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Home Cottage, Redhill

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A decent pint of Young's Ordinary. Friendly service and pleasant beer garden.

terenced - 23 Sep 2019 08:58
The Cottage remains a popular destination for those seeking a smarter environment in which to eat decent food, yet do so in a predominantly pub-led place and preferably outside of the immediate town centre.

I recently ate here and found the food to still be in fine fettle; we ordered both fish and meat bar 'snacks' - arguably starters really given the generous portions - and enjoyed every mouthful. The wider mains menu carried some appealing options and whilst there isn't exactly an arsenal of competition for foodie venues in town, this one does hold its own consistently, despite frequent moans about how expensive Young's Pub Co outlets are nowadays.

To drink we sampled both Young's (Wells!) 'Bitter' (Ordinary!) and a guest - Surrey Hills 'Shere Drop'. Both were in decent nick, though arguably not exceptional. There isn't much positive to say about Young's since their sly but determined exit from actual brewing in the 2000s, but at least nowadays in their pubs one can find a slightly-more varied range of beers on cask, and increasingly, keg.

Although this always feels like a primarily-younger, and mostly couple-or-group-led venue now, there is patently still a place for the modern interpretation of the Home Cottage locally, and it's never a bad experience. Drinkers' pub it ain't really, but if in the market for meals, you could do worse than drop by here.
Gamboozler - 16 Feb 2018 16:04
The first pub I visited in Redhill as a nipper c.1979/'80, and until recently, little had changed bar a couple of extensions at the back. All change please...

Where more traditional pub lovers and drinkers arguably lost out in the 2011 refurb, the contemporary cohort and eaters gained. The Cottage is undeniably a smarter, slicker venture nowadays, with expensive (as per Young's ludicrous 'one size fits all' central London pricing policy) but reliable quality meals on offer, in an expanded bar/restaurant area plus a decent-size garden with decking, which comfortably accommodates a mixed clientele including families. And the beer remains well-kept in my experience, although of a more narrow range than was the case a year ago.

But, despite retaining certain aspects of the old layout and original features dating back to the pre-Young era (i.e. pre-1978), it has lost a lot of appeal to the folks who just wanted to come and enjoy a beer with food as a sideline; darts and live music are no more and it's altogether more of a younger, middle-class vein than before the change.

It's swings 'n' roundabouts I s'pose, and one can appreciate the business sense behind the change, which has proven to fill a much-needed gap in the local market for a smart pub-based eaterie. There was literally NO competition. Alas, few can survive on wet sales alone these days.

I'd say avoid the HC if you're on the your own - you'll feel very conspicuous by having either (i) no friends and/or (ii) no kids!
Gamboozler - 15 Aug 2014 17:08
Used to visit more regularly a good few years ago, when this pub felt rather cramped and smoky. Nowadays, the Home Cottage benefits from a hugely more spacious, comfortable, modern interior with good outdoor capacity too. The ales are extremely well kept (the Bath Ales Summers Hare was delightful, the Ranmore Ale was in fine fettle too) although my companion was rather taken aback at gin being more expensive than in Covent Garden. A fairly diverse mix of punters, and a generally relaxed feel to the place. Efficient bar staff too. Overall, a real boon to the Redhill pub scene, and certainly worth frequenting.
richythemole - 1 Jun 2013 14:10
Large Youngs pub just up the hill from the station.

Having never visited before I cannot comment on how this place used to like inside but the large bar that serves the pub at the front and restaurant at the back is in a perfect position and couple with a good range of Youngs ales including the winter warmer.

We sat in front of the roaring fire in the front with the restaurant out the back in a conservatory that neatly divides food from drink.

Decent pub under a tied house chain and worth popping in if you have some time to kill between trains or just in Redhill in general
lezford - 25 Nov 2012 12:59
Went back for a proper visit on Saturday night and came away with mixed feelings.

