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Fine wine, classy women, elegant sports cars are all things I've seen in magazines.

The everyday is more rise, commute,work, commute, drink, eat, sleep.

So little time for drinking, I'd like it to be right first time. And in London it so often isn't.

I want balanced, strong cocktails

Username: declan88

Age: 50

Sex: male

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The Black Cherry Bar, East Dulwich

This place has changed over the years (not surprising I've been around for c10 years). Anyway now the cocktails a la Gordon Ramsay's advice to chefs have become fewer in variety ("a more focused menu") and very watery. Think of wall paper paste. Just because I add 4x as much water to it, doesn't mean it will hold up 4x as much wall paper. Pity because for variety and strength the place was worth going to before. Now its for volume drinkers, liquid and verbal. At the same time they introduced their Pontins bucket of ice with some pretend cocktail in it about 3 years ago, they introduced a reheated Iceland party food menu. There was an offer at the time, 3 choices for the price of 2 or some such. Having gone for this, 2 out of the 3 things were either under-reheated or so absent on filling as to be not worth eating. Lastly before its Blackpoolisation, because the drinks were stronger, people took their time getting through them. Now with the dilute versions, the till staff are busier with the result service is slower for everyone and more frazzled, exacerbated by the short lengthed bar, where only so many staff can work anyway. I would liken the degradation to that of a spiv buying a minor gentleman's club. Good for the owner's profit, not good for me as I like a serious drink, not kiddo coloured water. One to avoid these days. Green and Blue's just across the road anyway for some decent wine.

19 Feb 2011 10:14

The Canton Arms, South Lambeth

Here are too good comments about the Canton in its previous incarnation:

1. 8 Aug 2007
Spot the contributions from management (last three [4 really]comments). Yes pub is ok - nothing special but reasomable at what it attempts

2. 7 Aug 2007

Supurb local pub. Friendly atmosphere and friendly staff - it seems to be one of the few pubs in London which caters for young people where they bother to say goodbye to you when you leave. The homecooked food is of a high standard and is a little more creative than your average pub food. The menu also changes regularly. Very good pub quiz on Monday.

Home cooked? ie pub reheated, industrially piped, mmm because that's how I always prepare my food at home. And people complain about politicians being mealy mouthed. It comes to something doesn't it when people serving you food try to to mislead you over one of life's basic necessities, a certain kind of sordid trough of deceit. Home cooked indeed!

7 Jun 2010 16:30

The Canton Arms, South Lambeth

5th June 2010 8pm Dinner 80 for 2
Sat outside for a few beers before dinner. Nice fellow drinkers and diners, although bar staff a bit slow and spaced out eg clutching head in hands woe is me type thing. Still beer OK.

Food later, good quality. Pork nice, lamb even better. Good portion too. Starter not bad. Service and wine pretty good. Only one thing missing from the food, heat. I like my hot food served really hot. The hot starter and both mains and side veg (extra ) were all tepid. Why I'm not sure, eg incompletely m'wave reheated or slow pass between kitchen and waiters? Didn't mention it as by the time they've fixed/ denied it/ whatever, the moment has passed especially where its everything rather than just one thing. Of course the other thing is where only one person's dinner needs attention, the other half can feel guilty wolfing away, while you wait. For the price, I'd expect it all to be right first time. I think there are better restaurants nearish by eg 100 yards up the road Estrella or Angels and Gypsies in Camberwell, although the Canton is probably still getting its act together, so could improve with time.

I'd go again, but probably not for the food.

7 Jun 2010 16:16

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