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Duke of Edinburgh, Wanstead

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Another pub that's gone through the gentrification process, resulting in more expensive drinks and food presented on driftwood. When I was there they had a terrible 'jazz' band playing gash music for a room full of rah-rah toffs. Shut up.

I'm aware that the the pub's former incarnation was a dump, but this refit attracts yummy mummies and their boring city worker husbands. Increasingly, there's no place for well-read, articulate (and modest) members of the working class to drink.

Why modernise a pub like this? Keep all the idiots contained in their own pub where they can only offend each other. The chavs that used to frequent such places now have nowhere to go so look elsewhere, meaning that the next (nearest) 'proper' pub becomes their new local meaning the existing regulars at that pub are forced, in turn, to find somewhere else. And so it goes on. The yuppies and the chavs have somewhere to drink at the cost of your average boozer. Bah.

They shoot horses, don't they?
ClareBaldingsChin - 20 Jan 2016 14:45
Gloomy and horrible, looks like they are trying to create a distressed feel to the place like 'Islington chic' old books and rubbish furnishings but seems like that is what it is and the punters were scary unless that is part of the set up also. Expensive beer also.
Danny1955 - 2 Apr 2014 02:05
So finally ventured back in here for a quick pint yesterday evening and I have to say the new people are making an effort. There were only 5 or 6 other customers in there but maybe that's not so surprising on a random Wednesday in February. Had an excellent pint of Deuchars at £3.00 a pint which isn't bad although I understand those kind of prices only apply Tues-Thurs, and it's much more expensive on weekends.
They're trying to create a different atmosphere in there than previously, soft lighting, settees etc and it does seem the days of drug-fueled thuggery may be over. The barman told me they will be closing again for a few days in April for another refurb and are hoping to start a full food service very soon.
Overall quite a pleasant experience, we will see how it develops..
dodgeydave - 6 Feb 2014 07:54
Visited on Saturday, all beers £3 per pint
Had 3 ELB beers, 1 Sambrooks and the ubiquitous Doombar

Overheard the landlord talking to a young couple with a babyin a pram - he's aiming for the "family feel" with the refurb that's to com, and looking to possibly start up coffee mornings for mothers and kids at some stage.

The food aspect is also high on his list. Should make a nice alternative to the Nightingale
trev_e11 - 5 Dec 2013 08:47
Have heard great things about the Duke and it's upcoming plans for 2014. Very excited about this - the building has so much potential and will be great to see it being made the most of. Good luck to the new management.
E11pubs - 28 Nov 2013 12:04
I've not visited yet since it re-opened but I've heard the prices are very high which in itself should drive out the old customers, most of whom seem now to have moved on to the George..and I agree the Nightingale isn't what it once was..
dodgeydave - 25 Nov 2013 07:53
This pub is re-opening this evening after a brief refurb (looks like a branch of All Saints to me). Nevertheless this has to be a welcome move. Pub is serving craft beers from Hackney and gastro type food.
At last a rival locally for the Nightingale, which has become very tired of late.
I shall report back as soon as I have had a couple of their beers.
The pub is also going to have a major refurb sometime in the New Year.
The question would be are they able to drive out the old customers and replace with the new?
Good luck with that one.
wansteadlady - 21 Nov 2013 12:58
Wansteadlady, word on the street is it's only going to be closed for a couple of weeks and a new manager/tenant is going may get your wish and get the old pub back again..
dodgeydave - 20 Oct 2013 12:46
looks like you got your wish Dodgydave,this once great pub is now closed.
Ruined by the last couple of managers/owners and a clientele that make the Jockey in Shameless seem normal.
Bring our old pub back please.
wansteadlady - 16 Oct 2013 18:48
Back in the day I was assistant manager at this place and it was quite a pleasant working mans boozer..sad to say it is now run down, dirty and patronized only by drug-fueled thugs..sad to say soon to be flats I wouldn't mind betting..
dodgeydave - 14 Oct 2013 07:58
Very much improved over the last year or two, which is handy as I'd given it a swerve for some time. Ales are always Ordinary and Broadside, kept OKish, nothing spectacular so had light and bitter last Sunday when I was in. Decent local for the football.
PieFace - 4 Feb 2011 20:15
Not been here for a long time but seeing the last review maybe I should have been here on Burns Night [hello J and E]. Will come and visit again in the near future and give a suitable rating.
TiaMariaJim - 31 Jan 2011 14:13
I have been a customer in the duke now for 15 years and various other pubs in the area. But I must admit since the new owner has taken over,I have felt this pub has gone back to its traditional values. Drinks are cheaper than most in the area, and no VAT INCREASE until April. The bar staff are friendly and there are regular darts evenings, sports screenings and special events. Some improvements are needed in decor but apparently this is in hand. Don't walk by.... this is a good pub to visit especially on curry nights.
Fourmerrys - 11 Jan 2011 19:21
Not as nice as the Nightingale down the road. But this was still a decent enough boozer. Youngs Ordinary and Adnams Explorer and Broadside were the real ales available on the long bar. Service was quick and friendly. The bar had a fruit machine and a jukebox. There were a few TV screens all switched off. But you can tell this is probably quite popular when big sports events are shown. There is a trophy cabinet in one corner. Strangely, the pub was missing its sign. Although I overheard the landlady saying that a new one was in the shed waiting to be hung. I nearly missed the pub as a result!
blue_scrumpy - 28 May 2010 23:29
My first visit here. I must commend the bar staff and in particular the freindly and hospitable landlady Rita. Great atmosphere, great service and a good place for an evening out with the lads.
infotech1 - 2 Feb 2009 16:53
I have visited this pub many times and always found an authentic bunch of people, good beer and extremely pleasant staff.
I would recommend highly.
thetwotwins - 28 Jan 2009 16:33
In true old terrace-style a couple of dittys spring to mind, "you're gonna get you're fcin heads kicked in" / "you're going home in a Cockney ambulance"..