The pub was very busy with a decent selection of beers, we went for the Aspel cider which was good. The pub itself had a good atmosphere with plenty of bar staff so no waits to be be served.

The food was where the mixed vibes came from, my steak was good but the steak and ale pie that Mrs Kevmac had wasn't great with the meat being chewy, I would have sent it back put the other half doesn't like to complain.

The prices for the food was also a bit naughty with my personal pet hate of charging for all the side dishes. Come on guys that is out of order, stop trying to make your meal prices look reasonable then sting your punters for chips, veg etc it's a naughty trick.

I will be back for drinks but don't think I will bother for food.
kevmac - 5 Nov 2012 19:20
Popped in for a quick pint whilst waiting for my train and I have to say impressed.

This is the first time I have been in since the refurb and IMHO they have done a really good job. Sat outside on the very pleasant heated patio area with a nice pint of Aspel.

Unlike some places the refurb does not put drinkers to the fringes which is always good. The dinning area was quiet but then it was a Monday evening after all.

Will certainly be back when I have some more time to spare.
kevmac - 11 Sep 2012 18:01
Just doing a little local round-up of pubs that have secured a berth in the 2013 CamRA Good Beer Guide - not the be all and end all by any stretch, but a reasonable indication that all is fairing well at least beer-wise - and noting this on their BITE entry. The Home Cottage has apparently come back to form and is now back in - I am slightly surprised as sadly my last couple of pints here were less-than-perfect - I do hope they've not stepped off the accelerator since the Guide's survey period?

Anyway well done to all. Must get back to check up on that beer - or at least have some food as it is splendid.
TWG - 30 Aug 2012 17:08
Down out like a gastro pub but very pleasant looking inside - if that's what it takes to keep a pub alive, then so be it. Decent choice of ales, including Wells & Young seasonals.
ScotchMissed - 19 Feb 2012 17:15
This pub is sensitivately updated with a total loss of Miss Starrs history. It retains the parlour look to maintain the original nostalgic ambience. It is not trying to copy a Wetherspoons so it offers a touch of class. Cheap food with gluttons quantities is available in the Toby Carvery and is good food at good value but the beer is no match for Home Cottage Youngs. Alternatively of course there are the scruffy town centre pubs.
papavar - 21 Jan 2012 13:15
I visited yesterday for the first time since the place was done out and can't say that I was over impressed! Really not sure what The Home Cottage is trying to be - it isn't a resteraunt (despite the extension trying to look like one) and the "pub" part is so oddly decorated/furnished it looks more like Granny's front parlour than a pub!

Only Youngs' Special and Wells Bombadier on offer with all the other pump clips turned around. Quality was fine and the "pints" topped up without comment. Food menu looked expensive to me and not especially exciting if the place is trying to be more up market.
cheshirecat - 18 Nov 2011 09:09
I used to go to the Home Cottage for a couple of pints on a regular basis and definitely miss what it once was - a simple boozer that served up a fairly decent pint. I went there last week for a family dinner and left somewhat disappointed. We had made a reservation via the pub's website but the waitress had no record of it. She walked off to the far end of the restaurant without telling us she was showing us to our table - very odd!
The food was very average - but for the price it should have been good.How come Gordon Ramsay can offer up a brilliant two-course meal in Central London for under twenty quid yet a pub in Deadhill, Surrey, can't match it?
Good points? Friendly waiting staff. Er....that's it.
The worst thing about it? The shaven head barman who was in a foul mood for some reason and managed to serve me a pint of bitter, a half pint of diet coke and a bottle of wine WITHOUT SAYING A SINGLE WORD!!! Total tosser who doesn't deserve the job.
stewmorr - 18 Nov 2011 00:40
Unfortunately had a disappointing time at the Home Cottage. I would say I had a similar experience to the post from August 1st. For us, 3 out of 4 people were not happy. I would say the quality of the food was decent enough but the value for money simply isn't there. For example, the pie came with a handful of green beans. Why couldn't they just throw in some potatoes at least which are hardly expensive to boil up? Instead we had to ask for some bread to compensate (and we are not particularly big eaters by the way). Of the four dishes the best was the Seabass and the worst was the Vegetable Wellington. It's a shame because the staff were very helpful and I like the interior but it's definitely overpriced for what it is.
surreyseagull - 18 Oct 2011 19:28
What a pity. As a local resident and user of the old Home Cottage I was looking forward to the pub being smartened up a bit and made a bit more family friendly. What we have is something which is trying to be a pub and trying to be a restaurant and failing with both. The food is very expensive, all the extras are charged separately, and for goodness sake, if order roast pork on a Sunday I expect crackling, not soggy fat on top. Having said that the quality of the food is good and the beer, whilst again is over the top price wise, is served with a smile.
Although I live a few hundred yards from the HC, I will walk further to find a "proper pub", of which there are plenty in Redhill if you look for them.
Andiman - 12 Oct 2011 12:45
Before the renovation, this was a comfortable place to be albeit slightly down at heal and in need of a bit of a spruce-up. Now sadly, it is another big echoing, soulless pub, nice and smart but with no character at all. This seems to be a trend these days and I can only guess that it is because it is easier and cheaper to keep them clean and tidy.

