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Tram Shed, Bath

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user reviews of The Tram Shed, Bath

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A long time ago... in a galaxy far, far away... a two-headed lizard tripped over a pig and fell down four flights of stairs. He was hungry. It was most definitely time for lunch.
Dodging the rocket-powered goat he crossed the street, hopped over a gnat, and on wings of brick flew into a jar to be greeted by a small purple horse. 'Will you be dining with us today?' asked the horse, as one of the lizard's heads collapsed in on itself and an ostrich laid a teapot on the rug. 'Our special is a plutonium soup served in a duck and a main course of half a roast slug.'
'That sounds divine,' said the lizard's leftover head. 'I'll have the table on the ceiling by the moon.'

In one of the many parallel universes as yet undiscovered by scientists firing particles around a giant electromagnetic doughnut, the above may be a particularly plausible description of my dining experience at The Tramshed in Bath. Sadly, here on my version of Earth, today it is not. Likewise, describing my lunch as 'awesome' and 'exquisite' is also as reasonable as a psychic aardvark building me a shed from a bar of soap.

Our welcome to the not-very-busy Tramshed was perfectly acceptable and we were soon shown to a table. The menu was clean and looked reasonable, and items on it were priced in such a way that one did not have to offer to wash-up. Two of my friends and I selected roast chicken from the separate Sunday Lunch menu (what with it being lunchtime on a Sunday and all that), while my friend's girlfriend requested the fish. After ordering our booze we sat back to wait and discussed things that relate in no way whatsoever to this. We finished that particular conversation, had another and waited a little more, and after waiting for a few more minutes decided to wait a bit longer. That done, we ordered some more drinks and waited a bit longer still.

When our food arrived it was as if The Tramshed were playing some kind of joke. First, in terms of presentation it looked as though a small bin of kitchen waste had been dumped upon the plate. Our geriatric chicken was almost as dry as it would be had the chef chased it across a desert before beating it to a pulp and shoving it in a microwave for twenty minutes. Although we received side dishes with cauliflower and broccoli, the vegetables served on our plate included one... I repeat: ONE carrot, and one roast spud. We were told that Yorkshire puddings would come with the meal, but had to ask for them again because they didn't. No larger than a button, they arrived as we finished our lunch and had the taste of toasted pillows filled with cotton wool and cement. A glass of wine that my friend ordered with his meal did not arrive until he had finished either.

I would like to think that our experience was something of a blip in the overall performance of The Tramshed as a purveyor of dining experiences. However, noting the diner on the table adjacent to us spit-out his chicken and leave the majority of his meal on the plate, I am having something of a hard time accepting this.

While Mark, our waiter was embarrassed but extremely courteous and apologetic, later deducting some of the drinks from our bill, in the grand scheme of things, overall and at the end of the day an' that innit (know what I mean, yeah?), our lunch was as disappointing as the existence of Jedward. If I ever go again I will probably have the fish.
no_stranger_to_the_p45 - 7 Nov 2012 12:04
I couldn't stand this place when it was the Ha Ha - No bitter but plenty of loud music.
Now as the Tramshed it is more of a dining destination, but with a fair amount of seating/space for drinkers. There is also plenty of seating outside, and well away from the fumes of Walcot St.
Good beer selection, and fair selection of other drinks also.
I've been to eat a couple of times, with a good selection of tasty and reasonably priced food. The service seemed friendly enough both times. At lunch time it was efficient and quick, not so in the evening (there seemed to be only 1 barman for example). It is fairly early days, maybe this aspect will improve, but certainly a big improvement on the Ha Ha
MrBlue - 8 Jul 2011 14:48
Now called The Tramshed, this In many ways this seems more of a restaurant than a pub. For example, there is a desk just inside the door to check your reservation, and having stood there for a few seconds (we were planning to eat) someone comes up to serve you. That said, there is a long bar on the left with a surprisingly good range of drinks, and I�m sure that you�d be welcome to just pop in for a pint. Just don�t expect a particularly pubby feel to the place.

Although it�s all one big, open room, they�ve divided it up in to a few different areas. To the right there are very rough, rustic wooden tables with bench seats covered in what appears to be cow hides. The parquet wooden flooring contrasts with the ceiling which has industrial metal lamps and visible ventilation ducting. At the back are some full height wine racks and glimpses of the kitchen can be seen off in one corner. There are full size windows at the front leading out on to a patio area.

Staff all seemed friendly, although one got the impression that was perhaps in hopefulness of a decent tip or due to corporate strategy rather than being entirely genuine. The waitress who brought our bill even gave us a card with details of an online survey that we could fill out, and had scribbled her name on in, just in case we wanted to mention her!

Food menu was extensive as would be expected, with an emphasis on pizza and pasta, as well as several sharing dishes. What we had seemed decent enough and reasonable value, although it amused me that one of the dishes on the �specials� menu was exactly the same as the one served up to a local hack in their sister pub in Bristol, who pointed out that the they were in fact listed on page 26 of the Brake Brothers party brochure, item code F33004�.

Beers on tap were Doom Bar and the local Gem. Ciders were Aspall�s Suffolk, and impressively, Thatcher�s Heritage. It�s not often you see that in a pub, never mind a restaurant/bar.
Blackthorn - 26 Apr 2011 15:48
For what it is, its not bad at all, but as mentioned before, its not a real pub, more a wine bar. Bit pricey too.
stage1 - 10 Apr 2009 15:35
Went there with work mates once, that was enough for me.
DavidBeer1977 - 30 Dec 2008 22:59
I was forced to come here with some work colleagues. Never again! Full of wannabes.
mattbeer - 10 Aug 2008 23:51
Ha Ha. The joke will be on you if you decide to spend your money in this so called pub.
chopin - 13 Jun 2008 23:05
If you want a decent pint, then don't go here, try the Pig or Bell. If on the other hand you like lager and loud music (in the evening) then you will probably like this place. Can't commnet on food, and there is a decent patio area for alfresco drinks.
MrBlue - 9 Jun 2008 14:24
One of the better chains, could be viewed as pretentious, but the food is good quality, the beer maybe pricy but it is different. Relaxed atmosphere and good outdoor seating. If you don't like it, go somewhere else!
BigCol - 19 Jun 2007 16:44
Stay away from here - the Pig & Fiddle is 50m to the left; The Bell is 200m to the right!
mattbeer - 12 Feb 2007 22:59
Well it's not a pub- they call it a Canteen which brings to memory awful school lunches, but its actually more of a cocktail bar-cum-pizzaria. Built in the old Bath Tram terminal, which is a crying shame- at least put a decent pub there instead of this overpriced hole. Only worth it on (very rare) 2-for-1 nights when you can verify what a glowing green cocktail tastes like.
lg06111985 - 1 Aug 2006 10:51
Bad beer, poor food and overpriced. A terrible place.
AlanAttack - 17 Jul 2006 10:53
One of the best bars in bath!!!

Staff friendly, food is excellent!!!!

Must go on a nite out!!!!

good during the day for family as the have seating out side with heaters
rsvplegend - 5 Jun 2006 01:46

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