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Worlds End, Finsbury Park

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user reviews of the Worlds End, Finsbury Park

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Went in on Sunday night for a drink. Doombar was available for the ale drinker alongside the usual fizzy suspects such as Stella. Big screens showing the Milan derby on one side of the pub and free live music in the other half with free Yorkshire puddings and roast potatoes for those watching, so credit to the landlady for trying something different.
DuchyBoy - 16 Jan 2012 08:53
After the recent revival, it seems to be on the slight decline again. Men's toilets are still a bit grim, but not as bad as the great stink of 2006. Strangely the bar staff here always seem good when it's busy and terrible when it's quiet.
brrrrr - 23 Sep 2011 15:08
This pub has definitely improved a great deal. The bar staff are friendly and informative, the real ale is well kept. The food is good value for money. The entertainment is decent. The only thing that continues to let this pub down is the toilets. More attention needed.
dalkey - 19 Sep 2011 15:34
A large pub with a central servery. Sharpes Doombar and Atlantic IPA on offer at £3.40 yesterday. The latter was fine although the first pint was rather too warm. Bar menu looked reasonably priced although fairly standard pub food. I'd return if in the area.
cheshirecat - 3 Jun 2011 08:43
Agree with the previous reviewer as this place has improved tremendously and now competes with the fullback for the best pub in FP. Sunday roast is particularly good, and reasonably priced. Only complaint was a rather poor pint of bitter.
jjamjj - 21 Feb 2011 12:04
This pub has a very unfair rating and has dramatically improved overall through the continuous efforts of new manager, Kate, and her team. I have visited The Worlds End in Finsbury Park on numerous occasions over the last three years and have been extremely impressed by its growing success. The staff are friendly and there is always a warm welcome. A place to watch for the live music - as it showcases some exceptional bands! I highly recommend the venue for a great night out - any night of the week!
London_Pub_Reviewer - 4 Oct 2010 22:15
It's my new local and has served me well enough, the live music in the back room of a Thursday night throws up the occasional gem and the beer and food are more than palatable. The only real downer is that the toilets have a somewhat cheeky aroma of months old urine. Well you can't have everything can you.
guybrush - 4 Aug 2010 15:48
A very decent little pub and just a short walk from Finsbury Park station. There are some great live bands on the weekends, and there is a fair few screens if you want to watch any big sporting occasions, but these don't dominate the pub making it a nice place for a pint anytime.

meltwaterfalls - 22 Jul 2010 10:13
A much better pub than it used to be.The staff are really friendly.Easily the best pub in the Finsbury Park area
donjaun - 18 Mar 2010 16:07
Not sure why this place has such a low rating as it's actually quite nice.
Lieven - 2 Dec 2009 17:14
My first visit in ten years since I left the area - its definitely a much improved bar.
ZymurgyX - 24 Nov 2008 16:26
Last went in here four or five years ago and remembered it being a pretty grotty place. Went in the other night and found it much improved: atmosphere felt pretty civilised and I noticed Sharp's Doom Bar on the pump, which is always to be praised. In an area a bit starved of decent boozers (IMHO) I'd revisit this.
grecian - 21 Oct 2008 10:28
This is one of the nicest pubs in Finsbury Park. There are not many pubs that you can walk into these days and know there is going to be something going on music wise. They have great live music acts on nearly every night that i've been and we seen a fantastic band there last friday night. We didnt have to pay in and we had a great dinner and the beer was good also. The band members hung around after their gig and even had a few drinks with us. All in all this really is a top bar. I recommend you see for yourself.
moonpie - 1 May 2008 22:06
A VASTLY improved pub. A group of 4 of us were walking straight past last night - as we usually do, as the pub is known locally as a dive - when we noticed a band playing, so decided to risk it. The music was very good, the crowd was lively and pleasant - not one person there looked as if they might stab you! No dealers in the loos anymore, either.