Anyway, the staff were friendly and efficient, the ale was in good nick. The food, a sandwich, was expensive for what it was and the bread was dry and stodgy, so not very good.

There's very little choice in Redhill so I probably will go here again but I'll just stick with the beer.

gareth1011 - 3 Aug 2011 08:40
having visited this pub many times before refurbishment with my colleagues, and enjoyed many a good meal. But now following our visit last week, 9 out the 10 of us gave it a definite thumbs down. The meals are too expensive, and certainly not value for money. One of our members, had bread that was hard, and returned!

The manager implied, if we werent happy; then go elsewhere. certainly no customer care! which, in my case I will certainly do as the manager suggested. In all fairnee, the real ales were up to standard
retired - 1 Aug 2011 14:18
This is how a pub should be - with a fine blending of old and new. The future, remembering the past, in a tasteful fashion.

Service is prompt and friendly and the pub's fittings (toilets, furniture etc.) are 5 star hotlel standard; no expense seems to have been spared - down to the impressive decking style beer garden.

Food and beer quality are top class and this c120 year old pub has been transformed to a standard that might even win prizes. The only downside is the absence of a car park - because the available space has been used to its best potential.

In the whole of East Surrey, I know of no better hostelry. There is even a hotel across the road (A25) and Redhill station a few yards away.
randolf7 - 14 Jul 2011 12:31
Impressive! I've been going here for years and can really appreciate the positive changes that the refit has made. Good atmosphere and the food was excellent.

I've tried the sea bass, salt and pepper squid, roast beef and crispy pork belly (not all at the same time) sitting opposite the immaculate open kitchen, I can highly recommend it.

The service was friendly and efficient despite it being a bit hectic.

The garden space and decking is a massive improvement!

But where has the old guy gone who used to in the corner and smile at the fire?

beermonki - 13 Jul 2011 21:12
Undoubtedly, the finest pub in the area after its recent tasteful refurbishment; the standard of fitting out is very high and the place is bright and airy with the old bar area retaining its old appeal.

With an excellent menu and the spotless kitchen in full view, Youngs have even improved on their fine work at The Chequers, Walton and The Dolphin, Betchworth.

A large number of friendly staff are on hand - with free newspapers to read on super-comfy chairs. The full range of Youngs beers is at hand and the beer-garden at the rear is uniquely designed.
tempest - 13 Jul 2011 13:44
To attempt to review a building site in the form of an empty pub which has been closed for business for 3/4 months is, indeed, strange. To say 'it actually works quiet well' when the place is closed for business is simply pure fantasy. As the previous poster says, most of the ingredients which make up a pub have yet to be seen and there would appear to be a stong case for TGW to book a sojourn at the Redhill Home for the Bewildered.
wealdman - 8 Jul 2011 11:10
TWG attempts to rate a pub before its even open or trading. This premature effort is pure folly and akin to servicing a car without opening the bonnet.

