded blue facade and the new pink walls inside are not very appealing. In the last two years it has become a sports bar only, which it's a shame because the atmosphere and the crowd was much nicer before (also the food). Yet a huge potential to become a fantastic place to go if changes are made.
Lewis - 17 Nov 2004 14:40
Great wee boozer. A breath of fresh air compared to the dives in Brixton. Nice mix of people.
Loz - 6 Oct 2004 13:10
Where is Ruskin Village never heard of it sounds like Estate Agent speak for the back streets of Peckham did'nt know that this phonomenon had reached S.E ldn but we are saturated by over here in Battersea anyway sound little pub
Heather - 7 Mar 2004 00:45
fantastic local, tucked away in Ruskin village. Great food, pool table and cheerful staff... quiz nights every Thursday a must.
Serena Bark - 24 Feb 2004 14:02
Good atmosphere, friendly staff, excellent food. Gets v. busy towards the end of the week, especially thursdays (quiz night) and sundays (sunday roast, yum). Get there early and you can snag the comfy sofas too!
Owen - 1 Feb 2004 23:21
Nice quiet place to come on a sunday for food. Little off the beaten track but excellent place for a pint if someone's forced you to go for a run in Ruskin Park.
Wixy - 20 Jan 2004 10:46
Tucked away from it all, so much so there's never anyone in there.
Parsnip - 19 Jan 2004 15:46
Probably the best value pub food in Ruskin Village, plus a relaxed quiz on a Thursday night.
Chas - 26 Sep 2003 14:32
Nice pub in the heart of Ruskin Village (Herne Hill for the less familiar). Serves standard lagers and beers, has a good wine selection. Good food served and atmosphere relaxed.
Mog Hepworth - 26 Jul 2003 13:24

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