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Hare and Hounds, East Sheen

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user reviews of the Hare and Hounds, East Sheen

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Love this pub! A new Manager couple took over early this year and seem to have whipped this pub into shape. New kitchen towards the back of the restaurant area looks really smart and the menu is really good too. Still pub classics but some nice variations on British food. Staff are friendly and polite, garden is beautifully kept and a great selection on Ales on the pumps. If you haven't visited for a while, I'd recommend giving it a go as it really has changed for the better. I'll defiantly visit more regularly.
Loveroflife - 16 Aug 2016 15:13

I have could not agree more with AnthonyNE we had the same "mortifyingly humiliating and deeply unfair "experience as you only today. Having had a seventy pound meal with the family we were told(in front of the entire pub garden) to leave the pub before finishing our drinks being accused of breaking the law because I bought a cider with our meal for my 17 year old son.On returning home I contacted the police ,who confirmed that I hade not broken the law( indeed according to the law a 16/17 year old is allowed a cider with his meal if he is accompanied by an adult and the adult buys it).It is indeed a great shame that such a nice pub .with such nice staff should be spoilt by such an incompetent
and rude manager
familydinner - 20 Jul 2014 19:25
Horrific evening. Subjected to an extraordinarily intimidating outburst from the manager which was both mortifyingly humiliating and deeply unfair. Still reeling with shock and very upset. Such a shame.
AnthonyNE - 11 Jul 2014 11:44
Booked this pub for a family Sunday lunch as it looked child friendly and had a large beer garden. The day we went was windy and overcast so the beer garden was empty. The food was good, although having to pay 50p extra for peas with a £5 children's sausage and chips meal seemed a little mean. Sadly the family friendliness extended more to the dogs that were allowed in the restaurant and beer garden and allowed to urinate where they pleased. Children however, didn't seem to go down as well as our canine friends with the 'manager' and we were made to feel extremely unwelcome. The Hare and Hounds needs to embrace the fact that marketing itself as 'child friendly' means more than just offering a cursory kids menu. There are plenty of other really child friendly pubs in the area that we'll be going to in future.
KGal - 23 Jun 2013 19:16
This is the least child friendly pub ever, it seriously needs to appreciate its audience, this is sheen after all! The bar staff are friendly and almost seem apologetic of the managers and rightly so! The male and female manager here seem to totally hate children, which makes a pub in sheen with an enormous garden seem an extraordinary choice for them. Every evening the woman can be seen standing scowling on the fringes of their gorgeous garden, checking again and again with her staff that they have informed all tables of the chuck out time for kids! As you enter the garden you are welcomed with warnings that parents and their children will be asked to leave if they make too much noise (which is a considerate given rather than something you need large bespoke signs printed to dictate!) the pub itself has all the makings for a great place and in a massively family centred area it could be so lovely, the plough up the road has far less outside space but they are so great about kids, its definitely the nicer family environment and the food is way better. I have given this pub 5 out of 10 and those 5 are for the venue itself and the live musicians on Sundays, a real shame as with more welcoming managers it could easily be a 10.
Cjakes - 11 Jun 2013 19:37
This 18thC pub is one of my locals and I can't see why the rating is so low. Very comfortable pub with an extensive garden for the summer. Beer is always well kept.

The only bugbear is that I've heard that the food can be hit and miss, and so on hearing that infomation, have yet to dine here.