Beer, food and service quality - as well as ambience etc. - have to be ignored together with the many other important features which make up a British pub.

wolfdog - 7 Jul 2011 09:53
Just paid a visit ahead of the opening on Friday. The area manager allowed a whistle-stop tour, which perhaps revealed that the Cottage still retains a pubby feel, albeit that sacrifices to the food world have been made, and entire place has been refitted. The bar area at least is similarly laid-out, and although new fixtures abound, the original stubby beer engine has been retained and reconditioned, providing some tacit link with the past. While the front area does provide a pleasant drinkers' zone, towards the rear the changes really become apparent - the extension is basically a long conservatory for diners. No live music likely there. The garden has been bedecked - rats' heaven, but makes much more of the old garden/car park space. All in all, a reasonable attempt by designers to marry the traditional and contemporary. It actually works quite well as a smart town pub and restaurant; it's only problem is that some will always compare it to the earthier incarnation of old.
TWG - 6 Jul 2011 20:53
Opening this Friday, 8th July.

Looks mighty fine from the outside...
beerlager - 5 Jul 2011 12:02
The building work is shaping up well - see the pub's new website. The HC will be the best in Redhill; but, that would not be difficult...
beerlager - 20 Jun 2011 14:09
New, fresh and foodie - sounds good to me! If Youngs' sympathetic refurbishment of the older Dolphin at Betchworth is anything to go by, the Home Cottage will turn out fine. It wouldn't be hard to beat the Abbot, Dog and Duck, Sun etc. - even the White Lion usually resembles a morgue.
tempest - 12 Jun 2011 12:22
The blurb outside reads "new,fresh and foodie". ...Youngs should have consulted the locals.Along with the White Lion this was one of the most characterful pubs in the area with live music.Hope and pray for July re-opening not being what the blurb sounds like.........
Tastemaker - 11 Jun 2011 14:23
Re Tempest's comments of April 22nd, this is one situation where I really hope that I'm proved wrong! I dearly want to believe that I am being unduly doonladen and as you say premature in predicting a character by-pass for this pub when it regains consciousness in July. And I concede to those others who have pointed out successful renovations/modernisation of other pubs in the Young's stable; the Dog & Bull in Croydon is another such example. However, given what I've been hearing locally, and the sheer scale of what appears to be going on inside (not outside - I fully expect the exterior to remain intact), I can only fear the worst at this stage.

I take some half-hearted exception to Sussexfox's assertion that I "live in the past", and am somewhat mystified by his apparent connection of that trait with being a "longwinded bloke"! I am perfectly appraised of what pressures the trade is under in the present, and what the prospects for the future are; sometimes sacrifices have to be made for greater gains in business terms. But that needn't mean a complete interior body-lift of a well-loved pub - at least not in this instance anyway.

Let's just hope folks that there'll be egg on my face in 10 weeks' time. I'll be more than happy to come back on here and say so if that proves to be the case!

TWG - 27 Apr 2011 18:02
It does seem to depend which division of Youngs is doing the renovation and I just hope that the Home Cottage will turn out well. The work being carried out is major.