The World's End is back on the list of local pubs to visit, I was very pleasantly surprised!
dawnage - 20 Apr 2008 16:56
The Worlds End has undergone a transformation, its no longer the dirty badly run pub its gotten a reputation for being. Under new Management since the start of September it looks like the place is on its way back to being a great music and sports venue. The new menu is delicious and the staff are full of personality and always eager to help. It looks much better inside and they have gotten rid of the low lifes that used to frequent the place. Now they do Jazz on a Sunday and Random bands on a Thursday with the occational DJ on Saturday nights. Its worth having a look for sure.
shackster - 10 Oct 2007 13:15
This place has gone down hill fast in the past 5 years. This used to be one of the best places in North london for live music. Back when it was run by a Guy called Morris. Live music 7 nights a week and twice on Sunday, every taste catered for and good beer too. He left and the slippery slide begun, fast. Great potential if it will only be tapped into as a live venue, there are fast disappearing for london.
Irishpubguru - 19 Mar 2007 00:23
This pub used to be quite good, but now it's crap for the following reasons:

1. They no longer have live music acts
2. The bar staff are rude
3. Dirty pint glasses. I had to change my glass TWICE before I got a clean one. The girl behind the bar blamed it on the dishwasher, I didn't believe her as the glasses clearly had not seen the inside of a dishwasher in some time.
4. No soap in the soap dispensers (would you eat in a place that has no soap in the toilets? Think about it!)
5. I've seen the staff sell alcohol to people who were already very drunk.
6. The toilets have not seen bleach in years. They are disgusting. Very poor hygiene.

Very sad indeed as, like I said, this used to be quite a nice pub.
amystattoo - 10 Mar 2007 16:42
One of the better pubs in Finsbury Park, you can always rely on this pub to be decent. Nice original Victorian features on the ceiling in the back bar too.
Greshon - 20 Feb 2007 18:44
Poor - sitting in there the other day and the usual 'DVD mate' seller came in.

Wouldn't take on for an answer and got agressive.
Staff quite happy for him to do it - says a lot.

smashley - 30 Jan 2007 17:54
Funnily enough, subsequent to the previous post... While walking home the other night minding my own business, a neanderthal f*ckwit bounded out of the pub. He then hurled some sarcastic abuse at me for no apparent reason so I told him, in a totally non-offensive and half joking way to watch his mouth. He then degenerated into a fit of rage and threatened to glass me with his pint glass. If it weren't for his friends hauling him back he probably would have. Says a lot about the place methinks.
shindigger - 8 Dec 2006 14:11
Went in there the other day. There was a really loud Chav in there sat at the bar. He was screeching at the top of his voice about "F.ucking some bird while I filmed her".

Nice - hmmm

anonymous - 5 Nov 2006 13:55
I agree with one or two of the reviews in that this pub does have potential, and is generally not a bad place - I've never felt threatened or witnessed a chav overload. I do have one gripe though, and that's the attitude of the big-gobbed Lily Allen look-a-like bar girl, who obviously gets her kicks by ignoring people who have been waiting ages to get served. Otherwise, not that bad. NB. The toilets are rank.
anonymous - 30 Oct 2006 17:08
Potentially this is a good pub. It's spacious, handily located and does a very good selection of drinks. Problem is, it is frequented by Arsenal supporters and chavs, which does somewhat lower its standards. Avoid, as there are several better pubs nearby such as The Faltering Fullback, Chapter One and The Old Dairy.
Saintjohnny - 11 Jul 2006 18:32
Don't use the toilets in this place, they reak. I was in here a few years ago playing a quiz machine when I was approached by a guy wanting to know if I wanted to buy any 'Bone'. Not understanding what he meant I asked he to give me more information, to which he replied 'a Rock, Crack bruv'. It's not that bad... but it's not at all good. It's trying so hard to attract a better clientele (new decor, comfy sofas, higher prices) but it just can't do it. The World's End always reverts back to being a run-down naff boozer where you end up feeling sorry for the bar staff for having to work there.
Fredwood - 7 Jul 2006 17:36
The best way I can describe this pub is when I went there last year (not out of choice I would like to say, I had to meet a mate who'd never been to finsbury park before and decided to ring me from there to meet) Anyway, as we quickly drank our drinks to get the f*** out of this chav hellhole, we both noticed a heavily pregnant woman at the back of the pub in the dire disco section dancing to Whitney Houstonís classic "I wanna dance with someone" holding in one hand a bottle of Smirnoff ice and in the other a L&B cigarette

You have been warned.