Avoid. This boozer should be 6 miles West down the road in some other more fitting khazi.
PieFace - 9 Jul 2008 13:50
What an experience! never again shall I pass through those doors. A dirty, shoddy and deserted pub, not a sole around. Friday afternoon
gigalo - 2 Mar 2008 07:26
Horrible pub, full of horrible people. Why on Earth would anyone drink in here when you can go 30 seconds up the road to civilisation? Never have two contrasting pubs been so near to each other.
rogerthedodger - 27 Nov 2007 15:35
I went in and instantly felt uncomfortable. A man who was in amongst a crowd of others was shouting and swearing holding court. He then went round and served me! He apparently is the owner! It was full of villainous blokes. Tattoos, earings and the like. Horrid!
offthewagon07 - 24 Nov 2007 13:32
I sing in this pub with my band, The Capris. The landlady is great, very approachable and loves live music. Crowd always into the music. Its worth a visit for the music alone but they serve a good pint and everyone always looks happy in there!
tombsie - 1 Nov 2007 13:42
When I visited last month it was packed with people watching the football. The beer was not memorable and the atmosphere was not condusive for a quiet drink. We moved on to the Nightingale down the road.
Ginger_Beard - 25 Mar 2007 00:50
New landlady rumours are true...again a bit mad, but I rather like her and her little jog right across the pub to put right my change (she'd left me 50p short) was endearing indeed. Up from 6 to 7.
patrickjsm - 19 Oct 2006 23:28
I am informed there is a new landlady.
Will the pub change for the better?
Kernow - 20 Jul 2006 15:09
Quiet old man's pub. No frills and tucked away so doesn't get ridiculously busy. Also have seen some elderly strippers in there. Almost put me off my pint. Almost.
raziqrauf - 27 Jun 2006 13:42
Its a reasonable place, definately a local and the Stella is cheaper than the rugby club. Can get smoky but the staff and customers are friendly.

DILAWRENCE - 24 Feb 2006 19:35
Beer not fantastic, but a very friendly landlady, a resident pub dog, nice locals and a decent night out overall. Great for football. Too hot in the summer. Toilets a bit scummy.
patrickjsm - 29 Dec 2005 18:41
New Bloody big TV screens. One unable to have a quiet drink as the bar staff will have these oversized Tv`s on even when no one is watching. The beer is getting very pricey unless you drink the crap lager. The usual riotess football supporters are driving out the `decent` clientel. The landlady is as pleasant as ever.
Kernow - 20 Jul 2005 00:43
vast improvement, its had a good clear out, painted, carpets, bar changed, fish tank cleaned as well.

Look far better than it did.

Bungle1961 - 29 Jan 2005 01:19
Beer improving.
Kernow - 30 Sep 2004 23:46
Quick update: Beer still not up to scratch, but fish tank cleaned and fish replaced.
canastajim - 16 Sep 2004 14:35
Although quite a friendly pub the beer quality can be questionable. Surprised that it's got into the 2005 Good Beer Guide. Sometimes suffers from young children running around. If there was a competition for the filthiest fish tank the Duke would win the Gold medal. Still a pleasant pub though.
canastajim - 11 Sep 2004 14:34
very friendly pub with very helpful manager,very much recommended by me.
Patrick Anthony Banks. - 23 Nov 2003 09:40
Traditional East-End family pub - pool table, dartboard (complete with local team), Lester the pub dog and a landlady who bears an uncanny resesmblance to Peggy Mitchell! Adnams ales, along with the regular lagers, Guinness and bitters. Reasonable prices, relaxed & friendly. A locals' local.
Pete - 16 Jun 2003 17:43

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