Youngs's have a website, covering all their pubs, where comments can be left about particular establisments. Unlike BITE, they are monitored and I have yet to see a negative view!
wealdman - 23 Apr 2011 11:50
Early...maybe not all Youngs' pubs in London turned out as well as those in Surrey (the point of conversation). But, like the Dolphin, the Chequers at Walton and the Falkland Arms in Dorking are very recognisable - post renovation.
randolf7 - 22 Apr 2011 23:17
...and what about The County Arms (Wandsworth), The Britannia Tap (Kensington), The Buckingham Arms (Westminster), The Brook Green Hotel,The Dulwich Wood House, etc, etc. (It wouldn't be hard to continue the list).
Don't get me wrong - I love Youngs, I think they've done wonderfully well in maintaining continuity since the inevitable move to Bedford; but to suggest that they've 'modernised without affecting character' - well, sorry, it just won't wash.
I just hope The Home Cottage has some recognisable features when it reopens.
earlydrinker - 22 Apr 2011 21:57
Long winded blokes like TWG live in the past and don't seem to understand that the pub business has altered dramatically in recent years in line with life-styles. Higher profit margins on food cannot be ignored with pubs closing on a daily basis - and Youngs have an enviable ability to modernise their outlets without affecting character. As already mentioned, The Dolphin at Betchworth (over 400 years old) is a classic recent/local example.
sussexfox - 22 Apr 2011 15:09
TWG's predictions are a mite premature and Youngs' tasteful and sympathetic refurbishments/extensions - of, say, the Dolphin in Betchworth - shows their ability to greatly enhance even older pubs.

A visit to the Reigate and Banstead council website shows the plans (which were approved without any objection); the old part of the pub - that shown on BITE's picture - will not be touched externally. The extension, a coach house type structure, is at the rear.

BTW, the 'let the pub go to the wall and sell it o redeem the not inconsiderable land value' option is not realistic. Punch Taverns have tried this route and failed badly; planning and listed building chaps have a lot of clout.

When completed, the new Home Cottage will be one of East Surrey's finest and, by far, the best in Redhill or Reigate.
tempest - 22 Apr 2011 12:31
I'm afraid from what he has betrayed in his previous comment and what I hear locally, I cannot share Mr Edgerley's enthusiasm for what Young's seem to be planning for this pub, which was steeped in history dating vack to Victorian times and despite a few amendments and additions when they took over in 1978, very little in terms of fundamental character had altered. Ergo, no need for the installation of a complete new layout and faux "Victorian theme" bar area then surely?
I'm not going to argue that the Cottage couldn't have benefited from some improvements, both material and in terms of its food provision in particular. Notwithstanding that, this wholesale refurbishment goes far beyond extending it to capitalise on a restaurant trade and I fear will go too far towards that market and lose the appeal it once had to its more discerning drinkers - if the entire place is to be gutted (and looking at it now on its knees that seems to be the case) I cannot see how it can retain the features many people had been fond of for decades. And given that this was the first pub I was ever taken to as a nipper at the turn of the '80s and one which I have returned to frequently in the years since, I include myself in that. It appealed to the traditional simple pub lover, with various original character features intact (not least the unusual stubby-handpumped beer engine!), but all evidence points to that side of the pub being swept away.

And for what, one might ask? Is it really that viable as a large food concern with a successful Toby Carvery over the road that caters more than adequately for the modest clientele of Redhill? They won't be swayed given Young's lofty pricing strategy. One wonders whether there is even any great business sense behind this excessively bold manoeuvre. It seems to me to be a classic case of over-simplifying the trade so the equation reads "wet sales down + food sales up = huge profits". Whilst there may be some broad ring of truth, it cannot be applied to every public house - pubcos should be cleverer than that if they want to beat this climate.

I suppose this is symptomatic of Young's now being a property portfolio company, that just happens to sell beers brewed at Wells in Bedford with a Young's branding, inherited from the 69m sell-off (out?!) of the Ram Brewery site. One must learn that the business bottom line counts all the more, and autocratic, top-down templates for many of their pubs are applied seemingly without detailed or accurate consideration of whether that blueprint is truly applicable to each specific outlet. And if that blueprint falters, let the pub go to the wall and sell it to redeem the not inconsiderable land value. To larger companies, it is ultimately a win-win either way for them.

The new food may be improved; the new bar may serve excellent ale; the layout may be convenient and it may even be pleasant. But it won't be the Home Cottage, and it won't have been worth the sacrifice to former customers - and possibly in this climate not worth the money spent on it either. Granted, we will only know the true extent of unnecessary tampering when it opens in early July. I can only hope against hope that the bulk of my fears are not immediately confirmed when I step through the door for the first time. But my breath is not being held.