If they remedy this then this would be head and shoulders above the rest in the area.
beer_dreamer - 14 Nov 2012 20:36
I was pleasantly surprised by this Youngs establishment. The beer range was good. Although, I believe this was the leftover selection from a beer festival. Beers on were Youngs Bitter & Special, Wells Bombardier, Bath Forest Hare & East London Foundation Bitter. Addlestones was the cider. The interior was dark but quite atmospheric. There is a small snug on the left on entering, a central bar area with seating and a couple of separate rooms to the right which were quite comfortable. There is a garden too. Although it was a bit too chilly to sample this. Service was fine. A generous 7/10 from me.
blue_scrumpy - 4 Nov 2012 20:40
A massive pub with an even bigger beer garden for familes. The garden was so big that it even had a section just for adults. The service was friendly and helpful. The food (well the Veneson burger anyway) was very nice and there was the usual selection of Youngs beers. I really liked the big leather chairs and the general atmosphere of the place.
LennyBanter - 28 Aug 2012 12:45
Refurbed a couple of years ago and I like the changes. Good range of Youngs and guest ales, usually well kept. The food isn't bad either, standard upmarket pub fare but usually tasty and well enough prepared. Fantastic beer garden too, which is great with the kids in the sunshine. The only real drawback is the incredibly rude Kiwi landlord and landlady. Last night was the latest example of this when I witnessed, once again, the landlord speak to a family in an unbelievably rude and inappropriate manner. I object to having to witness this type of behaviour by licensees as, firstly the paying punters pay their wages. Secondly I'm sure that this constant aggressive attitude will lead to trouble at some point. Which is a pity as this could be a great pub. Come on Youngs - recoup your investment and provide anger management training for the landlord or fire him!
Bangon - 7 May 2012 21:34
i cam here a few sunday's back with the intention of having a nice emal and some drinks with my extended family over from NZ. what we got was not as expected. To start with most dishes on the menu were unavilable, i appreciate this was 4pm on a sunday but they had no beer/pork roasts, no ribs, lasagne et etc. After finally pickign from the 4-5 dishes that were avilable when they turned up they were terrible, all the chips were stone cold and the meat on the roasts was tough. The lady who took our order also screwed that up so 2 of us didnt get tehir food at all. truly awful from start to finish. i wish we had cut our losses and just gone to the pig n whistle around the corner, it may not be 'youngs flash' but the atmosphere and service is streets ahead
gumbo10 - 30 Apr 2012 13:50
Used to be my first choice as a local but recent visits have seen it slip down the order. The refurbishment has made it look a little bit nicer but that was nver the point of the place and they have lost quite a lot. Most average point is the fact that it is so expensive (2 pints and some pistachios set me back £11) but I also don't like the way they have such an expansive garden and then have to close it so early (one time we were literally hounded out of there by staff who were clearly massively eager to get home). When there are so many better pubs in the area I find it hard to come up with a reason to go there, it is even too pretentious to show the football now.
thefourmusketeers - 3 Sep 2010 15:37
Went on Saturday night when it was very warm and we expected the place it be full, especially in the garden; far from it. The reason is, I suspect, the food, which despite the absence of customers took 45 mins to arrive (2 adults & 2 kids meals). My new potatoes had been substituted for garlic bread (they have no potatoes?), and the kids fish & chips were those Macdonalds style wafer thin fries and a piece of fish about 3 inches long. Overall far from impressed and sad that as a local they've missed a real opportunity here. The beer is OK, if a tad expensive, but the bad food & bad service means I won't be going back again in a hurry and nor, it seems do many others.
victoryvirtue - 25 May 2010 12:01
Did my annual visit to the 'Boudoir' recently... (H&H my old Dad's local. How its changed since then!)
Clean+neat+tidy enough, plenty of seats (all different) and plenty of tables out the back in an extensive garden area (no good at this time of year tho')!
East/European bar staff, pleasant+efficient enough, but my opening joke was totally lost, and any repartee will be brief! I enjoyed my lunch-time 'Morelli' beer. But thats about it.
Can i make a suggestion 'JB', rather than the Pig&Whistle, nearby, go a bit further uphill towards Richmond Park, and try 'The Plough', by far the best pub in the area. TJ
TeeJay - 17 Feb 2010 18:33
Large Youngs establishment on the main Upper Richmond Road in Sheen, not too far away from Mortlake Station.

Having heard that the pub had reopened following extensive refurbishment, a sort of morbid curiousity compelled me to go see for myself whether widespread local rumours of the pub's demise were true, or indeed premature.

Sadly, the two previous contributors are spot on. We now have basically a food orientated family venue with the atmosphere of a Harvester, but with a gastro pub menu and prices to match. Table service is provided at the rear part of the pub, where the previous intimate railway carriage style booths have gone.

The former public bar on the left is now The Bellini Lounge and was locked on my recent visit. The pub's website describes it as a "boudoir style cocktail lounge, primarily for private hire....". Had my Polish been up to scratch, I might have asked the barmaid for a quick peep inside, but I doubt I'll be hiring it !

On my recent visit, neither the Youngs Special or Ordinary were available, with only the Winter Warmer being on. Admittedly it was in good form, but basically this pub does not really offer facilities for drinkers only any more and I quickly drank up and left.