Only use this pub for the toilets which are conveniently located next to the underground station

wunderman1 - 10 Apr 2006 16:48
Had some lovely moments in here with The Arsenal. Winning the league at Old Trafford springs to mind. Sold Ridleys beer before Greene King bought the brewery out. Can't rememeber if it still does.
PieFace - 10 Feb 2006 13:50
Not sure.

For some strange reason i quite like this pub. The staff were great, friendly, helpful, cheerful and the interior was comfortable enough.

Tables regularly cleared, ashtrays changed, and bar stools with backs are always cool.

Having said that, the regulars looked liked they could go either way, in that they might chop your head off or buy you a pint, depending on how good their last line was.

Dudes, a tip, close the cubical door.

TapsPunk - 27 Dec 2005 19:18
one of those pubs that is potentially very good...except its not. I have seen worse toilets but they could do with a major clean up. Bar staff always seem friendly to me but I agree that a lot cannot understand you.

Worth spending 10 minutes walking up the road to the Old Dairy.
anonymous - 4 Nov 2005 08:25
It's beginning to get back to the old days. Try Thursday night's cool DJ and Jam session
ariadne - 29 Oct 2005 15:02
Such a shame because, in the late 90s, this was a cracking pub with a vibrant music scene. Last time I popped in with a few friends I thought we might not get out alive. It is indeed Chav central....
rudeboy - 18 Aug 2005 16:38
To many foreigners working there and they can't undertsnad a bloomin' word you say. Door staff must have been trained by a complete incompetant idiot, and the entertainment is seriously lacking in fun and imagination. Toilets are not checked and they are disgusting, men and ladies! Too many coke heads in there as well.
anonymous - 19 Jun 2005 09:36
it used to be great once with entertainments, superb karaoke on thursdays disco nights friday/saturday with good dj's that played music to suit everyone, new managment arrives stoped Karaoke and changed Dj's (2 big mistakes) now they have a dj with a entourage of crap singers and druged up picasso (a man that paints whilst the dj playing).weird shit man........

a word of advise to Mr manager, you should have cleaned the TOILETS instead of changing the previous entertainments.
local1970 - 27 May 2005 16:24
Terrible service and the staff can barely follow the instructions for their own special offers, namely the Vodka Red Bull pitchers: yes, you might have served it in a pitcher, but that doesn't mean it *is* a pitcher! Trade Descriptions Act!

Other than that, the seating is comfortable and plentiful and the pub's proximity to the station makes it a reasonable place to meet for a few drinks before heading off somewhere better.
dawnage - 3 May 2005 22:28
You do have to remind the bar staff that when advertising "double up" for 50p on gin, vodka, etc that that means both the popular named brands as well as the really crappy house drinks. As this constant breaking of the law occurs whichever manager is in post it could well be a policy of the firm that owns the chain to ignore or even encourage this practice.
kittykat1 - 7 Apr 2005 22:28
Bags are stolen at an hourly rate in this pub. And if that doesn't put you off, then the god-awful stench in the gents toilets will. They have refurbished this pub twice in that last 3 years and they still haven't sorted them out! Speaking of the toilets, I feel I need to warn you that some of people that use these loo's often miss the toilet bowl altogether and end up shitting on the floor, although some do manage to hit the seat at least. Isn't the same pub that it used to be 4 or 5 years ago, but has improved a lot recently with the addition of pool tables in the back room and a recent refurbishment. Has the potential to be the best pub in Finsbury Park.
Alc5.2Vol - 21 Feb 2005 16:23
Should change it's name from the "The World's End" to "The World's Best Place to Get Your Bag Nicked"
anonymous - 17 Feb 2005 15:09
The atmosphere was better before. Plus why ditch the live music it was a goodsend.
stupid_geordie - 11 Feb 2005 13:50
well now. been going there for almost 2 years. the recent redecoration has made it look GREAT. but you still have to wait AGES 4 a drink. hey management..STOP changing the staff as soon they learn how to make a drink!
the music on the weekends used to be better too, and the atmosphere! or maybe i'm just getting older!
Saying all that its still my favourite pub in the area.
notabeerdrinker - 31 Jan 2005 21:14
used to go there years ago, it was a great place in fact the place to be, especially when The Flying Ducks performed blues-rock on a friday/saturday night. This is a long shot, but does anyone who works or still goes to this pub remember them or know what became of them? Are they still jamming or performing, did they make it big, where can I get hold of them or their music? Does this pub still have bands like that there? I still have songs from their record and only wish I had more tracks.
OldSchool - 31 Dec 2004 07:57
this pub used to be GREAT!!! - what happened!??!?!?, well where do i start the brewery forgot it even excisted and sent in some pretend manager to "run" things ha ha what a joke!! - and it went from there.