TWG - 20 Apr 2011 17:30
The Home Cottage was closed for refurbishments on the 26 March 2011 and will be completed about 14 weeks. About time! All the insides are being ripped out there will be a new restaurant at the back, but no car park. The place will not be recognisable. I have been told Youngs are keen to maintain the Pub type trade and the new bar will have a Victorian theme. That all I know.
neil.edgerley - 30 Mar 2011 16:42
I was recommended this pub by a colleague, and went there for a meal this lunchtime. I won't be taking his advice again, as the food was terrible. We had to send one dish back as the meat was very undercooked (I don't even want to think about what might have happened had I eaten it) and the rest of it was plain at best, and unpleasant at worst. We did complain, but the management did nothing to remedy the situation, and I certainly will never return here.
JohnFowler - 31 Dec 2010 01:11
I've spent many an hour in the Cottage and it's always been a nice, country-ish pub, with friendly staff. Unfortunately the new landlords who have only recently started have changed the whole atmosphere. They were rude and abrupt to me and two of my friends (with honestly no good reason), the music is so loud it's difficult to make polite conversation, and for some reason the removal of quite a few tables means you now have to stand up all evening and can't drink in comfort.

It's a real shame as I'm very fond of this pub, so hopefully things will revert to how it used to be, but if they don't I can't imagine I'll go back again.
Friskydingo - 20 Dec 2010 22:19
Under relatively new Management, and you can tell. I only visit because my Dad drinks here and to be honest would rather have given it a miss until recently. Its definately cleaner with alot more attention to detail, I suppose its because a Woman is in charge !, I did comment to the New Landlady and she was so appreciative of my possitive feedback, obviously been in the trade a long time and knows her stuff so keep up the good work. I will look forward to my 'duty bound visits' in future. Rating 7 only because it needs investment.
smileyjoe - 2 Nov 2010 22:43
Nice enough pub, with ample outside space, but very expensive!
Bombay_and_tonic - 9 Aug 2010 13:59
Good, friendly boozer handy for railway station and always good beer on tap (if you like Youngs/Wells). Haven't eaten here since last year when they served standard "pub grub", quite acceptable for the price. Pop in for a pint if you're between trains - straight out of the exit on platform 3.
lynx - 4 Aug 2010 23:40
I went into this estabishment for the first time yesterday evening and i was very impressed. A proper pub with a genuine human warmth was readilly apparent. I certainly recommend it wholeheartedly.
saintsforever - 13 Jan 2010 10:27
been down a couple of times since we moved to Redhill. nice pub. Nothing flash but a proper pub. Good beer. good friendly service.
beergardenatrear - 5 Jun 2009 21:46
Have been meaning to put something here since I visited back in november.
Was one of the best pubs in the area and customers and staff(manager) brill.
Loved the beer and the darts and players freindly. Will be back soon for another game....
python888 - 12 Jan 2009 20:24
Dropped in for some Winter Warmer recently - excellent.
The whole place seemed to have smartened itself up a bit since my last visit, and to be back to its old self - which in my opinion makes it a top place for a few relaxed beers. Warmly recommended.
earlydrinker - 10 Dec 2008 17:02
Have lived in Redhill for seven years and had never been in but with a half hour before our train we popped in. Loved it so much we nearly missed the train. Nice fire going, service was swift and friendly and the Tribute was good. The three old blokes at the end of a long day's drinking discussing when they had last got an erection were fabulous entertainment. A very fine pub.
gdm - 30 Nov 2008 20:00
am glad youngs pubs have started stocking SA Tribute as it deff beats any wells or youngs brew these days, nice pub though with fast friendly service, 7/10
fat_beer_badger - 25 Nov 2008 21:49
Well, we returned and it was much improved. Food was good, good service and (if you don't fancy Youngs) they had St Austell Tribute, too.
Trequites - 7 Nov 2008 20:19
Like many (but not all) of the Youngs pubs I've been in recently, they don't seem to care that much anymore. A poor selection of food (compared to in the past) and what we ordered took an age to arrive as well. The beer was good, and we'll probably return later this year in the hope that the Home Cottage gets back to being as good as it once was.
Trequites - 29 Aug 2008 21:48
its a youngs pub...........
flashahahah - 18 Jul 2008 00:40
Worth the walk up the hill from the town centre. The pub looks majestic in its location and boasts a commanding view over the A25 and the back of the station - mmmm.