I retreated to the formerly much-maligned Pig and Whistle - where a pubby convivial atmosphere now exists - and you may well wish to follow suit.
JohnBonser - 6 Jan 2010 13:28
This impressive refurb has turned the pub into a hotel lobby. Nice enough ...if that is what you are looking for....but it is not a local pub.
southfields - 12 Oct 2009 15:52
I had eagerly been anticipating the Hare to reopen after such a lengthy time being refurbished.
Unfortunately when the day came to visit what used to be my favourite local for a beer I was bitterly disappointed. I understand that many pubs these days are heading along the modern route of gastro food and drink but it feels like the heart and soul of this pub has been ripped out. Agreed it looks impressive in there but it distinctly lacks any real character, and whatís with renaming the saloon bar the ĎBelinni loungeí, its Sheen not Soho!!
The bar staff seemed ok at first glance but when asked if they would be showing the England v Australia ODI match I was told they wouldnít be. This being in a pub where I would often go for a few pints to watch whatever sport they would be showing in a relaxing atmosphere!
Iíd say if you are looking for a decent pub in east sheen which is clean, has some atmosphere and isnít trying to be pretentious then the pig and whistle is now the place to be. If you want a posh pub meal come here!!

gumbo10 - 7 Sep 2009 15:08
Refurb now complete and reopened. Overall not a bad job, but sad to see the public bar go to be replaced by the "Bellini Lounge" (!) which was locked on my visit today. Large beer garden has been spruced up a little and we now have waiters and waitresses to serve at table. More emphasis now on food (as is inevitably the case these days!) but menu looked reasonable and not overly eexpensive for gastro pub type food.

Usual Youngs beers - I had the Kew Gold which was in goos nick, plus a number of lagers including Amstel and Kirin.

Accepting that "modernisation" seems to be the name of the game as far as breweries are concenred, then this is one of the better Youngs refurbs. My rating remains at 8 - the same as before.
Brakslover - 2 Aug 2009 19:22
This is a very big Youngs pub with a very large garden out the back. Unsurprisingly, Ordinary, Special and Bombardier were available alongside standard and premium lagers. The manager (?) seemed OK and aside from the vast saloon bar that is set out with plenty of tables there is a separate public bar where the music cannot be heard and the dartboard looks well used.