i remember when there were live bands every nite and it was the place to be!!, now its full of drug users (on both sides of the bar) and instead of the bouncers protecting the customers they harras them and dont go short of kicking peoples heads in!!

I used to be a big fan of this pub but now i cringe even to look at it, they can pull it apart and re-paint it but you cant change the custom it attracts.
McMorrow - 20 Dec 2004 15:46
'Treasure Island' - Fantastic open mic night at this pub from 8pm every Sunday. U'd b mad to miss it. See you there! :o) G
G - 3 Nov 2004 16:17
Don't let anyone tell you this is anything over than an Arsenal pub, with testosterone dripping from every, err, crevice. Go up the road to the Old Dairy if you fancy a drink in relative peace.
Will C - 22 Sep 2004 11:41
NATASHA - 3 Sep 2004 10:29
The worlds end has been shadowed by old reputation for a long time i went in for a quick pint recently and i was very pleasantly surprized,the barstaff were really friendly and the place now has a very relaxed unthreatening feel to marks.out with old reputations and welcome the new.
james - 31 May 2004 20:13
Great U2 Tribute band playing at this Pub Sat 25th Oct.
Great Pub Great Vibe.
anonymous - 22 Oct 2003 17:34
I only ever come here on match days, and it's a great place to meet up for a pre- or post- match pint. There are frequently non-Arsenal fans in and I've never seen any trouble.
Dewi Wyn - 18 Oct 2003 10:23
This is a big bar on the corner by the station. I've been in the pub twice, and both times fights have broken out. Now there are bouncers on the door, but, if anything, there's more of an aggro vibe there now. Avoid, unless you like to beat the crap out of someone when you drink - then this is perfect for you.
Mark - 12 Aug 2003 14:00
Come in at lunchtimes for food, the standard of food and service is excellent and the choice on the menu means that we come here up to 3 times a week to eat. Quick service and nice staff - all you need from a good pub!!
Jamie - 5 Aug 2003 16:37
Have been in the past and found it to be rough, with an agressive feel. But in recent months the worlds end has become one of my locals. Very friendly staff, good deals on drink and generally a much better atmosphere than i found in the past. Definatly give this pub a second chance if you did not like it in the past.
Jessica - 5 Aug 2003 16:32
Cool pub with a good atmosphere, big on music and sports! Definatly recommend the worlds end for a great night out.
Janet - 5 Aug 2003 16:28
Great pub, good drink specials and a good, friendly atmosphere.
Alison - 5 Aug 2003 14:24
great beer, great fights
Dave - [email protected] - 5 Aug 2003 10:26
Rough as hell!!! Avoid it if you want to keep your face intact!!!
anonymous - 24 Jul 2003 16:30
If you can get in and out without your ears bleeding (due to the music level or perhaps because one of the bulldog-like locals has stuck knives in them) then you've done well. Pubs like this have 4 bouncers on for a reason.

That said, if it's 11.30 and you're desparate, maybe... I do on occasion...
G - 16 Jun 2003 15:43
Much improved in recent years, the World's End is a lively pub with big screen sports, live music and a good selection of beers. Open late too!
Alex - 15 Jun 2003 12:52

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