However, inside, the pub is light and spacious and I was made to feel welcome by the barman. I had a jacket potato for lunch which was tasty although a little crisp in places. The pickle served with it was superb though.

I've been wary of Young's beers since the merger with Wells, but I tried the Winter Warmer and it was very tasty and I had another - good job I wasn't driving.

I'm not in Redhill very often but I would go there again.
GrahamA - 21 Feb 2008 13:21
Great pub; not just for regulars. Prices are above average, but that keeps out the chavs, bravado drinkers, and alcoholics very nicely.
Current staff is very good (staff can make or break any pub) and friendly, and make one feel welcome. The idiosyncratic regulars provide the finishing touch of that 'local watering hole' feel.
Facilities are good, although parts of the old pub are suffering a bit from fatigue... But that may well add to its charm.

dfitzwilliam - 24 Dec 2007 11:48
Handy for Redhill station - a reasonably traditional, perfectly adequate local. Neither the Youngs Special or the Ordinary were much to write home about though on my visit last Saturday lunchtime - both rather insipid and lacking in any discernible taste. Perhaps I should have tried the Charles Wells Summer Solstice ?

Youngs have now owned this pub since 1977 and it is nice to see that the redoubtable matriach Sybil Starr who owned the pub before selling out to Youngs is still remembered in pictures on the pub walls. ( I'm probably one of the few who remember this pub before it was a Youngs pub )

There's also a nice grandfather clock and fireplace which always pleases old school traditionalists like me.

There's a room at the back of the pub used for monthly comedy nights now- which I don't remember from last time