I didnít think this place was anything special and next time Iím in the area Iíll probably drink elsewhere.
Strongers - 18 Feb 2009 13:27
Came here to watch the rugby on Saturday. Great pub with a huge garden, professional staff and mature clientele. Had roast beef dinner - good portion and price. Definitely one of the better pubs in the area. Hear there is going to be a refurb soon. Will be back to try it out in April.
ginsling - 16 Feb 2009 11:11
Nice pub, fine Youngs ales and helpful staff.
darloexile - 14 Feb 2009 14:56
Is it true about the rumour that Youngs have made a
planning application submitted on this pub? Where a refurbishment planned by owners Young's which will remove the 1930's separate public bar described as a remarkable survival from its day? Yet more English pub Heritage being destroyed by Youngs? Any more information from anyone?
Rudolph - 31 Jul 2008 17:52
Beer garden good, beer itself average, clientele a little edgy on a Saturday night in my experience, although I have a feeling I caught the aftermath of a football match. There are better options in Sheen, let's face it.
hexenductionhour - 3 May 2008 11:50
Typical of Youngs and the area, with only decent beer to recommend it, which is why its in the Beer Guide.
mtaylor40 - 11 Apr 2008 23:17
Went last night and it was busy (not surprising really being as it is the week running up to Xmas) and only two bar staff!! Sort it out. I noticed there were enough staff in the so-called 'Staff Panto' that we had to endure but they all seemed to disappear when there was work to be done.
PDWR - 20 Dec 2007 15:39
The pub seems to have changed for the worst in the last 6 months.
Used to be a fairly friendly place to visit for a family meal and a pint at the weekends. Unfortunatley the last few meals we have had there have been poor at the best and the once friendly welcome to families has now been replaced with a terrible attitude to children.
anonymous - 29 Sep 2007 19:59
In a sentence; This pub has nothing. No atmosphere.A little rough
anonymous - 23 Sep 2007 15:15
Seems quite an uninspiring place to me. It's not particularly bad, however, and the service is usually pretty good on my irregular visits (bar one occasion). The atmosphere seems quite hit and miss in the handful of times I've been there, sometimes decent enough and sometimes lifeless. On the whole, somewhere you'd go if it was convenient to you, but not somewhere you'd make a point of going to.
C.B - 6 Aug 2007 13:34
overpriced.similar to all of Youngs pubs. Food is is extremely poor value,another head office menu that does not cater for the dwindling clientele.Staff have always been friendly, but repeated management changes are not good,and a sure sign of this pub's demise.Poor value for money,what are Youngs doing?
sadies - 20 Jul 2007 12:12
Beer always perfectly kept and cool.
Very nice and efficient staff, especially the Transylvanian girl.
Not quite as busy as it used to be, which I attribute to football occasionally taking over, and the gaudy carpet that someone at Youngs likes these days.
AbeC - 1 Jun 2007 14:04
Speaking as an integral member of a four-time winning pub quiz team (from only 6 appearances mind you!) I can heartily recommend this public house! It used to have a snooker table in the back of the main bar where I first tried out my black mamba cue, but that's gone now to make way for some cosy little booths. Decent ales, good pub grub, large beer garden, dog friendly, full length locking door in the (only) cubicle in the blokes bogs etc, etc. If you buy 2 main meals over a combined certain price (£13?) you get a free bottle of wine! A potentially messy but very welcome touch!
chopperbomb - 3 Mar 2007 12:27
Beer in excellent condition love the public bar.
thisbe - 1 Mar 2007 21:50
UKcharlie may be right. The Plough and Hare & Hounds are easily the best East Sheen pubs. Visit both and judge for yourselves; they are only c4-500 yards apart.
Brakslover - 2 Jan 2007 12:44
Vying with the Plough for the top pub in Sheen, i reckon the Hare & Hounds edges it slightly: Great beer selection which is very well kept at lower prices than other places in the area. The clientelle is from a wide range of ages and backgrounds giving it a nice atmosphere where theres always someone to talk to at the bar. Staff are friendly and the large beer garden in the back is great in summer.
UKcharlie - 30 Oct 2006 17:24
Probably...the best pub in Sheen..!!
Now, you have to visit the Hare to see if I'm right!!
A spacious pub, clean & tidy (recent re-fit), with a massive garden area at the back, great when the weathers nice. The barmaid was extremely efficient, and friendly. I would pay for that alone, but it came with a beer - which didn't touch the sides, as it was an extremely hot afternoon!
I have not tried the Hare in the evenings, maybe you have, and can fill us in on the Sheen nightlife scene..! TJ
TeeJay - 20 Jul 2006 13:02
Seems to have had yet another colour scheme change - feels different every time I do this pub. It now feels like what Youngs would refer to as "modern traditional", but the outside drinking area is the big draw here in Summer.
Worth stopping off for a jar if passing through
JohnBonser - 20 Jul 2006 11:52
The snooker table is no loss. It was only ever used by Vest-Man and his friends, and the noise they made annoyed the cr*p out of everyone else. Despite being a fairly ugly big boozer, it draws an amazing range of ages, interests and social types. Cracking pint.
cargiant - 27 Oct 2005 21:09
This pub seems to have gotten better over the years and now has a mixed crowd of oldies and youngsters. Beer garden out the back is lovely in summer, and great food served!
sprogley - 30 Jun 2005 14:32
What's happened to the famous snooker room and the full sized table ?
Pub is just not the same without it
John - 9 Nov 2004 16:23
the best pub in east sheen by far. tanya runs it perfecty. if your in the area you must visit.
angus teviotdale - [email protected] - 31 Oct 2004 01:10
Very good pub. Does have Sky Sports and the barman was v. good, he could serve 3 or 4 people at the same time.
John - 9 Sep 2004 08:57
Love this pub, full of old boys who nip to the bookies which is close by. The large lounge section has a youger crowd. Nice large grassed garden with a swing and slide at the back.
jen - 2 Jul 2004 10:09
Full of old male regulars, and that odd fruit-tasting Youngs Export lager. Low totty count, but good enough with the right company.
Ruby - 3 Aug 2003 16:25
Great old "Young's" pub, with huge grassed area out back. morris dancers used to play there sometimes during the summer.
ross cameron - 19 Jul 2003 01:20

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