In summary, this pub has a certain feel good factor to it, in marked contrast to pubs the other side of the station, but I do hope the beer is better when I next visit
JohnBonser - 19 Jun 2007 13:13
Perfectly reasonable local, and certainly a much better bet than most of the pubs on the town-centre side of Redhill railway station. Well kept Youngs and Charles Wells beers.
rpadam - 18 Jun 2007 18:54
A longtime favourite of mine - for some reason it had been ages since I looked in. Chose a bad time to revisit - after work on the evening before the Easter holiday, and a warm afternoon to boot. The place was heaving: it was almost impossible to get to the bar, and when you did it took an age to get served. But that was my fault, for bad timing.
I'm still very fond of this place; I like the wide mix of people you always seem to get here, and I've never had a bad pint in 20 years. I don't know what the food's like these days - they used to do a mean burger and chips in the days when Eugene (later of the Buckingham Arms) was in charge.
I shall certainly be back.
earlydrinker - 13 Apr 2007 22:20
Liked this pub; good bar, and Youngs & Bombardier in good fettle. 'Facilities' above state Sky TV but that is incorrect (BITE - how do we get that changed?),so we missed the 2nd half of yesterday's lunchtime game but the barman kept us updated on the score, which was a nice touch.
trainman - 21 Jan 2007 14:54
Nice pub. A friend introduced me to it as she lives in the area. Very handy if you've arranged to meet someone near Redhill station and they are running a bit late. Nicer than the pubs on the town centre side of the station.
edrok666 - 10 Dec 2006 10:30
I love this pub.Nice friendly staff and it's got a nice feel to it.Food is good too.
DrJ - 27 Oct 2006 21:57
Travelling down from London to Gatwick I managed to carve out time to wander round Redhill and visit The Home Cottage. Like the place a lot. Good "ordinary", good food, and a good selection of papers to read. Gave me chance to wonder how many pubs were lost when the heart of Redhill was ripped out to provide space for a load of chain shops?
AndySk - 20 Oct 2006 01:45
One of my old favourites, and possibly the first pub I went into when I moved to the area as a wee nipper in the late '70s. It's a fairly standard format that Young's maintain and this is no exception, but it's none the worse for it. There is no discernible sign of a core landlord/tenant figure which is a shame, but otherwise it is characterised by good quality food, very well-kept Young's ale, a relatively unspoilt character and a mixed clientele of differing backgrounds. I still really like to have a few here, and mercifully it has been eschewed by Redhill's unwashed (and unwanted) underclass of yobs.
TWG - 9 Oct 2006 17:57
If I heard the word Bruv in here on Saturday once I heard it 200 times o the last review must have been lucky shame coz apart from being a bit expensive a good pub with friendly staff
scooterroy - 12 Feb 2006 17:28
In the 90s I had a few drinks here with the old Royal Mail crowd, and recently returned. It's still a nice pub - good beers, no sign of Redhill yobboes, and plenty of space.
anonymous - 7 Feb 2006 13:09
Old style pub (which also has a restaurant & conservatory attached), run by youngs brewery & has the usual array of Ales. As is usual for Youngs its not cheap, but the drinks are quality. Its a good place to go for a few quietish drinks with friends in a relaxed atmosphere, or to go for a meal (despite comments below, the food is very good).
lone_wolf77 - 15 Sep 2005 20:55
I think that the previous comment was written against the wrong pub. Either that or someone has a grudge. I agree with steve that this is a great boozer and the latest managers have put in a lot of hard work providing both excellent beer and food. I can fully recomend this pub as freindly and trouble free
Neil - 23 Sep 2004 00:29
The home cottage used to be the cheapest and best pub in Redhill.It is now the worst and dearest and has the worst landloed I have ever known positively rude It is rundown And I hear the food is awfull
Ant - 7 Sep 2004 09:12
Unless things have changed in the last year or so, you can get to this pub from the east platform of Redhill train station without having to go through the ticket barriers at the bottom of the stairs. Ostensibly this is to provide disabled access, but really it's because you get the railway staff going over there. Great beer to drink in between trains.
Vasili - 28 Jul 2004 16:16
While the miserable Eugene and his equally miserable partner ran a nice clean pub with excellent beer their successors have generally been more pleasant. The latest managers have cleaned the place up, provide decent food and have restored the quality of beer not savoured for a while. All in all a nice little boozer to have 5 minutes walk from home.
Steve - 18 Jun 2004 15:43
It's not a Chuckle brother but a bloke from up North called Kevi, who looks amazingly like one of the Chuckle Brothers ( the bigger one of the two, the lslightly less gormless one)
Tony - 30 Apr 2004 08:25
Average pub, more aimed at traditional market but visitors will be pleasantly suprised. Don't expect a raucous welcome, but friendly and good place to avoid red'ill pikeys. If you went to the Warwick you'll probably see some old teachers in there, like good ol' Hamish Few.
Tom - 4 Apr 2004 20:20
As regards ale quality, it has gobe up immeasurably since the arrival of the new manager. A welcoming, sturdy town pub that has always served 3/4 Young's beers. First went there in the early '80s as a child and nothing's changed much since!
Tom - 29 Mar 2004 16:11
I heard a rumour that one of the Chuckle Brothers is a regular here. Anyone know which?

Love + the butch one or the other one,

Lady B xxx

ladybast - 27 Jan 2004 09:57
After the old landlord and landlady left the pub went down hill rapidly, the beer is undrinkable, the staff rude. If you are on pub watch you are allowed to drink here!
Paul - 12 Jan 2004 15:37

got anything to say about this pub?

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